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CAMP: Chapter 140

The sudden movement caused others to look over. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t move from his spot. The moment Lin Yan grabbed him, he felt like there was a fire directly burning his skin. This was the first time he was seeing Lin Yan so panicked.

At first, there was still a fog of confusion in Lin Yan’s eyes. Then as the surroundings became quiet, it dispersed gradually and he vaguely fell into a trance. After that, he seemed to finally realize where he was. From then on, his expression became clear.

The moment Lin Yan took back his hand, Jing Yuanzhou clearly saw a look of sorrow in his eyes that was quickly covered up. Lin Yan wrapped the fallen blanket back around his body and spoke softly in a hoarse voice. “It will be the match soon. Don’t run around.”

If it wasn’t for the sharp trembling of the fingers holding his wrist just now, Jing Yuanzhou might’ve really believed such a cover-up. His eyes lowered slightly as he calmly suppressed the doubts in his heart. He smiled as he half-joked, trying to ease the atmosphere, “It’s still early. Why do you look like I won’t come back from buying medicine?”

However, the corners of Lin Yan’s mouth lowered even further. He stared at the ground and didn’t speak.

Jing Yuanzhou paused before turning to Luo Mo. “Manager Luo, I have to trouble you to go on a trip.”

Luo Mo was originally watching Lin Yan with some uneasiness. Now he heard these words and came back to his senses. “Ah, okay, no problem! But… I don’t know what type of medicine to buy!”

“I remember.” Jing Yuanzhou touched his phone. “Wait a minute. I’ll send you the name of the medicine on WeChat.”

Soon after, Luo Mo’s phone vibrated. He looked down at it before leaving in a hurry.

Once Luo Mo left, Jing Yuanzhou retracted his gaze. He lowered his voice and his words were obviously meant to coax Lin Yan. “Okay, I didn’t go. Once the medicine is brought back, hurry up and take it. We will hurry to finish today’s match and go back early.”

It wasn’t known what he was thinking about but Lin Yan responded in an absentminded manner. “Yes.”

It was a low, hoarse voice.

Jing Yuanzhou saw Lin Yan’s mental state so he took out the thermos from his bag and handed it over. “The temperature of the water should be just right. If you have an uncomfortable throat then take two sips.”

Lin Yan’s gaze lowered and stayed on the thermos for a long time with no focus. He was in a daze just now and felt like he had a very long and distant dream. It was two completely different scenarios but there was a clear coincidence.

The day that the captain left was also the day of the finals. The memories of the past were brought back and the days that were supposed to be forgotten suddenly became so clear. It turned out that there was still so much separation from what he ‘thought he put down’ to what he ‘really put down.’


The pharmacy that Jing Yuanzhou mentioned was indeed not far away. Luo Mo quickly brought the medicine back. Lin Yan had long been used to self-regulation. He sat for a while and quickly adjusted his heartbeat back.

Under the attention of all the team members, he soaked the Chinese medicine powder, raised his head, and drank it.

It had to be said that this was the first time he had taken cold medicine in a way that felt like an execution. As for the other box of cold capsules, Lin Yan insisted on not taking them because he was worried about the symptoms like sleepiness that were caused by the medicine. Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t persuade him and could only give up.

The rest time passed quickly. Soon, everyone got up at the reminder of the staff, carried their equipment and prepared to play.

Lin Yan’s body shook uncontrollably when he got up and he held the back of the sofa to stabilize himself. He breathed out slowly, calmed his mind and walked out of the lounge.

Such a scene didn’t escape Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. He frowned even more and took two steps forward, silently protecting Lin Yan by his side.

The venue of the finals was significantly more spectacular than the previous matches. The moment they walked out of the safe passage, they could hear deafening shouts and sheers. The names ‘GH’ and ‘Three’ echoed one after another, mixed with the professional IDs of various players. No matter who they were supporting, they refused to give in. It was only at this time that it could be seen that the popularity of the new team GH had unknowingly grown enough to compete with an old giant like Three.

The players on both sides showed up and the official commentators changed the topic.

“Okay, the two teams playing in today’s finals have appeared!” Commentator A was excited. “Let’s welcome GH and Three. I believe they will bring us a strong confrontation on the field today!”

Commentator B continued, “Speaking of which, it isn’t the first time that GH and Three have met. If I remember correctly, GH’s only loss in the regular season was to Three. Looking at it this way, today’s finals is a type of revenge battle for GH, right?”

“The fans of the two teams have argued for a long time online about this topic.” Commentator A smiled. “Looking at the strength of the players of both teams, Three has the combination of Wuhoo and Come, this pair of ace partners. On GH’s side, there is the demon king Titans and the other players who are gradually being promoted to the altar due to their wonderful performance in the autumn competition. It is hard to say which side has a stronger lineup. However, there is an extra existence… after all, we all know that the reason why the new GH team is so difficult to defeat is that there is another factor apart from the strength of the players.”

Commentator B smiled. “You mean, GH’s head coach?”

The director smartly cut the camera to GH’s zone. Lin Yan’s figure appeared on the screen and there were hysterical screams from the audience. It wasn’t known who yelled ‘Parents Love’ but it directly broke through the other sounds and the atmosphere was very warm for a while.

“Coach Lin’s popularity doesn’t lose to any popular player!” The commentator couldn’t help joking. Then his eyes passed over the image on the screen and he paused slightly. “But… is it my illusion? Why do I feel like Coach Lin’s mental state isn’t very good today? Is it because he was making plans for the finals overnight and stayed up late? In this way, the coach of Three should be more careful in the arrangement of the lineup! There are many netizens called Coach Lin to write a book on the art of war and it isn’t unreasonable at all!”

“Hahaha, this is the case!” Commentator B answered. “This is the finals after all. It isn’t just Coach Lin. Based on the expressions of the GH players, they are more serious than ever. Maybe they really are here for revenge!”

At this time, the people in their respective zones had just put on soundproof headphones and couldn’t hear the outside commentary. Unlike previous matches, today’s voice channel was too quiet.

Everyone in GH checked their equipment and sat there quietly, waiting for the match to officially begin. Such excessively abnormal behavior caused the referee to constantly look over.

A long time passed before Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help asking, “How are you?”

Lin Yan was actually a bit dizzy standing on the stage but he adjusted his state as much as possible. He breathed out slowly and responded in a low voice, “Yes, I’m fine.”

Soon, the first game of the BO5 finals officially began. Throughout the BP session, the coaches on both sides selected their lineup and it went very smoothly.

Compared to some professional teams that were also veteran giants, Three’s coaching team was definitely a top-notch existence. The most obvious point was that they were very clear of the tactics they were trying to achieve and didn’t allow Lin Yan to interfere with it. Both sides quickly locked onto the final lineup.

After the BP session was over, Lin Yan stepped down and the nervously waiting Lu Muo walked over to help him. He didn’t choose to stay at the scene to watch the game this time. He felt a bit dizzy so he headed straight back to the lounge to watch it live on the TV.

The lineup for the first game was now displayed on the big screen in the center of the field. The official commentators were actively analyzing the tactical arrangements of both sides.

“Today, Gun actually didn’t use the healing type support hero! This should be the first time that he took out another type of support in the professional league, right? From this perspective, GH is indeed making a unique adjustment for Three!” Commentator A found the bright spot with one glance. “But… the time guardian’s usage rate in the field is very low. Does GH have a unique intention behind taking out such a support?”

Commentator B gave a reminder. “GH’s summoner skill choice is also very strange today. Looking at the skill bar, they actually brought three teleports!”

There was an uproar at the scene. The time guardian had its own group teleportation while there was the teleportation skills of the side-laner and mid-laner. It wasn’t clear what type of effect could be achieved but it instinctively felt… very disgusting?

Those in GH’s voice channel couldn’t hear the noise outside. Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard the moment they entered the game map. “You can hear me.”

Previously when Lin Yan was present, he didn’t choose to speak. At this time, he glanced at the loading interface on the screen and his tone was indifferent. “There is no need for me to say how much effort Coach Lin has put in for our team. You should all know it in your hearts. Today, we should do something for him. There isn’t much to say. I just want to ask if you can win today’s match 3:0?”

The voices of the other players rang out in the voice channel without any hesitation. “It must be done!”

The referee had been puzzled over GH’s strange style today. Now he suddenly heard a mobilization and he couldn’t help staring at the back of the row of gaming chairs. “???”

What made him think they were going to be low-key?

The finals hadn’t even been played yet they directly mentioned 3:0! This was f*king being low-key?

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1 year ago

has this been the same referee all throughout? 🤣

9 months ago
Reply to  cynicalreader

If so, he has the inside on everything hehe. Probably thinking “you all don’t even know half the shenanigans”