CAMP: Chapter 14

Lin Yan had just finished talking on the phone and looked up when he seemed to notice the gaze. Jing Yuanzhou vaguely guessed something from the unhappy expression. “Were you rejected?”

Lin Yan stared at Jing Yuanzhou with a strange expression and quickly understood. “Do you know the origin of this kid?”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t conceal it. “We met an anchor just now in the team battle. Ku Tianlu called me after seeing it. I know a bit.”

Lin Yan sighed somewhat helplessly and pinched his eyebrows as he got a rare headache. “It was a big situation at the time. The league only removed Abyss from the youth training camp to calm the situation down but this cut off his recruitment to other professional clubs. It is even impossible to do live broadcasts. He can only do this type of accompanying business that isn’t streamed. It is distressing. Who can stand it?”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “I think he can bear it. I heard from Ku Tianlu that it has been two years and he hasn’t even changed the ID?”

“It’s more than that! All his accompanying accounts have the same name except for changes in individual symbols!” Lin Yan sincerely admired it. “This young man, he probably feels from the bottom of his heart that he hasn’t done anything wrong. He is using this way to protest against the world. The style looks pretty cool but it is really stubborn. If he changes his name and blocks his face, who on the Internet will know who he is? After all, he was recognized as a talented rookie from the beginning. Based on his strength, it would be better to find a platform to be a streamer.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Lin Yan. “You feel sorry for him.”

“I’m distressed but not that distressed.” Lin Yan spoke calmly. “I just don’t want to see talents being ruined.”

Jing Yuanzhou had listened to Ku Tianlu’s ‘warning’ and had a bit of doubt about this genius jungler. However, looking at Lin Yan’s current attitude, he thought there was something hidden and he let go of all his considerations. He asked with great interest, “Hasn’t he already rejected you? What do you plan to do next?”

Lin Yan had a good understanding of himself. “What else can I do? I will naturally play to my advantage of pestering people.”

Jing Yuanzhou chuckled. “That is true. You are the best at pestering people.”

Then he stared deeply at Lin Yan. “It is a pity.”

“What’s a pity?”

“Unfortunately, I’m not the only man you’ve pestered.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help coughing. “You don’t have to say it like you’re being abandoned by me. I am indeed a bit ‘fickle’ but I’m not ‘scum’.”

“It will take time to prove it.” Jing Yuanzhou gave him a meaningful look and changed the topic. “So how are you going to use this advantage?”

Lin Yan’s eyes stayed on Jing Yuanzhou for a while before he showed an incomparably pure smile. “Are you interested in a home visit?”

Jing Yuanzhou saw this expression and clearly realized. “Then you are ready to make the best use of me?”

Lin Yan was noncommittal. He just stared and asked again, “So are you interested?”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment before replying, “Yes.”


The accompanying player was called Chen Yushen. During the youth training camp, his ID was Abyss. Since his jungler ability was super strong, he attracted attention and was praised as a rare, talented newcomer. However, it was clear that the previous experience had a great impact on him. It was difficult for Lin Yan to match this thin teenager to the vigorous jungler in the video.

As for Chen Yushen, he never expected that the other party would run all the way here even after he expressed a clear rejection.

Then he saw Jing Yuanzhou and something shook slightly in his numb eyes. Anyone who paid the smallest bit of attention to the Burning Hot professional league would know Titans. In addition, talk about Titans transfer to GH had been raging on the Internet lately. It was really hard to forget this memorable face.

The name Titans was full of glory even if he switched from a powerful club to a third-rate club. It was unlike Chen Yushen, who became low and dirty two years ago.

The dilapidated warehouse was filled with all types of clutter and the remaining space was very narrow. The bed and desk with the computer already occupied most of it. Chen Yushen stood at the door and didn’t move. He hesitated over whether or not to invite the two people here.

Lin Yan noticed the young man’s flustered expression and smiled. Then he naturally poked his head in. “You live here? It is a really unexpected e-sports atmosphere!”

Chen Yushen stared at him deeply before turning sideways. “Go in and talk.”

The warehouse was extremely crowded once it was filled with the three of them. Chen Yushen usually lived alone so he naturally didn’t prepare anything to entertain guests. Currently, Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou were sitting on the bed while he was sitting on the gaming chair. There was a weird silence.

Chen Yushen obviously disliked the feeling of his private space being spied on. He frowned slightly and opened his mouth first. “I already said it on the phone. I have no more interest in playing professionally. If there is nothing else, we don’t need to waste our time with each other.”

“You said it on the phone but we haven’t talked face to face.” Lin Yan spoke while looking at Chen Yushen’s expression. He saw it wasn’t as repulsed as he had thought and Lin Yan lowered his eyelashes slightly. “After all, there are so many duplicitous people in the world. You said it on the phone but who knows if you really want to play professionally or not?”

Chen Yushen watched him with a deep gaze and the corners of his mouth lowered slightly. “There is nothing false. I really…”

He paused for a moment to take a breath before continuing. “I don’t plan to play professionally anymore.”

Logically speaking, the attitude here was very clear. Normal people should leave wisely but Lin Yan was more wear-resistant than anyone else. At this time, instead of unhappiness, his lips were raised with interest. “You really aren’t going to fight anymore? In other words, you were prepared to fight before? You had such high passion previously. Why give up?”

Chen Yushen frowned at the deep questioning. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but something gloomy flashed in his eyes. Then he squeezed out in a low voice, “I feel disgusted.”

Jing Yuanzhou had been silent the whole time. Now he heard this and thoughtfully looked up.

Lin Yan didn’t seem surprised by such an answer. He just gave a clear ‘oh’ and smiled coldly. “So is it the people who are disgusting or the dream of becoming a professional player?”

The expression on Chen Yushen’s face slightly froze.

Lin Yan leaned down slowly, crossing his fingers under his chin as he brought the two of them closer. He stared firmly at Chen Yushen. “You had so many options in the two years since leaving the youth training camp. If you really let it go as you say, why do you still have to play in this shabby place as an accompanying player?”

After the incident that year, all the professional clubs avoided him and Chen Yushen had long been accustomed to this situation. Therefore, when Lin Yan extended an invitation to him, he instinctively thought the young boss had no knowledge of his past and did such a ridiculous thing.

Chen Yushen heard this and couldn’t help wondering, “You… why did you come to me when you know what happened?”

Lin Yan’s tone was slow and calm. “It is because those people aren’t worthy to ruin your future.”

Such words entered his ears and caused Chen Yushen’s body to tremble uncontrollably. He was lost in thought for a while.

Lin Yan saw the teenager’s head hanging down and his tone slowed down a bit. “I know that some things were indeed very unfair to you but in this way, there has never been any permanent fairness. These injustices shouldn’t be the reason for giving up. Since you feel wronged and unwilling, you should hit those people in the face. Compared to your present state, won’t you be happy trampling on them on the field?”

Chen Yushen didn’t speak. He just blinked hard to try to suppress the sore feelings in his eyes. It had been two years. He locked himself up in such a small space for two years. During this period, people called him names numerous times but no one had ever asked him ‘why.’ Why did he hysterically try to kill those animals?!

Chen Yushen’s Adam’s apple moved and he opened his mouth. “You don’t know anything…”

“Yes, I really don’t know anything.” Lin Yan’s attitude was particularly frank. “So let’s put aside the past and talk about other things.”

He looked at Chen Yushen kindly. “Can the ideal of becoming a professional player really be given up when you want? There are so many people in the world who want to take this road but they’re stuck at the door due to a lack of talent. There are also some people who have the ability to stand on the field but are forced to give up due to various unchangeable reasons. Do you know how lucky you are compared to their regrets!

“Do you really want to personally block such a road in front of you because of your own anger?” He paused for a moment and sighed softly. “The strongest newcomer jungler, Abyss.”


Even Chen Yushen couldn’t remember how long it had been since someone called him by this name. These words were gentle but they felt like a heavy punch, hitting the most vulnerable part of his heart.

Next to him, Jing Yuanzhou’s fingers holding his phone trembled slightly. He instinctively looked at Lin Yan, observing the face where not many emotions could be seen. A person who had the ability to stand on the field but was forced to regretfully give up due to unchangeable reasons.

Who was it?

In the restored calm, Chen Yushen’s lips trembled slightly and unknowingly, his eyes completely turned red. He lowered his head and buried his face in his arms, his dull voice coming out intermittently. “Don’t ask me… I don’t know, I really don’t know…”

In this enclosed space, every second had habitually made him even more disappointed in the field of e-sports. It had accumulated for months and then years. He thought his active heart would’ve been completely numb to the overwhelming scolding but he didn’t expect the pain could still be so severe.

He was once full of longing for his dream of becoming a pro. Could he really just give up?

In the narrow sobs, gradually only the teenager’s depressed sobs were heard.

Lin Yan calmly watched him and slowly stood up after a long silence. “Think about it. If you change your mind then call me at any time. Don’t worry, I promise you in the name of Titans that our GH will definitely be your best choice.”

The tool man Jing Yuanzhou who had been ready to get up, “?”


Outside the warehouse, faint starlight was already visible. Up to when they left, the stubborn boy still had his face buried in his arms in order to not expose his embarrassment.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Lin Yan recalled the last scene he saw. Then he shook his head emotionally. “This age is good. He can still feel such shame.”

His tone of voice made it seem like it wasn’t him who had just made a person’s emotions go out of control.

Lin Yan waited a while and finally noticed that Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t spoken since leaving Chen Yushen’s place. He glanced over doubtfully. “What’s wrong with God Jing? Did my ideological guidance move you? Someone in your position?”

Jing Yuanzhou opened his mouth. “There are also some people who have the ability to stand on the field but are forced to give up due to various unchangeable reasons.”

The arc of Lin Yan’s mouth slightly lowered.

Jing Yuanzhou still watched him with a slightly raised eyebrow. “I don’t know why but I always feel that Coach Lin understands this feeling very well?”

There was a moment of silence in the car.

Lin Yan’s eyes shook slightly. A moment later, he chuckled. “It seems that the mood of my speech just now was in place? Thank you to Titans for recognizing my acting skills.”

Jing Yuanzhou and Lin Yan watched each other for a moment before Jing Yuanzhou lowered his eyes slightly, withdrawing his gaze. “You are welcome.”

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Ooooh mr lin is being perceived

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Seems fair, LY just attacked the poor jungler’s weak point, and then JYZ attacked LY’s weak point. I approve [nods]