CAMP: Chapter 139

Jing Yuanzhou stared at the matcha cake in Lin Yan’s hand for a long time, many emotions surging. The answer wasn’t surprising. “I like it.”

Of course he liked it. No matter what Lin Yan brought back, he would like it. How could Jing Yuanzhou not understand at this time? His boyfriend was afraid that his mood would be affected these days so Lin Yan was trying to make him happy.

Lin Yan smiled when he heard such an answer. He was reaching for a spoon in the box, ready to let Jing Yuanzhou taste it when his hand was stopped by the other person.

“Don’t be in a hurry to eat.” Jing Yuanzhou reached out and rubbed at Lin Yan’s unhappy, wrinkled brow. “You’re all wet. Go and take a shower first. Once you are done, we’ll eat together.”

Lin Yan endured the urge to sneeze and rubbed the tip of his nose. “It’s such a small piece. How can two people eat it?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze was always on Lin Yan’s body and he didn’t move it away as he whispered, “I want to eat with you.”

The light words brushed his ears and a touch of heat was inexplicably evoked despite the cold from the rain.

Lin Yan’s heart jumped. It was the first time he realized he was so easy to provoke. Just one sentence caused his ears to burn.

He delivered the box to Jing Yuanzhou and turned to go upstairs. “Then just wait. I will accompany you after I have a shower!”

He had just finished speaking when something large fell in the corridor not far away. The team members had seen the two people coming back from the balcony and were heading downstairs to see the situation. As a result, they heard words they ‘shouldn’t have heard’.

I will accompany you after I have a shower? Accompany… who?!

They worked hard to digest their shocked emotions and raised their heads, just in time to meet Lin Yan’s eyes as he was attracted by the huge movement.

Everyone couldn’t help tensing up.

However, there wasn’t the killing intent they imagined. Lin Yan just took a glance and let out a faint ‘oh’ before saying, “Did you all stop? Not bad, it’s within the time limit. What are you doing? Don’t do something here and go back and rest. Gloy, wear more and don’t catch a cold.”

Gu Luo responded, “Eh… oh! Yes, Coach!”

Lin Yan nodded in response and headed toward the dormitory. His soaked back looked a bit embarrassing but his pace was extremely brisk. Everyone couldn’t help exchanging looks.

Jian Ye turned his head and found the cardboard box in Jian Ye’s hand’s first. “Captain, what is this?”

“Nothing.” Jing Yuanzhou retracted his gaze from Lin Yan’s withdrawing back and carefully checked the packaging. “It’s the loving late night snack prepared by the coach.”

Jian Ye was confused. “Huh?”

The others looked out of curiosity. Jing Yuanzhou raised his head and glanced over. “Do you want to eat?”

Jian Ye didn’t think much and blurted out, “Yes.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “There’s only one serving and it isn’t enough for everyone to eat. Go and order takeaway if you want to eat it.”

He paused slightly before continuing, “However, Zuqing only has this last piece of matcha cake left. Coach Lin made a special trip to buy it. Even if you want to order it, I’m afraid it can’t be ordered. But… it’s fine if there is anything else you want to eat. You can make do.”

The GH members, “……”

Not sour! They weren’t sour at all!

Lin Yan returned to his room without closing the door. He finished taking a shower and wasn’t surprised to see Jing Yuanzhou sitting at the table. He had just taken a shower so the water stains on his hairline hadn’t been dried yet. His hair dripped wetly on both sides. Occasionally, drops of water slipped down and fell on the towel hanging around his neck before being completely absorbed in an instant. One piece of matcha cake was placed on the table as well as a small transparent spoon. It was as if it was quietly waiting to be tasted.

Lin Yan watched the glowing scene of one person and one cake. Then after recovering, he couldn’t help shaking his head vigorously. He felt like something was wrong with him today. Otherwise, how could he feel so parched when he saw Jing Yuanzhou.

Jing Yuanzhou looked back and happened to see Lin Yan’s behavior. He paused slightly before wondering, “What’s wrong? Are you uncomfortable somewhere?”

Lin Yan gave a low cough. “Nothing.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes swept over the wet tips of the hair. “Didn’t you blow dry your hair?”

“No.” Lin Yan used the towel around his neck to rub at the tips of his hair while walking over, pulling out a chair and sitting down. “Didn’t you say that we would eat the cake together? I didn’t want you to wait too long.”

He stared at the piece of cake on the table that was barely large enough for an adult to have two full mouthfuls and was silent for a moment. Then he proposed, “How do you want to eat it? Half-half?”

“There is no need for it to be so troublesome.”

The soundproofing inside the dormitory wasn’t as good as the training room. When he had been sitting in the room just now, Jing Yuanzhou could hear the faint sound of water coming from the bathroom. It splashed gently on the ground and was much milder than the rainstorm outside, but it was even more exciting. Perhaps even Lin Yan didn’t expect that buying a cake on a whim would carry such a fatal magic.

Jing Yuanzhou had long been unable to endure it. At this moment, he felt the itching in his heart and squeezed Lin Yan’s fingers. The other hand picked up the spoon and scooped a piece of cake into his mouth.

Before Lin Yan could reach, he leaned over and firmly covered the soft and somewhat cool lips. The atmosphere was suddenly enveloped with the faint scent of matcha. It was sweet, seductive and irresistible.

Lin Yan was caught off guard. His head was spinning and he couldn’t react. He didn’t know if Jing Yuanzhou was tasting the cake or tasting him. Yet none of this seemed to matter. The previously hot feelings became more real. He fell and indulged in them but it was only for a moment.

His breathing had long become messy. Lin Yan’s somewhat vague voice came out intermittently. “Speaking of which… I had to go onto the Internet to find out your taste… I’m really not… a qualified boyfriend.”

Jing Yuanzhou gently squeezed the soft waist and listened to this person speaking in a low voice. Then he spoke, his voice hoarse but filled with endless gentleness. “You are the best boyfriend in the world.”


The next day, Lin Yan checked the thermometer and knew why he was so hot yesterday. Things like colds and fevers always broke out suddenly. His first reaction wasn’t to hurry up and take medicine. It was to grab Jing Yuanzhou and have a good check. It was an illness and due to the situation last night, Lin Yan was afraid this person might’ve been infected by accident.

Fortunately, Jing Yuanzhou’s physical exercises weren’t done in vain. At the moment, he was unaffected. His body temperature and state were normal. Lin Yan still felt uneasy. It was only after repeated checks that he determined this wouldn’t affect the next match and was a bit relieved.

Due to the cold, he felt like his body had no strength. He took the medicine, held his laptop and was ready to lie in bed when he was stopped halfway.

Jing Yuanzhou had seen Lin Yan’s behavior and guessed what Lin Yan was going to do. Jing Yuanzhou already blamed himself for not noticing the signs of a cold after being caught in the rain yesterday. Now he felt powerless in front of such a disobedient patient. “You are burning up like this yet you aren’t ready to rest. The day after tomorrow is the finals. You said it yourself that it isn’t bad to rest for two days.”

Lin Yan rubbed his head. Due to the cold, his voice was a bit hoarse. “It isn’t bad not to train for two days but the tactical arrangement still needs to be updated at any time. Don’t worry, it’s just a small cold. I have a sense of measure.”

Jing Yuanzhou knew he couldn’t persuade this person. He also knew that Lin Yan was reluctant to stop working and could only take a step back. “You can work for two hours at most in this state. Then have a good sleep. Give me a copy of your room keys. I will come around later to check the room.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help looking up at Jing Yuanzhou with amusement when he heard the words ‘check the room.’ He reached out to touch his pocket and really handed a key over. “Yes, Captain. I promise to take a good rest. Will you check it at that time?”

Jing Yuanzhou felt like a fire was on his hand when their fingers touched. The corners of his mouth lowered even more and he could only sigh. “Go.”

Lin Yan didn’t want Jing Yuanzhou to worry too much but Three had obviously grown a lot during the playoffs. It was so close to the finals that the tactical arrangement was even more critical. After knowing that Jing Yuanzhou would come to check if he was napping, Lin Yan specifically left the afternoon as rest time and changed to processing it in the evening.

He had stayed up for two nights without paying attention. In the end, the overall idea did come out but at a price. The cold medicine failed to smoothly suppress his fever and he burned up even more.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day of the finals. The team members sat in the business car on the way to the venue and frequently looked back. The fact that Lin Yan had caught a cold had spread in the team. Now they saw his pale face and it was inevitable to feel a bit worried.

Gu Luo couldn’t help it anymore and suggested, “Coach, just tell us the tactical arrangements and leave it to us. Go to the hospital for an injection and wait for us to send you the championship trophy!”

The others agreed. “Yes!”

Lin Yan leaned on Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulders with his eyes closed. He didn’t even open his eyes to take a look as he replied in a slightly hoarse voice, “Gloy, you should stay away from BB. Your pretentiousness is really becoming bigger. The tactics need to be adjusted according to what happens at the scene. If I’m not there, you won’t know anything. If you really feel sorry for me, end today’s match early and directly take three consecutive victories. This will save me a bit less struggling.”

Lin Yan said so and the team members couldn’t help it. They arrived at the parking lot, got out of the car and headed to the lounge. Lin Yan took the blanket in the car with him. The moment he entered the lounge, he leaned against the sofa with no energy and closed his eyes.

Jing Yuanzhou saw that Lin Yan’s state wasn’t right and asked Luo Mo, “Manager, where did you put the cold medicine?”

Luo Mo paused for a moment before leading the others to hurriedly look for it. Lin Yan felt like his whole body was burning badly. His mind was chaotic and his eyelids were extremely heavy. No matter how noisy the surroundings, he just lowered his head drowsily.

Luo Mo searched for a while without finding the medicine box. He was dumbfounded. “That’s strange. I remember bringing it with me when we went out?”

Only then did Gu Luo remember. “Manager Luo, is it the brown box? I remember that you put it in the corridor when you went out.”

Luo Mo was silent for a moment before finally accepting that he had forgotten to bring the medicine. “It’s my fault.”

Jing Yuanzhou gently touched the back of his hand to Lin Yan’s forehead and frowned at the heat.

“There is a pharmacy around, right? I still remember the brand of the medicine. I will quickly go out and buy it.” He saw that there was still some time left before the match started and grabbed the coat, putting it on. Then he patted Lin Yan on the shoulder and told him in an uneasy voice, “Wait for me to come back, okay?”

Lin Yan was very drowsy and at this time, he felt like he was involved in deep chaos and was falling madly. He instinctively blocked the noise in the lounge like it was a separate space until he heard the last sentence.

The same words from his memory completely pulled him back. The moment he woke up, there was sweat dripping down his back.

Lin Yan felt the scene in front of him suddenly becoming clear. By the time his mind came back, he had already grabbed onto the man’s wrist. “Don’t go!”

Proofreader: Nao

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