CAMP: Chapter 138

Filming finished and the group boarded the business vehicle to return. At this time, everyone finally noticed the strangeness in the back row. They saw that the coach and captain were both looking out the windows on both sides without talking and couldn’t help exchanging glances. Then they smartly controlled their mouths.

Upon arriving back at the base, Lin Yan arranged a return car for Jian Ning.

Jian Ning wanted to wait until the finals were over to go back but it had only been a week since the end of the National Day holidays. He couldn’t take more days off from school. In order not to affect his studies too much, he unwillingly got out of the car. Jian Ye watched the car drive all the way out of the base.

At this point, it was almost time for dinner. The cooking aunt brought the dishes to the table and after dinner, they went back to the training room.

Lin Yan had mentioned in advance that there would be no extra training these days. It was rare for them to have free time so everyone simply opened the live broadcast rooms one after another, taking this opportunity to reduce the length of the live broadcast that needed to be completed this month.

Jing Yuanzhou also started live broadcasting. He held a thermos while sitting at the table. The number of people in the live broadcast room rose wildly. The people who came in waited patiently for a while, only to hear the occasional keyboard sound. If it wasn’t for this person’s hair swaying from the passing wind,  fans would even suspect that the camera in the lower right corner was a static poster.

The barrage scrolled quickly.

[What’s going on? God Jing seems to be in a bad mood.]

[It’s almost the finals. Is he nervous?]

[I’m happy. There is finally something going on inside the Go Home team!]

[Above person, what were you thinking about before? Titans isn’t a newcomer participating in the competition for the first time. Why would he be nervous?!]

[Yes, something happened to the GH team? Don’t you see the children having fun in the next door live broadcast room? Don’t be too active!]

[The atmosphere is really active. I haven’t seen Brother Gun and BB team up before. I just went to take a look and I almost laughed at this crosstalk combination.]

[What is the situation. I don’t see Coach Lin today. Could it be that the couple finally quarreled?]

[F*k, don’t be like this! Don’t make trouble with the parents love!]

They always thought that Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t paying attention to the barrage but at this time, he suddenly opened his mouth. “There was no quarrel and no accident.”

The barrage paused. Then they realized what he had answered and instantly became excited.

Yet no matter how enthusiastic the fans, Jing Yuanzhou once again returned to the state where he didn’t talk. He clicked into the next ranking match and no longer looked at the barrage.

It wasn’t until the end of the match that he realized the discussion on the barrage had changed to something else.

[Right, I saw the interview before the finals. Song Cheng still has the face to mention BK!]

[I’m laughing to death. In KING’s promotional video, he said that the championship belongs to KING. Later, he said that he hopes BK will have good results? Is he a man or a ghost?!]

[At that time, he sold his teammates thoroughly and ran to South Korea with Flm. Don’t pretend to be a good person.]

[I can’t help wanting to cry when thinking about the time Titans worked so hard.]

[So Titans is still strong and endured it! Who doesn’t know that the rest of the BK team is really average? It was really difficult for him to bring such a team to the present!]

[Come on, Song Cheng can’t transfer but Titans can? What is the difference between him leaving the BK team to Mini and Song Cheng back then?]

[Where did this dog come from? How can that be compared? How many years did Titans work hard for BK? Does he have to die in the team?]

[Let me give you a reminder. Song Cheng ran directly to South Korea. He didn’t want to be in his own division. It isn’t too much to say he betrayed the country, right?]

[Yes, don’t talk about whose love is worth more. Song Cheng’s love is so valuable yet the other people’s contribution to the team isn’t valuable?]

[Song Cheng admitted in the interview that he was sorry toward Titans. This isn’t the same situation. Don’t try to wash it clean if you are a fan or black fan…]

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes fell on the last sentence and paused there.

He didn’t look at the content of the barrage any further. Instead, he took off his headphones and stood up. “Bathroom break.”

He walked into the corridor and determined he was out of sight before using his phone to search and click on an interview video. A familiar figure entered his vision. Song Cheng hadn’t changed much in the past few years. It might be because he was seen every year that it wasn’t obvious. It just felt like this person’s temperament was a lot more stable.

A familiar voice crossed time and space, speaking in fluent Korean. “Yes, for this year’s Chinese division, I still hope that the BK team can win the ticket to the World Competition… Of course, if we meet in the arena then our team won’t be soft-hearted. After all, going all out is the greatest respect for the opponent. As for other teams, this year’s Chinese division is very strong. In particular, the new team GH has a strong momentum. Yes, I know that Titans transferred from BK to GH and is currently the captain of this team…”

The host asked, “What does Coach Song think about Titan’s transfer?”

There was a long silence.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t fast forward. He just looked down calmly and watched the scene that seemed to be a still picture. Finally, he heard Song Cheng slowly letting out a breath. “I don’t deserve to have any views on Titans. After all, I was the one who wronged him by leaving BK in the first place. I have been deeply sorry to Titans for all these years.”

Song Cheng’s interview ended and it was a personal interview with the other KING players. The first player to appear was Flm, the captain of the KING team. As an absolutely senior player who was already 25 years old, Flm was the most senior player still hanging onto the game so far.

He was once the ace of the BK team but he was originally of Korean nationality. Compared to Song Cheng, his scolding in China was obviously much less. After all, the relationship between the two people wasn’t a secret in the circle. The first question raised by the reporter was related to Song Cheng, not surprisingly.

Jing Yuanzhou moved his fingers and he didn’t listen any further. He turned off the screen of his phone and headed back to the training room. He sat down in his seat and re-entered the queue to continue the livestream.

Before he knew it, time passed minute by minute. It wasn’t until Luo Mo knocked on the door of the training room that everyone came to their senses. Luo Mo pointed to the clock on the wall and reminded them, “It’s almost 10 o’clock. The boss asked me to watch you and make you take a rest!”

Gu Luo rubbed his eyes in a confused manner. “Eh… so fast?”

The others agreed with this sentence but didn’t dare say much. They waited until the current game was over before ending the live broadcast.

Jing Yuanzhou’s mood was a bit strange today and he hadn’t paid attention to Lin Yan’s whereabouts. It wasn’t until Luo Mo came to give them a reminder that he realized something. “Where is Lin Yan?”

Luo Mo shrugged. “The boss told me this and personally went out. I don’t know where he went.”

Jing Yuanzhou slightly frowned. He was about to say something else when he heard Bi Yaohua shout in surprise, “Since when did it start raining so heavily outside?”

In order to ensure that their usual training was undisturbed, the GH Base’s training room was particularly soundproof. Previously, everyone hadn’t been paying attention due to the live broadcast. It wasn’t until they walked to the balcony that they found it had started raining heavily.

Jian Ye’s eyes were sharp. He stood there for a moment before seeing the running figure on the edge of his vision. “It’s such a heavy rain… is someone out there?”

The others looked in the direction he was pointing. They were just about to respond when they saw Jing Yuanzhou turn around and rush downstairs. The players were stunned by this abrupt move.

Chen Yushen was the first to react. “Is that… Coach Lin?”

Once he finished talking, they saw that downstairs, a tall figure held an umbrella and rushed straight into the rain curtain.


Lin Yan hadn’t expected there to be a sudden rainstorm when he went out and he couldn’t help cursing the weather. His coat was taken off and held in his arms as he ran. The downpour had completely soaked his body. His field of view was completely covered by the rain curtain and drops of rain hung from his eyelashes.

In the blurred fog, he could only tell the approximate direction of the base according to his memory but he was still slightly panicked as he ran.

Lin Yan was ready to quicken his pace when he ran into someone’s arms without paying attention. He instinctively retreated and before he had time to say ‘I’m sorry’, he was dragged over again.

Once he hit this person a second time, the familiar air around him made him realize who it was. He wiped his eyes with his sleeves and raised his eyes. In this atmosphere, his eyes still seemed a bit dazed.

Jing Yuanzhou was just wearing a shirt like in the club. He was too thin and seemed like he would be completely swallowed up by this cold moisture. He looked down. He didn’t say anything but the rebuke could be seen from his tightly furrowed  brow. Nevertheless, this embrace was very warm. He hugged Lin Yan, who was soaked all over, as if trying to protect Lin Yan firmly by his side, completely dissipating the pouring rain around them.

The rain fell on the ground and left mottled marks. The sound seemed extremely noisy.

Jing Yuanzhou still didn’t say anything. He just reached out and rubbed Lin Yan’s soaked hair before giving a low sigh. “Go back first.”

Lin Yan held the coat in his arms even more tightly. “Yes.”

On the way, Jing Yuanzhou protected Lin Yan very well. Almost no rain soaked him any more. Still, half of his shoulder was soaked when he entered through the door. Jing Yuanzhou put the umbrella away and hung it to the side. Then he glanced over. It was hard to determine the emotion in his voice. “What good thing did you get?”

Jing Yuanzhou had already noticed that Lin Yan’s coat was obviously hiding something.

He just didn’t understand what could be so important that Lin Yan didn’t hesitate to let himself become like a drenched chicken while protecting it with such care. Lin Yan didn’t want to take it out so quickly but it was already discovered. He could only open the coat in his arms to expose the box inside. It was indeed well protected. The paper packaging box didn’t appear to be wet at all.

Jing Yuanzhou was slightly stunned when he saw this familiar box.

Then Lin Yan carefully opened it and revealed the delicate green cake inside. It was hard to tell that it had gone through such a bumpy road. It was very well protected.

“Yes, the shape isn’t bad!” Lin Yan’s words were filled with a bit of pride. “There are very few Zuqing chain stores open. I checked and didn’t expect one to be opened on the street right next to ours. What good luck. I called to ask and the employee said there was only one piece left. Fortunately, I acted quickly or it would’ve been bought by someone else! Just treat it as a late night snack. Do you like it?”

According to the information found, Titans liked the matcha flavored cake from Zuqing Bakery.

Proofreader: Nao

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
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