CAMP: Chapter 137

Lin Yan sat there motionlessly. He didn’t show a casual smile as usual and just slowly frowned. In the end, he still chose to get straight to the topic. “Tell me, was BK’s tactical system tailor-made for Song Cheng from the beginning?”

Jing Yuanzhou had long guessed he wouldn’t be able to hide this type of thing from Lin Yan. He went around to sit down on the sofa next to Lin Yan, placed his hands in his lap and fiddled with the phone as if to conceal his emotions. “Yes, when BK was just established, internally, almost all the members of the team were recruited by Captain Song. It was the early years and e-sports wasn’t as developed as it is now. The entire coaching team was still learning and exploring. They finally found a set that was very suitable for BK’s combat style. As they participated in more professional leagues, the system gradually improved. Then…

“It continued until now?” Lin Yan really laughed this time. He leaned back on the sofa cushion, tilted his head and looked over with a smile. “Yes, I can admit that for BK’s stupid behind the scenes team, this is probably their best tactical system. However, it doesn’t excuse the lack of action from this wasteful coaching team.”

There was pent-up anger in the words that made Jing Yuanzhou’s heart moved. Softness filled his eyes. “I know that you are distressed for me.”

This smooth sentence made Lin Yan close his mouth. He was distressed but on the other hand, there was a lot to think about. In his understanding, Jing Yuanzhou was never a person who would compromise like this.

Perhaps the BK team was indeed a very good platform at the time. Perhaps Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have many options when he first entered the league. Yet as his popularity grew higher and higher, it was impossible for him to not have any transfer opportunities during the transfer period opened twice a year.

Even so, Jing Yuanzhou chose to stay with the BK team. He chose to forcefully change his personal habits when playing and steadily supported the honor of BK, a powerful team that might fall at any time.

Lin Yan didn’t express it but Jing Yuanzhou seemed to see through his thoughts. Jing Yuanzhou spoke slowly and calmly, like it had nothing to do with him. “Before Captain Song left, no one looked for him, only me. It’s hard to remember what he said at that time. It was something like he hadn’t done anything for himself in his life and he wanted to be completely willful once. However, he didn’t want to worry about the BK team. He hoped I would promise him to take his place properly and accompany the team all the way.”

To put it mildly, the expression on Lin Yan’s face became even more terrible at the words. It was a substitute! He chose to leave the responsibility as a captain but he wanted to ask a newcomer to replace him as the pillar of the team?

If Song Cheng couldn’t have foreseen that Jing Yuanzhou would become one of the five demon kings, making such a decision was simply selfishness to the extreme! He didn’t dare imagine how Jing Yuanzhou managed to face the pressure of public opinion at that age, when everyone was mocking him for his ‘individuality’ and causing a disconnect within the team.

It must be known that changing the playing method during the transition period was like breaking everything you had before and completely reorganizing it. This period was often accompanied by countless self-denials and self-doubt. Even many senior players wouldn’t be able to withstand such suffering, let alone an 18 year old child!

It was precisely because so many players had been tortured by this transformation that Lin Yan felt even more uncomfortable. He took a slow breath and his tone naturally sank. “So you really agreed?”

It was the first time Jing Yuanzhou had seen Lin Yan making such an expression. This man had never exposed much emotion even when dealing with Chen Yushen’s matter previously. They were very cold eyes and a very cold tone but the distress of a person seemed contagious and inexplicably made Jing Yuanzhou’s heart warm up.

Jing Yuanzhou remembered where they were now and controlled the urge to pull this person into his arms. He continued in a low voice, “Yes, I promised.”

The previous things flashed through his mind and his eyes flickered slightly.

“It is because… I was picked up by Captain Song at the time.” For the first time, he expressed what he had never told anyone else. “Without him, I’m not sure what I would be doing or what I would be like now.”

Lin Yan’s body shook slightly at the words ‘picked up.’

Based on the information on the Internet, it was known that Jing Yuanzhou had never participated in any training camp or other training. He also didn’t appear on any online platforms. No one knew what channels he had used to get the favor of the BK team. It seemed like he was just written on the list of team players. It wasn’t known where he came from and there was no warning.

Speaking of which, the beginning of all of this was indeed full of strange opportunities. At that time, Jing Yuanzhou had just fallen out with his family. He met Song Cheng by accident and played two games online with him like it had been destiny.

That night, Song Cheng lost one month’s dinner fee to Jing Yuanzhou and also extended an invitation to join the BK Club. Only three people knew the whole process of Jing Yuanzhou joining the BK Club. They were himself, Song Cheng and the boss behind the BK Club. It was also on that day that he learned Song Cheng’s power in the club wasn’t as strong as promised.

Jing Yuanzhou always remembered how Song Cheng argued and in the end, the quarrel almost turned into a fight. Eventually, the boss reluctantly agreed to keep Jing Yuanzhou in the team. The red-faced Song Cheng came out of the office and his expression suddenly changed to show a smile as he gently patted Jing Yuanzhou on the shoulder. “Good boy, do a good job later!”

“Looking back now, perhaps Captain Song already had made plans to leave at that time.” Jing Yuanzhou gave a strange smile and looked at Lin Yan with unprecedented calmness. “However, at that time I was so poor that the money left in my bag wasn’t enough to pay for the Internet bill at home. When I first left home, I had already let go of my family. I swore never to step back into that house even if I starved to death outside. I finally had hope for the future so there was no reason for me to refuse.”

It wasn’t convenient to smoke here. Jing Yuanzhou felt his throat was somewhat dry so he handed the phone back to Lin Yan and poured a cup of tea for both of them.

His fingers gently rubbed against the surface of the cup. “I was really rebellious and thought that my family members had their own lives anyway. They didn’t understand anything. I just plunged straight into the field of e-sports. Fortunately, Captain Song taught me a lot during the period when I joined the team. He corrected many of my bad operating habits and got rid of the routes that shouldn’t appear on the field.”

Jing Yuanzhou spoke up to here and his tone imperceptibly lengthened. “I know this type of emotion might be hard to understand but even if my heart wasn’t willing to let him go, it was really difficult… to refuse Captain Song’s request.”

His words caused the surroundings to fall into silence again.

Lin Yan’s gaze was on the ground in the distance and it wasn’t known what he was thinking. It was a long time before his mind returned. There wasn’t the preaching that Jing Yuanzhou imagined. Lin Yan just murmured like he was talking to himself, “I… understand.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes flickered.

Lin Yan wanted to say more but he felt like his throat was blocked tightly and he couldn’t make a sound. Sometimes, there might not be the name of master and apprentice but things weren’t that clear when it came to grace and knowing what was right and wrong. Even if you stood on the highest peak, the most unforgettable thing was probably the days and nights of hard work…

Some things still stung and Lin Yan couldn’t stop being distressed over the past experiences but he could no longer say anything. Lin Yan endured it but he eventually couldn’t help it under Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. He reached out and abruptly pulled this person over. It was a very light and gentle hug.

Lin Yan’s voice was very soft. “I understand so… in the future, look ahead.”

Jing Yuanzhou was stunned by the sudden hug and a faint smile gradually appeared in his eyes. “Yes.”

He never regretted it but he inevitably felt confused walking this path alone. Suffering was necessary but the responsibility he carried on his shoulders doomed him to go on this road alone. Everyone in his original family had long gone their own way. The once rebellious teenager had already grown up. Everyone entered the life of their own choice.

Currently, many lost things might be irretrievable but they were no longer covered with dust. At least from now on, he would no longer be alone.


It wasn’t until distant footsteps were heard approaching that the hug was released. By the time someone appeared in their field of view, the two people were already sitting neatly. The staff gave a reminder and the filming work officially began.

Lin Yan’s clip was recorded first. His usual relaxed smile returned to his face as he looked at the camera. ‘We will definitely go all out in the next match against Three and strive to win a ticket to the global finals. In short, the championship of this year’s World Competition only belongs to GH.”

During the shoot, the others were watching from the sidelines.

Bi Yaohua heard this and frowned suspiciously. “Captain, does the coach’s last sentence sound a bit familiar?”

Jing Yuanzhou watched the man who was clearly fighting in the dark and laughed silently. “You remembered incorrectly.”

Bi Yaohua wondered, “Hmm? Did I remember wrong?”

Before Bi Yaohua could continue to think about it, the staff member had already interrupted his thoughts. “Everyone else should prepare!”

Lin Yan exited after finishing the shooting and it was the turn of the team members. Looking from a distance, the tall man in the crowd instantly entered his vision. Lin Yan frowned slightly. During the time when people weren’t paying attention, he quietly grabbed his phone and typed in the search bar: What is Titans’s favorite thing?

The author has something to say:

Q: What is Titans’s favorite thing?

A: Lin Yan

Surprise! This still needs to be searched?!

Proofreader: Nao

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