CAMP: Chapter 136

Luo Mo had always been very reliable in doing this. He quickly contacted the shooting location for the promotional video and prepared to bring the team over to the venue in the afternoon.

Lin Yan expressed absolute support during the entire arrangement process. He also didn’t forget to remind Jian Ning, “Cub Pa, I’ve already asked for leave from the school so don’t be in a hurry. Go shoot the promotional video in the afternoon and I will have a special car send you back.”

Jian Ning really wasn’t in a hurry to return to school. He originally thought he would be sent back in the morning. Now he heard this and he couldn’t hide the rising joy in his eyes. “I can do so.”

The others watched Lin Yan’s enthusiastic arrangements and were stunned. In the end, Gu Luo couldn’t help it. He went to Lin Yan and gently pulled at the corner of his clothes. Once their eyes met, he hesitantly asked, “Coach, aren’t you going to arrange some training programs for us first?”

Lin Yan was taken aback for a moment before remembering he didn’t have time to tell them.

He finally remembered. “Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. The distance between the semi-finals and finals is too close. Everyone has gone through such high intensity training and it has been really hard on you. No separate training programs will be arranged for the next two days. Take advantage of this opportunity to relax and adjust your state. It is okay to play some ranking games once in a while but the light in the training room must be off before 10 p.m. If I find out that someone is secretly training, they will be fined.”

He thought he would hear excited cheers. As a result, he only received stares. The surroundings were abruptly quiet.

Lin Yan wondered, “…What is with your expressions?”

He blinked in confusion. “Isn’t a combination of work and rest normal? If you look at me like this, I will think I usually abuse you.”

“It is true that it isn’t abuse. I’m just not used to it.” Bi Yaohua spoke in a small voice filled with complicated emotions. “Coach, actually… even if you continue to arrange training programs, we won’t have any complaints. After all, we have reached all the way here. At the last moment, shouldn’t we rush forward? Don’t you agree?”

The others responded in unison. “Yes!”

“It isn’t that I don’t want you to rush but sometimes it’s easy to break yourself if you are too tense.” Lin Yan said this and glanced at Bi Yaohua. “Still, that reminds me, BB. There is indeed something you need to complete with Gun Zai.”

Jian Ye was suddenly cued and looked up.

Lin Yan raised an eyebrow and smiled at the two of them. “In the next few days leading up to the finals, you will stick together 24 hours a day! You have felt the degree of tacit understanding between Come and Wuhoo. You just have to strive to become Siamese twins before the finals and you will be considered successful! Jiayou!”

Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye, “……”

This training program was really beyond prediction. Still, that was the only match they lost during the regular season. The tragic situation of being pressed into the ground by Three at that time was still vivid.

It was after that match that everyone in GH fully realized the importance of team understanding. There had never been a shortage of strong teams in the league. Three might be the only team with two demon king players but the main reason they stood at the supreme height was due to the absolute tacit understanding of the team itself.

Burning Hot was essentially a team game. Personal strength was always small and insignificant in the face of a five person lineup. There might be some doubts about Lin Yan’s special training mode but Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye didn’t have the courage to disobey him.

It had to be admitted that tacit understanding was really important. They also hadn’t forgotten the process of being stepped on by Three’s bottom lane combination. The two people exchanged glances before Bi Yaohua weakly asked a question. “Coach, if we have to be together 24 hours a day, how will we sleep at night?”

Lin Yan looked at them. “Isn’t the bed in the dormitory big enough for you? I tried it a long time ago and it is definitely big enough for two people to sleep on! The two of you aren’t people with a cleanliness obsession right? Do I still need to teach you how to do it?”

The bed was more than enough for two people to sleep on. He had… tested it out a long time ago? These words entered their ears and caused everyone to instinctively look in Jing Yuanzhou’s direction. As a result, their captain didn’t forget to help. “It really is enough for the both of you to sleep on.”

Jian Ye, “……”

He originally wanted to ask how to take a shower. In the end, he felt he might be asking for trouble again and Bi Yaohua wisely retracted his gaze. He cleared his throat. “Understood! Then in the next few days, I will be one person with Gun Gun!”

Then he reached out a hand and placed it around Jian Ye’s shoulder. Jian Ye tried to push him away but failed to get rid of this sticky person. He could only stop. This sight made even Chen Yushen next to them raise his head and take a second look.


That afternoon, everyone got into the club’s business car and headed to the shooting venue.

Unlike last time, they were inspired by the KING video so the promotional video planned to add the tactical speech of the coach. This gave Lin Yan a chance to show his face when he previously never participated.

The process of styling was cumbersome and boring. Lin Yan finally finished with it. He saw that the other people were still in various stages so he sat down on the sofa while fiddling with his phone. He hadn’t asked much before but he couldn’t control his curiosity.

In the search box, the terms ‘BK’ and ‘Song Cheng’ were entered slowly.

It was still the beginning of the field of e-sports when Song Cheng played for BK. The league didn’t have the complete background and foundation like it did now and too much time had passed. Only his profile and a few scattered reporters were left, all of which contained content familiar to the public.

As the captain, Song Cheng was naturally indispensable as BK entered their rising period. Yet it was at this time that news of his transfer emerged. In this way, Captain Song and the well known Korean player Flm left the China division to join the KING team in South Korea.

If they had to give a comparison, Song Cheng of that era probably wasn’t inferior to the five great demon kings today.

Everyone had thought that the BK team under the leadership of Song Cheng would be able to take the first championship trophy belonging to the China division yet they could only watch as the BK team fell into a ditch after his departure. The anger of the fans could be imagined.

The incident created a really big noise at the time but he left with Flm, who was Korean.

CP fans weren’t popular at the time but everyone could feel something a bit tricky from the interaction of the two people. Thinking about Song Cheng’s choice, a large part of the reason why he left was due to Flm. Some sane fans felt they couldn’t scold him. However, in the first year after joining the KING team, the two people directly led KING to win the championship in the finals.

It was too distressing and the domestic fans’ scolding toward Song Cheng erupted. In fact, Song Cheng was almost at the age of retirement at the time of his transfer. After playing for KING for two years, he moved behind the scenes. In addition, the next few years led to the rise of strong players such as the five demon kings in the China division. With the rapid development of the e-sports field, the aggressive condemnations gradually calmed down.

These were all the things about Song Cheng that could be found online.

Lin Yan’s eyes drooped slightly. He read the last line before switching out of this page and entering a new search term.

Jing Yuanzhou had directly shocked people from the moment he entered the league. Although the BK team didn’t achieve ideal results due to internal cooperation issues, his personal performance alone was enough to make everyone remember the starting point of the new dynasty.

Lin Yan hadn’t paid attention to it before but now he discovered that the year Jing Yuanzhou stood on the field as the team’s first choice player was precisely the year when Song Cheng left the BK team.

At that time, they had just replaced the side-laner, the shooter position was also changed and the jungler failed to adjust his mentality. Under the tactical system of the BK team that was based on the former captain, the team was leaderless and the tragic situation could be imagined. Even so, the youngster who made his debut on the field shone. He used his own body to stop the enemy troops who stepped on the high ground.

The fragmented past seemed to piece together bit by bit in front of him. Lin Yan vaguely felt his heart beating fiercely.

Initially, Lin Yan really hadn’t understood why the BK team would use a tactical system that obviously wasn’t the most suitable for Jing Yuanzhou. He just thought it was because the BK coaching team was inactive. It wasn’t until this moment that he grasped onto some anomalies.

Perhaps there was a possibility that the system itself wasn’t designed for Jing Yuanzhou? Rather than cooperating with Jing Yuanzhou to perfect the tactics, they had him cooperate with the team to become another person. This was no longer questioning the ability of the coaching team. For such a behind-the-scenes team, they weren’t worthy of being called ‘coach’ at all!

Lin Yan’s gaze fell on the photo on the screen and his eyes shook, slowly revealing a complicated expression.

Jing Yuanzhou was only 18 years old that year. It was the age when he just completed his coming of age ceremony yet he entered this turbulent arena and faced doubts from all walks of life while working hard to hold into the fading glory of the team. What type of mood was he in at the time?

His throat seemed blocked by something and Lin Yan slowly closed his eyes. Only 18 years old…

He was full of emotions that needed to be vented. Just then, a hand reached out from behind him and took away the phone without warning. Lin Yan was taken aback for a moment. He glanced back and realized that Jing Yuanzhou had been standing behind him at an unknown time.

Jing Yuanzhou had just finished his styling and Lin Yan couldn’t take his eyes off this person. Jing Yuanzhou glanced faintly at the screen before shutting it off. He looked down and met the gaze that had never turned away. “If you want to know anything then ask me directly.”

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