CAMP: Chapter 135

For a long time, no one said anything. This lasted until Lin Yan’s eyes swept past Jing Yuanzhou and he gave a reminder. “You are in the game.”

Jing Yuanzhou turned around when he heard the words. He realized that when he got up, he had been preparing to minimize the window. Then due to Lin Yan’s sudden appearance, his hand shook and he entered the matching interface.

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

He almost couldn’t remember when his hands last shook. Jing Yuanzhou let out a slow sigh and was about to sit down again when a figure quickly approached his side. Lin Yan quickly pulled out the gaming chair and sat down. He asked casually, “Do you mind if I play it? I was really itchy watching all of you play this afternoon.”

For professional players, their accounts were like a gold medal. Forget a ranking match, it was impossible to lend their accounts to someone else just for ordinary matching games. However, Lin Yan clearly wasn’t ‘someone else.’

Jing Yuanzhou knew that this was to stop him from playing. After a pause, he responded, “Yes.”

Lin Yan adjusted the shortcut keys. The moment he entered, he saw his teammates’ surprise and warm greetings. He didn’t say much. He simply clicked the pre-selected shooter position icon and calmly locked onto a hero in the midst of the question marks.

The entire chat channel was filled with questions. [Isn’t this God Jing? You aren’t playing the side lane?]

Lin Yan originally didn’t want to care about this. He saw the last question and replied: [Leveling on behalf of others.]

This time, the series of question marks turned into rows of ellipses.

Jing Yuanzhou saw this and couldn’t help laughing silently. It was reasonable to suspect that when he woke up tomorrow, the topic #Titans found someone to level for him# would be on the hot search.

Lin Yan didn’t look back and couldn’t see Jing Yuanzhou’s expression. The back of the person sitting in the gaming chair looked very serious. Jing Yuanzhou’s account might have fallen out of the top 10 of the server after not playing for a while but the players he could be matched with were definitely in the top echelon.

In the face of these absolute passersby masters, Lin Yan’s operation still seemed easy. Last hitting the soldiers, consumption, suppression, retreat…

As time passed, the economy of the bottom lane gradually opened up completely and unknowingly entered the rhythm of crushing.

Jing Yuanzhou stood in the back like this, his eyes on Lin Yan’s body and he never looked away. All the sounds of the game were hidden inside the soundproof headphones. There was only the sound of the keyboard and mouse clicking left in the training room. It was terribly quiet.

It wasn’t until the enemy crystal on the screen was completely shattered that Lin Yan took off his headphones and slowly looked back. He raised his eyebrow in a slightly provocative manner and drew out the last sound of his words. “The fine plus leveling fee, find time to transfer it to me through WeChat.”

In a situation where he knew he was wrong, Jing Yuanzhou always had a very honest attitude. “No problem.”

Lin Yan glanced at the computer. “Are you still playing?”

It was obviously a questioning tone but the ending sound was clearly slowed. It almost directly had the word ‘threat’ on his face.

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

Lin Yan obviously didn’t want an answer. Without waiting for a response, his slender finger had already tapped on the mouse and pressed the shutdown button. He was as direct as ever.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much and glanced at the time. “It’s getting late. Let’s go back to rest.”

There was no reply for a long time. He looked up and saw Lin Yan looking sideways at the messy ashtray, thoughts unknown. The light from the computer screen had completely dimmed and the ashes in the ashtray were strikingly desolate in the empty training room.

Such a scene fell into his eyes and made Jing Yuanzhou’s heart jump slightly. Before he could say anything, Lin Yan glanced back and paused for a moment before asking, “Do you want to retire?”

The words that had no beginning or ending plunged directly into his heart. Jing Yuanzhou had never underestimated Lin Yan’s sharpness but he hadn’t expected it to be sharp to this point. He didn’t know how to answer and was silent for a moment. Finally, he let out a slow breath and replied, “Maybe.”

Jing Yuanzhou had been in the professional league for so many years and knew he was almost at that age. Yet no matter if it was the BK team’s intention to start training newcomers or following the GH team all the way back to the professional league, he actually never considered this problem positively until… the recent retirement of Luni and DeMen gave him some extra associations.

Judging from the current situation, Jing Yuanzhou’s state might not be in a comprehensive decline like DeMen but he had already passed Luni’s peak state. In fact, he had realized it recently. It wasn’t until today when he sat back in front of the computer after three high intensity games that he felt… if it had been the past, he wouldn’t have such a distinct feeling of not being able to do what he wanted during extra training.

Everyone had a choice. No matter whether he liked it or not, he was clearly nearing the point where a final decision was needed. He thought that such an ambiguous reply would lead to a good talking to. He didn’t expect Lin Yan to just nod after a moment of silence. “Okay, I got it.”

Then Lin Yan poured the cigarette butts in the ashtray into the trash can next to him.

In the end, he couldn’t help letting out a few complaints. “If you have this idea and know that you are an old player then you should take it easy. What’s wrong? The young members returned to their rooms to sleep while the old man came here for training? I can understand the good intentions of the captain being an exemplary role model but this feels like the rebellious period of an old person has come very late. The more you need to rest, the more you want to run out and abuse yourself?”

Lin Yan became more irritated as he thought about it and he couldn’t help frowning. “From another perspective, what are you doing when your boyfriend stared at you in the car all the way for you to sleep. I just wanted to let you rest, even one minute more is good! On the way back, I told the cooking auntie to prepare dinner in advance and everything was arranged. I just wanted you to go back to your room to recover your spirits the moment you finish your meal. As a result, I found out that you were here all night? I say, you are…”

All the discontent and complaints ended the moment he looked up and made eye contact.

Jing Yuanzhou interrupted the rambling words. “I was wrong.”

Lin Yan was really full of dissatisfaction at this time but all his unhappy emotions were thoroughly soothed by such a sincere sentence. The corners of Lin Yan’s mouth lowered slightly. He wasn’t too happy about his attribute of being easily coaxed. He just wanted to say something else when the figure in front of him approached.

A force covered him. By the time his mind returned, he was pressed against the computer table by Jing Yuanzhou. The computer was turned off and the entire training room was extremely quiet. At this time, the other person’s breathing clearly entered their ears.

Ambiguity instantly flooded.

Lin Yan’s heart jumped slightly and he couldn’t help gently holding the man in front of him. “Just speak. What is this? I’m telling you, seduction is useless!”

Jing Yuanzhou gave a soft smile. “I promise you that I will tell you if I’m in a bad mood again. Is this okay?”

Lin Yan’s lips curled in a noncommittal manner. The next second, the light in front of him dimmed as Jing Yuanzhou leaned over and kissed him. It was a very long and intimate kiss that flooded into the space that only belonged to them.

In the end, Jing Yuanzhou was unceremoniously pushed away by Lin Yan. “How many cigarettes did you smoke tonight? Go, go back and brush your teeth!”


The following day.

The two men went downstairs and found that the others had already gathered in the training room.

Luo Mo looked surprised when he noticed LIn Yan’s appearance. “Boss, were you upstairs? Why didn’t you respond when I knocked on your door?”

Lin Yan glanced darkly at Jing Yuanzhou and replied ambiguously, “Maybe I wasn’t paying attention.”

Then he rubbed his messy hair and wondered, “Why do you need me so early in the morning?”

Luo Mo didn’t think too much. “It’s like this. After the match ended yesterday, the schedule for the finals came out. The match time is next Tuesday. The only team that we have lost to during the regular season is Three and this match is somewhat of a revenge match. I was wondering if you wanted to use this gimmick to record a pre-match promotional video or something?”

“Oh, yes.” Lin Yan took the milk from Jing Yuanzhou and took a sip. “We really need to record a video before the finals. There is no problem. Do you have any ideas about how you want to shoot it specifically?”

“I almost have a direction. There are some videos to refer to.” Then Luo Mo casually clicked on something on his laptop. “This is a promotional video of the two final teams from the South Korean division. They didn’t have the National Day holidays so their league progress was faster than ours. The video was released two days ago.”

At his words, the others immediately surrounded him.

Bi Yaohua saw the team logo for the first promotional video and couldn’t help showing a disgusted expression. “What the hell? Is there no one else in the Korean division? A team like Win can enter the finals?”

Luo Mo smiled. “Don’t look down on Win. Good or bad, they are the champions of the spring season. Our data analysts have determined that their overall strength is indeed top-notch.”

The promotional video itself was only a few minutes. Once it ended, it automatically jumped to the next one.

The new video was played and Gu Luo let out a soft exclamation. “Captain, isn’t this the South Korean team where Captain Song became the head coach? I didn’t pay attention to it before. Did they make it to the finals? Does this mean… they have finally adjusted?”

Luo Mo heard this and was a bit dazed. “Captain Song? Who is that?”

Jian Ning also looked puzzled.

The surrounding atmosphere was subtle for a moment.

After all, Luo Mo had only half entered the gaming circle and Jian Ning started contacting Burning Hot at a late stage. It was normal that they didn’t know some of the previous people in the circle. However, this Captain Song was the man who served as the captain of BK when Jing Yuanzhou first entered the professional league. Anyone who had a little knowledge of the early history of the Burning Hot League definitely wouldn’t be unfamiliar with him.

The publicity video continued to play. Just then, a figure in a casual suit appeared on the screen, speaking fluent Korean. “I think… in short, this year’s world champions can only belong to KING.”

He clearly had an extremely gentle look but he was sufficiently imposing.

Lin Yan’s gaze moved slightly.

He had indeed heard about the joint transfer of the BK team’s captain, Song Cheng and their Korean shooter Flm to the Korean division. It had just been too many years ago and there wasn’t much description about it in the original novel, so he didn’t take it seriously. He just didn’t expect that since his appearance affected the retirement trajectory of Jing Yuanzhou’s career, it also caused more intersections in this world that shouldn’t have occurred.

Lin Yan rubbed the fingers holding the cup of milk and glanced back.

From the moment the man appeared, Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes were always on the screen of the laptop. It wasn’t until the interview cut to the next figure that he lowered his eyes and retracted his gaze. “I guess.”

Proofreader: Nao

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