CAMP: Chapter 133

The game on the field continued. As Lin Yan predicted, AI was still running the high frequency ganks. This type of rhythm was a good support for the other PAY players but in this round, GH’s hero lineup was too strong in terms of lineup ability.

In normal times, even if AI’s ganks couldn’t kill people, it could at least suppress their health. Under this type of health suppression, it brought a lot of pressure to the selected players. Once they couldn’t hold on any longer, the player would have to return to the city to restore their state.

Yet now GH’s upper, middle and lower lanes had no intention of forcing it. They just continued to clean up soldiers and the long endurance allowed them to make up for their lost health in the process.

In this way, AI’s ganking was equivalent to losing any meaning.

PAY’s internal rhythm had formed inertia after the first two games. It was difficult for them to slow down so GH’s boiling a frog in warm water style of play had become a torment to them. It felt like their heavy punches were hitting soft cotton. It wasn’t strong and was very difficult.

If the first two games had the highest number of kills in league history then in the third round, the kill count of both sides stagnated and was about to set the lowest record. It was two extremes.

Don’t mention the players on the field. Even the spectators watching the three games felt almost out of breath. However, such a situation wasn’t so easy to break. The two teams unknowingly already officially entered the middle stage.

The strong period of GH’s lineup arrived and Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard from the voice channel. “We can start.”

It was a change from their previous sleepy state. The entire Burning Hot canyon awoke with the sudden rise of their fighting spirit! For the GH team, the top, middle and bottom lanes all started to crazily advance at the same time.

GH’s heroes were all lane attacking types so the players of PAY could only complain about them. They couldn’t separate from the GH players and the only key to clearing the game fell on AI who was walking through the jungle. Yet at this time, Chen Yushen, who had been deliberately avoiding AI before, started to take the initiative to find him.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat exclaimed, “Abyss and AI collided!”

The moment he spoke, the director’s camera moved to the lower jungle area. The audience felt breathless seeing the two figures colliding together.

Abyss, a newcomer who only represented the GH team this year, was once pushed to the forefront of public opinion due to the reveal of the violent incident. His ID started with an A like AI and he was a jungler so they were compared by people who liked to engage in such things. In the end, he fell under the heights of AI and inevitably encountered a wave of ridicule.

Later, the GH team collided with PAY in the regular season. Perhaps he had heard the public opinion on the Internet but in the game, he really showed a circuitous attitude toward AI. It didn’t matter if it was a tactic or not. He gave people the impression of avoiding a battle so almost everyone reached a consensus: at least in front of AI, this newcomer still wasn’t enough to look at.

The stereotype had been created so the moment this collision occurred in the jungle, even GH fans instinctively cried out ‘it’s bad’ in their hearts.

Chen Yushen wore soundproof headphones and couldn’t feel the atmosphere of the scene. Or rather, he simply didn’t have the mind to think about these objective factors. His gaze fell on the screen. He stared at the figure on the screen and his hand started flying.

The only thing he could remember was Lin Yan’s last words. “Abyss, you remember. After 20 minutes, start holding onto AI firmly. Strive to make the team better and complete yourself!”

Chen Yushen didn’t know how to complete himself. He only knew that his teammates used strategies to delay the situation during the previous time for him to give him enough time to warm up his hand speed.

Now was the moment for him to show his worth on the field!

On the screen, they could see that the junglers of both teams were tangled up tightly. There was none of the expected one-sided situation. The confrontation between the two men was unexpectedly fierce.

The hero Salaman used by Chen Yushen was known for being a troublemaker in the jungle. He was a typical hero with thick skin who was the most difficult to kill. Yet no matter how hard he was to kill, there were dozens of Salamans who died in the jungle every year to AI. As gorgeous skills flew on the screen, it was Chen Yushen’s superb movements and extreme operation that made it so difficult to fight.

The details of his avoidance and the displacement. In addition, both sides carried equipment to return health. Thus, they could see the ups and downs of the health bar of the two people to the naked eye.

It was thrilling and they were unable to tell the outcome. The surrounding jungle mob, terrain and grass all became the chips in the battle between the two people for a while. It was detailed. Almost every second of every operation was full of extreme detail!

No one thought that Chen Yushen could really drag out AI. It wasn’t just the scene that had a lot of discussions. The barrage in the live broadcast room also moved quickly.

[Abyss’ operation is too detailed!]

[Is this… true or false? AI is really stuck?]

[If AI is blocked then PAY’s situation really isn’t good.]

[The economic gap hasn’t widened but there is always a feeling that PAY is really passive.]

[I didn’t pay attention to him before. Did Abyss just come out this year? Great!]

[It is true. There are few people with operations so detailed! Confidence is really confidence! Just now, anyone who made a small mistake would’ve died.]

[What are you bragging about? Abyss is so awesome but he can’t kill AI?]

[I’m laughing to death. Is the above person a PAY fan? This tone sounds like AI can kill Abyss!]

[There are still the black materials from before. Do you want to go home and wash your eyes first before praising this person?]

[Get lost, I will step on this f*king black material!]

[Just talking about operation, Abyss is really awesome.]

[Before there was Gloy and now there is Abyss. What is the matter with these newcomers in the Go Home team?  Are they all so fierce?!]

[Who used to give them the title of the toxic assembly camp? Let’s change it and call it the e-sports genius assembly camp.]

[Hahaha, this bragging is a bit too much. What is with this name that makes me want to laugh?]

[I had a feeling earlier but it wasn’t easy to say it. Now I can finally say it. If AI can’t get rid of Abyss then I’m afraid PAY really won’t go far in this game.]

In theory, the two professional commentators shouldn’t take sides but looking at the obvious situation on the field, they needed to make a wave of analysis.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat said, “AI’s fast rhythm in the early stages didn’t have much of an impact on the situation. Now it is the absolute strength period of GH’s lineup and I can see that the PAY team is being stretched thin. At this time, someone has to stand up and break the situation.”

“But… it is a bit hard.” Commentator Cry Cry glanced at the two figures who finally left the jungle after a long fight and slightly frowned. “PAY has always gone for the jungler as the core and they can only rely on AI right now. In a situation where there is no obvious advantage with the lineup, if they want to complete the reversal then AI first needs to get rid of Abyss’ entanglement.”

“Now it seems that GH has been guarding against this for a long time.” Brother Rabbit Hat carefully analyzed. “Abyss took out Salaman as a hero in order to be tough sugar winding around AI. They really aren’t ready to give PAY any more opportunities. Now we can discover that AI’s rhythm is completely disordered. In this situation where GH is determined to push the three towers, it will be really difficult for PAY if they don’t find a way to break GH in the next 10 minutes.”

At the end, Brother Rabbit Hat’s tone was filled with complex emotions.

Who would’ve thought that in his lifetime, he would’ve said words like ‘AI’s rhythm is completely disordered.’ Looking at these three games, how were they torturing the jungler? He really wanted to ask, what type of devil team was GH?!

Brother Rabbit Hat took a deep breath and once again paid attention to the big screen.

As time passed, PAY’s disadvantage failed to reverse. It could be seen that AI was actively looking for opportunities. Even at this extreme pace, he once again raised his speed. However, there was the existence of Chen Yushen who stared at him too tightly!

During the next process, Chen Yushen directly abandoned any ganking opportunities. He crouched in the jungle the entire time to intercept AI, directly blocking any possibility of PAY’s final reversal. AI couldn’t play and the defense towers of each lane were completely wiped out.

The game continued until 35 minutes when the crystal at PAY’s base exploded. The moment it shattered declared GH’s final victory. The entire venue was completely filled with screams. The boiling blood of the first two games made a sharp contrast with the stoic advance of the final game.

The moment the camera of the big screen focused on the figures in the GH zone, some GH fans couldn’t help crying. From being unknown and having many sunspots to the scene of the highly anticipated semi-finals, who would’ve thought that a team that was once nicknamed the variety show team would actually do it!

The excited voice of the commentator filled the scene. “Let us congratulate GH for getting the last ticket to the finals!”

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