CAMP: Chapter 132

The deciding game of the semi-finals began. They could see AI heading straight toward GH’s jungle area without hesitation. On the contrary, Chen Yushen knew his movements and responded by choosing to go to the other half of the map.

Commentator Rabbit Hat was aware of the different combat attributes of both junglers but he still felt a bit emotional seeing such a concession without hesitation. “Abyss is quite decisive. It seems Coach Lin has already instructed him how to play at this time. He isn’t ready to have a strong confrontation with PAY like in the previous two games.”

“It isn’t surprising.” Commentator Cry Cry said. “The hero Salaman is indeed a bit weak before upgrading to his big move. There is no problem with level 1 group battles but it really doesn’t have an advantage in a head-to-head fight.”

“Judging from AI’s rhythm… he is ready to go directly to the top lane to do something!”

At the same time, the camera cut to the top lane. The confrontation between Jing Yuanzhou and DeMen was very fine. Every move was full of details. If it wasn’t for the time displayed on the screen, everyone would think this was a collision that had occurred at level 2.

DeMen noticed AI’s close proximity and deliberately showed a flaw to Jing Yuanzhou to try and tempt him to take the bait. However, Jing Yuanzhou was completely indifferent to such a move. He still went through the normal process with a calm air. From this look alone, he didn’t seem to be aware of AI’s ambush but he was at a tricky angle that made it hard to gank. Thus, it was somewhat unpredictable.

AI saw that this person didn’t fall for the temptation and didn’t waste too much time. He took advantage of when Jing Yuanzhou was last hitting a soldier and used a short distance displacement skill to directly rush out of the grass.

Yet before he could touch the other person’s clothing, he saw the figure that had been in the middle of the lane just a moment ago had used the help of a level 2 displacement skill to complete the retreat.

There was an uproar at the scene. He obviously had no vision but Jing Yuanzhou had still predicted AI’s ambush.

In PAY’s voice chat, DeMen’s voice was very calm. “Titans is too sharp and isn’t easy for you to catch. You should go to the bottom lane to see.”

AI responded by saying, “Yes. Then pay attention to yourself.”

“Don’t worry.”

AI didn’t say anything else and once again headed into the jungle.

DeMen’s gaze swept over the disappearing figure before looking at the opponent’s ID with a heavy expression. The light from the screen fell on his face, giving a psychedelic light and shadow. DeMen knew very well that he was destined not to play well in this lane after Jing Yuanzhou got this hero. However, even if it wasn’t easy to fight, he still had to guard the defense tower well.

Back then, DeMen and Jing Yuanzhou had entered the league at the same time. It was precisely because they were compared so much that DeMen knew about the terrifying aspects of this side-lane demon king. Among all positions, the side lane might be the most overlooked one apart from the support but it was often the most critical existence for the overall situation. It seemed obscure but was actually very important.

Looking at his entire career, DeMen really didn’t strive to fight the opponent. He was always steady and aimed to survive. Yet in this game, perhaps it was due to the emotional impact of AI or because he didn’t want to leave any regret in the final moment of his career, DeMen realized clearly and strongly that he wanted to win!

They were veteran players who had fought for many years. They might be sitting in their own zones but after a few short collisions, Jing Yuanzhou clearly felt the difference in DeMen’s state. He frowned slightly and gave a reminder in the voice chat, “Be careful and pay more attention. PAY’s morale is very high in this game.”

During his words, Gu Luo on the middle lane had just sent away an AI who had suddenly visited. He sighed with relief while murmuring, “It is really fast. I always feel like the rhythm is faster than before…”

Bi Yaohua took the long range sniper and cleared up the soldiers shot after shot, playing very heartily. “It’s normal PAY must have an advantage in the early game because the mid-game is our stage.”

Just then, the remaining light was swept away and he happened to see AI not far away. Bi Yaohua wasn’t afraid of his position being exposed. He didn’t hesitate to retract under the defense tower while still talking, “He just went to the middle lane and now he is coming down here. He is really taking us as experience babies!”

Jian Ye quickly restored Bi Yaohua’s health and threw a light over in a warning manner. The help of the widened field of view allowed him to determine where AI was going and he gave a warning, “Abyss, be careful. AI is invading our jungle area.”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about him.” Chen Yushen had already left in advance and gave a signal to the middle lane. “Gloy, give a wave of pressure.”

Gu Luo replied, “Come on!”

Several skills were used one after another and a string of gem-colored elves were summoned at Gu Luo’s feet. Under their control, the new wave of soldiers was cleared and he pressed right to the opponent’s defense tower.

PAY’s mid-laner saw that the army was under pressure and immediately used a few skills to try and shift the aggro. However, before he could push these small things away, he saw Chen Yushen leaping out from the side. The heart of the PAY mid-laner jumped and he decisively used flash. Only then did he escape the fate of being killed on the spot.

Chen Yushen escorted him and Gu Luo fearlessly brought his summoned beasts to decrease the health of PAy’s middle tower by half. In the end, he didn’t forget to be cautious. Chen Yushen circled around the river and came to the bottom tower, effectively avoiding AI’s halfway interception.

The developments were broadcasted on the big screen. Commentator Cry Cry was a bit speechless at the sight. “Do you feel… the success rate of AI’s ganking in this game has been significantly reduced?”

Brother Rabbit Hat replied, “The main problem is the rhythm. AI seems to be moving too fast.”

Cry Cry was confused. “What?”

“How to say…” After all, Brother Rabbit Hat had entered this business earlier than Cry Cry and he was more thorough when it came to tactical analysis. He considered it for a moment before explaining as much as possible, “AI’s current gank rhythm would be no problem in the first two games. After all, regardless of whether it was GH or PAY, both teams had the same high frequency rhythm. This can be called a process of mutual checks and balances as well as mutual adaptation. If I have to use the analogy of baseball, it can be understood that AI’s ‘swing’ in the first two games was directly proportional to GH’s ‘ball speed.’ Naturally, he can accurately catch a ball of the same speed. Meanwhile, this inning is completely different.”

Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help looking up at the big screen. “Now AI’s swing is still at that frequency and has even accelerated. On the opposite side, GH’s ball speed has slowed down. In this way, the original one swing one ball has changed. It is only after two or more swings that a frontal touch with the ball can be completed. In this way, the number of empty swings is bound to increase a lot.”

“Still, isn’t suppressing the opponent with the rhythm a common thing in the league?” Commentator Cry Cry was still a bit confused. “Listening to you, why do I feel like AI’s high speed isn’t a good thing?”

“In a normal situation, there really is no problem with rhythm suppression but…” Brother Rabbit Hat was a professional commentator and he naturally knew there were some things that couldn’t be said at the scene of the game. He was distracted for a moment by his junior Cry Cry’s question. Now he cleared his throat and changed the subject. “In short, no matter the analysis, no one knows what the result will be.  Let’s not continue to talk on paper. We should wait and see!”

The conversation between the two people fell into Lin Yan’s ears and made him look up in the direction of the commentary stand. This person got it with one glance. He silently filled in the second half of Brother Rabbit Hat’s words in his heart.

In a normal situation, there was really no problem with rhythm suppression. However, in this game GH came up with a lineup that was least affected by the jungler’s rhythm. No matter how fast the pace, it had no meaning if it only affected his own team. It was only a matter of time before things became disjointed.

If PAY had been aware of this earlier and had AI slow down to reduce the unnecessary loss, there might be some room to fight. The current problem was that after his hand speed was completely mobilized in the first two games by the rookie jungler Jian Ning, could AI control and suppress this out of control rhythm in a short amount of time?

Lin Yan gradually showed a smile without much emotion. It was a bit cruel and a pity, but victory was destined to only belong to one side. AI was close to derailment on the field and this game was doomed to slow down.

Jian Ning was sitting in the position where Chen Yushen had been sitting originally. He watched the game on the field nervously but for some reason, he abruptly looked back. He met the impartial gaze.

Jian Ning couldn’t help pausing. Before he could return to his senses, Lin Yan reached out and rubbed his hair. “Cub Pa, you did a really good job!”

Normally, if someone dared to touch his hair like this then Jian Ning would’ve raised his hackles on the spot and got up to fight. Lin Yan’s tone might be kind and pampering but when it entered Jian Ning’s ears, it caused a chill.

Jian Ning inexplicably felt cold all over. He completely froze and forgot to resist. Was it his illusion… why did he feel like Coach Lin’s smile was so terrifying?!

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

Lin Yan is so sly that I always pity their opponents 🥲🥲.

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
6 months ago

Be afraid, Jian!