CAMP: Chapter 131

Meanwhile in the PAY lounge, everyone couldn’t help holding their breaths. There was a hint of gravity in the quiet atmosphere.

“You are too chaotic.” DeMen stood in front of AI and frowned. However, he looked at the man with lowered eyes and there was no heaviness in his tone. “I can understand your feeling of not wanting to lose the match but you have to think about your entire career. There was such a heavy load in just two games. If you don’t plan to control your hand injuries then are you going to retire with me?”

DeMen had always been PAY’s captain but he rarely spoke in such a harsh tone. The other members listened to their vice-captain being scolded silently, not daring to look or say anything. AI looked down at his fingers that were trembling slightly and squeezed them in a relaxed manner. “I do have many matches to play in the future but…”

He paused slightly and raised his head. “If we lose then you will stop here completely.”

AI had never been a person to express his emotions. Even when angered by the South Korean player previously, he had just frowned deeper. Now he raised his head and stared at DeMen. There still wasn’t much expression on his face but such a glance made DeMen feel like something had pierced his heart.

There was a pause before DeMen let out a sigh. He knew he couldn’t continue with this lecturing. In the end, he could only give up and shake his head helplessly. “Even if we don’t win the autumn competition, there’s still the World Competition. There’s no need to be stubborn, you know?”

AI wanted to say something but then he received DeMen’s warning gaze and changed his words. “Don’t worry, I have an idea in my heart.”

The surrounding area was quiet again, leaving only the sound from the live footage on the TV screen. From a statistical point of view alone, the hand speed of both sides was shocking. Just then, there was a knock on the door of the lounge. A staff member gave a reminder. “The third game is about to start. Get ready to play.”

AI placed the mineral water bottle on the table and stood up. “Let’s go.”

The others also walked out. It was a familiar corridor and the cheers and shouts of the audience fell into their ears.

AI walked along the corridor and the hand that fell to his side under his coat slowly clenched into a fist without being noticed. He definitely knew that this season wasn’t the end. If they lost here, there was still a chance to win tickets for the World Competition and then there was the world stage waiting for them.

Even so, he didn’t want to leave with any regrets. After all, this was destined to be DeMen’s last season. He was going to win!

The moment he walked out of the passage, the bright light pierced his eyes and caused AI to squint slightly. Screams hit the roof and the third game of the BO3 match officially began!

On the other side, the GH players had also sat in their gaming chairs.

“Why do I feel like PAY is coming here with a murderous aura?” Bi Yaohua was checking his equipment while frequently glancing at the PAY side with lingering fear. “Look at AI’s expression. This is a sign of complete ruthlessness! Is it true that he hasn’t reached his limit in the last game? What is the composition of this person?”

“BB, you can read faces now?” Lin Yan heard such a sentence in the voice channel and couldn’t help teasing this person with a smile. “Half immortal BB, why don’t you calculate it? What will be the result of AI’s ruthlessness and which side will win in the end?”

Bi Yaohua pretended to squeeze his finger. “I squeezed my finger. We will definitely win!”

Gu Luo laughed loudly. “Brother Trash Talk is still strong.”

Lin Yan didn’t continue to focus on this matter. He glanced sideways at Chen Yushen who was checking the sensitivity of the mouse. “Abyss, how is it? Is your state okay?”

Chen Yushen was focused on adjusting his state. He heard these words and responded, “No problem.”

Lin Yan nodded with relief, took the player list to the staff member to confirm it, and signed his name. The preparations of both sides appeared on the big screen and the venue was full of discussion.

“It’s a substitution! GH actually chose to substitute a player in the third game? This arrangement..” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat was full of doubts. “How should I put it? The cooperation between Abyss and the team is definitely better than PPA but it takes a player time to adapt to entering the arena. In addition, the confrontation between both sides in the first two games was so fierce. I don’t know if Abyss can keep up with such a fast pace straight away.”

“Indeed. Abyss himself isn’t good at a fast rhythm. No matter how you look at it, a substitution at this time is obviously risky. “ Commentator Cry Cry smiled and glanced at the figure standing behind the big screen. “I don’t know why but I always feel like this is Coach Lin’s deliberate arrangement. After all, it is well known that GH has thousands of routines, if not tens of thousands. He suddenly pulled out such a strange move. I might not be able to guess the purpose but it makes me feel like things aren’t that simple?”

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help choking up. “Cough, hearing you say so… it seems like it is the case?”

Commentator Cry Cry received instructions from the referee team and skillfully changed the topic. “Okay, now the third game of the semi-finals will officially begin. Let us take a look at the BP situation of the two teams!”

Based on the lineup of the first two rounds, some spectators couldn’t wait to see what type of god-level lineup the coaches on both sides could offer so as to further accelerate this game. Therefore, the audience couldn’t help exclaiming once PAY first snatched the best jungler hero for AI. Considering the lineup situation, AI rarely chose this hero but every time it was selected, it was almost doomed to leave corpses everywhere.

The first selection was so exciting and it directly mobilized the audience’s expectations to the highest point. Under the attention of the public, the lineups were gradually revealed as the BP process continued.

The PAY team had tasted the sweetness of the previous game and their lineup was obviously ready to take the rhythm to the extreme. This was naturally the result that the audience expected. However, their excitement was only before GH’s lineup was completely determined.

At the end of the BP session, all of GH’s hero choices were presented on the big screen one by one: the half tank side-lane hero, the support with skills to return health, the mid-laner long range summoning hero, the super long range shadow sniper and the jungler hero Salaman who was known for being a troublemaker.

They were all rogue heroes who could disgust their opponents in the canyon. It was like a pure league of rogues. The audience choked up and the barrage was instantly covered with question marks.

[Wait, am I dazzled? What does GH mean by their lineup in this game?]

[Can I understand it as… the Go Home team was completely smashed in the last game so they are terrified?]

[It isn’t that much. Gloy isn’t playing a stabbing hero anymore. Is he ready to put down the butcher knife to convert to Buddhism?]

[F*k, once this lineup comes out, it shows they aren’t prepared to play with PAY at all.]

[No way, right? I can actually see such a tortoise lineup from the Go Home team in my lifetime?]

[Hahaha, what tortoise? The Go Home team is ready to be a king of the world without moving, right?]

[I just have one thing to say. This lineup will probably be directly scrapped by AI.]

[Not necessarily. Look at these heroes. Which one is easy to catch?]

[I don’t know how to describe it for a while.]


[This… why do I have an illusion that GH is preparing to live entirely in the lane?]

This last sentence was just one of the many barrages but it instantly attracted the attention of netizens. They had been feeling confused but at this moment, things suddenly became clear. Living in the lane? F*k, wasn’t this really the case?

After the first two games, people’s thinking had already shifted in one direction. At the beginning of this third game, they subconsciously determined that whoever took the rhythm to the highest level today would win.

This originally illogical way of thinking was set due to the excessively fierce games. Now that the GH team’s lineup was completely locked, everyone recovered from this misunderstanding. A team game was a team game. After all, this was a competitive game, not a pure race. Which side had the faster rhythm wasn’t the most critical factor. It was only the team who could smash the opponent’s crystal that would be the real winner!

Now GH’s tactical system was clearly expressed. You want to compare with me in rhythm? Sorry, I want to make all the rhythm meaningless in this game.

It was extremely shameless and extremely sly.

It was undeniable that there were some obvious loopholes in a lineup like GH’s one. Once it was dragged to the late stages, a lineup with all lukewarm attributes could easily become very passive. However, this was only against a normal lineup. Looking at the opponent’s situation, would a high intensity rhythm lineup like PAY have a big late stage game?

The answer was naturally no! Both sides had lineups that were weak in the later stages so it depended on who could endure it to the end.

After arranging the lineup, the coaches of both teams left the field. Lin Yan personally went to the center to shake hands with PAY’s coach. The other person looked like he had met a heartless woman. “Coach Lin’s tactics are really… cough, not bad!”

Lin Yan smiled in a gentlemanly and polite manner. “It’s mutual. You are also good.”

The PAY coach closed his eyes and almost couldn’t breathe. He could sit in this position for a giant team and his tactical analysis naturally wasn’t bad. How could he not see that he was clearly calculated by the other person?

It was abominable!

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