CAMP: Chapter 130

The second game officially started and the attention of the commentators and audience were drawn over. The rhythm of the first game was too fast so the entire venue was still in a high state of excitement despite the rest period in the middle.

Excitement was completely aroused so it was inevitable that anticipation for the next encounter would increase. It was originally thought that the collision between both sides in the first game was fierce enough. They didn’t expect that the two sides would continue to choose to accelerate. After entering the second game, the battle actually managed to escalate again.

In this game, Jian Ye’s support hero had a group acceleration skill and his first equipment was an acceleration suit. This made the movement of the jungler and support in the center of the field look even faster. Yet even so, the devotion of PAY’s jungler, AI meant that the frequency of the entire gank was still steadily crushed.

AI was famous for being the jungler demon king and he was a frightening existence for the opposing team. In today’s game, such a demon king level jungler had his top seal unlocked and his strength was completely released.

During the short opening, it was impossible to remember who many violent collisions occurred between both sides on various routes. It was difficult for even the camera to follow the battles that broke out everywhere. It wasn’t just the players on the field. Even the audience in front of the screen couldn’t help holding their breaths. They felt their nerves stretched to the extreme due to such a confrontation.

The barrage in the live broadcast room was scrolling frantically.

[F*k! What’s going on today? Are the junglers on both sides flying or something?]

[If this wasn’t a live broadcast, I would’ve thought it was being played at twice the speed.”

[Is this passerby king so fierce?]

[No, let me ask the person above. Is your normal game experience at this level?]

[What is the use of being fierce? Is he fiercer than AI? Look at the economy. It has completely opened up.

[The gank success rate is too low. If GH wants to use speed to defeat AI then their calculations are wrong.]

[I can only say that who can stop AI now that he has been completely released?!]

[There is no need to be like this. In the last game, wasn’t GH disadvantaged in economy yet they still managed to turn it around?]

[The last game is the last game. Can’t you see that the economic gap in this game is even more exaggerated? If this can be turned around then I will live broadcast myself eating sh*t!]

[It’s true… PPA’s operation is fierce but the failure rate is also fierce.]

[AI is really a wolf killer. He can’t be played at all. GH has completely blown up.]

“It’s too fast. His rhythm is too fast. I can’t prevent it!” Bi Yaohua was the one hardest hit by AI and he had to complain. “Can you do it? The lower lane is almost ruined. I really can’t hold on here if we don’t push!”

“It isn’t very good…” The pressure on Gu Luo was no less than Bi Yaohua. Jian Ning might’ve come to the middle lane to gank but the gains obtained couldn’t be compared to AI at all. There was a sense of misery like the income didn’t cover the expenses. “It’s a bit fierce right now. It isn’t very convenient for me to come to support. Just hold on.”

“This really isn’t easy to play. AI’s rhythm has been mobilized to the highest level. “ Jing Yuanzhou said this but his voice didn’t contain too much panic. “Just hold on a bit more and try to let AI become more familiar with this rhythm.”

These words entered the listening referee’s ears and he couldn’t help looking up. Make AI more familiar with it? Shouldn’t he be saying to familiarize themselves with AI’s rhythm as soon as possible? However, it was obvious that no one would answer the referee’s doubts.

In the Burning Hot canyon, there was smoke everywhere. The field gradually approached a hot confrontation while on the contrary, the commentators calmed down.

“This type of rhythm… shouldn’t have been seen in the arena for several years, right? “ Brother Rabbit Hat’s gaze fell on the fast moving figure in the canyon and there were complicated emotions in his voice. “It can be seen that the operation threshold of both sides has been raised to the highest level and the release is quite thorough, but the situation of the junglers is still incomparable. From the perspective of success rate alone, AI is showing an intensity that is twice that of PPA.”

“I have to say that this load is too great.” Commentator Cry Cry frowned. “It is understandable that the outcome of this game is very important for the PAY team but AI has been in this state close to 30 minutes since the beginning of the game. This type of thing is too much for the players themselves. After all, if PAY really wins this game then there is the third game next…”

“After all, there is a reason to win.” Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat slowly sighed and glanced in the direction of the PAY player seats. He could see the tall and upright figure sitting in the gaming chair in the number one position. He sighed silently. “For AI, there is a reason to win.”

Brother Rabbit Hat didn’t say it clearly but his words caused the originally hot atmosphere of the venue to subtly change. Indeed, they had to win.

Recently, there had been news of professional players preparing to retire. Among the more famous ones, Luni had decided to quit the LDF team. In addition, DeMen had indeed reached the end of his professional career in PAY.

PAY had AI as the core and their future was much smoother than LDF but they thought about how DeMen usually got along with AI and even as a bystander, they couldn’t help feeling stabbed in the heart. Why did PAY have to fight to this point? Of course, it was because it was their captain DeMen’s last chance to win the professional league trophy!

The audience was stimulated by this overly realistic thing and felt a bit wrong when watching the game. The extremely bloody scene was mixed with a touch of bitterness. In particular, the PAY fans couldn’t help sniffing and it wasn’t known who they were scolding in their hearts. “Damn, this is giving me a f*king heart attack!”

On the field, AI completely collapsed the entire formation and PAY finally pushed to GH’s high ground at 38 minutes, ending the game.

The last wave of team battle was full of firepower. In the first confrontation, GH first played a wave of one death for three heads. As a result, AI accurately seized an opportunity to enter and completed the harvest.

The GH fans were a bit sorry about these results but they had expected it due to AI’s strong suppression. After all, the GH team’s ability to drag it to this point when there was such a large economic gap was a miracle in itself.

The players of both sides removed their soundproof headphones and cheers and applause from the audience could be heard.

Bi Yaohua felt a bit flustered. “This is the first time I’m not being scolded for losing a game. This applause… there is a very popular word lately, respect (English)!”

Jian Ye followed Jian Ning off the field and his shirt was completely drenched at the back. He drank a few mouthfuls of water before letting out a long breath. “Seriously, after today’s match is over, I really don’t want to meet PAY again.”

Gu Luo felt the same way. “I don’t just want to not meet them… whether it is PAY or AI, I don’t want to hear about them anymore.”

Bi Yaohua exclaimed, “Once we go back, I’ll have to abuse the man vs machine game hundreds of times!”

“In terms of schedule, I’m afraid you won’t have the chance to meet PAY again even if you want to.” Lin Yan interrupted them ruthlessly and glanced at Jian Ning who was obviously a bit lost due to losing the game, comforting him. “Cub Pa played very well in the two games just now. At the very least, the effect of completing the final task is better than I expected. After winning today’s match, I will definitely give you credit. How about sending a few small red flowers to the base?”

Jian Ning’s stubborn self-esteem was obviously frustrated due to AI’s polishing. He had been silent since leaving the field. Now he heard these words and he couldn’t help whispering, “I’m not a child. I don’t want red flowers!”

“If you don’t want little red flowers then I’ll give you a higher salary.” Lin Yan patted Jian Ning’s shoulder in a perfunctory manner before his attention shifted to Chen Yushen’s body. “How about it, Abyss? Has your state been adjusted?”

Chen Yushen nodded. “Yes, I can play at any time.”

“Very good!” Lin Yan tapped his pen on his notebook with satisfaction. “Everyone has worked hard in the first two games. Relax and don’t be so tense. Gun Zai, you can stay with BB in the next game. Leave the others to Abyss. This is the last game, jiayou.”

After a brief mobilization, Lin Yan didn’t say anything else. He left the already small break time for the players. The lounge was quiet for a moment. Lin Yan was double checking the tactical arrangements, he inadvertently raised his head and met Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze. He couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” After such high intensity games, Jing Yuanzhou’s expression was somewhat exhausted and the smile in his eyes was very weak. “I just think it is fortunate that we didn’t become opponents.”

Lin Yan was a bit amused and couldn’t help joking, “Why, do you think I’m too cruel towards PAY?”

“It’s about winning the game. There is no such thing as being cruel when it comes to tactical layouts.” Jing Yuanzhou looked up at the statistics on the screen. “This is the stage of the professional league and no one can be sure when it is their last game. Everyone is the same.”

These words entered Lin Yan’s ears and made him stare at Jing Yuanzhou. Previously, he had some vague feelings but now the premonition became stronger.

Lin Yan didn’t say much. He just walked over and picked up Jing Yuanzhou’s hand. He held the hand and kneaded it seriously. The massage was serious but there was a joking tone to his voice. “In any case, I will next depend on you, God Jing, the hope of the team!”

Jing Yuanzhou looked down at the face in front of him. His eyes shook slightly and something made him ask, “Coach, aren’t you going to consider motivating me?”

His words caused Lin Yan’s strength to increase a bit. He felt his heart thumping under the man’s gaze. After a moment of silence, he suddenly pulled at the coat hanging over the back of the sofa. The others instinctively turned their heads when they heard the movement just in time to see a large coat covering the two figures underneath.

Bi Yaohua sucked in a breath. “Hiss—!”

They weren’t able to see what the people were doing under the coat but Jian Ye still stretched out a hand to block Jian Ning’s curious gaze. “Turn back! You are a child, what are you looking at?!”

Jian Ning, “???”

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