CAMP: Chapter 13

By the time the two of them had unpacked the things in the dormitory, the chef aunt had already prepared a table of hearty dishes. Jian Ye completed the contract signing and everyone had lunch together.

Lin Yan glanced at the time and took them to the computers in the training room. Gu Luo sat in front of the computer and couldn’t help feeling a  bit awkward. “Coach Lin, this… should we continue the solo match?”

Lin Yan had already turned on the computer on the other side and he didn’t raise his head after hearing such words. “Why? Are you addicted to the solo matches? If you like to play with Gun Zai so much, I’ll leave more time for you to play together.”

Gu Luo’s eyelids twitched. “No, no need!”

Lin Yan didn’t think much. He opened the Burning Hot client and looked around in a circle. “Are you all on your accounts?”

Jian Ye responded cooperatively. “I’m on!”

“Then add me first.” Lin Yan reported his ID without changing his expression. “Who Isn’t a Little Princess.”

Jian Ye, “?”

Gu Luo was silent for a moment. He felt complicated as he explained, “Coach Lin’s ID is Who Isn’t a Little Princess.”

He saw the team invitation pop up on the interface and closed his eyes, completely laying down. Then the next second, another person entered the team and his back suddenly straightened. He sat upright in front of the computer and didn’t forget to organize the headphones on his head. The operations record could clearly be seen on the team page.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess has invited ‘Jing’ to join the team.]

Gu Luo stared at the picture attached to the name and couldn’t help glancing again. By the time he saw it the fifth time, Lin Yan had pulled Jian Ye into the group and reminded, “You haven’t added each other as friends yet. Hurry and add each other.”

Then he took out his phone and said, “Wait a minute, I’ll pull another person.”

Gu Luo controlled his excitement, moved his mouth carefully and sent Jing Yuanzhou a friends request. The moment he saw the newly added ID on his friends list, he smiled uncontrollably. Even if this was just a side account, he felt that his world had instantly become bright.

At this time, Lin Yan finally pulled the last person into their team. This person didn’t prepare anything and typed in the chat box.

[King of Hell Takes You to Fly: Line up as five?]

[King of Hell Takes You To Fly: Previously, you didn’t say it was to line up as five. It wasn’t in the price.]

Lin Yan slightly raised his eyebrow but slowly typed.

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess: Rest assured, you won’t suffer a loss. Play one match and it will be counted as four matches.]

]King of Hell Takes You To Fly: Deal. Let’s line up now.]

Jian Ye saw them talking about price and felt some doubts. “Coach Lin, where did you pull this person from?”

Lin Yan pressed the matching button to enter the queue and casually replied, “Oh, I found someone to play with you. A game worth 100 yuan is precious. You should enjoy it and don’t waste it.]

At present, there were four people in their team. Three were GH contracted players and one was the team coach. In a formal match to see how the team played, who would’ve thought that Lin Yan would actually find someone to accompany them and make up their numbers?

Gu Luo squirmed before coughing gently. “In fact… if you are short of people then I have many friends online. I can try and call them.”

Based on the accompanying player’s words, one game was four times the price. Wasn’t this stealing money?

Jian Ye also suggested, “I have a few teammates here as well. What position do you want? I can ask.”

Lin Yan refused without thinking about it. “No, this person is fine.”

Seeing that the matching had been completed and they were entering the BP interface, Lin Yan typed: [King of Hell: you play the wild.]

He casually banned a powerful hero and took off his headphones, hanging it around his neck casually. “We will just play casually today. Make eye contact if you want to communicate.”

Jian Ye poked out his head. “Coach, will you be the shooter?”

Lin Yan hummed in agreement. “It is an entertainment match and I won’t open the team voice channel. You go with Gloy and don’t worry about me. I’ll be alone. Oh yes, don’t worry about the jungler.”

Jian Ye instinctively looked at Jing Yuanzhou. “That lane…”

Jing Yuanzhou had just finished debugging the keyboard. “I’ll push through myself.”

Jian Ye didn’t ask any further and nodded. “Then Gloy, you can rest assured with me. As long as there is Brother Gun’s milk, the mid-laner will never fall down!”

Gu Luo, “……”

His mouth twitched slightly. He wanted to say something but the scene of the previous solo match was still vivid. In the end, he wasn’t willing to reject it. Okay, he admitted it. He was greedy for Brother Gun’s milk.

The BP process was over and the match officially began. The map had just been loaded when a sentence appeared in the chat dialog.

[King of Hell Takes You To Fly: Be careful on the lanes. I am taking you to fly but I can guarantee victory.]

[Who Isn’t a Little Princess: Little brother is great. I am optimistic about you! Shy.JPG.]

Gu Luo was buying equipment. His hand shook when he caught a glimpse of this conversation and a good mage mid-laner almost bought physical equipment.

Gu Luo, “……”

Lin Yan didn’t feel the slightest burden. He leaned against the chair with his legs up while hearing the sound of the game from the headphones hanging around his neck. He arrived in the bottom lane and started filling up his soldiers without delay. For a while, apart from the occasional exchange between Gu Luo and Jian Ye in the training room, there was only the sound of the keyboard and mouse.

Less than one minute after the start, the first head appeared. Jing Yuanzhou quietly completed a single kill. The opposite side was trying to ambush in the jungle to seduce a wave of mobs. As a result, he just gave away his head.

At this time, King of Hell Takes You To Fly had wanted to go to the opposite wild area to find trouble. He hadn’t expected his teammate to take the head first. He was stunned for a moment and could only search the wild area for some mobs before reluctantly leaving.

Lin Yan glanced at his soldiers steadily filling the road and raised his eyebrow with a smile.

He didn’t allow Jian Ye to follow him and was ready to be a tool man shooter. Now he and Jing Yuanzhou were on the bottom and top lanes. It wasn’t an exaggeration to call it the furthest distance.

The game continued. Perhaps he was inspired by Jing Yuanzhou’s first blood but Gloy became fierce. Within half a minute, a head also broke out on the middle lane. Then a battle broke out violently.

In the mid-lane, heads broke out one after another. Meanwhile, King of Hell Takes You To Fly was killing mobs alone in the wild area. The situation soon showed a lopsided trend.

Lin Yan, the tool man shooter, was killing the soldiers on the bottom line while occasionally shouting a few cheers in the chat box. Unknowingly, the top, mid and bottom lanes were breaking through at the same time.

The enemy’s crystal broke and the word ‘Victory’ appeared on the screen. Lin Yan exited from the settlement interface and sent everyone a team invitation again.

At the start of the second match, King of Hell Takes You To Fly no longer mentioned anything about taking them to fly in the chat box. Lin Yan noticed this detail and smiled slightly. He clicked on the mouse and locked onto a shooter hero who was more suitable for a mixed field.

Thanks to Jing Yuanzhou crushing on his lane and the cooperation between Gu Luo and Jian Ye becoming more proficient, the match ended more quickly. Forget the MVP position. In the two matches, King of Hell Takes You To Fly KDA score data was only third in the team. He was completely silent. (KDA = kills, deaths, assists)

He was obviously the one who was paid to take them to play but based on the statistics of the first two rounds, he seemed to be the one led by others. King of Hell Takes You To Fly had been an accompanying player for a long time and this was an unprecedented failure.

In a dilapidated warehouse, the faint light of the computer screen illuminated the figure sitting at the table. Since he rarely went out in the sun, the boy’s skin was sickly pale and the originally unmotivated eyes gained a strange light. He slowly stretched and his indifferent expression gradually became a bit more serious.

At the same time, Jian Ye received an order from Lin Yan. “Gloy will be fine in this match. You can follow the jungler at the beginning.”

Gu Luo heard this and looked up with an expression full of nostalgia. He had to admire that as soon as Brother Gun was on the field, he truly was very gentle.

The next game began again.

Previously, the support had always been glued to the mid-laner and they were inseparable from each other. Now he suddenly abandoned the mid-lane and followed King of Hell Takes You To Fly to the wild. It really surprised King of Hell Takes You To Fly.

In fact, in the two rounds just now, he had noticed this support’s excellent healing technique. As a strong output, it was true that no one could withstand the tenderness from a healer. The ‘poor’ performance in the previous two games had made him inwardly sigh. Now that he had the healer’s support, he could play more strongly.

Starting at level 1, King of Hell Takes You To Fly directly invaded the opposite wild area. He faced the opponent jungler directly and beat him mercilessly. Seeing the other party flee, he didn’t hesitate and took the first blood buff.

The movement here had undoubtedly attracted the attention of others.

Seeing that the opponent mid-laner had been outflanked in the direction of the wild area, King of Hell Takes You To Fly gave a signal. Jian Ye knew this signal and the two people turned around to crouch in the grass for the ambush.

There was the first drop of blood combined with the double kill meant there was a rich economy. The jungler became a tyrant from the start.

Lin Yan saw everything and smiled knowingly.

By the time five minutes had passed, King of Hell Takes You To Fly ambushed the vanguard guards in the canyon and harvested the heads while the opponent was clearing the wild. He won a team buff again. Immediately afterwards, he detoured around the enemy’s wild area, giving the opponent a time difference in the middle lane. Then he completed the kill again and pushed to the opponent’s outer defense tower with Gloy. This didn’t allow even a cloud to pass by.

At 25 minutes, the game was over. Jian Ye had been following the entire process. He took the headphones off his head and exclaimed, “This jungler’s rhythm is okay!”

Not a single second of the match was wasted. Even if Jian Ye wanted to take the time to return to the city to restore his state, he couldn’t find the opportunity at all.

Lin Yan smiled. “Otherwise, why else would I call him?”

Jing Yuanzhou had guessed Lin Yan’s intentions as early as the formation of the team. He raised his head, caught Lin Yan’s eyes and smiled. “Why? Do you want me to pull the person over again?”

The word ‘you’ had a subtle emphasis on it. Gu Luo instinctively straightened and raised his head.

Lin Yan didn’t continue to send out the team invitation and stretched his body. “I can’t bother God Jing with this type of trivial matter.”

Jing Yuanzhou made it clear. “Oh, it seems he isn’t my fan.”

“There is no need to feel sad. Titans has so many fans it doesn’t matter if he isn’t one of them.”

The words of comfort were too insincere as Lin Yan looked down at the statistics interface on the screen. The opponents weren’t too strong but the few matches just now were enough to give him the information he wanted. At the very least, the integration with the team wasn’t bad.

Lin Yan grabbed his phone and stood up, walking to the door. “I’ll end it here for the day. I want to understand the situation. You can play as you like.”

The training room was quiet for a moment. Gu Luo actually wanted to invite Jing Yuanzhou. He had only hesitated for a moment when he saw that the profile picture in the friends list was completely dark. He went offline so fast…

He sighed with regret and asked, “Brother Gun, do you want to line up as a pair with me?”

Jian Ye was very cheerful. “You invite me.”

Jing Yuanzhou had just turned off the computer when his phone rang. The incoming call was from his former teammate, Ku Tianlu. Since Jing Yuanzhou left, the vice-captain Ku Tianlu had naturally taken over the position of BK’s captain.

Jing Yuanzhou went to the corridor outside and pressed to answer it. “What is it, Captain Ku?”

Ku Tianlu’s voice came from the other end of the phone. “Boss, don’t tease me okay? How can I call myself captain in front of you?”

Jing Yuanzhou chuckled. “Did you call here just to arrange your position?”

“Of course not!” Ku Tianlu’s tone became serious as he spoke of business. “I wanted to ask what’s going on with the GH team over there. Were all your teammates lined up in a team of five just now?”

Jing Yuanzhou slowly leaned against the wall and instantly guessed the cause. “We just ran into an anchor?”

“Don’t worry, not many people know your side account. I wouldn’t have noticed if it wasn’t for Mini seeing it.” At this point, Ku Tianlu paused slightly before speaking hesitantly. “You haven’t answered my question yet. The ones in the match with you just now, are they your future teammates?”

“Not all of them. What’s wrong?”

Ku Tianlu was silent for a moment. “I don’t know about the others so I won’t say much. It is just best to pay attention to that jungler.”


“You are usually focused on the game and don’t pay attention to many things. However, the violent incident that took place in the youth training camp two years ago made a big noise. You should have an impression of it, right?”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment. “I remember.”

There was a big event in the youth training camp two years ago.

At that time, a teenager in the camp clashed with another group of people. In the process, both sides fought and several people were sent to hospital. The ambulance was called and it was said that the scene was very tragic at the time. If other people had arrived sooner than someone would’ve surely died.

The youth training camp that year truly wasn’t peaceful. First, someone committed suicide by jumping off the building and then the violent incident happened. The media reported on it for a whole month so that even Jing Yuanzhou heard about it when he normally didn’t pay attention to such gossip.

Later, he didn’t know what happened but these things were suppressed and there was no more news about it.

“I remember this ID, plus the operation. I can be sure it was the genius newcomer who almost killed someone!” Ku Tianlu’s voice came from the receiver. “Hey, this kid is very interesting. It has been a long time since he showed up and I thought he had given up on e-sports. As a result, he didn’t even change his ID. Isn’t he afraid that others will remember him?”

Jing Yuanzhou was a bit surprised. “It turned out to be him…”

He remembered the genius jungler of the youth training camp who received all the attention. Even the management of BK was eager to acquire him until such a big thing happened.

Ku Tianlu had a headache and couldn’t help scolding. “Speaking of which, if you really wanted to transfer then there are so many giants to pick from. Yet you went to a team like GH who hasn’t even qualified for a formal league. Look at the teammates arranged for you. None of them are familiar! Forget the others but this jungler really isn’t good. If you can persuade the team then it is best to persuade them. If it doesn’t work then pay attention. Don’t grab a dangerous player and let him drag the whole team into the water! Ouch. My heart is really breaking for you…”

The e-sports circle had always been very strict about the management of dangerous players. If one wasn’t careful, they might lead the entire team to sink.

Jing Yuanzhou had maintained his good reputation in the circle for many years and Ku Tianlu was worried that his reputation would be compromised. It was the normal reaction of an ordinary, concerned person.

It was just that he liked to nag when he was worried and this was really unbearable. It was too noisy.

Jing Yuanzhou quietly held the phone away from him and listened to Ku Tianlu nag as usual. From this long distance, he barely heard any of the content. He was immersed in a thoughtful silence when he looked up and happened to see a familiar figure walking around the corner of the corridor.

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes slowly lowered and he stood up straight. “There is something here. I’m hanging up first.”

He didn’t wait for Ku Tianlu to respond and casually cut off the call.


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