CAMP: Chapter 129

Judging by the distribution of the GH team’s lineup, Jing Yuanzhou’s side-laner was undoubtedly the core of the team. PAY was an old opponent of the BK team. Jing Yuanzhou might’ve switched to GH but PAY had long been familiar with the style of BK’s former captain. They didn’t panic too much after being forced to open a team battle and quickly stabilized their position in the shortest time.

However, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t stay to hold them back as they expected. He ignored the other PAY players and headed straight to the mid-laner without any hesitation with a long sword in his hand.

This was a choice that Jing Yuanzhou had never made when he was in the BK team. As the core of the team battle, he should be thinking about the team’s actions at all times, maximizing the value of this team battle as much as possible. Now he left such a large gap to the rear with confidence, leaving it completely to his teammates.

There were no words, just a lot of trust.

In the PAY team, a hint of consternation flashed in DeMen at Jing Yuanzhou’s choice. However, before these emotions had time to surge, he quickly controlled his mind and devoted himself to this vital team battle.

The voice channel of the GH team was also in chaos at this time.

“Be careful, AI is going around.” Jian Ye quickly reminded them, not forgetting to send a signal on the map. Then he added a handful of health before Jing Yuanzhou left the range of his skills while sticking tightly to Bi Yaohua’s side. “Hit that one first, hit that one! I will handle the field of view. Brother Trash Talk, just keep up. You can kill him! Beautiful!”

Bi Yaohua first took away the head of PAY’s support in the rear and followed behind Jian Ye to advance. “The shooter is on the side. Who will go?”

“I’m coming!” Jian Ning found a suitable angle to cut into the rear. He took away the shooter’s life while taking a large wave of damage.

He saw the frightening drop in his health and flashed to avoid a fatal injury. Then he hurriedly withdrew. “Brother, give me some milk! I’m dying, give me a sip of milk!”

Jian Ye immediately headed to him but before he could take two steps, he heard Jian Ning’s voice. “No, I’m dead. You guys go!”

AI had jumped out from behind him. Perhaps he noticed Jian Ye’s attention in advance but he adjusted to a brand new path in a short period of time. This angle just happened to accurately block their paths of retreat.

Bi Yaohua saw that the situation wasn’t right and immediately released all his output. In the blink of an eye, AI’s health bar was reduced by a large margin.

Jing Yuanzhou’s previous entry directly divided the battlefield in half. DeMen happened to be stuck on the other side and now he belatedly arrived. As this figure entered his eyes, DeMen didn’t hesitate to throw out a ranged control skill. He didn’t give the opponent any time to react and had already knocked Bi Yaohua and Jian Ye into the air.

Bi Yaohua lamented, “It’s over!”

Before he finished speaking, AI took away the last bit of his health and scored a double skill. In this critical situation, Jian Ye was about to be killed when the shadow of a sword fell over him. Gu Luo’s stabbing came in time. He used a set of deceleration skills and combined with Jian Ye’s flash, Jian Ye escaped in a thrilling manner. Jian Ye added health to himself for the first time. Then he retreated into the grass and finally got some respite due to the lack of vision.

On the other side, Gu Luo was caught in the dangerous situation of being double teamed after saving Jian Ye. In the face of AI and DeMen, Gu Luo’s operation had to be very detailed if he wanted to deal with both people.

Jian Ye had raised his health but it was hard to bear with this hero’s small body. He saw that the short-term invincible effect was coming to an end and his figure arrived at the line of life and death, firmly protecting Gu Luo behind him.

The whole process was quite thrilling but it happened to be during the short time when Jing Yuanzhou killed PAY’s mid-laner. Jing Yuanzhou completely blocked the opportunity of the PAY mid-laner to participate in the team battle. The restraint brought by his teammates in the rear gave him enough time to complete the kill.

At this point, GH looked like it had been forced to the edge of the cliff only for the situation to reverse again.

Gu Luo narrowly escaped. Jing Yuanzhou took AI and DeMen’s heads before he died. He exchanged himself for two lives and got three kills.

The remaining two didn’t dare waste his effort. Jian Ye didn’t even waste time by adding health. He followed Gu Luo who only had a bit of health left and the new wave of soldiers that arrived at PAY’s high ground.

The defensive tower was broken. GH obtained a comeback from the disadvantageous economic gap and won the first game. It took 46 minutes. Once the result was displayed on the big screen, the audience at the scene and in the live broadcast room were at a loss for a while.

Brother Rabbit Hat sighed slowly like his mind had just returned. “This game was really thrilling! Still, the first thing to say is to congratulate GH for winning the first game of today’s BO3!”

Cry Cry exclaimed, “I have to say that this is probably the fastest-paced game I have seen since the start of this autumn competition or perhaps in all the competitions this year!

Brother Rabbit Hat said, “Still, no matter how fast the pace, it still took more than 40 minutes. It’s considered to have completely entered the late stages. Such intensity is a great consumption on the strength of both teams.”

Just then, the big screen cut to the players of both teams who just left the field. It was only a quick scan but they could see somewhat vague fatigue.

Commentator Cry Cry saw it and couldn’t help pausing. “How do I say it… after all, this is just the first game of the BO3. PAY might have some regrets about losing but I hope they can regain their status as soon as possible. At present, it is GH’s match point. I believe that many people, like me, are hoping to see another energetic showdown in the next game!”

Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help joining, “Do you want another high tempo game like just now? I’m afraid you really want to exhaust the players of both teams!”

There was a burst of laughter at the words.

The players of both teams had already returned to the lounge to adjust their state and they didn’t pay attention to the exchange of the commentators outside.

Lin Yan finished reading the data statistics he noted while watching and opened his mouth, “This game was generally good but there were still some problems during the early laning period. The economic gap was much higher than I expected, even if the opponent is AI. It can only be said that we won thanks to your captain holding on during the last team battle. Otherwise, if that team battle was lost then the match point would belong to PAY.”

Lin Yan’s words might sound like they were for everyone but his eyes were always on Bi Yaohua.

It was really uncomfortable and Bi Yaohua couldn’t help surrendering. “It is my problem, my problem! My rhythm on the lane was indeed a bit messy. I am really weak and must work hard in the next game. I must keep up with AI and Papa’s pace.”

Jian Ning was playing a game for the first time. It had been so long but he was still overwhelmed by the joy of winning. It wasn’t until he heard the last part that he couldn’t help frowning. “Don’t call me Papa!”

There was a pause. Then he raised his hand tentatively and asked the question he had been looking forward to. “Then… can I continue to play in the next game?”

“Yes, continue.” Lin Yan had long had an idea and didn’t hesitate to answer. “Continue to maintain the same rhythm. If possible, it is best to increase the speed. PAY has just lost a game and AI has already warmed up. If there aren’t any surprises, the next game definitely won’t be as easy as it was just now.”

The lounge fell into a strange silence at the words. Everyone looked at their coach with a bit of horror. Ea… easy? Didn’t the coach just say that their win was very thrilling? Why did he turn around and say that the game was easy? Whose ‘easy’ could look like this?!

Lin Yan turned a blind eye to everyone’s reaction. He took a bottle of mineral water, opened it and handed it to Jing Yuanzhou. Then he gave bottles to the others one after another. “Seize this time to adjust your state. You just need to hold on for this one. Jiayou.”

The morale in the lounge temporarily rose. “Jiayou—!”

The short break ended quickly and the staff members came to remind the players.

Lin Yan also needed to participate in the BP. Before following, he didn’t forget to look back at Chen Yushen and sigh. “Abyss, be ready and warm up. You should be going on the stage too.”

Chen Yushen moved his mouth like he wanted to speak but eventually, he just nodded slowly. After responding, he looked at the back of his teammates with a complicated gaze. He didn’t know if he should express his sympathy or not.

The coach’s words in the lounge were full of strong motivation. Who would’ve thought that the ‘hold on for this one’ wasn’t about winning the second game? It was just about finishing the final preparation for winning the decisive third game. He could express such morale despite arranging for the cannon fodder to rush forward. It was really ruthless.

The BP session of the second game quickly ended. This time, GH didn’t come up with a new lineup like everyone had been expecting. On the contrary, the degree of speechlessness after the selection of the lineup was more than the last game.

Lin Yan left the field after arranging the lineup and could clearly feel the whispers through the venue. He calmly sat down beside Chen Yushen and looked at the confirmed lineup of both sides with a slight smile. If he could, he naturally wanted to win two games in a row but how easy was it to face a team like PAY?

The rhythm was mobilized to the extreme in the first game and it was naturally better if they could win the second game. However, if they couldn’t win then he was prepared for the situation to completely get out of control.

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1 year ago

Lin Yan just casually watching the world burn

Chen Yushen, who is watching him pour more gasoline: 👁️👄👁️

11 months ago

naurrr he was already expecting them to lose the 2nd game lmaoo. love coach lin

7 months ago

coach lin is really crazy 😭😭😭 hang in there team GH!!!