CAMP: Chapter 128

The first game began. Before going out, Jian Ning didn’t forget to affirm, “I can really follow my own rhythm? So I shouldn’t care about you at all?”

“Yes, don’t worry.” Jing Yuanzhou bought the equipment and started walking the line. “It isn’t just us. Don’t care about PAY’s situation at all. Coach Lin has already arranged everything beforehand. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. The task will be completed as long as you completely mobilize PAY.”

“Yes.” Jian Ning nodded. “Then I’ll do so.”

Jian Ye manipulated his character to follow behind Jian Ning. “Go ahead and do whatever you want. Today, I will cover you during the entire process. Enjoy the treatment of a dedicated healer!”

Bi Yaohua felt a bit sour when he heard this. “Enjoy it, enjoy it. Still, is it necessary to say it so directly? Tsk, the treatment of shooters is getting worse these days. How about I sing about a cabbage live on the spot for you?”

Gu Luo was taking the time to look around. He heard these words and he couldn’t help laughing. “Brother Trash Talk, can you stop being poor. This is a game!”

“It is because this is a game…” Bi Yaohua stopped abruptly while speaking as he stared in disbelief at the kill message that popped up on the screen.

[Gh.Titans killed PAY.DeMen!]

[First Blood!]

The moment the female voice of the system came out, Bi Yaohua couldn’t help exclaiming, “F*k! Captain, did you kill DeMen solo?”

Jing Yuanzhou finished clearing the line of soldiers and went to the tower in a state of residual health, ready to return to the city to restore his state. He heard this and answered, “Yes, your coach said that we should raise the rhythm to the fastest speed. You guys should also work hard.”

The members of GH, “……”

What nonsense about working hard! Even if they really wanted to listen to the coach, this was now the semi-finals. Was it so easy to raise the rhythm when they wanted? Still, the blood that Jing Yuanzhou won was enough to raise the morale of the entire team.

They didn’t say much but the atmosphere of the team clearly became serious.

Before the match, Lin Yan had sorted out the opening habits of AI in advance. Jian Ning had some preparations and avoided any disputes at level 1. However, he also lost the opportunity to grab a blood.

At this time, he watched Jing Yuanzhou complete a solo kill and his desire to express himself became more intense. His rhythm when playing as the jungler suddenly accelerated. He rapidly raised his level while eagerly moving around various routes.

It had only been six minutes since the game started but he had visited almost all the lanes. It was naturally inevitable that he would have a collision with AI.

After meeting, the middle and top lanes of both sides moved closer together for the first time. Jian Ning struggled to survive under the encirclement and suppression of the enemy. Before he died, he killed PAY’s mid-laner. Simultaneously, Jing Yuanzhou killed DeMen only to have his health emptied by AI.

Gu Luo waited for an opportunity and took AI’s head, only to have AI kill him in return before dying. The wave of double kills by AI meant only the supports of the two teams survived. After testing each other to make sure they couldn’t kill the other person, both sides withdrew peacefully.

The entire process was thrilling. Yet before anyone could react, there was news of a kill from the bottom lane. In the course of the 1V1 duel between shooters, Bi Yaohua completed a wave of a solo kill. He seemed to be in a very good mood when looking at the economic panels of both sides. “Continue, continue. Speed up the pace and don’t stop!”

His pleased tone spread all over the team’s voice channel. Then in five minutes, this happy road was visited by AI a total of three times. Bi Yaohua was forced to get rid of his arrogance. He desperately headed under the tower and couldn’t help exclaiming, “F*k, PAY has also accelerated their rhythm!”

Simultaneously, Jian Ye joined with JIan Ning and Jian Ye to complete a wave of strong kills across the tower. During the process of AI’s frequent ganks of the bottom lane, it could be seen that the number of times Jian Ning appeared in the lanes of the PAY team was actually a lot more.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the pitiful situation of the bottom road and said, “There’s no hurry. Continue to speed up.”

The game was thrilling and all the spectators who watched the game were shocked.

The official commentators hadn’t seen such a high-intensity game for a long time.

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat thought about his wording. “I don’t know if it is my illusion but I always feel that the pace of this game is a bit amazing. As you can see, the game has only been played for 10 minutes but the entire process feels as if the jungler on both sides… cough, they are either ganking or on their way to gank?”

Commentator Cry Cry was as objective as possible. “In fact, AI has always played at this pace. It is due to his perfect gank rhythm that he places a lot of pressure on the opposing teams. However, this game has become the present situation because the player PPA has also gone with the same gank frequency, right? Normally, the junglers of both sides will show a corresponding weak side in the process of trial and error. It is really rare to encounter a situation where both junglers are gank maniacs. In this game, several battles can break out at any time so the pace of the game seems to be particularly fast.”

“It isn’t just an illusion brought about by PPA’s synchronized ganks. Based on the statistics, AI has indeed accelerated.” Brother Rabbit Hat frowned. “It has to be admitted that the appearance of PPA has inspired AI’s potential. According to the data analysis, the pace of AI in this game is at least 1.5 and can even reach 2 times that of previous matches. This has obviously brought more pressure to GH. We can see that under the high pressure environment created by AI, PAY has gradually widened the economic gap.”

At this point, he couldn’t help pausing slightly. “Still, I don’t know why but… this game always gives me a particularly strange feeling.”

“What is the strange feeling that belongs to a man’s sixth sense?” Cry Cry couldn’t help ridiculing him with a laugh. “It seems that GH chose to release the newcomer PPA to use the same high frequency gank method to play against AI. However, from the overall economic situation… PPA’s pace might be fast but it still lacks a certain purpose. His lack of experience has led to the low success rate. He still needs to work hard!”

The specific situation wasn’t explained clearly but anyone who watched the game could understand the meaning of the last sentence.

In this game, the junglers of both teams were frantically looking for things to do including confronting each other in the jungle. Yet from the perspective of effectiveness, every gank choice of AI obviously had a clear purpose and played a vital role in the game. Meanwhile, the newcomer of GH was indeed as fierce as a tiger but he seemed to be playing completely at random. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was aimless.

This type of play in an ordinary passerby game might disrupt the opponent but this was the semi-finals of the professional league. His flying around the entire canyon was more like a rampage. The barrage on the live broadcast screen was frantically scrolling.

[What is going on in this game? F*k, I almost can’t see.]

[Too fast, this rhythm is too fast. The junglers on both sides are simply flying back and forth on the map!]

[Have you never watched the videos of Labor and Capital’s previous games? He has always had this jungler style.]

[This is called a jungler style? Can’t you change it with anyone passing by? Change to me, I can do it!]

[AI is too steady. Isn’t this data going against the sky?]

[Why don’t you say that Titans is ready to go? No matter the success rate of the person playing jungler, he really did increase the pace.]

[There is one thing I have to say. GH’s play really makes me feel like this is a normal passerby game.]

[Ordinary passersby teams are better than them! Do they think that PAY can’t keep up with such crazy movements?]

[Now I suddenly understand GH’s lineup arrangement. Is it a simultaneous effort from several directions to completely distract AI?]

[Are they ruthless or is AI ruthless? Such a game can actually be played like this. It is amazing.]

[GH is playing well. It might be a bit chaotic but the economic gap isn’t too large, right? I feel that it is hard to say who will win or lose.]

[We still have to watch the wave of team battles. GH has missed the team buff twice. If they can grab it this time, there might be a chance of a comeback.]

On the big screen, both sides could be seen moving around the canyon. The game had reached 38 minutes and it was a make-or-break moment. In fact, this length of time was considered ordinary for normal matches. However, the players on both sides were disturbed by the opposite jungler in the first half of the game so it was inevitable that the eyes watching the big screen would feel a bit sore. The too fast game tempo was destined to bring about more fatigue in the same time period.

Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze fell on the screen for a moment and his hand on the mouse moved silently. “Wait for me to open a group battle and pay attention to keep up.”

The others responded in unison. “Okay!”

The game looked like both sides were constantly pulling at each other but in reality, only the players of GH knew the hardships behind it. They had to cope with AI while following Jian Ning’s frequent moves. The level of concentration required was actually more than twice that of PAY. They had resisted this huge pressure up to now and kept the economic gap within the range Lin Yan set. At this time, no one wanted to let their hard work go to waste in vain.

Everyone’s attention was on Jing Yuanzhou. They held their breaths and finally saw the figure that seized the best moment and suddenly rushed out.

Jing Yuanzhou’s ability to control the overall situation was definitely the best. The timing of his choice was extremely tricky. The figure descending from the sky instantly cut the battlefield into two halves and directly cut at the mid-laner.

It was near-perfect accuracy and Brother Rabbit Hat couldn’t help standing up. This raised tone spread throughout the venue. “This wave was beautifully opened!”

Proofreader: Nao

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