CAMP: Chapter 127

The interview ended and everyone returned to the lounge to adjust their states before heading to the stage under the leadership of the staff. Today’s live commentary was still the pair of Brother Rabbit Hat and Cry Cry.

It was nearing the start of the match and the atmosphere of the scene had long been mobilized. There was a burst of cheers as the familiar figures were seen.

“Okay, the players of the two teams have finally arrived.” Brother Rabbit Hat was obviously looking forward to today’s match and there was excitement in his tone. “Today’s match is between the two teams, PAY and GH. In other words, it is a competition between an old elite team and a new force in the league. The two teams already had a fierce collision during the regular season. There have been different voices on the Internet about the result of that BO1 game. I don’t know if the BO3 in the semi-finals can give everyone a satisfactory answer!”

Commentator Cry Cry added, “Speaking of which, I still have a deep impression of GH’s double stealth tactical system in the last duel between the two teams. It has to be admitted that GH’s tactical system is definitely the most treacherous in the league at present. This was undoubtedly a big help to them during the regular season. I don’t know what type of arrangements will be made in today’s semi-finals against PAY. I am really looking forward to it.”

“I’m also curious about this. After all, the double stealth lineup has been used once and PAY must be prepared for it. Facing AI, a god-level jungler comparable to artificial intelligence, I don’t know what the jungler Abyss on the GH side will do… eh?” Brother Rabbit Hat’s words suddenly stopped and his tone rose sharply. “This is… GH didn’t arrange for Abyss to play?”

In fact, he didn’t need to say this. The moment the camera of the big screen crossed over the players who had taken their seats, the audience following the match found the new face sitting in GH’s jungler position

At the same time, his player ID showed up on the rear display: GH.PPA. This name was undoubtedly appearing for the first time in the professional league arena but it wasn’t unfamiliar. During the earlier incident when the Korean players came to the national server, the new passerby king who signed to the GH Club had appeared on the official Weib’s promotional post. It was full of momentum and it was hard for people to not know it.

There were many game screen recordings of the number one player in the national server, Labor and Capital. This absolutely brazen and arrogant style had made netizens curious about what type of person was behind this idea.

Among all the speculation, a large number of people thought that the person who could have such an ID should be an arrogant brother around 20 years old. As a result, he finally made an official appearance in public and turned out to be such a thin, fair-skinned teenager?

No matter what, he hadn’t even reached the age of adulthood, right? This face also made people feel as if they had seen it somewhere before…

Driven by a strange feeling, everyone’s eyes subconsciously moved to the other side of the screen. Finally, it stopped not far away on Jian Ye.

The venue was strangely quiet for a moment. They really wanted to ask the GH officials, ‘What is the relationship between this new player and your team’s support?’

The two positions that Jian Ning used most during the rankings was a shooter and jungler. Therefore, it wasn’t too surprising that Jian Ning officially appeared today as a jungler. The thing that surprised people was that no matter how strong the passerby king was to reach the top of the national server, this was the professional league arena after all. He had no experience yet he was directly playing in the semi-finals. How big was GH’s heart? They could even use the semi-finals to train a new player?

Such a discovery caused heated discussions to occur in the venue. The two official commentators were also very shocked by GH’s arrangement. Still, they were professionals after all. Their first reaction after recovering from the shock was to try and find a reasonable explanation for GH’s approach.

“Speaking of which, this is the first time we have seen the newcomer of the GH team at the scene! I didn’t expect that the passerby king of the national server would be so young. This is probably the new is constantly replacing the old? Sometimes, it really isn’t easy to accept old age, hahaha!” Brother Rabbit Hat worked hard to liven up the atmosphere. “I remember that there was a discussion after GH signed this new player, PPA. Now it seems that GH has made a special arrangement for today’s match? Hah, after all, we know nothing about this new player and it is the same for PAY.  Suddenly playing him at this time almost feels like a secret weapon. Cry Cry, do you think so?”

“It is indeed possible.” Commentator Cry Cry agreed. “There is AI, a top jungler. The PAY team is absolutely a headache for any team. At this time, GH is making another strange move. Does this mean the PPA jungler himself has a restraint on PAY? This is making me really curious. Let’s wait and see!”

Brother Rabbit Hat really couldn’t come up with other words and ended this topic here. “Yes, let’s wait and see!”

Lin Yan stood in the GH zone and heard the exchange between the two official commentators just before putting on the soundproof headphones. There was a faint smile in his eyes. Secret weapon? In a way, perhaps…

It was the first time Jian Ning was playing in such an important match. He might always yell in Jian Ye’s face but after seeing his professional ID at the scene, the sudden feeling of his dream coming true set off fireworks in his mind.

He checked his equipment and stared at his game ID on the big screen for a long time. The distracted Jian Ning suddenly heard a familiar voice in the voice channel. “Don’t be too nervous. Do you remember how it feels to play the rankings? Just do what the coach said before and play using this rhythm on the field.”

Jian Ning heard his brother’s comfort and his mind returned. He raised his voice higher. “W-Who said that I am nervous? I have long been looking forward to appearing in the professional arena. I must prove to you today that I definitely have the talent to play professionally!”

Jian Ye really didn’t know what to do with his younger brother who was in the rebellious period. He controlled the urge to rub his brother’s head and reminded him, “Confidence is good but don’t forget that this is a competition. You must pay attention to the problem of cooperation, you know?”

Jian Ning might speak big words but he was actually very clear about things in his heart. The corners of his mouth twitched and a serious look gradually appeared in his eyes. “I know. I promise not to hold you back!”

The team members had long been accustomed to the way that the two brothers got along with each other. They were completely indifferent to this bickering but it attracted the attention of the referee who was monitoring by their side.

Just then, Lin Yan pulled the microphone to his lips and gave a reminder.

“In fact, there’s no need to be too concerned with cooperation. After all, Cub Pa has only practiced with the other people in the team for a few days. Paying too much attention to cooperation can actually affect your own rhythm. This game was arranged for you to completely release yourself. It is enough to follow the normal rhythm of playing solo. Act as quickly as possible and let the others worry about keeping up. Remember, if they can’t keep up then it isn’t your problem. It is because they are too weak.”

Such remarks were equivalent to giving a tranquilizer to the nervous Jian Ning. He nodded cautiously. “Rest assured, Coach. I will play well!”

This simple exchange instantly boosted the momentum of the entire GH team. Only the referee failed to control his crazily twitching mouth. He only practiced with the team for several days? F*k, did this fairy team really come to train their newcomer in the semi-finals?

He was frantically complaining in his heart only to inadvertently raise his head and meet Lin Yan’s gaze next to him.

The referee who was choked up, “……”

Lin Yan looked puzzled. “Referee, the equipment has been checked. Aren’t you going to confirm it?”


All the preparations were in place and the BP session of the first game officially began. As previously speculated, PAY directly blocked the double stealth tactic using the bans. It was another meeting between the coaches of both sides.

Once the lineups were finalized, all the people following GH’s final arrangements were once again deep in thought. This time, their thinking was different from the past. It wasn’t because GH once again took a different approach in this round. It was because the choice of each hero, whether individually or as a whole, was too ordinary. It was ordinary to the point… where people suspected that this was an ordinary qualifying match rather than the semi-finals.

Lin Yan asked each GH player to pick the hero they were best at when soloing. Yet when such a patchwork of heroes was placed in one lineup, it was hard to imagine how they could have outstanding cooperation unless they saw it in person.

At the end of the BP session, Lin Yan shook hands with PAY’s coach in the middle of the stage and then left the stage. This time, there was one person sitting in the viewing area. This was the first time Chen Yushen was sitting under the stage to watch. The moment the image appeared on the big screen, he couldn’t help wondering, “Coach, is this really okay?”

Lin Yan didn’t look back. His eyes were just calmly focused in front of him. “Rest assured, you just need to maintain your best condition and be ready to play.”

Chen Yushen’s mouth pressed together tightly and he replied in a low voice, “Yes.”

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