CAMP: Chapter 124

Three finished the shooting and it was finally the GH members’ turns. The two sides greeted each other when they met at the door and left separately.

Jing Yuanzhou had just listened to Lin Yan briefly explain the story and there was still a vague smile in his eyes. Now he raised his head and noticed Lin Yan’s gaze following the backs of the Three members. He asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Three is the only team we have lost a match to…” Lin Yan sighed emotionally and clicked his tongue. “It’s really a pity. If we want to take revenge then we have to at least wait until the finals to meet…”

“The competition system means we will indeed have to wait until the finals.” Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “It’s fine. Let them live a few more days.”

This seemingly casual sentence caused Lin Yan to directly laugh. “Titans, aren’t you quite crazy?”

JIng Yuanzhou reached out and rubbed Lin Yan’s head. Then he took Lin Yan to the studio with him. He leaned over and laughed softly in Lin Yan’s ear. “My boyfriend is so crazy. I have to work hard or else how can I follow in his footsteps?”

Lin Yan heard this and was slightly stunned. He only reacted after a moment. He realized that Jing Yuanzhou was still thinking about him scolding Nilay and glanced back angrily. He was just about to say something when a staff member hurried over and told the team members to go over and prepare for the official shooting.

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at Lin Yan’s expression and smiled. “Then I’m going?”

His expression seemed to be asking for approval. Lin Yan wanted to glare but he couldn’t hold it and pushed Jing Yuanzhou angrily. “Go quickly. I’m not in a hurry to use you so why ask me?”

A staff member was pulling a set piece over. He suddenly heard such a sentence and almost fell. Use… what use? F*k, were the current e-sports players so direct now?

The whole filming process took an afternoon and overall, it went well.

After all, the camera team had shot several promotional videos and was very familiar with the process. In addition, the overall appearance of the GH team was indeed the best in the league. They could pick any angle and the shots were perfect. It was precisely due to this that the photographer’s creative inspiration flooded. He couldn’t help taking more shots and this naturally prolonged the shooting cycle. By the time the end was announced, it was almost evening.

It was obvious that the cameraman really liked GH, a team with a collective excellent appearance.

The surrounding staff were busy finishing up while the cameraman wandered in front of the equipment, full of praise. “Don’t say anything else, these promotional videos and photos will definitely have a good show when GH goes to the World Competition! I can guarantee that after the final video comes out, it will definitely help your team attract a lot of fans!”

Bi Yaohua disagreed. “What type of face fans are needed in e-sports? If you want to attract fans, it has to be technical fans. Let them kneel completely in front of us and call us Dad.”

This was too confident. In the end, Gu Luo next to him couldn’t help whispering a reminder, “Brother Trash Talk, why don’t you… remove the smile on your face first?”

Bi Yaohua tried hard to control the curve of his mouth but unfortunately, he couldn’t control it in the end. Finally, he had to clear his throat. “Of course, it is indeed a burden to be too handsome. That… Brother Chen, right? Can you send me the negatives later? Yes yes, the two that you were looking at just now. Photoshop isn’t necessary. The originals are fine. Sometimes it is really hard to resist things like natural beauty, you know?”

The cameraman Brother Chen heard this and seemed to find a friend. “I understand, I understand! People always have an instinctive pursuit of beautiful things!”

Chen Yushen couldn’t listen any longer. He lowered the cap on his head and reminded, “Let’s go, it’s time to head back.”

“Hey? Don’t worry!” Bi Yaohua quickly pulled Chen Yushen back. His arm tightly encircled Chen Yushen as he bent over and pointed to the screen. “Abyss, come and see! I just found out that you are very photogenic! How about some photos from Brother Chen? This is a rare opportunity. Your photos are shot perfectly and it’s great to use them as a mobile phone screensaver!”

“There’s no need.” Chen Yushen finally managed to break free. He instinctively wanted to keep a distance from Bi Yaohua so he sped up without looking back.

Bi Yaohua couldn’t speak. By the time he looked up, this figure had already disappeared about the corner.

“He is still too thin-skinned.” Bi Yaohua shook his head and turned around, his interest not decreased. “Brother Chen, if he doesn’t want it then I want it. Please send me all the ones I just mentioned. Thank you!”

Bi Yaohua stayed in front of the cameraman and Lin Yan finally had to take this narcissistic guy away in person with a speechless expression on his face.

The playoffs were just around the corner and the training games were scheduled at night. There wasn’t much time for them to waste here.


Over the next few days, GH spent the days training.

Lin Yan had been adjusting the plans based on everyone’s improvement. Once the daily content was over, it could be said that the improvement was very significant. If there was anything troublesome, it should be the placement of Jian Ning, the newcomer.

Currently, the official players of the team had maintained a very good state. After the baptism of the regular season, many previous problems had been solved one by one.

Usually, if there weren’t too many vulnerabilities in the main players themselves then the position of the substitute player should be decided based on his own good attributes. However, during the time when Jian Ning rushed up the rankings, he had played the jungler and shooter almost equally. His hero pools for each position were also relatively broad. Regardless of whether it was the technical level or personal preference, there was no obvious emphasis on one.

Lin Yan had experienced a similar problem before. At that time, his hero pool was much deeper than Jian Ning’s. In the end, he moved from his commonly used middle and jungler positions to the shooter due to the needs of the team. It didn’t have much impact on him personally but no one knew better than him the sense of deviation of different locations.

It was precisely because of this that he understood the importance of position selection for professional players. He was responsible for Jian Ning so Lin Yan didn’t make a decision in a hurry. He tried his best to let Jian Ning play both jungler and shooter positions in order to find the most suitable position more accurately.

GH was actively preparing for the playoffs but didn’t forget to train the newcomer. The one who felt this the deepest was BK who played against them most frequently.

In the training match that day, the BK team was once again beaten by GH. Ku Tianlu carefully saved the video and couldn’t help being emotional. “I say, you are a bit too cruel. It is okay to do the training games but the newcomer comes to practice against us every so often and still pushes us? If we continue like this, our mentality will collapse and how can we play the playoffs?”

Lin Yan disagreed. “There is Three and LDF in Group A. You want to complain to us about mentality. The playoffs is a BO3 and it is a good thing to have someone willing to help stimulate your crybaby. Now he can strengthen his psychological endurance or else he will cry at the scene and go on the hot search again.”

Lan Min was inexplicably hit and he exclaimed angrily, “I haven’t cried for a long time!”

Lin Yan told him, “Oh, how long has it been? Our Gloy has never cried in front of the camera once.”

Lan Min, “……”

F*k, he lost!

Ku Tianlu knew the unbalanced fighting power between the two people and changed the topic out of fear that Lan Min would continue looking for Lin Yan to give away his head. “Speaking of which, do you know about the news released by QOG?”

Lin Yan answered with no fluctuations in his tone, “Yes.”

The live broadcast at the time had caused a lot of waves. Everyone knew that due to Bi Yaohua, the GH team and QOG team had a deep grudge.

The matter of the fake match itself was more complex. It involved a series of gambling behind the scenes and the evidence was hard to find. The professional authorities had set up a special group to investigate the matter but there had been no obvious progress so far.

Just when everyone thought this matter was finally over, the pressure of public opinion became the last straw that crushed QOG.

Due to the live broadcast event, the number of fans for QOG had dropped to the extreme and all the remaining endorsements and projects had been canceled. Regardless of whether it was the reputation of the team or the players, it had all fallen to a negative value. The pressure from all sides meant that although the QOG Club refused to admit to the matter of throwing matches, they finally chose to release the heavy news that they were prepared to sell during the gap period before the start of the playoffs.

It was evening when QOG’s official Weibo released this news. The GH fans had frantically @ the team so Lin Yan saw it instantly.

However, he was preparing for the evening training game against the BK team at the time and hadn’t paid it much attention. As a result, he realized after the training games were over that this matter had topped the hot search list. Yet even at this time, the QOG team couldn’t escape the fate of being cannon fodder to them.

The current hot search was: #GH finally disbanded QOG#

Lin Yan heard Ku Tianlu suddenly mention this and wondered if the other person had been scanning Weibo on his phone just like Lin Yan. Lin Yan didn’t think much about it and casually replied, “It would’ve happened sooner or later.”

He didn’t read the specific comments and threw the phone onto the sofa cushion next to him. It had long been expected that QOG would be listed for sale. To put it bluntly, QOG was a smelly ditch that had appeared on the road to success. Now that it was cleaned up, Lin Yan wasn’t prepared to waste any more time on this type of team.

In two days, the playoffs would officially start. GH had only one goal: the final champions!

Proofreader: Nao

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