CAMP: Chapter 123

The two people returned to the base and found everyone gathered in the training room. After hearing the movement, they all looked back. Their eyes stayed on the two people for a moment before withdrawing them. This attitude was calm and natural, as if their captain and coach had just gone for an ordinary walk.

However, it was this overly calm attitude that made Lin Yan involuntarily cough. He greeted the extra person in the training room. “Cub Pa is finally here!”

There was a National Day holiday held between the regular season and the playoffs. It was one week for the top 8  teams to make final adjustments. This type of time was rare and the teams naturally didn’t want to miss it. GH was no exception.

Lin Yan took advantage of the rare school vacation and asked Jian Ye to bring Jian Ning to the base to let him play a few training matches with the team.

Jian Ning had ascended to the top of the national server as the passerby king and his personal strength couldn’t be underestimated. It was just that the current positions in the team already had formal players and it was hard to determine what position he would be competent for. He should take advantage of this opportunity to test the integration degree of Jian Ning with the team and make a sprint for the next playoffs.

Jian Ning had chosen the seat next to Jian Ye and was originally playing on the computer. Now he heard this and looked up in a dissatisfied manner, correcting Lin Yan. “I’m not called Cub Pa.”

Lin Yan thought about it. “Then Bao Pa?” (Bao= treasure, precious)

It had to be said that the content of such a conversation was a bit too familiar. Jian Ye was inexplicably reminded of the past and frequently cast concerned glances in this direction. Jian Ning was silent for a moment as he struggled to make a comparison. Then just… call me Pa.”

Lin Yan comforted him. “It’s good to be called Cub Pa.”

Jian Ning didn’t want to talk anymore.

Lin Yan didn’t continue to think about this topic. He lowered his head, looked at the chat records and announced, “Everyone, get ready. Today there is an appointment with BK for three training games. Remember to free up time in advance. Tomorrow night it is with LDF. The next night… in other words, before the playoffs officially start, I will arrange for you to play as many training games as possible. The morning is rest time while the afternoon is for replays of the details of the training games. Time will be tight and you need to overcome it. Understood?”

The group listing for the playoffs was now official. The two teams they had a good relationship with, BK and LDF were divided into Group A. In this way, it was impossible to meet before the finals.

Therefore, they were naturally willing to make appointments for training games. This was mutually beneficial. Lin Yan casually brought up making appointments and they were filled up without difficulty.

The players were already mentally prepared for the devil training during the final sprint of the autumn competition. They just didn’t expect that after the coach and the captain returned from their two days honeymoon outside, the first thing to do was to arrange the training plan so professionally.

Apart from the dazed Jian Ning, the other people’s voices sounded tragic and sad as they replied, “Understood…”

In this heavy atmosphere, Luo Mo interjected. “By the way Boss, you should make some adjustments to the time. The league’s officials sent someone to urge us to shoot the promotional video for the playoffs. You weren’t there the other day so…”

Lin Yan received this reminder and remembered there was such a thing. “When do you think is most appropriate?”

Luo Mo looked at the itinerary. “How about… tomorrow afternoon?”

Lin Yan nodded. “Okay, I’ll squeeze out some time tonight and try to do the replay on the spot after the training games.”

The members of GH, “???”


The next afternoon, the footsteps of the GH members seemed to be floating as they set off for the shooting venue. In order to free up the shooting time for the promotional photos, they played three games with BK last night and were caught by Lin Yan for a three hour accurate replay.

During this process, they received a severe lecture and all their mistakes were listed in full. Without exception, this was converted into the training plan for the next stage. It could be called an ultimate blow to their minds and bodies.

Before getting in the car, Bi Yaohua quietly pulled Jing Yuanzhou aside and asked in a low voice, “Captain, didn’t you serve the coach well in the past two days? Based on his output status last night, if it happens a few more times then we can’t f*king stand it!”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t expect such a question and seriously thought about it. “It shouldn’t be that I didn’t serve him well.”

He paused and smiled slightly. “It is possible that I served him too well.”

This smile revealed everything.

Bi Yaohua, “……”

For the first time, he felt he couldn’t look directly at the captain’s face.

Lin Yan was already sitting in the back seat. Once Jing Yuanzhou came over, he asked casually, “What did you talk about?”

Jing Yuanzhou answered, “Nothing, just sharing last night’s training experience.”

“Does this still need to be shared? Do you think they can’t stand it anymore?” Lin Yan raised his eyebrow slightly and touched his chin. “It seems that they are a bit too lax after the regular season. It isn’t good to be in this state of mind. Should I think of some other ways to catch it properly?”

Jing Yuanzhou casually pulled Lin Yan’s arm over and placed it on his leg. His slender fingers gently pressed against this hand. “Yes, it isn’t bad.”

These words didn’t get a reply. Jing Yuanzhou glanced sideways and noticed Lin Yan’s gaze. He asked, “What is it?”

Lin Yan leaned back against his seat and looked distracted. “I thought that Captain Jing would intercede for those stinky boys.”

Jing Yuanzhou was very honest. “It is true that I can intercede but it isn’t necessary.”

Such an indifferent attitude made Lin Yan smile. He leaned his head against Jing Yuanzhou’s shoulder and quickly found a relatively comfortable position. “I’m sleeping. Call me when we get there.”

The promotional video for the playoffs was different from the regular season. There were unified specifications and standards so the shooting location was officially designated. By the time they arrived, Three’s members were shooting inside.

The staff took them to the dressing room first. After being tortured for one night, the mental state of the GH members really wasn’t good. They were so haggard that it was unbearable.

Fortunately, the makeup artists here were used to dealing with professional players who had their days and nights reversed. Regardless of the group’s resistance, they first started with several layers of foundation. Soon, there were ghostly cries throughout the room.

Lin Yan didn’t need to appear in the promotional video and he had nothing to do, so he sat on the sofa and played with his phone.

The regular season had been over for several days and it was the National Day holidays so the atmosphere of the Internet was relatively stable. Although some industry reports still had a few comments from sunspots, the overall situation was basically the quiet period before the next wave of explosions.

Every year, the competitions of the major divisions were basically synchronized. At this time, the regular seasons of other divisions had also ended. They just didn’t have a major holiday so the first round of the playoffs had officially started.

Lin Yan was wandering around in a bored manner when he accidentally clicked on a Weibo post about an interview in the South Korean division. The netizens under the post had specially @ the official Weibo of the GH club.

The one being interviewed was Nilay, who had come to the national server to make a lot of noise.

Like GH, Nilay’s Win team had won second place in the regular season. The rules meant he didn’t need to participate in the knockout competition. This made him look a lot more relaxed. At the very least, his mentality adjustment was really good.

There was no sign of the embarrassment of being driven home the night of the ranking battle. The redhead faced the camera and was as defiant and arrogant as before. “I am very happy that Win can get second in the rankings. I hope to play better in the next playoffs.”

The interviewer wondered, “According to statistics, you have won a total of eight MVPs in the regular season. This data is already absolutely dazzling among newcomers. What do you want to say about this?”

Nilay smiled. “It isn’t enough. For me personally, I feel that it isn’t enough. If I remember correctly, the one that won the most MVPs in a regular season should be Titans with 14 times? It is a pity I have no chance to break it this year. I can only strive to surpass this record next year.”

“Nilay, it seems you really want to beat Titans.” The interviewer couldn’t help laughing. “However, it was very lively on the Internet some time ago. It is said that when you were playing the rankings in the China server, you lost to Titans and couldn’t make the top 10 rankings in the China server that night. Win hasn’t made an official comment on this. I don’t know if you can talk about it today?”

Nilay’s smile dimmed a bit and he stared at the camera. “Previously, I did meet Titans. I admit that he is very strong. However, ordinary game rankings don’t mean anything. If there is a chance, I sincerely hope the GH team in the China division can get tickets to the World Competition. This will allow me and Titans to have a head-on competition in the professional arena. I believe that I will never lose to him a second time!”

The interview video abruptly stopped here.

Lin Yan slightly raised his eyebrow. If he remembered correctly, Nilay’s Win team was the championship team of the Korean spring competition. This championship trophy might’ve been won in the absence of the veteran Korean team, KING, but it meant that Win had already won a ticket to the World Competition as the number one seed in advance.

In normal times, Lin Yan wouldn’t be interested in this redhead who kept making noise. However, he deliberately mentioned Titans during the interview. It was really hard for people not to wonder if he was deliberately using Titans to attract attention. Moreover, he was so arrogant. Lin Yan had to admit that the South Korean Win team was very strong this year but he didn’t know where the newcomer Nilay got such arrogance from.

Lin Yan’s fingers paused for a while before he forwarded the video with the comment: [The ranking game was too easy to win and there really weren’t any sparks. I’m looking forward to different surprises on the field in the future #smile.jpg]

Anyone who paid attention to the rankings that night knew it was Lin Yan who paired up with Jing Yuanzhou when they met Nilay. Now they saw this post and everyone laughed at the ridicule. That ranking game was ‘too easy’ to win!

Lin Yan saw that the comments area was completely filled with ‘hahahaha’ and turned off his phone with satisfaction.

He looked up and found that a man was standing in front of him. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have the habit of putting on makeup. Combined with his good foundation, he always only got simple touch-ups. Today was no exception. Even so, Lin Yan was stunned the moment he raised his head.

Jing Yuanzhou had noticed the unhappy look on Lin Yan’s face just now and he glanced at the darkened phone screen. “What were you looking at?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Lin Yan stared at this face and smiled. “I just didn’t hold back… I simply defended my boyfriend’s reputation.”

Proofreader: Nao

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