CAMP: Chapter 122

Lin Yan sat in place for a long time to remember. However, he still couldn’t recall what happened last night and he couldn’t help frowning. He was getting ready to get up when he heard the door opening.

Jing Yuanzhou had returned. His heart jumped. He didn’t know where the guilty conscience came from but before he could think about it, he pulled the quilt back over him and lay down again. Before long, there was slight movement in the room.

Jing Yuanzhou entered, placed the bought breakfast on the table and went into the bathroom. The faint sound of water was heard from a distance and Lin Yan’s closed eyes shook vaguely. For a time, he was uncertain if he should continue to pretend to be sleeping or not.

Before he could make a decision, the bathroom door was pushed open again. The man’s steps gradually approached. They stood right in front of the bed and quieted down again. Lin Yan waited a while and didn’t notice any more movement. He was feeling puzzled when without warning, someone leaned down from the side. The scorching breath touched the tip of his ears. “Is it fun to pretend to sleep? Why? Do you not have the face to see me?”

Lin Yan originally only felt a bit guilty. Now he was exposed on the spot and he felt like his entire body was a bit hot. His elbow gently pushed Jing Yuanzhou away and he cleared his throat. “I didn’t do anything. Why wouldn’t I have the face to see you?”

In order to make his speech look more powerful, he instinctively prepared to sit up on the bed. Then halfway through his actions, he noticed Jing Yuanzhou’s smiling eyes and remembered that he hadn’t put on any clothes yet. He couldn’t help pulling the quilt around him and sat there in an expressionless manner, shrinking back into a ball.

Jing Yuanzhou watched Lin Yan with amusement and raised his eyebrow slightly. “Are you really sure that you didn’t do anything?”

Lin Yan choked up. To tell the truth, he was a bit uncertain. At the very least, it was impossible for him to take off his clothes on his own when he was drunk. In this way, there was only one possibility left…

Lin Yan sighed and was ready to accept it calmly. “Okay, tell me. What happened last night?”

There was no reply for a long time.

Lin Yan looked strangely at Jing Yuanzhou. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Jing Yuanzhou paused for a moment. “I just think that I was tormented like this last night and you should at least remember a bit of it.”

Lin Yan had a bad feeling. “…How were you tormented?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. Without saying anything, he unbuttoned the buttons of his shirt one by one. Then the ‘scenes of springtime’ were completely exposed.

The dense hickeys were mixed with a few tooth marks and scratches. It was messy and with a different type of enthusiasm. Just one glance was enough to imagine the passion of the scene. Lin Yan couldn’t bear to see it and whispered, “All of that… did I do it?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked at him and smiled. “Otherwise, I made it myself?”

Lin Yan could probably guess what he would be like after drinking when he had such things on his mind. It just never occurred to him that they both had such thoughts in their hearts but Jing Yuanzhou could actually withstand this?

Several exciting clips popped up in his mind and he couldn’t help holding his head.

“I knew you wanted me but I didn’t expect you to want me to this extent.” Jing Yuanzhou recalled the scene and his smile couldn’t be hidden for a moment. “How do I put it? The moment we entered the door, you couldn’t wait to take off my clothes. It made me wonder if you decided to be together because of my body, not because of me.”

“Cough—!” Lin Yan almost choked on his saliva. “Don’t say that! How can it be for anything apart from you? This is all slander, cough, slander!”

Jing Yuanzhou met Lin Yan’s gaze. “It isn’t that I don’t want you to be greedy. It isn’t a problem to give my body to you. Just…”

The ‘just’ made Lin Yan’s bad feeling even worse. “So… I really vomited again?”

Jing Yuanzhou stared at him. “Do you remember?”

Lin Yan glanced at the new clothing Jing Yuanzhou had obviously changed into and closed his eyes in despair. “I guessed.”

“It is good that you can guess.” Jing Yuanzhou raised an eyebrow. “I don’t think I need to mention the rest, right?”

“It is my fault. I shouldn’t have taken that sip of alcohol last night. I was indeed impulsive.” At this point, Lin Yan didn’t know what should be said and shrank into the quilt again. He thought for a long time before eventually asking, “So my clothes…”

“I took them off,” Jing Yuanzhou answered very naturally. “It is okay to vomit all over me but who would’ve thought that you wouldn’t even let yourself go? It smelled a bit too much so I had to serve you well.”

Lin Yan, “……”

“As a result, you didn’t want to take a shower after taking off your clothes. I had to coax you into the bathroom. Finally, I pressed you against the wall and washed you bit by bit.”  Jing Yuanzhou looked down emotionally. “You made me discover for the first time that a shower can have the feeling of a war.”

Lin Yan felt that if there was a hole in the ground, he couldn’t wait to enter it immediately. He completely buried himself in the quilt and his voice came out dully, “It’s my fault…”

“Even if you didn’t wash, I needed to wash myself.” Jing Yuanzhou looked at the ball in front of him and leaned down. “So the point isn’t about who should carry the blame. It’s that last night was too hard. Don’t you need to give an explanation?”

Lin Yan’s voice came from the quilt. “Um, yes…”

Without warning, Jing Yuanzhou reached out and fished the man into his arms. There was a low cry and the smile in his eyes overflowed. “You made me endure so much. What do you have to say to me?”

He could feel the person in his arms slightly stiffen for a moment. Jing Yuanzhou adjusted his posture and hugged this person tighter. The deliberately low voice full of magnetism fell into Lin Yan’s ears with a bit of grievances that shouldn’t come from this man’s mouth. “Yesterday was such a commemorative day but the result was like this. Shouldn’t you give your boyfriend some proper compensation?”

Lin Yan didn’t remember but the words ‘be together’ spoken in public was very clear in his mind. He tried to move but he failed to break out of Jing Yuanzhou’s arms. Thus, he simply gave up. He raised his eyes and didn’t think too much. “Didn’t you write it on the note? How much is the service fee? I can transfer it to you in a moment using Alipay or WeChat.”

Jing Yuanzhou quietly held Lin Yan’s hand. He placed it in his palm and gently pinched it while chuckling. “Don’t transfer me money. Go downstairs at the appropriate time and settle the room expenses for three days.”

Room expenses for three days? Lin Yan’s heartbeat increased and he soon understood again. He felt a bit like laughing.

He knew that this man Jing Yuanzhou wouldn’t be willing to suffer losses. Jing Yuanzhou was teased by Lin Yan all night yesterday. It was such a great day that he wasn’t willing to miss out on what should be made up.

In fact, Lin Yan also worried about the probation period ending without any commemoration so he had no opinion about the proposal of staying at the hotel for a few more days. He didn’t think that the ‘three days’ Jing Yuanzhou referred to would be so full.

During this time, neither of them left the hotel room much. Apart from the necessary food delivery every day, the curtains covered the outside sky and it was hard to tell if it was day or night.

In bed, Jing Yuanzhou showed a completely different appearance from usual. It wasn’t the first time the two people had done it with each other but after being stimulated so much, their desire to possess and take from the other person was aroused and they were only left with the obsession to completely integrate with each other. They finally got catharsis for their restraint and desire.

All the alcohol from that night had completely dissipated but in the following days, the two people became more and more drunk. It was hard to say who was more ruthless. They unreservedly gave themselves to the other person completely, as if it was a ritual destined to be completed that was sacred.

On the morning of the third day when they had to check out, Lin Yan’s body seemed to have fallen apart and he was almost unable to get out of bed. Their other things had been brought back by Luo Mo so after completing the check-out procedures, they took their set of newly bought clothes and took a taxi back.

Jing Yuanzhou’s arm moved around his back naturally and he squeezed Lin Yan’s neck affectionately. “In fact, staying for two more days is also good.”

Lin Yan was leaning against him and resting. He opened his eyes when he heard this and glanced over. “You are thinking too beautifully.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled slightly and finally remembered to turn on his phone. They maintained an energetic state during these two days but they hadn’t paid attention to the situation of the outside world. Now he looked through the stacked up notifications and Jing Yuanzhou raised an eyebrow. “The schedule for the playoffs is out.”

Lin Yan yawned. “It’s very good to recharge the batteries before the playoffs start. The tactics discussed yesterday were quite good. The next few days will be a holiday so we can perfect them after we go back.”

There was no reply for a long time. Lin Yan raised his head, met Jing Yuanzhou’s strange gaze and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong?”

Jing Yuanzhou paused before replying, “Nothing.”

For the first time, God Jing didn’t know how to describe his current mood.

After all, who would’ve thought that during the two days when everyone thought they were living in a drunken dream, the coach surnamed Lin clearly cried and choked back tears in his eyes while finishing intense exercise one second and the next second, he didn’t forget to continue discussing tactics for the playoffs with Jing Yuanzhou?

It was due to this half dazed and half serious look that the evil fire in Jing Yuanzhou’s body became even harder to suppress. He often couldn’t endure it and would continue doing it again.

Lin Yan had been tossed about by Jing Yuanzhou for the past few days but he didn’t expect one of the reasons to be himself. Currently, he didn’t realize that he had hooked into a part of this man’s heart. By the time he looked up, Jing Yuanzhou had already pulled him closer and dropped a kiss on his lips.

After the past few days’ experience, Lin Yan’s body softened instinctively at the familiar breath. It was only after the kiss ended that he reacted and gently pushed Jing Yuanzhou away. “What’s the matter?”

Jing Yuanzhou held Lin Yan’s wait and gently stroked his thumb over this person’s soft lips. “I suddenly just wanted to make sure that we are really together.”

Make sure? How to make sure? See if Lin Yan pushed him away to avoid suspicion?

Lin Yan was stunned for a moment and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. His heart was inevitably a bit touched. His gaze lowered and he bit gently at Jing Yuanzhou’s finger. “Of course, we are together. We have already sealed it and there is no taking it back.”

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1 year ago

I love how Lin Yan literally balanced his relationship and work life. Literally after exercise, he works. AHHAHAHAHA!

the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
7 months ago


1 year ago

okay so they DID do it back in ch 86 🤣

only best coach Lin Yan will continue discussing tactics with his boyfriend in bed (:3 」∠)