CAMP: Chapter 121

Lin Yan’s kiss was passionate and direct, with the faint taste of beer. It seemed to be amplified several times by the background sound among them. For the first time, Jing Yuanzhou had the feeling of becoming dizzy from a kiss.

His sense of reason reminded him of the environment but a man’s instincts kept him wanting more. In the end, his eyes completely sank. He turned over and pinned Lin Yan under him instead. The relationship of demand was reversed.

The kiss between the two men was unprecedentedly long, so long that the other people present had the illusion of suffocation.

The GH players always had an unspoken understanding about the relationship between their coach and captain but they didn’t expect the two people to be so vigorous when coming out of the closet. Shouldn’t they think about what these young people could handle?!

Gu Luo had reached up early to cover his eyes, leaving only one crack between a finger to dimly see. He secretly swallowed. “That… isn’t it a bit too much for the captain to be like this with the coach?”

Chen Yushen cocked his head. “Really…”

Bi Yaohua shook his microphone and couldn’t move his eyes away. “Don’t say anything else, this is really stimulating. It is even more exciting when seeing it up close!”

Jian Ye finally found his voice and hesitantly asked, “Cough, do you think… we will be killed if we keep looking like this?”

This was the first time Luo Mo had seen his boss so enthusiastic. He was used to Lin Yan’s indifferent attitude of rejecting others in the past and was in a trance for a long time. It wasn’t until Jian Ye’s sentence that he finally remembered. He hurriedly picked up a pile of coats from the sofa and accurately threw them over the faces of the group one by one. “What are you looking at? Aren’t you going to turn around quickly?”

Perhaps the words ‘will be killed’ was too much of a deterrent. Everyone turned around in a neat and unified manner.

By the time Jing Yuanzhou got up, there were only churning emotions in his eyes. He looked around at the people who were completely covered by coats and rubbed his lips with his fingers. His voice was suspiciously low and hoarse. “Keep singing your songs and don’t worry about us.”

The response to him was a strange silence. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to reply. It was just that after experiencing such a scene with excessive impact, they really didn’t have the heart to happily sing karaoke. There was no reply for a long time. Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes lowered slightly and an inquiring voice came out. “Hmm?”

Bi Yaohua pulled the coat off his head and cooperated by saying, “Gun, help me book the song ‘Beijing Welcomes You’!”

Jian Ye’s mind also returned. “Ah, yes.”

Before he could reach the song selection machine, he inadvertently looked up and saw Lin Yan, who had previously been pushed down onto the sofa by Jing Yuanzhou, sitting up. The moment the coach looked back, the fingers that remained as steady as a rock while playing the game started to shake uncontrollably.

On the other hand, Lin Yan didn’t seem to notice the weirdness of the atmosphere. After the deep kiss that lasted too long, his face was covered with redness. The somewhat dim light fell around him and his eyes were filled with a dizzying intoxication. The finished beer can had fallen beside him and the entire space had the lingering smell of alcohol.

Lin Yan sat in place and stared at Jing Yuanzhou, his eyelids slightly lowered. He seemed to be thinking seriously before asking blankly, “Jing Yuanzhou, are we considered being together?”

He asked this sentence very softly but everyone’s hearts tightened when they heard it. There were a few words that repeatedly echoed in their minds—we will be killed to be silenced, killed to be silenced, killed to be silenced…

The members of GH silently exchanged glances and saw the hesitation in each other’s eyes. Should they just leave this box to these two people who were in their own world?

In such a delicate atmosphere, Jing Yuanzhou just glanced at Lin Yan’s expression and instantly understood. He was down from one sip of alcohol. It wasn’t known where he got the confidence to drink alcohol. For a moment, Jing Yuanzhou didn’t know whether to feel helpless or to laugh.

Jing Yuanzhou walked over and gave a gentle tug. Lin Yan didn’t sit still and fell into his arms obediently. Jing Yuanzhou gently patted Lin Yan’s shoulder. “Of course, it counts. We are already together.”

Lin Yan was very satisfied hearing this. He abruptly reached out and squeezed Jing Yuanzhou’s jaw. Then he took the opportunity to lean forward and lick his lips like he was having a taste. “Then you are mine alone from now on.”

The people present, “……”

What should they do? They really couldn’t stand it anymore, okay?!

Jing Yuanzhou seemed to hear the group’s desperate cry. After being molested, he put Lin Yan’s arm around his shoulder and directly stood up.

Lin Yan’s body couldn’t help shaking at such an action. He sniffed and leaned closely against Jing Yuanzhou. He frowned and there was slight dissatisfaction in his tone. “I haven’t tasted enough. Where are you going? On such a good day, shouldn’t you please me more?”

The strange silence in the box continued.

“We will go to a quiet place and you can taste all you want at that time.” Jing Yuanzhou coaxed in a whisper, his voice blowing into Lin Yan’s ears. “Take a look first. Did you bring your ID card with you?”

Lin Yan was quiet for a moment as he seemed to think about the question seriously. Then he nodded. “I brought it.”

He reached for his wallet in his trouser pocket. There was inevitably a bit of struggle in such an action. He stood in an unstable manner and in the end, almost his entire body leaned on Jing Yuanzhou.

Jing Yuanzhou held Lin Yan with one hand while taking the wallet with the other hand and looking through it. It was only when he saw that ID card that he let out a breath and told Luo Mo, “Manager Luo, you guys continue to play. I will take him away first. Remember to help bring back all the things later.”

Luo Mo had followed Lin Yan for a long time and knew what this person was like after drinking. His gaze shifted between the two people before he finally took a breath. “Don’t worry, there is me here.”

Jing Yuanzhou hummed in agreement. He waved to the others and naturally held Lin Yan’s waist, letting this person lean on him as he walked out. Lin Yan instinctively frowned but after seeing Jing Yuanzhou’s side profile, he followed cooperatively.

It wasn’t until the backs of the two people disappeared out of the box that the people who were frozen in place collapsed on the sofa. Gu Luo covered his fragile little heart. “The coach and the captain, are they usually… so exciting?”

Chen Yushen, “……”

Jian Ye stared at the song selection screen for a while before forcing himself to get rid of his thoughts. “Brother Trash Talk, your song Beijing Welcomes You is ready.”

Bi Yaohua picked up the microphone from the ground. He took a long time to find the beat and then sang with feelings, “Cough… my cupboard door is always open, waiting for you with open arms…”

“Pfft—!” Gu Luo sprayed out the juice he had just drank out of shock.


Leaving was fine. It was after walking for a while that Lin Yan’s steps started to stagger. Jing Yuanzhou was accustomed to such a state after drinking. He quietly held Lin Yan in his arms and took the elevator down to the first floor, going to the hotel lobby to book a room. During the entire process, Lin Yan was glued to his body, hands tightly holding his waist. It was an illusion of being too well-behaved.

Jing Yuanzhou felt itchy when he saw it. After getting the room card, he couldn’t help reaching out to rub Lin Yan’s head. “Let’s go. I’ll give you a taste?”

Lin Yan thought for a while and seemed to understand he was going to get a taste. His blurred eyes lit up slightly for a moment and his body became even stickier. He chuckled into Jing Yuanzhou’s ears and showed his teeth and claws. “I’ll eat you!”

Jing Yuanzhou’s throat moved slightly and he pulled this person into his arms while speeding up the pace. Once the official signal was released, Lin Yan was impatient and active. If it wasn’t for the sip of wine that he impulsively poured into himself, everything tonight would be complete and happy.

Unfortunately, Lin Yan’s drinking capacity was so bad that this state of semi-drunkenness couldn’t last long. Halfway through, Jing Yuanzhou had to coax this person into the elevator.

The next morning, Lin Yan woke up on the big bed of the hotel and looked at the strange surroundings. Several fragments flashed one by one in his head and he experienced the lingering waves of a hangover and had a splitting headache.

Lin Yan couldn’t help falling into a long silence. He clearly realized what a stupid thing he had done last night. He could only say that impulsive actions were harmful!

Lin Yan closed his eyes with chagrin. He was about to sit up from bed when he suddenly realized something and froze again. He paused for a moment before lifting up his quilt to find himself naked. Then he couldn’t help holding his forehead.

What was the situation? So he actually… did it with Jing Yuanzhou last night?

There was another strange silence.

In fact, Lin Yan didn’t object to doing such a thing on this commemorative day. In contrast, if he really didn’t do anything then he would feel a bit sorry for Jing Yuanzhou who had been anticipating it so much. However, he really didn’t remember last night. He only had a vague impression that it was very wonderful. He couldn’t help feel lost at having no memories of such a passionate night.

It couldn’t be too contradictory.

Lin Yan took a slow breath and rubbed his head in a complex mood. He bent down and prepared to grab his clothes at the end of the bed when he inadvertently saw a piece of paper on the bedside table.

He grabbed it and took a look. There was a line written sharply in pen: Once you wake up, don’t walk around. Be prepared to settle the service fee you owe.

He couldn’t see Jing Yuanzhou but this sentence alone was enough to let him read the extremely strong resentment.

Lin Yan, “……”

Okay, it seemed that last night was probably a one-sided type of ‘wonderful.’

Proofreader: Nao

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1 year ago

Hadn’t they already done it for the first time in ch86? I get the feeling nothing happened last night…. Lol! Thanks for the translation!

1 year ago
Reply to  laketica

yo same what could they have done that made Jing Yuanzhou appreciate Lin Yan’s thin waist??? Ahahaha