CAMP: Chapter 12

The teams in the sub-league had long been accustomed to players flowing in and out, not to mention that Gun was only a substitute player in the support position. They were happy to release him as long as the price given by GH was sufficient.

Lin Yan took Gloy (Gu Luo) to the door of the base to welcome the new member. In the distance, a tall figure dragging his suitcase could be seen. His hair was a crew cut, he had slightly dark skin and there was a faint cross scar on his left cheek, making his angular face look colder. It was really difficult to associate such a cool boy with the support position known was the ‘team angel.’

Lin Yan noticed that Gu Luo was frozen in place and gently patted him on the shoulder before leading him to greet his new teammate. Gun’s real name was Jian Ye. He might only be a substitute on his original team but his murderous temperament meant everyone in the team habitually called him ‘Brother Gun.’ Such a nickname might be okay for Gu Luo but it didn’t seem too appropriate for Lin Yan.

Lin Yan wasn’t a person to treat others as outsiders and his first sentence was very enthusiastic. “Gun [tn content=”Bao”]Bao= treasure[/tn], you are finally here!”

“……” Jian Ye’s mouth twitched and he was silent for a moment. “Can you change the name?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “Then Gun [tn content=”Zai”]Zai= child/young animal[/tn]?”

“…That is fine.” It was better than Gun Bao.

Seeing that a consensus was reached, Lin Yan smiled happily. He walked forward to help pull the suitcase to the base. On the way, he requested of Gu Luo, “Go to the training room and open two machines.”

Gu Luo asked suspiciously, “Shouldn’t we go to the dormitory first?”

Lin Yan placed Jian Ye’s suitcase at the door, patted off the non-existence dust and made an impatient face. “Don’t worry about going to the dormitory. There is plenty of time. The two of you should first let me take a look at a solo match.”

Gu Luo and Jian Ye, “……”

A solo match, namely a 1V1 single player duel. The person who completed a certain number of kills or the corresponding conditions would win. The two of them were certainly no strangers to solo matches. The key problem was that Gu Luo was good at mid-lane heroes while Jian Ye was a support player. What was the difference between letting a support player fight a mid-laner and delivering food to the door?

Gu Luo couldn’t help thinking about the meeting gift he received on his first day at the base and firmly felt that he couldn’t bully others. “Coach Lin, isn’t this too…”

However, Lin Yan had already taken out his mobile phone and called a number. “Titans, are you awake? The new member has arrived and is ready to play a solo match. Come and see?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was faintly heard from the other end. “Okay.”

Lin Yan hung up and looked back at Gu Luo. “What’s the matter?”

Gu Luo paused for a moment and his expression gradually became serious. “I will take it seriously!”

“Good.” Lin Yan smiled with satisfaction and turned to look at Jian Ye. “Gun Zai, what about you?”

Obviously, Jian Ye didn’t expect that the first thing he would do after coming to the new club was to solo with someone. He casually rubbed his head and didn’t care. “I can do it.”

By the time Jing Yuanzhou entered the training room, the two of them were already sitting in front of the computer and a custom room was displayed on their screens. Lin Yan sat at the table with a notebook in his hand while looking quite cheerful. He noticed that Jing Yuanzhou had arrived and beckoned. “Come, sit down.”

Jing Yuanzhou took a seat next to Lin Yan and glanced over casually. He could see that the strength index analysis map had been drawn in advance. Lin Yan noticed Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze and smiled. “Just wait, there will be a good show to see.”

Under normal circumstances, solo matches were usually won by taking the opponent’s defense tower or completing the first kill.

However, Lin Yan formulated a brand new rule for the two of them. “Gloy’s victory condition is to take one tower or one blood. There is just an additional prerequisite. It must be done before Gun Zai completes 30 soldier replenishments.”

Then he turned to look at Jian Ye. “Correspondingly, as long as you can complete 30 soldier replenishments, you will win. Remember, you must use your best hero!”

Jian Ye replied, “…Understood.”

Anyone could hear it from the moment the rules came out. This was obviously forcing Jian Ye to escape from the protection of the defense tower to collide head-on in the line.

Gu Luo was silent for a moment before glancing at Jian Ye. “What is your best hero?”

Jian Ye thought about it. “Shaman Elf, Linley Witch, Cocoa Immortal?”

Gu Luo, “……”

These three heroes, one after another, had big breasts. Together, the [tn content=”milk”]Milk = common term for healing. So add milk would be adding health, milk daddy, etc would be a healer[/tn] received from them could pierce the sky.

There was one thing to say. This really didn’t match your image at all, this brother!

Lin Yan clapped his hands in anticipation. “If there are no comments then let’s not waste time. Start.”

The two people didn’t say anything and directly started the custom game.

Since Lin Yan repeatedly emphasized the need to use their good heroes and Jing Yuanzhou was there watching, Gu Luo didn’t hesitate to lock onto the assassin-type mid-laner hero Scarlet Dancer Fusang

On the other side, Jian Ye chose Cocoa Immortal.

It had to be admitted that in the current version of the game, support heroes of the healing type had become an almost trash existence. They had no strong hard control skills and there was no way to help the team resist too much damage. Combined with the need to chant the treatment skill, their teammates often died before their health could be restored.

It was precisely due to this embarrassing situation that the healers completely faded out of everyone’s vision. In a ranking section with high points, if someone locked onto Cocoa Immortal then it was likely they would be chased by their teammates and accused of being an [tn content=”‘actor’”]Someone who deliberately throws the game[/tn].

Therefore, Gu Luo instinctively believed that the solo match would soon end with his Fusang. He never expected that a match that should be quickly decided was actually dragged out to 15 minutes.

What was the concept of 15 minutes? Sometimes it was enough for a 5V5 crushing match. During the solo match, Jian Ye might have difficulty replenishing his troops due to Fusang’s suppression but he had already gained 28 artillery soldiers by the time he was killed by Gu Luo. In other words, he was likely to win if he had been a bit more steady.

The moment Gu Luo removed his hand from the keyboard and recalled the details of the match, he couldn’t help letting out a sigh. So strong! During the match, he clearly had several chances to complete the kill but in the last few tenths of a second, Jian Ye was always able to raise his health again from the bottom and escape.

It might be a coincidence if it was only once but this history repeated itself again and again. It showed that everything wasn’t a coincidence. It should be known that these healing type support heroes were different from assassins. If they wanted to complete such operations under the premise when skill casting was required, they had to rely on absolute advance judgment.

Gu Luo had only one thought come to mind. Fortunately, they were teammates and not opponents. This type of situation where he should’ve been able to kill casually but couldn’t had too much of an impact on human mentality

Lin Yan had already collected the information he wanted and was satisfied. He saw this teenager with grey hair still sitting with a blank expression and gently tapped his notebook against the grey hair. “What are you still doing here? Is it so great to abuse your teammate? Why don’t you send someone to rest in the dormitory?”

Gu Luo, “……”

It was really ‘great’. So ‘great’ that he didn’t want to experience this a second time. His mouth tensed but he didn’t say much. He just stood up. “Let’s go, Brother Gun, I will take you to the dormitory.”

Jian Ye had lost the solo match but there wasn’t too much expression on his face as he followed.

Lin Yan watched them leave until their backs completely disappeared. Then he nodded with pleasure. “It seems they will get along well in the future.”

Jing Yuanzhou wondered, “How can you tell?”

Lin Yan glanced at the settlement screen still on the computers and became more convinced. “A man’s intuition.”


Jing Yuanzhou tried to endure it but he still laughed. “This is really convincing.”

Lin Yan skillfully ignored the teasing in the words and calmly shifted the topic back. “By the way, is the captain satisfied with my newly recruited support?”

“Very satisfied.” Jing Yuanzhou raised his head to meet Lin Yan’s eyes and his smile became bigger. “You always have a discerning eye.”

Lin Yan inexplicably choked on his saliva at this gaze and he coughed. “Don’t praise me so much.”

“Isn’t it good to praise you?”

Lin Yan sent him an angry look. “I will be shy.”

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

He opened his mouth. “Then let’s talk about a topic that you won’t be shy about.”


Jing Yuanzhou leaned back in his chair. “So when will the other two teammates arrive?”

The people selected by Lin Yan just kept becoming more interesting. This inevitably made him interested.

Lin Yan blinked mysteriously. “You’ll see soon.”

Jing Yuanzhou raised an eyebrow. “Soon?”

Lin Yan opened the app on his phone and took a look. “Yes, I have placed an order with him for a week. You can play as you like.”

Luo Mo had just sorted out Jian Ye’s contract. Now he heard such a sentence as he was walking in from outside and he paused slightly. It was unknown what Jing Yuanzhou was thinking but he suddenly gave a chuckle and asked in a low voice, “For a week, I can play as I like?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “It is fine if you call a few more people to play together. Activities that need more people will be more exciting.”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “You are right.”

Luo Mo’s hands holding the contract shook slightly as he listened to their conversation. Wait, what the hell were they talking about? What were these cruel and ruthless words?


Gu Luo had come to the club a few days earlier so he took Jian Ye to the dormitory building and Jian Ye selected a room. Gu Luo helped clean up and glanced at his new teammate from time to time.

If it hadn’t been for the meticulous and divine operation he had just experienced, he would’ve never associated this person’s image with the soft and cute Cocoa Immortal. Thinking up to here, Gu Luo was reminded of the soft and gentle financial backer sister and was silent for a moment.

Forget it, everything was fake.

Jian Ye finished cleaning up his closet and saw Gu Luo’s strange expression. He thought for a moment and said, “Gloy, don’t worry. You don’t have to pay attention to killing me just now. Brother Gun isn’t such a person and I didn’t take it to heart at all.”

It would’ve been fine if he hadn’t said it. Now that he did say it, Gu Luo remembered his vicious style on the map just now and instinctively glanced at the scar on the other person’s face.

Jian Ye patted him on the shoulder and showed a smile that he thought was kind. “Don’t look at Brother Gun like this. I’m actually very gentle. Relax. I will definitely love you well later on the field!”

Gu Luo was shocked by these two shots. “…You are too kind, Brother.”

Jian Ye laughed and the scar on his face stretched a bit, making him look fierce. “It should be.”

Gu Luo, “……”

He always felt that this was even more terrifying

The author has something to say:

Brother Gun: Believe me, I am really super gentle.

Gloy: I suspect you are threatening me…

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