CAMP: Chapter 117

At the end of the BP session, Lin Yan shook hands with the PAY coach and stepped down.

Commentator A said, “Okay, the match has now officially started. What type of wonderful performance will we see in the last match of the regular season? Let’s wait and see!”

Commentator B added, “PAY is very determined. If there is no accident, AI is ready to fight for GH’s jungle! As for GH’s side…. eh? Looking at this situation, they’re ready to give it up?”

From the big screen, they could see that GH’s top, middle and bottom lanes basically went to clear the line of soldiers without hesitation. Even Jian Ye, the support had directly abandoned Chen Yushen and went to the middle route.

This made Chen Yushen look lonely and helpless. After seeing AI in his vision, he didn’t hesitate to turn and head straight to the lower jungle.

[No, so cowardly right at the beginning of the game?]

[In the face of AI, GH has chosen to sacrifice the wild?]

[In theory… this is understandable.]

[No, the GH team came up with such a strange lineup. I thought they were going to do something big. So what is this?]

[How do you know there is no big action? The dark ghost hero is weak in the early stages and on the next lane, Angin needs to upgrade the big move, right? I don’t think it is wrong to be cautious early on.]

[Come on, isn’t it clear how PAY plays? GH is already like this in the early stages. Is it possible for AI to give opponents a chance to drag it to the later stages?]

[To be honest, I think that GH has gone a bit too far this time.]

[What is so strong? They lose every time they see a strong team. The Go Home team going home is really normal?!]

“AI got the blue. He should go back and first take the red buff on the top lane. Captain, be careful.” There wasn’t the passiveness that netizens imagined. Chen Yushen gave up half of the jungle but he didn’t forget his position to his teammates. He casually cleaned up a circle of mobs and looked at the map silently for a few minutes. “Gloy, be prepared. I will go to you.”

It was really deadly to let AI start with three buffs but this was just a guess about the route. He didn’t know what choice AI would make between the top and bottom lanes but he was at least certain that AI would never choose to gank the middle lane when Gu Luo had long range skills to clear the soldiers and Jian Ye’s healing. It was a chance as long as AI didn’t come.

Everyone knew that the dark ghost Sangmu especially needed the early economy. Therefore, PAY’s mid-laner really didn’t think that Chen Yushen would come to the middle lane to gank after he lost half the jungle in the beginning.

PAY’s mid-laner originally relied on the strong early skills to press Gu Luo and Jian Ye under the tower. Then he noticed the exclamation point about his head and he couldn’t help his heart jumping.

However, it was too late to pull back at this point. Gu Luo had been ready for a long time and fixed him in place with a skill. PAY’s mid-laner could only watch himself become a fixed target. After taking a set of damage, he had to use flash. He fled all the way back to the defense tower only to find that he had additional red flames on him.

PAY’s mid-laner realized it and couldn’t help letting out a low curse. “F*k?”

In fact, during the opening just now, PAY’s side had made complaints about Chen Yushen’s strange summoner skills configuration. Then everything that happened just now was so dangerous that he had forgotten. GH’s jungler took an unusual road. He actually didn’t take flash. Instead, he directly brought an ignition!

The flames that kept beating eventually took away the last of his health. Who would’ve thought that the dark ghost Sangmu who had just reached level 2 would take the first head of the game?

[First Blood!]

The huge economy of the first kill filled the vacancy caused by Chen Yushen losing the jungle. He didn’t pause at all. The beam of light around him darkened and he merged back into the darkness. Yet before Chen Yushen could leave the middle lane, there was a kill message from the next lane.

[PAY.AI has killed GH.BB.]

“It is my bad. I was greedy for one more soldier and gave AI an opportunity for nothing.” BB’s ashamed voice was heard in the voice channel, still filled with some lingering fear. “Fu*k, it is good that you moved faster. If I allowed AI to get three buffs and then became first blood then I wouldn’t be able to even make up for this crime with death!”

Jian Ye put down a few vision clearing items in empty spaces and spoke in a tone of comfort. “Brother Trash Talk, stay steady. Just hold on until level 6!”

According to Lin Yan’s arrangement, it was only once their two C positions reached level 6 that the game would really start. Bi Yaohua sighed slowly and responded, “Yes, I will try to be steady and work hard…”

However, facts proved that not all efforts had results. The difficulty with AI was that everyone knew he was going to gank but they still couldn’t stop him. After Jian Ye assisted in taking first blood, he moved from the middle to the bottom lane. Even so, Bi Yaohua still died three times before reaching level 6. It was a full one and half levels away from the opposing shooter. This was undoubtedly a very scary gap.

PAY’s mid-laner might be complaining repeatedly about Chen Yushen’s targeting but compared to Bi Yaohua, his life was as happy as heaven. If it wasn’t for Bi Yaohua’s psychological tolerance being strong enough then he might’ve hit the keyboard directly under such targeting. “F*k, now I seriously suspect that AI is deliberately targeting me. Did I say something bad about him on the live broadcast? Why don’t I remember it?”

“It isn’t surprising. The moment such a lineup was taken out, PAY must’ve guessed that we would do something with the double stealth. Abyss isn’t easy to catch so he can only catch you.” Jing Yuanzhou pressed DeMen back under the tower again, blocked the economy of the soldier line in the middle of the road, and asked, “How much more to go until level 6?”

Bi Yaohua had a bitter expression. “Half a level…”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “Yes, it’s coming soon. Try not to die before level 6.”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

Why did he feel like he had been stabbed in the chest again? What about compassion? The entire canyon was filled with smoke. Bi Yaohua’s tragic situation fell into the eyes of the audience and it was natural he would be ridiculed.

[Look, I said that GH was going to roll over. They obviously crashed in the bottom lane.]

[Why so anxious? Just wait until BB reaches level 6 and see again.]

[Do you really think you can turn over the sky by reaching level 6? Angin has a strong outburst but needs to be equipped first.]

[In other words, what is the use of BB being crushed so badly now? Go into stealth in a team bottom only to gloriously give away his head?]

[Haha, the person above is so vivid. I have a sense of the picture.]

[Still, the Go Home team hasn’t collapsed that much apart from the bottom lane, right?]

[Yes, the development in the middle lane is pretty good and Titans is also crushing DeMen a bit miserably. It is really hard to say who has the advantage.

[Just watch if you don’t believe it. AI has already collapsed one lane. Can the other two be far behind?]

[Indeed, AI’s development is too good now. GH can’t hold him down anymore, right?]

It had to be admitted that the situation of the bottom lane was too bad.

Bi Yaohua had a stress response after being targeted so many times. He had just returned to the lane and hadn’t touched the soldier line twice when he noticed the position of the opposite PAY shooter and immediately shouted in the voice chat, “Help help help, AI is ready to continue to f*k me!”

Chen Yushen glanced at the bottom lane. “During the time when AI isn’t there, Gloy get ready. I will come to the middle lane for a wave.”

Jing Yuanzhou added, “I have teleportation. Don’t worry and resist the pressure. This time, we will push directly to the tower.”

Jian Ye ran away from the shooter and rushed to the middle lane. “I’m here, I’m here. F*k them!”

Bi Yaohua who had just sent a request for help, “??? Aren’t I your favorite baby?”

Jian Ye comforted him. “For the sake of the overall situation, you have to make a few sacrifices. I wronged you.”

Bi Yaohua, “……”

Seeing his teammates who really didn’t mean to save him, Bi Yaohua wanted to cry. He immediately withdrew without hesitation. The moment the first step was taken, AI’s figure jumped out from the side of the river. He was like a sharp blade coming across.

Bi Yaohua couldn’t help cursing. However, AI had the support’s acceleration skill and didn’t leave him any chance to retreat.

The fighting in the middle broke out at the same time. Jing Yuanzhou used teleportation to directly block the retreat of PAY’s mid-laner. DeMen teleported at the same time but he was still a bit slow. GH got the upper hand first. The battle in the middle and bottom lanes were extremely fierce for a time and the entire audience held their breath.

Bi Yaohua fled in disarray and used his positioning to avoid several deadly skills. Still, he inevitably saw his health falling. He saw there was only a bit of health left when Gu Luo’s voice was heard from the voice channel. “Brother Trash Talk, clear the soldiers!”

Bi Yaohua’s heart jumped. He used a beautiful S-shaped movement to walk around the grass and released a non-directional skill. It aimed at the line of soldiers not far away. At the same time, Gu Luo used a big move from the middle lane. It was a linear ultra long range output technique that directly spanned half the map. It was a very exquisite angle that took away the head of PAY’s mid-laner while accurately penetrating into the next lane, assisting Bi Yaohua to collect a large wave of soldiers.

The moment the economy of the soldiers arrived, there was the flash of the level up around the shooter Angin. At almost the same moment, Bi Yaohua rolled to the side. Angin’s sorrowful laugh after using his big move was heard in the lower lane. The next second, they could only watch the low health figure completely disappear in front of them.

Bi Yaohua took advantage of the moment when the opponent lost sight of him to almost crawl back under the defense tower. The entire voice channel was filled with the extremely happy laughter of the Trash Talk King, “Hahahahaha. I’ve finally reached level 6!”

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1 year ago

I don’t understand this game entirely still but I feel happy for Bi Yaohua for reaching level 6! XD thanks for the translation!

1 year ago
Reply to  laketica

Same same. Lol. But I guess, the skill that can be unlocked when reached level 6 is related to stealth.

1 year ago
Reply to  laketica

if u play League of Legends, I’m assuming this skill is similar to Evelyn and Twitch — it’s a passive skill that lets them become invisible once they reach level 6! it’s really annoying trying to fight them :”D