CAMP: Chapter 116

Once the players from both sides completely entered, the two commentators had completely heated up the atmosphere of the venue. The applause and cheers continued until the end.

As the last match of the regular season, the rankings at the top of the leaderboard would be officially decided. This was special in itself. Therefore, in addition to the fans of the two teams, it also attracted attention from fans of other teams.

The moment the live broadcast was turned on, the barrage scrolled wildly in an instant.

[Come on, make your bets. Guess who will win between PAY and GH?!]

[What a joke. Do you have to guess when playing PAY? GH isn’t on the same level at all, okay?!]

[Don’t say this. They might’ve lost against Three but didn’t GH just win against LDF?]

[More than that, GH got the only pentakill of the season!]

[Can’t Go Home team fans be a bit self-aware and not brag too much? I have seen PAY’s recent matches and know how good AI is now. It would be good if GH doesn’t collapse in the early stages today!]

[In fact, PAY fans shouldn’t be too confident. Every year, the PAY civil war is fierce but useless. It is just an internal struggle. Once it comes to the World Competition, don’t they instantly shrivel up?]

[Yes, DeMen’s recent state is becoming increasingly worse and PAY still hasn’t found a replacement. I think the club’s management really doesn’t have the ambition to win the championship.]

[What does the above person mean? What’s wrong with DeMen? could PAY have gone this far today without him?]

[I’m laughing to death. Does PAY really need DeMen? I think it is because of him that PAY can’t win the championship!]

[Stop making noise. I will play a war song to help you! ‘Unforgivable’, get ready!]

[Hahahaha, I have to praise this war song. Looking at it, it must be an old fan of the GH team.]

[Shall I add a slogan to help you? PAY, go home without worries. GH will supply your gas.]

[This passerby is laughing like crazy. Are all GH fans crosstalk major graduates?]

[It is said that fans gain the attributes of the team. I used to scoff at this but now I’m really convinced. I have to kneel down to the bigshots of the team.]

The players at the scene couldn’t see the contents of the barrage and were seriously preparing. Lin Yan held a folder and stood behind them. He didn’t forget to give them a reminder. “Check carefully. This is a game that can be considered as the finals. Don’t let there be any problems with your equipment.”

Jing Yuanzhou tried the volume of the headset. “Rest assured, we will win today.”

Lin Yan inexplicably heard a different meaning from this sentence. He glanced at this figure and joked, “It seems that Captain Jing is really determined to win.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t deny it. “Yes, I will probably cry if I lose.”

Lin Yan had a hard time holding back his laugh. The others didn’t understand the mysterious conversation between the two and just felt bewildered.

Jian Ye thought about it before trying to comfort Jing Yuanzhou. “Captain, it doesn’t have to be like this. Isn’t it just the regular season? It isn’t a big deal. If we don’t get this second place ranking then third is also good. There is no need to give yourself too much pressure.”

Bi Yaohua also helped him. “Right! Look at the children in our team. They are already satisfied to reach all this way. It isn’t that we can’t afford to lose. Rest assured, our tolerance is really okay. To tell you the truth, I feel that listening to the sunspots for so long doesn’t hit me as hard as this one sentence from you, Captain!”

Gu Luo was a brainless Titans fan and it was impossible for him to imagine Jing Yuanzhou crying at the scene. He instinctively shook and hurried to interject. “Captain, don’t cry. Even if we lost this match, we will win it back in the playoffs!”

Today’s supervising referee had to be the same person as the one in charge of the LDF match. Now he listened to the content of the voice channel and couldn’t help looking at their zone.

What was wrong with these people? In the previous match against LDF, they bragged to the sky. How come this time, the match hadn’t even started yet and they were already talking about losing. Where was the previous energy?!

Perhaps Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t bear to listen anymore. He finally opened his mouth and reprimanded the children. “I said that I must win. It has nothing to do with you.”

The GH members who felt choked up. “???”

Lin Yan couldn’t help laughing and he had to open his mouth. “Okay, what is going on with you? We haven’t even played yet. Can’t you have higher expectations? What do you mean that it doesn’t matter if you lose? Fight! You must beat them hard, understood?!”

The team members, “…Understood!”

Lin Yan nodded with satisfaction and looked across the stage at PAY’s zone. From afar, he could see the players of the PAY team seriously communicating with each other. However, the atmosphere was more dignified compared to the harmony and happiness on their side.

This reminded Lin Yan about Jing Yuanzhou’s previous mention that DeMen was going to retire. His gaze skimmed over AI’s face and he slowly sighed. Based on PAY’s overwhelming momentum in the field recently, he was sure that many people felt a suffocating breath from this team.

Obviously, PAY really wanted to win! They wanted to fight for more glory for their captain before DeMen retired. Unfortunately, what team didn’t want to win? At the very least, GH had to win this match!

The preparation time ended and the final match of the regular season officially started. In the BP session, two of PAY’s three bans were handed over to Jing Yuanzhou without any surprises. The last one to be banned was Gu Luo’s scarlet moonblade Nina.

Lin Yan saw this and couldn’t help teasing. “Yes, Gloy. You are really the battle god.”

Gu Luo scratched the side of his face awkwardly and muttered in a low voice, “Then what should I do now? Nina is banned.”

Lin Yan reassured him. “Don’t worry, I’ll adjust it later.”

Judging from the previous plan, Nina was indeed the best choice for Gu Luo. However, he had guessed the possibility of it being banned and set aside some other heroes in advance. After repeatedly observing the heroes banned by both sides, Lin Yan had Jing Yuanzhou grab the moon shadow guard Horace that DeMen was better at in order to block PAY’s lineup arrangement.

PAY’s first and second choices were given to their shooter and support respectively.

The two commentators on stage were also talking together. Since they suffered some losses in the past, the two of them threw around topics during the lineup speculation and completed a full crosstalk routine on the spot. The two of them had an exchange without much content while GH’s side locked onto two heroes.

One of the choices made the spectators cry out with surprise. Everyone still remembered the highlight moment in the last match against LDF when GH’s mid-laner solo killed Luni. Now just after the young player won the title of battle god, GH didn’t take out an assassin-type mid-laner hero. Rather, they chose the sky singer Suya, a super long range mage with relatively weak output.

What was this?

Commentator A secretly sweated and was glad that he didn’t guess blindly. “GH really didn’t disappoint us. This time, it is strange… cough, it is impossible to guess the intention behind their lineup. To be honest, the sky singer really isn’t strong in the current version. Its role in both online and group battles is quite limited. In the face of the PAY team with AI, it really takes a lot of courage to make such a choice. If an assassin approaches this hero…”

At this point, he cleared his throat. In order to avoid being hit in the face again, he added with great experience, “Of course, the GH team must have their own intention to take this out. Let’s wait and see what happens in the match!”

Commentator B timely added, “To tell you the truth, I’m really curious about the final lineup of this game.”

The barrage of the live broadcast scrolled quickly as the two people chatted.

[F*k, is the current commentators so good? Sitting on the stage and talking nonsense… I can also do it?]

[I feel that these commentators had learned well. They have been hit in the face several times by the GH team during the BP process. They’ve finally learned.]

[It isn’t easy to explain GH but shouldn’t you have some semblance of professionalism?]

[It is saying nothing for a long time then what is the point of listening to a nonsense commentary?]

[As we all know, commentators should be used to be hit in the face. First of all,  you should have a clear understanding of your career!]

[I think GH’s hands are wonderful. I intuitively sense that they have other tricks.]

[Coach Lin never plays an unprepared battle! I’m suddenly starting to look forward to it again!!!]

[Isn’t this a good explanation? That’s right! If GH’s lineup can be seen through then they won’t be called GH.]

[Come on, don’t be proud. Be careful not to be overturned when choosing the lineup blindly.]

[Oh, wait and see!]

Just as the barrage was becoming noisy, PAY and GH made choices one after another. PAY’s last selection was left to AI and his final choice was one of his best jungler heroes. The moment he locked onto it, the fans screamed.

At this time, people also started to notice the last two hero choices that the GH team selected. The heroes they selected for the jungler and shooter positions weren’t the most powerful heroes in this version, but they were at least regulars of the professional league.

One was the dark ghost Sangmu who had the longest stealth time and the other was the absolute assassin shooter who could make the enemy lose their vision for a short time, the wheat thief shooter Angin.

These heroes looked normal individually but the key problem was when they appeared at the same time. So this lineup was double stealth?!

Proofreader: Nao

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