CAMP: Chapter 115

Downstairs, the cooking aunt had prepared breakfast and set the table as usual. Of course, there were no mornings in e-sports so the usual breakfast was often saved for the evening and turned into a late night snack.

Seeing Lin Yan come downstairs, the cooking aunt was somewhat surprised by this rare guest and greeted him warmly, “Xiao Lin, the soy milk is still hot. Drink it while you can.”

Lin Yan responded while pulling out his chair and sitting down at the table. He scooped out a bowl of soy milk and looked around to find that nothing else had shown signs of being touched.

Obviously, Jing Yuanzhou hadn’t gone for his morning exercise as usual. Based on the situation last night, it was very likely he had gone to make up for his lack of sleep. Lin Yan knew how much effort it took to process those videos. He guessed that Jing Yuanzhou had probably stayed awake until 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning. Once he thought about this, the soy milk in his mouth seemed to have a different taste. It was a bit bitter but also a bit sweet.

Lin Yan had told him in advance yesterday so Chen Yushen was the one who had woken up the earliest. He went downstairs and was slightly stunned when he saw the figure sitting at the dining table. He hastily quickened his pace and took a deep-fried breadstick to eat.

After breakfast, the two people headed to the meeting room together. It was the familiar time to give special attention. Lin Yan took advantage of the time when the equipment was turning on to ask, “How was your practice last night?”

Chen Yushen thought about it before answering, “I tried it and I think this idea is feasible.”

Lin Yan showed a satisfied smile. “It is fine as long as it is feasible. Today I can only give you AI’s gank routes. The rest is up to yourself.”

Chen Yushen agreed. “Yes…”

Lin Yan noticed the hesitation in Chen Yushen’s expression and asked with a smile, “Is there something else you want to say?”

Chen Yushen was silent for a moment before opening his mouth. “Coach, you’ve played with AI. How big do you think the gap between us is?”

Lin Yan glanced at Chen Yushen and blurted out without thinking, “AI is very strong. He should be the top jungler I have ever come into contact with. Looking at the current situation, there is indeed still a big gap between you and him.”

The answer wasn’t unexpected and the color of his eyes deepened. Then he heard Lin Yan continue. “However, I’m just talking about now. No matter what height AI is at currently, he gradually accumulated it through playing games. You are missing these experiences. As long as you keep working hard, I believe you will be stronger than him in the near future!”

Chen Yushen raised his head and met eyes filled with a faint smile. He was slightly stunned and his heart seemed to be hit by something. Chen Yushen pressed his lips together tightly. “I will continue to work hard.”

It was a very soft but unshakable sentence. He seemed to be responding to Lin Yan and talking to himself.

Lin Yan smiled. “Then let’s get started.”

By the time the two of them went through the data and information and came out of the meeting room, it was past lunchtime. The others had woken up one after another and the training room filled with people.

Chen Yushen didn’t waste time. The moment he entered the door, he directly called out to Gu Luo to team up together as a pair. The center and jungle linkage was one of the keys to the next match. The whole room was filled with the tapping of a keyboard.

After Lin Yan entered, his first reaction was to look in the direction of the training room. He saw a familiar figure instantly. He paused for a moment before walking over.

Jing Yuanzhou was playing the rankings and using a side account for training purposes. He deliberately left behind a lot of economy without upgrading his equipment but the other side was still pushed under the tower again and again. He finished a wave of killing under the tower and retreated. He was pressing the key to return to the city to restore his state when he sensed something and glanced back.

They were caught off guard and two pairs of eyes met.

Lin Yan couldn’t help clearing his throat. Jing Yuanzhou took off his soundproof headphones and glanced in Chen Yushen’s direction. “Is the personal attention meeting over?”

“It went smoothly thanks to the information you organized.” Lin Yan lowered his eyes and stared at Jing Yuanzhou’s face carefully before actively admitting his mistake. “Yesterday was my bad. I accidentally fell asleep. In fact, you could’ve woken me up directly.”

Jing Yuanzhou watched him with amusement. “How to say… perhaps you were too cute when you were sleeping so I couldn’t bear to do it.’

Lin Yan wasn’t poor enough to lose his temper so he glanced at the computer screen and gave a reminder. “If you don’t go out then be careful that your teammates don’t report you.”

Jing Yuanzhou turned around, clicked on the mouse and his character started heading toward the lane again. Lin Yan’s eyes fell on such a back and he slowly let out a breath. “I think I better get you some more health tea.”

On the screen, both sides were testing each other. The team battle was imminent but Jing Yuanzhou still had the relaxation to glance back. “Are you going out to buy it again?”

Lin Yan paused for a moment before slowly replying, “I’ll cook it myself this time.”

For this wave of battle, Jing Yuanzhou directly took five kills.


The next day, the members of GH had their meals in advance and got into the business car to head to the competition venue. So far, the schedule of the regular season had basically come to an end.

In the afternoon, the LDF team was eventually defeated by Three. In this way, GH and PAY were competing for second place in the rankings. At the same time, the final rankings of all the teams would be settled.

Jian Ye sat in the car and couldn’t help moving his fingers nervously. “When I think that the opponent tonight is PAY… f*k, I wasn’t so nervous when playing the finals of Burning Hot Assembly!”

Bi Yaohua laughed. “Isn’t that nonsense? The variety show is just a secondary league team. How can it compare to a strong team like PAY? In addition, if we lose this match then we’ll lose second place in the rankings. The difference between second and third place is like the difference between night and day!”

Gu Luo was inevitably a bit nervous and his gaze turned to Chen Yushen who was looking out the window. For the past two days, he had been pairing up with Chen Yushen. In fact, he had always been curious about what type of guidance Lin Yan had given Chen Yushen. Now he couldn’t help wondering, “Abyss, didn’t the coach teach you a unique secret to deal with AI? What exactly is it?”

Chen Yushen turned his head to look over. “Nothing. He just had me change my thoughts about playing a jungler.”

The attention of the other members was drawn over. “Change your thoughts about playing a jungler?”

Chen Yushen thought about it and repeated the words that Lin Yan told him. “He told me not to guess where AI will appear but to instead think about where he can’t possibly appear. Coach said it can make my rhythm of playing jungler much clearer.”

The entire car was quiet for a moment. A moment later, Bi Yaohua finally came back to his senses. “This method is wonderful…”

Lin Yan had originally closed his eyes in the back row. Now he slowly opened them and objectively commented, “Your awareness of playing jungler can’t be improved in a short time. Judging from the current situation, there is definitely no time to accumulate competition experience for Abyss. In this case, the transformation of his thinking is the best way I can think of for him to deal with this game.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “It is really the best way.”

There were all types of subtle opportunities that came at every point in the game. The reason why AI could ascend to the altar was due to his absolute control of those opportunities.

In the game with PAY, if there were three opportunities on the field at the same time then deciding the one AI would choose was always a headache for the opponent. This type of answer could only be sought through the tedious reasoning process which was the ultimate test of a jungler’s awareness. Compared with this situation, it was much easier to push through the position where it was impossible for AI to appear in terms of fault tolerance or operability.

It wasn’t difficult to find from PAY’s previous videos that the reason why many teams completely collapsed in the early and middle stages was because they wanted to pursue AI’s gank route too much. Instead, they were completely caught in the other side’s rhythm.

This was the scary part of playing the jungler demon king.

Chen Yushen was currently a solo jungler and his style of play was very different compared to AI. It was precisely due to these two different types of playing styles that it was more convenient for him to pull away from AI’s rhythm and open up the situation in the opposite direction.

No matter who was the core of this match, the final point of victory or defeat was destined to be Chen Yushen.

“In short—” Lin Yan continued with the key part. “For this match against PAY, you must always follow Abyss’s rhythm.”

Everyone in GH responded in unison. “Yes!”

At the venue, they got out of the car, entered the safety passage, and headed to the lounge to make the final adjustments before the match. Then Jian Ye noticed Jing Yuanzhou holding the familiar thermos and couldn’t help taking a second glance.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed his gaze and looked over. “Do you want to know what is inside?”

Jian Ye, “……”

He felt that he should know. Still, it was rare to see the captain smile like this so he nodded with interest. “What is it?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “It is health tea prepared by Coach Lin.”

It was an unsurprising answer. The expressionless Jian Ye was about to take out some flattering words when he heard Jing Yuanzhou continue, “This time it wasn’t bought from outside. The coach personally cooked it.”

Jian Ye, “……”

It was also the only one, right? So why on earth should he bear this? Just because he took one more look in the crowd?!

Next to him, Gu Luo inadvertently heard it. He couldn’t help looking down at the bottle of fresh milk in his head. The production date was clearly today but he suddenly felt that the taste was sour.

Just then, the door of the lounge was pushed open. Lin Yan didn’t notice the resentment in the air. He leaned against the door and gently tapped on the back of it. “Get ready. It’s time to play!”

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