CAMP: Chapter 114

Just as guessed, the entry #Luni is ready to retire# directly topped the Weibo hot search that evening. The comments area of LDF’s official Weibo and Luni’s personal Weibo exploded and the scene was spectacular.

This incident undoubtedly attracted the attention of players from other clubs. In the blink of an eye, the professional players group started to madly @Luni. Everyone wanted to know the situation.

After returning to the base, Lin Yan looked at Chen Yushen and gave him some words of ‘advice.’ Then he arranged for the four players to team up as pairs for training. By the time he saw the hot search, he was in his room sorting through the data of PAY’s recent matches.

He looked through the comments and felt a bit more emotional. “In fact, Luni’s fans truly spoil him. When he lost the match against us, I remember that LDF’s official Weibo was full of comfort out of fear he would have a psychological trauma from losing the match. If it were us, we would be scolded online. Forget having these small essays full of true emotions. It’s really touching!”

“It’s normal.“ Jing Yuanzhou sat next to him watching the match videos and glanced over. “It was the most depressing time of China’s competition area when LDF was founded. In the first year, the newly established team got good results. Then Luni joined and became the backbone of the middle lane that the other competition areas always looked down on. A large number of LDF fans are Luni’s faithful mid-laner fans and they have accompanied the team with their true feelings all the way. They have experienced big storms together and their mentality is definitely different from that of ordinary team fans.”

Lin Yan couldn’t help feeling envious. “Tsk, that’s good.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “Why so envious? Just wait for our team to win a few world competitions and we will also have such fans.”

Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t a person to say such big talk casually. Now he said it and it inevitably made Lin Yan doubt if Jing Yuanzhou had been with him for too long. What was that saying? Approaching good people can make you better and approaching bad people can make you worse.

Lin Yan thought about it and felt it was better not to make the fans’ God Jing too crooked. He cleared his throat and changed the topic. “Regardless of what happened with Luni, how is your game video going?”

Jing Yuanzhou answered, “It will be done soon. It’s already at 30 minutes.”

Lin Yan told him, “There’s no need to be too detailed. Just extract AI’s gank route. At present, the strength of our three lanes is acceptable. As long as we control AI during the match and don’t give him too much room to play, things shouldn’t go wrong. Once I finish with these statistics, I’ll go over and take a look with you.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the huge number of videos waiting to be watched in the folder and was silent for a moment. “Are you going to finish watching all of these today?”

“I have to finish watching them.” Lin Yan said, “I have asked Abyss to do the rankings tonight to find the feeling. Tomorrow, these refined detail videos need to be given to him. There isn’t much time. We will fight PAY the evening after next. After he digests all of this, I have to give him rest time to adjust his state. I can’t push the child too hard.”

“You have never thought about giving yourself time to rest.”

His voice was so low that Lin Yan didn’t hear it clearly. He looked up blankly. “What did you say?”

“Nothing.” Jing Yuanzhou sighed in his heart and turned his attention to the video again. “Since time is tight, hurry and watch it.”

Lin Yan glanced at his phone. “It’s late. You can finish this one and leave the rest to me.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s expression didn’t change much. “No need. I don’t have many training plans tomorrow and can finish it with you today.”

He didn’t know if he should scold Lin Yan or not. Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say it explicitly but couldn’t Lin Yan see that he was feeling distressed?

Thinking back now, every time it came to league-related things, this person would work from morning to night. He thought of the players’ need to adjust their state and have a rest period but he never considered how much work he had taken on in these days.

Jing Yuanzhou used to think that Lin Yan was a workaholic. Now thinking about it, calling him a workaholic was simply underestimating Lin Yan! Compared to AI, this coach was more like a working machine who didn’t know how to think about himself at all.

Lin Yan was focused on the data sheet but listening to Jing Yuanzhou’s words, he vaguely realized that this man was a bit unhappy. Luni’s retirement must still be affecting Jing Yuanzhou’s mood. Lin Yan thought it wasn’t a big thing for the two of them to stay together for a while tonight and responded in a rare, well-behaved manner. “That’s fine. Remember to tell me when you are tired.”

Jing Yuanzhou paused for a moment. “Yes.”

To be honest, he was really worried that Lin Yan would be exhausted from constantly spinning around like this. He naturally wanted to try and share some of the burden this time. The one thing he regretted most at this moment was wasting an afternoon to watch the PAY match on the spot. Otherwise, there would be no need to stay up late and work overtime like this.

Lin Yan processed the data very quickly. The original heavy stack of documents was finally accurately sorted into three pages by him. His execution ability was terrible.

After finishing this part of the work, he saw Jing Yuanzhou sitting at the desk and still finishing the video. He sat down in a comfortable position on the bed with his laptop and asked, “How much have you watched?”

Jing Yuanzhou reported the video coding interval. Lin Yan nodded. He determined the remaining video content and simply marked Jing Yuanzhou’s part. “You watch these first and I will do the rest.”


After the simple exchange, the room was quiet and there was only the faint clicking sound of the keyboard and the mouse.

In fact, Jing Yuanzhou rarely stared at the computer screen all night like this. Even during qualifying training, he would rest his eyes for a while. It was just that Lin Yan must watch all the videos tonight. It meant that as long as Jing Yuanzhou watched one more video, the number of remaining videos would be less.

He thought this way and really sat at the computer desk all night. By the time Jing Yuanzhou finished watching the last video, it was almost 3 a.m. He saw that Lin Yan hadn’t moved and wanted to ask this person to rest together with him for a while. Then he turned around and saw the figure that had fallen asleep on the bed. The movement of his hands instinctively lightened.

All the video information and statistics they processed tonight were personally screened by Lin Yan’s analysts. It looked like simple preliminary work but it was necessary to keep the brain running at high speed the entire time and the degree of mental energy consumption could be imagined. It wasn’t surprising that Lin Yan would fall asleep early under such high intensity consumption.

Regardless of Lin Yan’s unruly appearance, he was more rigorous and careful when doing things than anyone else. Even when he was sleeping, his eyebrows were slightly twisted like he was worrying about work in his sleep.

Workaholics were crazy.

Jing Yuanzhou walked to the bed and observed for a while, feeling a bit dumbfounded. He couldn’t help reaching out and rubbing gently at the center of the tight brow until it relaxed. Then he withdrew his hand.

A moment later, he gently bent down and picked up the laptop that had fallen on Lin Yan’s bed, placing it on the side table. He slowly came to the man’s side and lifted him up a bit into a more comfortable sleeping position. Then Jing Yuanzhou covered him with a blanket.

After letting out a sigh of relief, Jing Yuanzhou lowered his head and glanced at the progress of the video processing on the laptop. Then he sat back in front of the computer again. He started working on the remaining video content.


Lin Yan woke up the next morning and stared at the ceiling in a daze for a while. Then he gradually recalled the situation last night. He looked down at the velvet blanket covering him and sat up in the bed. He looked around and found that Jing Yuanzhou had disappeared. There was only a USB flash drive placed on the computer desk with a piece of paper underneath.

Lin Yan was stunned for a while. He rubbed his head and got up from the bed to look at the contents of the note. [Everything you want is in the unnamed folder on the USB drive. In addition, don’t forget to eat breakfast.]

Lin Yan grabbed the gaming chair next to him and sat down. He turned on the computer and inserted the USB drive. He clicked on the unnamed folder and was surprised to find that all the video processing results were neatly listed.

Lin Yan was a bit distracted for a while. He really couldn’t remember when he had fallen asleep last night. So, Jing Yuanzhou actually finished all the work for him alone?

Proofreader: Nao

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