CAMP: Chapter 113

The venue was basically full when the two of them entered. The two tickets that Luo Mo bought were in the VIP area in the front row. Looking at it, there were familiar game anchors or professional players around them.

Coincidentally, Lin Yan sat down and found that they were seated next to the members of the LDF team. This was when he remembered that after the PAY vs UL match ended, the second match would be between Three and SUU.

LDF’s next opponent was Three. They were apparently also watching the enemy’s situation. The only difference was that LDF came directly as a team. Luni sat in the closest position and he was stunned when he saw Lin Yan. Then he glanced at Jing Yuanzhou and wondered, “Did the two of you come out alone? Not bad, it’s very moving!”

Lin Yan was about to answer when Jing Yuanzhou gently patted him on the shoulder. “Change seats.”

Luni, “……”

Is it necessary for you to guard him so strictly?!

The match was about to start. The staff members gradually went on stage to prepare and the originally active venue instantly heated up. Huge cheers rang out from time to time. Once Lin Yan finished changing seats, he moved closer to Jing Yuanzhou’s ear to communicate. “Isn’t it the same wherever you sit? Why do you want to change positions?”

Jing Yuanzhou also leaned in. “Luni talks a lot. I’m afraid he’ll disturb you.”

Lin Yan hadn’t expected such a lofty excuse and he couldn’t help laughing. He was about to tease with a few words when he felt a slight pain from his earlobe. The moment Jing Yuanzhou had finished talking, he actually took a bite of Lin Yan’s ear.

It was a dim environment but such a small action inevitably caused some fire. Lin Yan’s heart thumped wildly. He raised his head to see the smile in the man’s eyes. It was in broad daylight and blatantly in front of everyone. This was unreasonable!

Lin Yan wasn’t a person who was willing to suffer. His first reaction after being teased was to return it. He had just reached out his hand to squeeze Jing Yuanzhou’s chin when he saw his figure suddenly appear on the big screen in the center of the venue. The hand that was reaching out paused.

Just now, the two official commentators had introduced several other professional teams who came to watch the match. The scene was already mobilized. Once the camera cut over, there was a burst of screams from the originally restless venue.

Commentator A said, “The first match today is PAY vs UL. As PAY’s next opponent, the GH team obviously came to the scene to investigate the enemy. However, it seems a bit different from the situation of other teams. Today GH… only two people have come?”

Commentator B also discovered this situation. “It seems that the training plan of the GH team is very full. The other players are staying at the base for training and probably have no time to come? It makes sense to be represented by the captain and the coach. If I remember correctly, this isn’t the first time they came to watch a match alone?”

“Yes yes. Coincidentally, the two of us were commentating on that match as well.” Commentator A said with a laugh. “In the mid-season, the two of them came to cheer for the BK team. Later, I did some digging and found that the rest of the GH players stayed at the base to complete their live broadcast target.”

Commentator B couldn’t help laughing. “Why does that sound a bit miserable?”

During the two commentators’ conversation, Lin Yan had already retracted his hand. After waving toward the camera, he leaned against Jing Yuanzhou and asked, “Why does it feel like the two people are deliberately looking for us to increase attention?”

Jing Yuanzhou also moved closer. “It is normal. For the pre-match warm up, they will definitely pick topics that will catch attention.”

Lin Yan thought about it. “Then add a bit more heat?”

Jing Yuanzhou cast an inquiring gaze at him. He saw Lin Yan making a half-heart shape with his hand while raising an eyebrow. Jing Yuanzhou understood it instantly and reached out his hand.

The act of them talking into each other’s ears like no one was watching had already drawn screams from the crowd. Now they saw the two people facing the camera while making a complete heart shape.

The entire venue was quiet for a moment before exploding. There were already many netizens in the live broadcast room and the barrage was completely covered by content such as ‘Parents Love is killing me’ and ‘f*k f*k f*k, please get married.’ The other content had completely disappeared. If they cut off Luni who was on the side then this picture of the two of them sitting there affectionately was simply a wedding photo!

The atmosphere at the scene reached the peak. Fortunately, the commentators remembered that Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou weren’t the protagonists today. They exchanged a few more teasing words before turning their attention to the stage. Under the leadership of the stage, the two teams in the first match came on stage one after another.

Lin Yan stopped the heart gesture and cracked his knuckles, the smile in his eyes not disappearing. “I feel that the audience is really easy to satisfy now. They are so excited just by the heart gesture. If we kiss in public one day, will we completely stun a group of people?”

“Try it and you’ll know?”

Lin Yan paused slightly before using his elbow to push this shameless guy away. “You are thinking too beautifully!”

Jing Yuanzhou held back his laugh and didn’t say anything. He leaned over as if nothing had happened and calmly changed the subject. “Who do you think will win?”

Lin Yan didn’t push him away this time. He glanced at the stage and replied without hesitation, “PAY.”

UL had always been an old team in the playoffs but their strength still had shortcomings compared to PAY that had AI.

The game officially started. The unexpected thing was that they played very hard against UL in this game. It could only be described as strong. PAY’s side started with AI going with the support to invade the opposite jungle. The level 1 group confrontation ended in a disastrous defeat for UL and AI directly obtained three buffs. There was an obvious economic advantage and PAY completely starting the harvesting journey with their jungle machine.

Lin Yan watched very seriously throughout the whole process and he couldn’t help frowning. “I have to say that AI’s rhythm is really good.”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “This should be in conjunction with DeMen. This year, PAY… hopes to go a bit further.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced to his other side meaningfully. Luni had no intention of eavesdropping but the venue was relatively quiet during the game and he heard the last sentence. The gaze aimed at him and he felt offended. “F*k, what is with this sympathetic gaze?”

Lin Yan smiled and sighed emotionally, “However, who on the field doesn’t want to go further?”

UL tenaciously dragged the time to 45 minutes but PAY still won. Since he had come to the scene, Lin Yan wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He simply continued to watch the next match with Jing Yuanzhou.

The second match ended faster. Three took only 30 minutes to cleanly defeat SUU and they once again defended their winning streak. Feeling the screams of Three’s fans at the scene, Lin Yan glanced at the stage and expressed his admiration very objectively. “Three is really strong. We truly did lose that match for a reason.”

“In any case, we can win next time.” Jing Yuanzhou stood up, ready to leave. “Go back.”

LDF next to him also stood up and the group walked back through the safe passage together. LDF was probably thinking of Three’s powerful performance just now and they remained silent for a while. Even Luni had fallen into contemplation. He seemed to be thinking about countermeasures for the next match.

It wasn’t until they arrived at the door of the safe passage that Luni’s mind returned and he glared at Jing Yuanzhou resentfully. “I guarantee that this is the last time I ask you. Just f*king tell me. Are you going to add me as a WeChat friend or not?”

Jing Yuanzhou let out an ‘ah’ cry. “No wonder why I always felt like there was something I haven’t done.”

“Get lost!” Luni endured the urge to hit this person. “Add me back now!”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled and extended his phone to add Luni as a friend. They said goodbye and Luni took the LDF group and left without looking back. Jing Yuanzhou stood in place and checked the time. “What about dinner?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “Go back and eat. I previously had an idea on how to deal with AI and it seems feasible when comparing it to today’s match. I have to hurry and sort it up to let Abyss practice it in the next two days.”

Jing Yuanzhou had long guessed that this would be the answer and he nodded. “Let’s go.”

They arrived late so the club’s business car was parked in the outskirts.  The two of them were walking toward the car when they heard vague restlessness not far away. They looked up and found that the LDF Club’s car was surrounded by a group of people at the exit.

Lin Yan paused slightly as he got in the car. “What is going on?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes swept over the support cards in the crowd. He saw the LDF words on them and had a guess. “They are fans of the LDF team. They should’ve seen from the live broadcast that LDF came to watch the match and came over here specifically.”

“They came here specifically?” Lin Yan suddenly came to a realization. “Is it because…”

Jing Yuanzhou sighed. “The news that Luni is ready to retire was probably leaked in advance.”

Lin Yan’s lips tightened slightly. He didn’t say anything as he turned to get into the car. As the business car passed through the parking lot entrance, LDF’s car could be seen through the window. Luni had gotten out of the car at some point and was currently surrounded by sad fans. Lin Yan couldn’t hear what they were saying but the overall atmosphere was extremely depressing.

Lin Yan took a look before retracting his gaze. Since retiring behind the scenes, he had seen too many scenes of retirement like this. Yet no matter how many times he saw it, he still couldn’t get used to it.

They were interrupted by such a sudden event and the atmosphere in the car became subtle. It was as Jing Yuanzhou had said before. For a player of his age, it was really time to plan ahead for retirement.

Upon arriving at the base, the two of them got out of the car one after another. Seeing that they were about to arrive at the entrance, Lin Yan abruptly opened his mouth and called out Jing Yuanzhou’s name.

Lin Yan rarely called him by his first name and last name like this so Jing Yuanzhou was somewhat surprised. He looked back and met a pair of deep eyes. Lin Yan watched him steadily and in the surrounding silence, every word seemed very clear. “Jing Yuanzhou, do you want to end the probation period early?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes inevitably shook. The emotions that had been somewhat complicated due to the LDF fans instantly disappeared due to such a simple sentence. A long time passed before he opened his mouth.

Before he could say anything, Lin Yan stared at him and laughed. “Then win the last match of the regular season!”

The words entered his ears and the originally distant expectations seemed close at hand. A smile flashed in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “Okay.”

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1 year ago

Se imaginan que perdieran (・_・;)

1 year ago

why are they talking abt JYZ’s early retirement suddenly? the others had to retire due to various reasons but there seems to be none for JYZ?

1 year ago
Reply to  euneun

It’s not about his retirement rather it’s about their relationship, both JYZ and LY agreed to have a probation period before dating, remember? If, after the probation period LY admit that he likes JYZ then they’ll be dating but if he doesn’t admit it then JYZ will use any means necessary to make him admit that he (LY) likes him (JYZ) and be a couple

Daring to Dream
Daring to Dream
9 months ago
Reply to  euneun

I think seeing a player near his age that he knows is good reason to trigger thoughts of retirement.

Most players have recurrent injuries/stress points.
Jing might have some he is not mentioning.

kdj fan
kdj fan
3 months ago
Reply to  euneun

reminder that his age is considered ils for the esports circle. before he came over to GH, it was said that he would retire soon probably (iirc)

kdj fan
kdj fan
3 months ago
Reply to  kdj fan

considered old*