CAMP: Chapter 112

The business car stopped when it arrived at the base. Everyone in GH had slept in a daze and they were still a bit sleepy when they got out of the car. Gu Luo held the equipment bag in his hand, rubbed his eyes, and opened his mouth to yawn. Then he inadvertently raised his head to meet Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze and paused slightly. “…Captain, what’s wrong?”

Lin Yan stood not far to the side. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but he seemed to be trying to control the raised corners of his mouth. Jing Yuanzhou’s demeanor seemed somewhat unnatural as he came straight over without speaking.

Before Gu Luo could react, Jing Yuanzhou’s big hand had already lightly landed on his head and it rubbed his grandma grey hair. Jing Yuanzhou’s action was very gentle but he spoke to Lin Yan in the distance. “Did you start?”

Gu Luo abruptly woke up due to the touch and he felt even more bewildered. He looked up blankly and saw that Lin Yan had taken out his phone and was fiddling with it in their direction like he was taking photos. After shooting, he made an OK gesture and looked satisfied. “It’s done. Next!”

Jing Yuanzhou responded with a hum and retracted his hand from Gu Luo’s head. Then he turned to the others. “Come here.”

The other players had also slept in the car and they weren’t much more awake than Gu Luo. They just instinctively accepted the instructions of the captain. In the blink of an eye, the yard of the base instantly became the scene of a large-scale rubbing of the grandma grey hair under Jing Yuanzhou’s arrangement.

Lin Yan was very responsible as the photographer and completed an entire set of photos in the blink of an eye. After finishing the work, he noticed the inquiring gazes. He tried his best to suppress his laugh as he cleared his throat. “It’s nothing. In order to celebrate Gloy become the god of battle today, the official Weibo needs some promotional materials.”

Gu Luo was just caught and ravaged by his teammates. Once he heard this, he had even more question marks above his head. It was understandable to publish something to celebrate today’s battle but why should his head be collectively touched by the group?

Lin Yan looked at Gu Luo who was in a daze from the touches and almost couldn’t control his laughter. He had felt it was a bit strange when Jing Yuanzhou suddenly proposed to open business in the car just now. It wasn’t until he looked at Weibo that he noticed this man was jealous. Still, he thought that Jing Yuanzhou’s appearance was a bit cute.

Lin Yan might feel some sympathy for Gu Luo but he didn’t expose his boyfriend’s shortcomings. He merely waved his hand. “Okay, there’s nothing else. Go back and rest. Hurry and adjust your status. I will send the next training plan to your inboxes.”

The team members instantly withered when they heard this. “Understood…”

10 minutes later, GH’s official Weibo sent a new post. Due to the current online hot searches about Gloy, this post attracted countless attention. It didn’t do anything strange as many people expected. The GH club’s Weibo post was normal. The entire thing basically revolved around today’s match against LDF. It celebrated the victory and thanked fans for the support. It also looked forward to the future, saying that the GH team would continue to work hard in the playoffs to repay all the support.

Based on the text content alone, it could be called extremely satisfactory. This was until someone noticed the ‘daily photos’ attached at the end and it instantly attracted the attention of all netizens. There were a total of four photos. To be exact, it was four members of the GH team placing their hands on Gu Luo’s head. The grandma grey hair was undoubtedly the only common point of these photos. At a glance, it seemed that rubbing Gu Luo’s grandma grey hair was an established form of solidarity and camaraderie in the GH team.

In just a few minutes, the comments had completely blown up. Netizens instantly forgot about the new CP and started to crazily support other combinations. Jing Yuanzhou watched Lin Yan send this Weibo post after editing it. As the originator, he read the comments with relish.

[Abyss x Gloy, BB x Gloy, Gun x Gloy, Titans x Gloy, they’re all good! Ahhh, wake me up. I’m crazy!]

[I can do everyone except Titans! Titans really isn’t possible. Titans is with Coach Lin!]

[Gloy is the first one I’ve seen where the grandma grey hair doesn’t feel rebellious at all. It makes people feel like he is cute. He is a real puppy.]

[All of GH is okay? Don’t say it, it looks like it feels really good to touch Gloy’s hair.]

[Looking at this face, I really can’t imagine him playing so fiercely on the field. He is handsome, absolutely!]

[What is the matter with the GH team? All of them can be mixed up? Gloy is the official shou!]

[Hahaha, the above people should stop it or Gloy will fight hard with you! I remember that when he was live broadcasting, he kept emphasizing that he is very fierce.]

[Still, he is really cute. Hahaha, all members x Gloy is irrefutable. This is probably the legendary group pet?]

[Wait, why do I suddenly have the feeling of a loving family?]

[Someone finally found it! Titans touching the head feels like the coach before. Isn’t the GH team really a mom and a dad with a bunch of children?]

[F*k, I listened to you and looked back at the previous photo. Suddenly, a few words popped up in my mind: maternal love is like the sea!]

[Hahaha, I’m laughing to death. Then it is an old mother’s caress?]

[That’s right. This is what I wanted to see it feels like! Parents love is real!!!]

Lin Yan leaned on the sofa next to Jing Yuanzhou. He saw that Jing Yuanzhou was in a good mood and finally couldn’t help laughing. “What would netizens think if they know that this official post was because a certain god’s vinegar jar was spilled?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked over with a smile in his eyes. “I really want them to know. It’s better than me eating vinegar here alone.”

Lin Yan was stunned at his words being countered. He cleared his throat. “Don’t say that. Why does this tone make me seem heartless?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled at Lin Yan and followed these words. “That’s right. It’s my own possessiveness. Blame me.”

Lin Yan originally wanted to say more but now that Jing Yuanzhou was so magnanimous, he would just seem worse if he kept talking. It was rare for him to suffer a verbal loss and he couldn’t help chuckling. “Bah.”

Then he thought about Jing Yuanzhou’s words again and he couldn’t help his face becoming a bit hot.

At this moment, his phone vibrated lightly twice. Lin Yan lowered his head and changed the topic. “Speaking of which, it will be the end of the regular season soon and I think it is a waste of time to live broadcast lining up as a pair. I have a way to get the best of both words. It doesn’t affect business and the exposure and topic should be good. Do you want to consider it?”

“What’s your idea?”

Lin Yan waved his phone screen in front of this person. “There will be a PAY match tomorrow afternoon. I need to collect information about them anyway so I asked Ah Mo to get two infield tickets.”

“Two?” Jing Yuanzhou noticed the key word and his eyes changed slightly. “Just the two of us?”

Lin Yan glanced at him. “Of course. Do you think it is easy to get infield tickets at such late notice?”

Jing Yuanzhou met this gaze and a moment later, joy filled his eyes. “Can I understand this as our first solo date?”


The next day, Lin Yan opened his eyes in bed. He stared at the ceiling for a long time before getting up to wash. He meticulously prepared and it wasn’t until he opened his wardrobe and reached for his privately customized suit that he recovered.

It was probably due to the last sentence but he spent all of last night dreaming about a date with Jing Yuanzhou. So from the time he got up to the present, his series of actions seemed to be preparing for the next ‘date.’

Lin Yan, “……”

He paused for a few seconds before taking back his hand from the suit. He looked around the wardrobe before finally picking out a white casual shirt and a pair of sophisticated denim trousers. It was departure time and Jing Yuanzhou was already waiting in the car.

Lin Yan deliberately glanced at the other person’s outfit as he got into the car. The clothes weren’t too formal. They were ordinary casual clothes but his temperament was completely different from when he usually wore a team uniform. It made Jing Yuanzhou’s already distinctive features feel different.

Lin Yan didn’t know why but several words flashed in his head at this moment: a dressed up beast.

These words didn’t seem good but it was instinctively appropriate. Once he met Jing Yuanzhou’s gaze, Lin Yan’s mind returned and he cleared his throat to cover it up. There was no one else in the car today but he still bypassed the other positions and sat in the empty seat next to Jing Yuanzhou in the back row as usual.

Jing Yuanzhou had noticed Lin Yan’s temporary distraction when looking at him and pondered on the meaning. Then a smile flashed in his eyes.

The business car officially set off.

In fact, this wasn’t the first time the two people were going to watch a match together. The last time was during the recording of Burning Hot Assembly. He remembered that at that time, it was also suggested by Lin Yan to watch the match between BK and PILL during the mid-season.

There might be many business factors in the decision to watch PAY’s match today but it was still very different compared to last time. Among them, the most interesting point was due to the unspoken deep relationship between them.

Looking back now, they didn’t have many opportunities to go out alone after confirming their hearts and minds. A large part of it was due to Lin Yan’s principle of ‘don’t fall in love’ but for two people whose feelings were deepening, an occasional itch was always inevitable.

They didn’t speak much after getting into the car. As the car drove along, the two men who never lacked for conversation were silent. They turned sideways and looked at the scenery outside the windows.

It was just that in the blind corner of the driver’s rear view mirror, two hands held each other tightly. Fingertips rubbed across the palm with a faint heat. The premise of ‘don’t fall in love’ was to have no dates but as Jing Yuanzhou said, today they left the other team members behind and went to watch a live match alone. What could it be called if not a date?

Lin Yan wondered if he had been set up by Jing Yuanzhou again. Since the window paper was pierced, his bottom line had been broken again and again. All of his original firm principles were nowhere to be found in the face of this man’s gentleness.

The temperature from the palm quietly stirred his restless blood. In this calm car, it seemed that only their clear heartbeats were left. Again and again, he became restless.

Some things were like this. Once he started to think about it, he couldn’t control it anymore. At this moment, Lin Yan never felt so clearly that he wanted to fall in love.

Proofreader: Nao

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
the ointment in JY's fingertips
7 months ago

Lin Yan might feel some sympathy for Gu Luo but he didn’t expose his boyfriend’s shortcomings.

oh, i didn’t know until today that their relationship is already official. i thought it was just mutual understanding (:з)∠)