CAMP: Chapter 111

It wasn’t until Jian Ye patted him on the shoulder that Gu Luo shook and reacted. Jian Ye looked at him with strange eyes. “What’s wrong? Why are you in a daze? We should go.”

Gu Luo was still wearing his soundproof headphones. He saw Jian Ye’s lips moving and finally remembered to reach up and take them off. Once the isolation effect was eliminated, the audience’s deafening applause instantly fell into his ears, making him jump, “What’s going on?”

Jian Ye saw this reaction and felt amused. “What’s going on? Congratulations, the mid-laner king, the god of battle!”

Mid-laner king? Who?

Gu Luo was full of thoughts about failing to complete the target and he didn’t realize what had happened. He was about to ask again when Jian Ye grabbed him to go down from the stage. “Let’s go. LDF’s side is still waiting for us to shake hands. Don’t let them wait too long.”

Gu Luo was dragged like this all the way. Once he stood still, he looked up and met the bitter expressions of the LDF team.

Gu Luo, “……”

The process after the match was simple and cumbersome. It just needed the players of both sides to shake hands in turn and exchange a few polite words. It was just a formality. Since the LDF team’s eyes were full of resentment, Gu Luo followed his teammates to shake hands one by one and couldn’t help burying his head lower and lower.

He finally came to Luni. Gu Luo wanted to withdraw after the handshake but he was unable to pull his hand back. Luni had grabbed it tightly.

Gu Luo’s heart tightened, “!”

The gaze above his head was particularly deep and his heart jumped fiercely as he inevitably became nervous.

Jing Yuanzhou was at the front of the team and had finished all the processes. Once he turned around, he saw the scene of Luni grabbing onto their mid-laner and asked curiously, “What are you doing scaring the child? Doesn’t this count as being old and disrespectful?”

“Who is old?!” Luni couldn’t help glaring at Jing Yuanzhou. “Who am I scaring? Am I someone who can’t afford to lose a match in the regular season?”

“It is really hard to say. The mid-laner demon king was killed so many times on the field. If it were me, I wouldn’t be able to maintain my face.”

After Jing Yuanzhou gave such a reminder, Luni found that the child with  grandma grey hair seemed to be frightened by him. He immediately let go and cleared his throat. “That is you. I’m not as stingy as you. To tell the truth, rather than being angry, I’m actually a bit happy.”

The two people exchanged such words and Gu Luo let go of his worries. Once he heard the second half of Luni’s sentence, he blinked with confusion. “Happy?”

He was happy to lose the game?

Luni naturally had some regrets about this defeat but there was a pleased smile on his face. “Yes, you haven’t participated in the World Competition before so you don’t know how the players from other divisions ridicule us mid-laners every time. The slogan ‘China’s second support’ is shouted every year.  I originally thought that when I… cough, in any case, now there is someone who can be regarded as a successor. How can I not be happy?”

“A successor?” Gu Luo hesitantly pointed at the tip of his nose. “Me?”

“Who else if not you? Once it comes time for the World Competition, you need to work hard for the banner of the China division’s mid-laners, little friend!” Luni finally remembered he was from another team and resisted the urge to rub the grandma grey hair. His voice suddenly became a bit emotional. “By the way, you couldn’t really endure it in the team battle just now! I thought I did well enough to find an opportunity but I didn’t expect for you to have more patience than me. I’m really curious, what exactly were you thinking in that last wave? Were you not going to join the team battle if I hadn’t exposed my position?”

Gu Luo was still digesting Luni’s initial words when his attention was naturally attracted by this question. “I didn’t think so much. I just remembered the coach specifically telling me that you will definitely choose the best time to enter the team battle in the middle and late stages. I don’t have to worry about other people and I just need to follow you to finish the kill.”

At this point, he paused slightly and imitated Lin Yan’s tone. “That old fox Luni will definitely show up in the critical period. At that time, if you completely keep an eye on him and kill him then we would’ve won at least half the team battle. That is what the coach said.”

Luni, “……”

He gritted his teeth and glanced at Jing Yuanzhou. “Your Coach Lin knows so much about other men. Are you actually indifferent?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled and was unmoved. “What does it matter as long as he knows me best?”

“……” Luni didn’t want to speak anymore. He quickly shook hands with the last two people and ended the ceremony.

The first thing Gu Luo did after returning to the player seats was to rush to Lin Yan for self-reflection. “I’m sorry, Coach. I didn’t complete the four kills as promised…”

Lin Yan hadn’t expected Gu Luo to still be thinking about this and couldn’t help laughing. “It doesn’t matter. You played very well in this game. As for solo kills, you will have a chance in the playoffs.”

Gu Luo had been a bit nervous. Now he heard this and his eyes lit up. “So I’m still qualified in this match?”

“Of course. If you hadn’t killed Luni then we wouldn’t have won the last wave of team battles.” Lin Yan was amused and rubbed Gu Luo’s head. “In any case, keep working hard. What you didn’t complete this time can wait until next time…”

The next words were instantly drowned out by the sudden cheers in the venue. Lin Yan was startled and looked up to realize that the statistics of the game had been calculated and the MPV had undoubtedly fallen on Gu Luo.

The camera director had moved the camera and his loving gesture of rubbing Gu Luo’s head was placed on the big screen in a clear way, arousing the excitement of the audience. Lin Yan was stunned before waving to the camera very generously. The audience in the stadium screamed again.

Gu Luo lowered his head in embarrassment at such enthusiasm before a staff member came to take him for the MVP interview. It was still this regular problem.

Compared to the tension of the first time, Gu Luo could now handle it perfectly. After he was asked about his self-evaluation of today’s performance, he thought for a moment before staring at the camera lens seriously. “On a whole, my performance in today’s game actually didn’t meet my initial expectations. Still, I believe that if we encounter LDF again in the playoffs, I will definitely be able to fulfill my promise to the coach!”

“Coach? Is it Coach Lin?” The host asked curiously. “Then what type of promise is it?”

The shamelessness that Gu Luo had been practicing was a bit too heavy for him at this time. He couldn’t help blushing and he lowered his head. “That… it isn’t good to say it.”

“Oh? So it is a ‘not very good’ promise?”

This was originally the last question of the interview but seeing Gu Luo’s appearance, the host couldn’t help wanting to tease him. “If you feel uncomfortable then there is no need to say it. However, you know the rules of the playoffs. According to the points rankings, the teams will be divided into two groups to compete for the final place. Have you thought about it? If you are not in the same group as LDF then you might not be able to meet?”

Gu Luo was dumbfounded. “Is that going to happen?”

The host couldn’t hold back and laughed hard. “No matter what, I believe the fans would like to see a wonderful game like today! That’s it for our interview. I hope that GH can have another fierce confrontation with LDF in the playoffs as you wish!”

Footage of the interview was played live on the television screen in LDF’s lounge. Luni saw this and couldn’t help rubbing his temples. “Forget it… I really don’t want to fight GH anymore. Really, playing against them is more tiring than playing in the World Competition!”

ROMM heard this and looked up with a smile. “If you don’t want to run into GH then play hard. As long as we win against Three, we still have a chance to get the number one spot.”

Luni squeezed the little ponytail behind his head. “Hey, isn’t it Wuhoo and Come? Fight them hard, f*k them!”


The evening ended and the GH team got on the business car to head back to the base. It was only one game but the nervous fatigue was far more than when they were just doing training programs. The car had only driven for a while but there was already the faint sound of deep breathing in the car.

Lin Yan hugged the pink blanket while sitting in the back seat. The video of PAY’s recent games were playing on his phone. Judging from the situation on the rankings, the top four of the playoffs had been determined to be between GH, LDF, Three and PAY.

So far, like them, LDF and PAY had only lost one match. The result of the next two matches would decide the final rankings between these four teams.

The rules of the playoffs meant that although there wasn’t much difference between third and fourth place, the treatment between second and third place could be called very different. Therefore, the final result was still unknown. If their team wanted to be in the top two rankings, they had to win the match against PAY.

Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t surprised that Lin Yan was already preparing for the next match. He pulled the sliding velvet blanket up a bit for Lin Yan and sat quietly next to Lin Yan, looking at Weibo on his mobile phone.

After the match just now, topics like #Gloy god of war#, #New Chinese mid-laner king# and #strongest newcomer of the year# climbed onto the hot search. Gloy, who was sleeping against the car window, was currently very popular. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the topic of the entire network was centered on him.

Jing Yuanzhou looked up at the grandma gray hair seen above the seat and a smile flashed in his eyes. He was looking down casually when his sliding fingers paused as a new entry entered his eyes: #The beautiful love between a mid-laner and a coach#

Jing Yuanzhou, “?”

He lightly touched the screen and the most popular Weibo entry entered his eyes. [What to do? I suddenly feel like the coach x grandma grey cutier CP is also good ahhh!]

The picture below was the head rubbing scene that was accidentally captured by the director during the live broadcast just now. From this perspective, Lin Yan looked at Gu Luo in a doting and proud manner.

Jing Yuanzhou slightly raised an eyebrow as he read the comments below.

[This sister understands well. I couldn’t help wanting to scream when I watched the live broadcast just now.]

[What type of fairy is Coach Lin? I feel that he is a good match for everyone in GH!]

[Damn, don’t support an evil cult. Parents love is true!]

[I don’t deny that God Jing and Coach Lin are also a good match but I’m sorry… please allow me to support for 1 second.]

[Continue for 1 second.]

[Continue for 1 second +1.]


[Continue for 1 second + ID number.]

[I’m serious. I’ve never seen Coach Lin treat the other people of GH so fondly. The touch on the head is really killing me! AWSL!]

[In the interview with Gloy just now, he said that he had a promise with Coach Lin. I’m embarrassed to say it but my brain is imagining…]

[Are you all demons… f*k, can this setting be accepted?]

[The coach has rubbed Gloy’s head more than once, okay? It is truly favoring him!]

[Ahhh, shut up. I can’t stop my imagination!]

The further down he went, the more the style of the comments seemed to go off-track.

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment and didn’t continue to scroll down. If it wasn’t for the fact that his relationship with Lin Yan was confirmed, he was afraid that even he would’ve believed the content of this imagination just looking at the comments.

Lin Yan finished watching a game and inadvertently raised his head to find Jing Yuanzhou frowning in contemplation. He cocked his head and looked over in a strange manner. “What’s wrong? What are you thinking about?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked up when he heard the sound. His gaze paused on the legendary face that ‘matches well with everyone in GH’ for a moment before he leaned over slightly. His words that were spoken with a warm breath gently brushed against Lin Yan’s ear. “I was thinking, isn’t it time to open business?”

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