CAMP: Chapter 110

This solo kill was really too sudden. It wasn’t just the players in the game. Even the spectators outside the game were somewhat confused.

[F*k, what happened just now? Luni was solo killed? Is this true or fake?]

[The stupid director just knows how to give the camera to the group battle. I didn’t see it!]

[I just took a look at the positioning. It should be that Luni wanted to support the team battle and was intercepted in the middle.]

[No matter what, the nomination for this year’s Best Newcomer Award is guaranteed, right?]

[F*k, is GH’s mid-laner that person with grandma grey hair? It is already contrasting enough that he is playing an assassin. Why do I feel like he is getting fiercer the more he fights?]

[The Go Home team is full of wolves…]

[66666. I don’t know what else to say except for 6666!]

[Previous treasure Gloy, rush forward. I seal you as a battle god ahhh!!!]

After killing Luni, Gu Luo didn’t hesitate and went straight to the rear. The gap in the number of people involved in the battle instantly widened. Gu Luo’s powerful charge directly broke through LDF’s formation. Just like that, he took away the head of the shooter ROMM. At this time, he was in a state of residual health. As he retreated from the opposite side’s firepower, Jian Ye lifted his health and he escaped death. Simultaneously, Chen Yushen and Bi Yaohua also killed the jungler of LDF. LDF ended up with only the support escaping.

Calm returned to the canyon again. The small team battle ended. GH played zero for three and the economic gap instantly opened. There was a sensation at the venue.

Luni’s voice was heard in the voice channel of the LDF team, somewhat remorseful. “This wave was my fault. I forgot to calculate the refresh time of the river mob. This mid-laner child from the GH team is really becoming smarter and his operation in key moments has reached the extremes. Be careful when confronting the enemy on the lane later on. It probably won’t be an easy fight.”

The shooter ROMM headed back to the bottom lane after resurrecting and he responded. “It’s fine. I’ll do it.”

Luni hummed in a complicated manner and could only smile bitterly. They had played a few practice games with GH and had some understanding of the team’s habits. According to past contact, once GH got the rhythm, they would definitely choose to press LDF to death.

Originally, Luni took the main team support route to give ROMM’s bottom lane a better chance to play. If even ROMM was going to enter the ‘weak’ later rhythm then it wasn’t a good thing for the LDF team.

Luni thought this and lifted his vision to the top lane. Due to Jing Yuanzhou’s fierce fighting, LDF’s side-laner had been pinned under the tower. It wasn’t too much of an exaggeration to say he was stuck eating experience at the extreme distance.

Apart from the jungle area, the entire picture was of LDF being pushed under the tower in the top, middle and bottom lanes. Such a miserable state looked like ‘10,000 ways to survive under the tower.’

Where on earth did this bandit GH team come from? They simply played in an evil manner. Luni couldn’t help complaining in his heart. However, there was no way and he could only sigh. “Resist the pressure and drag it to the late stage of the game.”

LDF’s pace significantly slowed down and the players of GH felt it after a few exchanges.

“It feels like they’re trying to drag it to the late stages.” Jian Ye frowned. “It isn’t like our team is unable to play in the late stages with our line up but I feel… it doesn’t seem necessary to play with them like that.”

“It really isn’t necessary.” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t stop acting as he spoke. He used the level three displacement skill to fly over to the opposite side of the lane and hung a light. Then he flashed to catch up with the retreating opponent and used a deceleration skill on the opponent to catch up under the tower and deal two flat blows. After finishing the kill, he slowly moved out of the enemy defense tower’s damage range and went back to clear up the soldiers who were still fighting on the line.

He saw that it was 31 minutes into the game and made a signal in LDF’s jungle area. “I have cleared the lane. You should go there to see if you grab the opportunity for a wave.”

Chen Yushen replied, “Received.”

Gu Luo was always paying attention to Luni’s movements and he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll stop my side.”

The development of LDF’s jungler had always been difficult. Jing Yuanzhou had pressed the top-laner to death while not forgetting to squeeze into his jungle area. Thus, every bit of economy now seemed previous.

It was precisely due to this that once he saw the figures of GH’s jungler and support popping up in his vision, he couldn’t help cursing loudly. “F*k, do you really want to leave me no room?”

However, there had never been any going easy on the field. Luni was supposed to support the jungler but he was caught before he could start. Gu Luo stopped at the intersection of several lanes. It was tricky and incisive.

Luni frowned. “I can’t get through.”

ROMM told him, “It’s okay. I’m here.”

LDF’s ROMM arrived at the battlefield one step earlier than Bi Yaohua. Under his excellent output, Chen Yushen’s health plummeted. Jian Ye was surrounded by a green healing beam and gave milk under the extreme operation of his healing skills to stabilize Chen Yushen’s state. Bi Yaohua soon joined the battle. It was another familiar picture but this time, LDF completed the killing first.

[LDF.ROMM killed GH.Abyss!]

Gu Luo saw Chen Yushen’s death and wanted to go support, but he was stopped by Luni. The skills of the long-range mage harassed him again and again and the placement was very tricky. Gu Luo was originally the one to choose the location but this made him fall into adversity.

After killing Chen Yushen, LDF’s jungler crossed the stone wall and moved to Gu Luo’s rear. On the other side, the support was coming at the same time. Combined with Luni, it was almost enough to predict Gu Luo’s fate of being killed. Jian Ye and Bi Yaohua were in relatively disadvantageous positions. They knew their support wasn’t enough and decisively killed ROMM.

[GH.BB killed LDF.ROMM!]

The situation was so tense that the audience couldn’t help holding their breath in such an atmosphere. Gu Luo obviously couldn’t avoid the one against three battle. He said, “Leave me alone” in the voice channel. Rather than panicking, his eyes became more serious.

Commentator Rabbit Hat seemed to realize something when he saw the figure hiding in the grass and he exclaimed with surprise, “Does Gloy still want to fight back?”

Gu Luo really didn’t intend to just die. Due to nervousness, a thin layer of sweat covered his hands and forehead. He just tightly gripped the mouse, breathing lightly. The grass cover allowed LDF players to temporarily lose their vision, Gu Luo’s series of operations could be said to maximize this point.

At several critical moments, he used the blind spot in their vision to clearly avoid several deadly skills. He calmly used the jungler, support and nearby mobs to gain points for the level 3 displacement skill and flew around.

At a glance, they could see a red shadow moving through the canyon in a ghostly manner. His health inevitably fell like crazy. Gu Luo finally took advantage of the last shock to rush toward Luni with the help of two consecutive short displacements.

No one thought that such a young mid-laner would be so decisive against the three people’s encirclement and suppression. Luni’s reaction was almost at the extreme. Several consecutive skills fell at the feet of the two people and the health of both sides reached the bottom at almost the same moment.

[GH.Gloy killed LDF.Luni!]

[LDF.Luni killed GH.Gloy!]

The entire venue was going crazy. This operation was too showy! First of all, don’t talk about actually killing a person during this encirclement. Gu Luo’s last decisive move was like a bloody blade tearing through the canyon in an unstoppable manner!

Similarly, Luni’s last few skills were perfect. Gu Luo only gave a reaction time of 0.2 seconds and at the moment of crisis, Luni showed an extreme reaction.

Was this the real strength of the top mid-laners? Needless to see, Luni was the top mid-laner and one of the five demon kings so his strength was obvious to all. On the contrary, it was this newcomer mid-laner of GH who was too strong!

Gu Luo didn’t know that his actions had heated up the audience. He was staring blankly at the darkened screen and silently massaging his fingers that were tense and slightly trembling. He took a deep breath and focused on the battlefield again.

Twice! He did it twice!

He murmured to himself in his heart.

The game continued. The towers on both sides were broken down one after another and the rhythm of the whole game inevitably moved toward the mid-to-late team battle stage. LDF’s team battle strength was the top in the league and even in the world. In order to not give GH more opportunities, they chose to press forward in this strong period. Soon, GH’s early advantage was pulled back after a few waves of fighting.

Jian Ye’s hands were sweaty. He glanced at the clock that was showing 43 minutes and gritted his teeth. “We can’t go on like this.”

Jing Yuanzhou pushed the soldiers across the boundary and swept a glance over the map. “Be prepared to bury them in this wave. I have a teleport.”

Jian Ye and Bi Yaohua started to press the bottom lane’s line of soldiers while Chen Yushen and Gu Luo hid in the grass on the side, waiting for an opportunity. After a while, LDF’s support appeared in the ambush field of view.

Perhaps it was out of keen intuition but LDF’s support reflexively released a skill blindly and ended up showing the location where Chen Yushen was hiding.

The two men had to choose to withdraw. Yet just then, the line of soldiers was being pressed under the tower when the figure of LDF’s jungler rushed out from the side, aiming at Bi Yaohua who was in the middle of the lane.

Such a sudden change caused Bi Yaohua to swear involuntarily. Obviously, LDF also wanted to ambush them. The moment the battle broke out, the side-lane players who were on the top lane used teleport at the same time.

A large-scale team battle finally broke out! Jing Yuanzhou teleported there and cut straight at the shooter ROMM the moment he entered the field. LDF’s support had no time to deal with Chen Yushen’s group of two and had to protect the shooter.

Jian Ye added some health to Jing Yuanzhou from the rear. Then he noticed Luni’s appearance and alerted his teammates in the voice chat before taking two steps back to firmly lock Bi Yaohua into his range of protection.

LDF’s support was the first one to die. However, Luni’s big move perfectly blocked GH’s route and ROMM’s long-range skill took away Chen Yushen’s head.

Currently, Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t in a very healthy state. He took away ROMM’s life and was preparing to retreat. Then due to Luni’s skill interference on the skill and the close combat of the side-lane player, he was forced to stay.

In the back, LDF’s jungler was close to the rear shooter Bi Yaohua. Fortunately, Jian Ye noticed this before and withdrew two steps ahead of them. He firmly protected Bi Yaohua behind him.

Commentator Cry Cry exclaimed, “This wave was opened beautifully! Luni’s location is very good and he has directly disrupted GH’s rhythm! Now Titans is forced to go one against two and both sides are trying hard. Can he kill another person before dying? Ah, Luni isn’t ready to take care of BB? LDF wants to focus on TItans first! Now Titans is in a lot of danger. Gun has no time to care for Titans if he wants to protect BB. If Titans falls then GH will probably…”

Commentator Brother Rabbit Hat suddenly raised his voice. “Wait a minute, there is someone! Gloy! Gloy is really attached to Luni. He is here again!”

On the big screen, they could see a figure holding two bloody ringed blades breaking out of the darkness. After his and Chen Yushen’s ambush location was found, Gu Luo faded out of everyone’s field of view for a while. He disappeared in the fierce confrontation and no one noticed where he went.

He hid in the shadows on the side, silently and patiently looking for an opportunity to move. Now his wait was finally over! Luni was exposed to the assassin’s blade and had no chance of retreating. After waiting for too long, Gu Luo wouldn’t allow Luni any chance!

[GH.Gloy killed LDF.Luni!]

After Luni’s death, the situation was instantly reversed. Jing Yuanzhou smoothly escaped from LDF’s side-laner with one last trace of health left. Meanwhile, Jian Ye successfully Bi Yaohua from the hands of the assassin jungler and they completed the reverse kill.

There was only one person left on LDF’s side who survived and it was clear that the final outcome couldn’t be shaken. GH pushed all the way to the high ground and destroyed LDF’s crystal. Gu Luo saw the ‘victory’ on the big screen. He relaxed after the excessive tension and there was a hint of vague confusion in his relaxed demeanor. “Does this count as a solo kill?”

Still, even if it counted, he only accomplished the three guaranteed kills of the coach. He didn’t achieve the four he had been fighting for…

Proofreader: Nao

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