CAMP: Chapter 11

Lin Yan hugged his body and slowly leaned against the wall. “Is there any gift that God Jing wants?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled at him and slowly released a word. “Guess?” Needless to say, this attitude was really damn familiar.

Lin Yan met this gaze and was quite frank. “Last time, I promised myself to you and you said no. I really don’t know what else I can give that is more sincere.”

Jing Yuanzhou suggested, “Send it again. What if I want it?”

Their eyes met and then Lin Yan laughed. “Forget it. If I am rejected twice then I’m afraid my glass heart will break and I will cry. It is too late.”

He didn’t wait for Jing Yuanzhou to respond as he continued, “Then I can only treat you to a meal. It can be regarded as your meeting gift.”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him and asked in a light voice, “That is fine but… Gloy?”

“There is a housekeeper aunt at the base and she will come over to cook when it is time. It will take him a long time to digest today’s replay. It will be a waste of time to take him out to eat.” Lin Yan looked down at the time. “I’ll wait for you at the door at 5:30.”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “I’ll see you then.”

The BOD Club might not be very strong but it knew how to enjoy itself. The management had taken into account the nearby supporting facilities when choosing the base. The road outside was a luxurious commercial area that had everything they wanted to eat.

Lin Yan had come to live at the base a few days in advance but he was so busy he had no time to reward himself. Now he took advantage of inviting Jing Yuanzhou for a meal to happily go out. He parked the car in the underground garage and used his phone to search for the public’s comments. He asked for the other person’s opinion. “The barbecue here seems good. Do you want to eat it?”

Jing Yuanzhou was at ease. “Anything is fine.”

The two people went to the barbecue restaurant and got a box. The cold air from the air conditioner quietly calmed the heat brought in from the outside world. Lin Yan wasn’t sure about Jing Yuanzhou’s tastes so he ordered while inquiring. After that, he handed the menu to the waiter nearby. “That will be all for now, thank you.”

Jing Yuanzhou sat opposite Lin Yan and drank tea while looking up from time to time. The surrounding area became quiet the moment the waiter left.

Seeing that Jing Yuanzhou didn’t have any intention to speak, the impatient Lin Yan first provoked the topic. “Gloy officially signed today and there are finally two people in the team. However, the shooter, support and jungler positions are still empty. Captain Jing, aren’t you curious about the candidates for the other three positions?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied indifferently, “There is no curiosity. I’m just a member of the team and will follow the team’s strategy.”

Lin Yan slowly leaned back and looked sideways at Jing Yuanzhou. “You’re so at ease with me?”

Jing Yuanzhou gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “If I wasn’t at ease then how could I be willing to sign with you?”

Lin Yan hadn’t expected such a sentence. He was slightly stunned before nodding earnestly. “That’s right. Don’t worry, I will be responsible.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s lips curved up. “I will wait for you to be responsible.”

Lin Yan saw that Jing Yuanzhou really didn’t have much interest in his future teammates and couldn’t help scratching his head with some boredom. Just then, the waiter knocked on the box door. “Excuse me, service is here.’

The conversation was interrupted for a moment. The ingredients were ready and the two people grilled meat while chatting innocuously.

Lin Yan finally couldn’t hold back. “I think that as the future captain, you still need to be more concerned about the situation of the players.”

Jing Yuanzhou suppressed his smile and nodded. “Okay.”

Why did he hear a bit of reluctance from this tone?

Lin Yan, “……”

Lin Yan had long wanted to talk to Jing Yuanzhou about the other candidate. Now he finally had this great opportunity and he didn’t waste any words.

During this year’s transfer period, the unknown club GH actually signed Jing Yuanzhou. This was already regarded as the biggest winner. However, the team’s list of personnel still needed to be filled urgently. The transfer period was such a good opportunity that it naturally wasn’t enough to just get Jing Yuanzhou.

In the past two days, Luo Mo had been frequently running to the league headquarters to arrange the transfer of another player. A person who wasn’t even on the roster of the professional league and was still sitting on the bench of a third-rate team as a… substitute support.

Gun. If this ID was released, all the fans of Burning Hot would probably ask blankly, ‘Who is this person?’

This type of person had no reputation at all. No matter the perspective, putting him on the same team as a god-level player like Jing Yuanzhou could be regarded as an insult to Jing Yuanzhou. It was due to this that Lin Yan wondered if Jing Yuanzhou would turn his face away without waiting for him to finish. Thus, he paid attention to Jing Yuanzhou’s reaction while speaking.

Unexpectedly, Jing Yuanzhou continued to cook the meat as if nothing had happened. He turned to this side and thoughtfully took a piece of meat and sent it to Lin Yan’s bowl. Then he asked lightly, “Is this person strong?”

Lin Yan didn’t hesitate on this question. “Very strong.”

“Oh, then it’s fine.” Jing Yuanzhou nodded before wondering, “Where did you get the information on these players? You are more informed than me.”

Lin Yan observed Jing Yuanzhou’s demeanor and determined there really was no dissatisfaction. Then he laughed and placed the meat in the bowl into his mouth. “It is a secret.”

They eat intermittently for more than an hour while also chatting about the club’s development plan. Jing Yuanzhou had guessed that Lin Yan was going to win the league qualification from the variety show and wasn’t surprised.

He picked up his cup to take a sip of tea and asked with interest, “Then what if we fail to win the variety show? You promised me that you would allow me to participate in the professional league. If this happens, how do you plan to compensate me for not qualifying for the league? You know that I can only play professionally for a few more years. If I miss this year then I might really have to retire.”

Lin Yan raised his head and rejected the assumption. “The victory is definitely ours.”

Jing Yuanzhou laughed. “There are no absolutes in anything. What if we really fail?”

If this man was asking seriously then Lin Yan might give him some words of comfort. However, seeing this smirk, it was obviously that he was arguing for the sake of arguing.

Lin Yan blinked and revealed a smile that could be called a gentle smile. “Well, if I really force God Jing to retire bitterly because of my blind self-confidence then I will compensate you for your loss by buying a live broadcast platform to support you and exhaust all the resources of the platform to serve you. Are you satisfied with this, Titans?”

Jing Yuanzhou mused, “A live broadcast platform?”

Lin Yan gritted his teeth. “If one isn’t enough then I’ll buy two.”

A faint smile flashed in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “Then I will count it. I will be taken care of by Chief Lin.”

Lin Yan brought the last piece of meat to his mouth and gritted his teeth. Then he forced a smile. “I certainly have no opinion as long as Captain Jing is willing.”

Jing Yuanzhou raised his eyebrows, his noncommittal attitude seeming like real acquiescence. Since the meal was over, he took the coat hanging next to him and stood up. Lin Yan went to the front to pay the bill.

On the way to the underground garage, the two people were silent for a while. It wasn’t until they got out of the elevator that Jing Yuanzhou seemed to think of something. “By the way, did you find the person your friend was looking for?”

Lin Yan couldn’t respond for a while. “Who is that?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled lightly at him. “That man, the one jiao scumbag.”

Lin Yan, “……”

No one had mentioned it again so he almost forgot about the unexpected mishap caused by the virtual boyfriend. Lin Yan hadn’t expected Jing Yuanzhou to remember this incident. He couldn’t help admiring his impeccable rhetoric even more. Fortunately, he was witty at the time and hadn’t revealed the identity of the friend.

Lin Yan’s mouth pursed slightly before he cleared his throat. “He, ah… should still be looking for it.”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. “That’s good. I’m cheering for him.”

Then he opened the car door and got in, leaving Lin Yan standing by the car alone.

Lin Yan, “?”

Why suddenly ask about this? Too poisonous.


After the transfer period opened, there was news that listed players had completed their transaction. However, most people’s attention was still focused on Jing Yuanzhou and the GH Club they had never heard of.

You know, Jing Yuanzhou had been with the BK Club since he entered the league. Almost everyone assumed he would play in BK until he retired. Now news of his transfer suddenly broke out and it was hard to accept.

In addition, the new home after the transfer wasn’t any known giant team but an 18th tier team that didn’t even qualify for the professional league. What was going on? The truth became more and more confusing.

In the meantime, the BK Club played a good game. They took advantage of the news of Jing Yuanzhou’s transfer to announce Lan Min as the starter. The subtle time difference before and after naturally made netizens think that the emergence of this new player was a choice BK was forced to make in order to fill Jing Yuanzhou’s vacancy.

As a result, the new club with no foundation and no reputation, GH was completely pushed to the forefront.

Under the netizens’ painstaking investigation, someone finally discovered the relationship between this club and the commercial powerhouse, the Lin Group. However, this caused even greater doubts.

Since Chief Lin was interested in entering the field of e-sports, shouldn’t he spend money to form an all-star team. Yet several days had passed in the transfer period and the top players found new homes one after another. GH still hadn’t moved for a long time.

What did this mean? They weren’t planning to buy any more players? Was it possible that TItans had to play as five people on the field?

Fans of Titans became more and more anxious. Then even started sending private messages to the official Weibo of the GH Club, making various suggestions and providing a list of possible new team members.

A rough glance revealed that all the top players listed during this year’s transfer period were included.

Lin Yan looked through the private messages and laughed with joy. “Don’t say it. Your fans really feel sorry for you. If I take all these players then the amount of money will probably be enough to buy another Titans?”

Jing Yuanzhou looked up when he heard the words and commented objectively, “If Old V and the others knew they were so valuable then they would definitely be touched.”

Lin Yan shrugged. “Unfortunately, you are the only man I like.”

Jing Yuanzhou was taken aback for a moment before smiling. “It is my honor.”

Lin Yan closed the private message notifications that were still emerging one after another. The players listed were indeed very good but unfortunately, they didn’t match the team configuration he wanted. In comparison, Xiao Gun suited him better.

In the current version of the game, the hard-control support was more in line with the mainstream tactic. However, Gun was the league’s future number one healer. Even if he wasn’t the core of the team’s tactics, he was an indispensable existence for creating Lin Yan’s ideal team.

Compared to Jing Yuanzhou, it was naturally much simpler to dig a person from sub-league teams without any publicity. Luo Mo had been going through the formalities in the past two days. If there were no surprises, he would be able to see the little cuties he dreamed of soon.

Lin Yan tapped his fingers on the table and a satisfied smile appeared on his face. The team formation progress was now three-fifths.

The author has something to say:

Jing Yuanzhou: Quickly find the one jiao scumbag (me). I’m looking forward to it ~^_^~


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1 month ago

Ahh so there are indeed five positions. Probably the marksman mentioned in the first few chapters is the shooter in this chapters. Unless marksman was referring to the jungler? 🤔
In the summary they mentioned the little anchor, the healer stuck as substitute, and then there was someone that’s good at badmouthing? Wonder what position they’ll fill? And I also wonder from where the last remaining player will be picked, since they weren’t mentioned in the summary 👀

1 month ago
Reply to  TheOneJiaoCoin

Ah, I forgot about the accompanying player. So it’s the anchor, the sub healer, the accompanying player, and the badmouther