CAMP: Chapter 108

At the reminder of the staff members, the players of GH and LDF went on stage to prepare. In the previous match that had just ended, Three undoubtedly won and continued to maintain its leading position in the rankings.

On the commentary stage, Brother Rabbit Hat and Cry Cry were discussing the highlights of the match just now. The atmosphere of the entire venue was fiery. Meanwhile, the fast-moving barrage had already turned their attention to the next match.

[LDF is playing GH. Ah, the next one will be a good game to watch.]

[If I remember correctly, both teams currently have one loss. After this round, the rankings will be completely opened.]

[Almost. LDF has another match with Three and GH hasn’t played against PAY. They are all strong teams. I really don’t know what the final rankings will be.]

[Isn’t GH notorious for losing against strong teams? No one really thinks they can win today, right?]

[This is true. They won against all weak teams at the beginning. As a result, the game with Three was simply unbearable to see.]

[Forget booking a win or loss. GH has just lost one. Is there any need to step on them so much? LDF hasn’t won against Three either!]

[That’s right. Don’t bully them just because they are a new team. Didn’t BB get five kills in the last game? Does LDF have that?]

[I’m laughing to death. Are GH fans green onions? They’ve only played a few games yet your tail is soaring into the sky? Can the team fans stop being so pretentious. What is the use of getting five kills against a team like QOG that plays fake games? Just wait and see how Luni will carry the entire game!]

[What laughing to death? Your LDF has Luni? Then our GH has Titans!]

[Luni and Titans? I was caught off guard by the handshake photo that was posted on the Internet. It might be embarrassing but I really support it.]

[Above person, stop it. Titans will always be with our Coach Lin. You can eat food indiscriminately but you can’t eat CP indiscriminately, you know?!]

[I was really upset when watching GH before. I always felt they were full of toxic players. Recently, it has changed. I’m waiting for the results without taking a side.]

[Speaking of which, since when could GH be discussed together with the top teams without a sense of disobedience? I’m confused…]

The players couldn’t see the content of the barrage but the journey from the lounge to the arena was enough to feel the audience’s enthusiasm. In particular, there were eye-catching support cards and the support ratio for the fans of each team was obvious with one glance.

Compared to the original situation where the GH support cards were completely wiped out by the fans of other teams, now the name and support cards of the GH team could be seen everywhere. Combined with the yelling of their team name and it was extremely exciting.

As they were checking the equipment, Jian Ye couldn’t help glancing in the direction of the audience and speaking in an emotional manner, “I feel like I’ve been rewarded for my efforts. I remember when we were recording the variety show. At that time, I saw the fans of other teams when leaving the field and could only have hot eyes. Now our team finally has many fans! I really feel like it was worth the struggle!”

Bi Yaohua joked, “Don’t roll away. You are too easily satisfied. What is this battle? Just wait for us to step on the stage of the World Competition. Thinking about the lighting and the audience at that time.. tsk! The battle is guaranteed to be 10 times bigger than it is now! So you should keep your emotions for next time!”

Lin Yan heard their conversation and laughed. “There’s no harm in being moved once in a while. After all, honor is accumulated step by step. You are right. Everyone has worked hard and we are an absolute dark horse to be able to achieve this in such a short period of time. Work harder and once we win the championship trophy in the autumn competition, we will be directly recorded in history!”

The referee who had been monitoring the voice chat channel of the team couldn’t help looking over. “……”

The regular season hadn’t even finished yet. Was it really appropriate to talk about the championship? Hadn’t they already lost once? If they wanted to brag then they should win this match against LDF first!

These words entered Chen Yushen’s ears and he was distracted as he adjusted the volume of his headphones. The content of this conversation reminded him of something. At that time, GH didn’t have any reputation. They had just finished recording an episode of Burning Hot Assembly and as he boarded the business car to go back, Coach Lin had noticed his envious gaze and patted him softly on the hat, telling him with a smile, “Don’t look. In any case, we will have it later.”

It was as the coach said. Now the starlight was on his body and the glory was near. What they had gained was far beyond what he had envied at the time. However, before they gained the final championship, these things still weren’t enough. The emotion in Chen Yushen’s eyes swayed slightly, his fingers gripped the mouse tighter and his eyes were full of a more determined light.

Lin Yan’s eyes fell on such a straight back and he lowered his eyes. Ambition had never been a bad thing on the field of e-sports. He never minded his players gaining more ambition. His gaze swept over the team members and he patted Gu Luo on the shoulder. “How about it, Gloy? Hurry and adjust your status while there is still time to prepare. Whether we can win or not depends on how many times you can kill Luni on the lane.”

It was said in a half-joking one but the referee almost fell down when he heard it. Kill Luni alone? How many times? Did the GH team always adjust their mentality like this? If he remembered correctly, the mid-laner of the GH team was still a newcomer, right? Wasn’t he afraid of this person collapsing under such heavy responsibility?

The referee couldn’t help looking at the harmless face of the teenager with grandma gray hair. Before he could show sympathy, he heard Gu Luo’s calm voice. “Don’t worry, Coach. My best record in the training match is three solo kills, right? This time, I will try to break through and achieve four kills!”

Lin Yan smiled in a pleased manner. “You have ideals. I didn’t hurt you for nothing.”

The referee, “……”

Forget it, why was he worried about this team?! The referee’s mouth twitched fiercely as he finally received instructions from the main control station. The referee controlled his expression and announced in an emotionless manner, “Get ready. The game is about to begin.”

The countdown ended and Lin Yan’s joking expression immediately became serious. The BP process officially began. Both sides were teams with complete coaching staff and the banning process was very simple.

Lin Yan wasn’t surprised by LDF’s choice of a ban for Jing Yuanzhou. As the first choice, he made arrangements for Jing Yuanzhou who was sitting in the number one seat. “Titans, take the cocoa immortal.”

GH locked onto a hero and then it was LDF’s team. They first took the heroes for the jungler and side-laner. Lin Yan glanced at the opponent’s current lineup. “This is ready to let the upper lane fight to the end…”

Jing Yuanzhou was calm. “It’s okay. I can kill no matter how much of a tank they are.”

Lin Yan laughed and let them take Jing Yuanzhou’s side-lane hero and Bi Yaohua’s shooter. As a result, three positions in the GH team’s lineup had been determined in the blink of an eye. Only the mid-laner and jungler heroes were left. The coaches of the two teams entered the battle in the BP link and the two commentaries were also enthusiastically analyzing it.

Brother Rabbit Hat and Cry Cry could be regarded as old friends who watched GH reached all this way. At this time, they relied on their profound understanding of the GH team and the discussion was unprecedentedly cautious.

“As we all know, the GH team is the team with the most changes in their core system among the professional teams at present.” Cry Cry was the first to bring up the topic. “I’m really curious about what they will use to deal with a strong team like LDF today.”

“From the perspective of GH’s tactical advantages, I think they will at least focus on avoiding collisions in the middle.” Brother Rabbit Hat looked down at the notes he had secretly taken. “In the regular autumn season, you can find that the data for each of LDF’s games is very beautiful. In particular, Luni played really perfectly. His awareness seems to have improved a lot. Considering the statistics of all mid-laners from the total damage value to the team battle participation rate, his data is undoubtedly the highest. His current state is really scary.”

“This data is also related to Luni’s habit of using team battle heroes.”  Cry Cry tacitly started to show off her technical ability. “If you have noticed, the mid-laner of the GH team, GLoy has played quite well during the regular season but he mostly uses single-target assassin heroes. Theoretically speaking, there are some disadvantages when it comes to this type of group statistics. Looking at the actual data, he isn’t much lower than Luni.”

Brother Rabbit Hat added, “Indeed, Gloy should be a standout mid-laner in the autumn competition. I still remember the foreign media laughing at our division for only having group mid-laners. If the GH team successfully enters the World Competition, I’m looking forward to what type of scenes there will be.”

Cry Cry reminded him in a half-joking manner, “It is forbidden to include private matters in the official commentary!”

Brother Rabbit Hat realized he was going too far so he cleared his throat and pulled the topic back. ‘In any case, I think that GH won’t let Gloy continue taking his stabbing heroes in this match. Based on the match against QOG, it can be seen that Gloy isn’t incapable of playing long-ranged control heroes. Based on the way that GH’s coach likes playing tricks, he might copy his choice from the last match and allow Gloy to avoid a head-on collision with Luni.”

LDF’s side finished the selection as he was speaking. Currently, the audience was waiting for the GH team to lock onto the fourth and fifth positions to determine the final lineup. Soon, the fourth position was locked. Chen Yushen took the wilderness swordsman. Once it was the turn for the fifth position, the last blank spot in the GH lineup showed the image of the dark tree spirit, Lira.

Brother Rabbit Hat was overjoyed. “Didn’t I say it? GH would definitely…”

His voice abruptly stopped. The next second, he saw the picture that was lit up for a moment be replaced with the scarlet moonblade, Nina. It was a direct lock.

GH’s lineup selection was displayed on the big screen. Don’t mention the strange tricks that Brother Rabbit Hat had guessed previously. GH’s lineup today was more regular than any other match in the past.

Cry Cry couldn’t help laughing. “Congratulations to Brother Rabbit Hat for guessing wrong again!”

Brother Rabbit Hate spoke bitterly, “…Okay, I can only say that I really really can’t guess what is on GH’s mind. It is impossible to guess anyway.”

The audience was amused and laughed. In LDF’s zone, Luni saw GH’s final confirmed lineup and also had a headache. “Oh, I knew that those two bad guys wanted to mess with me.”

He sighed and couldn’t help looking over. From this perspective, he could see Lin Yan saying something before taking off the soundproof headphones and leaving the competition area. After a few seconds, the game started to load.

Gu Luo stared at the interface on the screen for a long time. At this moment, the last words Lin Yan told him before leaving were echoing in his mind. “Gloy, go and try what it’s like to be on the altar.”

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the ointment in JY's fingertips
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