CAMP: Chapter 106

Gu Luo returned to the training room to get his things while Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou returned to the dormitory together. Neither of them spoke. In the darkness, the autumn coolness was particularly penetrating.

After arriving at the door of his room, Lin Yan opened the door and didn’t say goodnight to Jing Yuanzhou. Instead, he reached out to grab this man by the corner of his clothes, dragging him into the door.

Jing Yuanzhou noticed that the door closed behind them and joked, “We’re in the critical period of the regular season these days. It isn’t good to do this?”

Lin Yan turned on the light and glanced at him in an amused manner. “Aren’t you thinking too beautifully?”

Jing Yuanzhou lowered his eyes and remained silent. Dim light sprinkled around him and shrouded him. Lin Yan saw this expression and didn’t beat around the bush. He honestly asked Jing Yuanzhou, “What did Luni say just now?”

“In short, it’s a very serious topic.” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t mean to hide it from Lin Yan. He instinctively wanted to touch the cigarettes in his pockets only to remember that he had changed his clothes after taking a shower. He could only give up. “I don’t know what year this is but it will have a magical ending. If there are no accidents, I’m afraid a large number of teams will be preparing for big changes at the end of this professional league.”

Lin Yan instantly captured the main point. “Luni wants to retire?”

“He has this idea but the LDF management doesn’t want to let him go. The main reason is that they can’t find a suitable mid-laner to replace him so they can only hold on to it.” Jing Yuanzhou slowly leaned against the wall and half joked, “That’s why he ran to call me. He wanted me to ask if you have the intention of letting the newly signed passersby king, Jian Ning transfer. It seems he is really anxious to retire this year.”

“The moment he opens his mouth, he’s staring at the newcomer we signed. I’m afraid he wants to eat peaches!” Lin Yan answered with nonchalant contempt before wondering, “What’s the matter with Luni? Is it an injury?”

“He said he wants to retire early because he hasn’t received any injuries yet.” Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “You probably don’t know but his family is quite rich. I guess there are also many family reasons involved.”

Lin Yan was stunned before understanding.

Injuries were too common in the e-sports circle. After all, years of training combined with staying up all night could easily cause all types of messy problems. For example, Wuhoo of Three had a hand injury that shooters were prone to getting. UL’s team captain BALL had old shoulder problems… not to mention the other ordinary players who had small illnesses and pains not disclosed to the outside world.

These injuries were easily suffered at a young age and didn’t have much impact, but as they aged and their state started to cline, it could be a fatal blow when combined with the double pain of illness.

The field of e-sports required one to speak with strength. All excuses were meaningless on the field. Therefore, there were many such players every year. They worked hard on the field for many years but due to pain and poor performance, they could finally only leave the field sadly.

In the professional league, a player should either leave early with all the applause and honor at the peak of their strength or they should grit their teeth and fight to the last moment. Even if they get hurt, they should sweat on the battlefield just to devote their youth to the extreme. This was an unsolvable paradox in itself.

In the end, it was just a different choice for everyone. There was no right or wrong.

Jing Yuanzhou saw that Lin Yan was lost in thought and continued the topic. “Don’t look at Luni wandering around with that little ponytail everywhere. In fact, his attitude is more professional than all of us. In his position, he has all the reputation, status and recognition. In the future, it would indeed become more difficult to continue to maintain this state. Therefore, he wants to announce his retirement when he is at the peak. It just so happens that the pressure to go home is becoming tighter. After bringing his career to a successful conclusion, it’s time to go back and inherit the family business.”

Jing Yuanzhou’s tone seemed very casual when saying this. However, based on the fact that the two people had talked for more than two hours, it was obvious that the actual conversation process was far less relaxed than it was now.

Lin Yan didn’t continue to talk about Luni but changed the question. “You just said that many teams are preparing to carry out a big change? Is there someone else who wants to retire?”

“Luni already has such thoughts at a younger age than me so how can DeMen not have them? In fact, DeMen had some injuries as early as two years ago. The fact that he is able to persist until this year is also very admirable.”

Lin Yan murmured, “PAY…”

Compared to Luni, DeMen’s situation was obviously different. One was the king of the middle lane and the other was a veteran side-lane player for many years. One was the absolute focus of the audience while the other was a silent giver who had resisted pressure for so long…

In comparison, DeMen who lacked a highlight moment had received a lot of criticism in the past two years.

Looking back on the history of the competition, PAY had been in an awkward position since DeMen became a regular player. They might’ve always been a regular visitor of the playoffs but it was only after AI joined that they became one of the top clubs. However, PAY’s ranking was always second or third in recent years. In short, they were always behind the final champions.

Some people said that the strength of PAY was obvious. It was demon king AI who absolutely controlled the field. On the other hand, their shortcomings were also clear. It was the lack of a top teammate who could accompany AI to wipe out the entire field.

DeMen was naturally strong and could always ensure that his opponents could barely find any faults with him in the game. However, it was because he was such a tepid existence that he was criticized by netizens.

Even since AI joined PAY, there were remarks saying that PAY’s performance would be much better if DeMen was replaced by another player.

DeMen had never listened to such remarks and insisted on being a support for the team until now. It was just that judging from the concluded spring competition, mid-season and current autumn regular season, his overall state had obviously fallen significantly compared to before. In this way, it wouldn’t be bad if PAY could get a good ranking this year. If the final result wasn’t satisfactory then DeMen might be destined to become one of those who left the field sadly.

Compared to this situation, Luni’s voluntary retirement seemed a lot easier to accept.

Lin Yan looked at Jing Yuanzhou and raised his eyebrow. “So Luni suddenly came to you before the match between our two teams to discuss future retirement life? Don’t you think he might’ve made a special trip to shake the opponent’s mind?”

Jing Yuanzhou smiled. “Do you think I look like a person who is so easy to shake?”

Lin Yan asked in a seemingly casual manner, “You don’t seem like it. So what are you thinking now?”

He was well aware that the previous actions of BK’s management to support a newcomer in advance meant it was impossible for Jing Yuanzhou to not seriously consider the issue of retirement. He might’ve signed with GH and was given a new platform for development but Luni suddenly raising the topic at this time still touched something inside him. Otherwise, this man wouldn’t so easily allow others to arouse a bad mood in him.

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t answer directly. He just remained silent for a moment before wondering, “You spent so much money to buy me from BK. If I ran away like this, won’t you be angry?”

“No.” Lin Yan’s answer was a lot simpler than imagined. He lowered his fingers one by one as he listed things out. Then he gave a low laugh. “Titans,  God Jing, the commercial value you’ve already brought to me has far exceeded the transfer money at that time.”

At the end, he stretched out his tone. “I won’t be angry at your choice but if you really feel tired and want to retire, you have to at less fulfill my request before then.”

Jing Yuanzhou wondered, “What request?”

Lin Yan met his gaze with a smile and slowly opened his mouth, enunciating every word. “Of course, you need to first hand over the World Competition championship trophy to me.”

The surroundings fell quiet at these words. Then laughter gradually filled Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “Why do I feel like I’m stepping on a thief’s boat?”

Lin Yan was very confident about this. “It is too late to regret it now. I refuse to refund the ticket.”

Before he finished speaking, Jing Yuanzhou had already pinched his jaw. “I’m still waiting for someone to make up the ticket. How could I be willing to withdraw?”

A deep kiss fell in an ambiguous manner.

“I never regret the things I do.”


The next day, Bi Yaohua walked into the training room with sleepy eyes and was frightened by Gu Luo’s dark circles. He saw the obviously unchanged clothes and was surprised. “Little Gloy, what’s the matter? You didn’t sleep yesterday and stayed here all night?”

“Yes… the coach assigned me a task and I wanted to take advantage of when my hand still has the feeling to finish it quickly.” Gu Luo’s screen was showing a hot fight and he didn’t raise his head. Even the soundproof headphones were hanging loosely around his neck. “Don’t worry, Brother B. I’ve learned my lesson and I remember it. We will be playing soon. I will make sure to go and sleep after a few rounds to maintain the best condition on the field.”

Bi Yaohua nodded. “I understand. The mid-laner of LDF is Luni after all. It is best to be prepared a bit more. I am waiting for you to take me to fly!”

He didn’t say much more and just pulled out the gaming chair to sit down. He didn’t continue to do any training so close to the match. At this time, the others hadn’t arrived yet so he just opened the live broadcast.

In fact, Lin Yan didn’t recommend for players to start broadcasting before a match but Bi Yaohua was always an exception. For the Trash Talk King, finding a wave of unhappiness before the start of the match was a great incentive and it was the same today. This was the first broadcast after the QOG incident. Bi Yaohua was ready to fight but after seeing the content on the barrage, he realized it was a bit different from what he thought.

[F*k, the Trash Talk King has finally started broadcasting? I thought he wouldn’t do it before the regular season ended!]

[Is it my illusion or is the peacock head’s shine has become dull?]

[I always say that he should be struck by lightning for being so pretentious but this time, I have to admit that some of it is correct.]

[Caring for stupid people is everyone’s responsibility. These days, we’ve really wronged you.]

[Regarding this matter, this time it was QOG who didn’t do the right thing. I have decided to not curse you as much as possible in the future.]

[Fool, come look! Yesterday, I helped you find a place under the official Weibo of QOG. All the things that should be scolded have already been scolded, do you know?]

[I will try not to scold you this month. The next opponent is LDF, right? Don’t think about QOG and play well first.]

[Thinking about it from another angle, this hair doesn’t make my eyes burn so much today? What are you doing? Playing games or the ranking?]

Bi Yaohua, “???”

What was wrong with the world?

Next to him, Gu Luo had just finished playing. He was about to leave so he could sleep. Then he inadvertently turned his head and found that Bi Yaohua, who just started the live broadcast, actually turned off the live broadcast faster than him. A question mark flashed slowly in Gu Luo’s mind and he was even more at a loss due to his heavy sleepiness. “Brother Trash Talk, is the live broadcast over?”

Bi Yaohua sat in front of the computer playing minesweeper, his entire face filled with boredom. “I won’t broadcast. It’s boring.”

“Ah… is it because of QOG? We were responsible for this matter so they all came over to scold you?”

Bi Yaohua’s mouse shook and he hit a mine. He saw the red explosion in front of his eyes and looked up blankly. “It’s because the number of people scolding me is less than before that I find it’s meaningless.”

Gu Luo, “?”

Bi Yaohua sighed slowly and bitterly. “How can I put it? The main thing is that I feel lonely.”

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