CAMP: Chapter 105

“I think these days, the e-sports players really need to fill up their empty spiritual world.” After such an interruption, Lin Yan finally picked up the phone he had been ignoring and looked through it which only made him feel happier. “Don’t UL and Three have a match coming up? They chatted all night in the group. Why isn’t their coach coming to catch them?”

“The main thing is that this match-fixing matter is too large. In addition, there is no active coach in the group so they can chat. Wuhoo is a night owl. His highest record is when he didn’t sleep for three days and three nights. It’s really nothing for him to stay up all night. He’s guaranteed to play harder than anyone on the field.” Jing Yuanzhou neatly stacked the information in his hands and happened to meet Lin Yan’s gaze as he looked up. “What’s the matter?”

“No coach in the group?” Lin Yan raised his eyebrow with a smile. “Captain Jing, then what am I?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s heart jumped slightly at the smile and he couldn’t help feeling hotter. “You are different.”

Lin Yan found it strange. “What’s different?”

Jing Yuanzhou picked up Lin Yan’s hand and pinched it gently. “You are a family member.”

Lin Yan froze in a rare moment. Then after understanding it, he cocked his head. “God Jing, I don’t think we’ve established a relationship at the time I joined the group, right?”

“Yes, the relationship wasn’t determined.” Jing Yuanzhou let out a soft laugh as he lowered his head. “Still, that didn’t affect me from liking you.”

Lin Yan looked up at Jing Yuanzhou. It was a light look with a vague inquiry. Then he seemed to realize something and only clear playfulness remained. “I don’t know why but based on these words just now, why do I feel like you’ve been planning for a long time?”

Jing Yuanzhou was very honest in front of this gaze. “It seems that there is no problem with such an understanding. You know, us old e-sports players have a clear heart after playing for a long time. Once we realize what we want, we can’t help but fight for it. This is a bad problem but we can’t change it.”

“There’s no need to change it.” Lin Yan was very generous and handed over the information to Jing Yuanzhou. “Just do this hard work as an apology.”

Jing Yuanzhou took it. “Yes, Coach.”

Lin Yan had been busy for most of the day and he finally had some free time. He lay on the sofa and started to read the endless messages of the group chat. This group of professional players was also part of Jing Yuanzhou’s life. He hadn’t felt it much before but today, Lin Yan realized that he had quietly started to integrate into this man’s life.

He temporarily let his head empty of thoughts. After reading the chat, he thought about how Jing Yuanzhou said there was no active team coach in the group and he couldn’t help opening the members list to take a look.

His gaze was sweeping down only to pause after seeing something. In the midst of the colors, there were two familiar profile pictures that had a subtle harmony.

Jing Yuanzhou skillfully finished sorting out and archiving the data. Then he looked up and saw Lin Yan’s appearance. “What is it?”

Lin Yan raised his head. He wanted to talk but stopped himself. In the end, he couldn’t help confirming his guess. “Don’t you feel like our profile pictures look a bit like a couple one?”

Jing Yuanzhou obviously paused. Then he slowly leaned against the table and looked down in an amused manner. “You just found out?”

Lin Yan, “……”

F*k, it really wasn’t wrong to say that this person had planned it a long time ago! He recalled the time before and after changing profile pictures. Many details that he hadn’t paid attention to at the time came to mind and he couldn’t help blushing. Forget everything else, the strange silence when he first entered the professional players group chat was very intriguing. How could this be…

Jing Yuanzhou waited for a while. He didn’t hear Lin Yan’s voice and couldn’t help taking a second look. “Are you angry?”

Lin Yan thought about how he had a couples profile picture with this man for so long in front of everyone and he couldn’t help covering his burning face, his muffled voice coming through his fingers. “I’m not angry.”

He didn’t wait for Jing Yuanzhou’s answer and whispered, “I just feel a bit wronged.”

His voice was light and there was a type of vague complaint in it. Sure enough, he was a bit angry.

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help reviewing what he had done. He glanced at Lin Yan’s expression and started to think about how to coax this person. “If you don’t like it then you can change it now.”

Lin Yan was a bit shy but his answer was firm. “No, what’s the point of changing it now?”


Lin Yan fell back on the sofa and stared up at the ceiling for a while. Suddenly, he lowered his head and entered something into his phone. Jing Yuanzhou felt his phone vibrating twice. He picked it up and found there was a new message in the team’s WeChat group.

Lin Breeder: [@all members, in order to build a better team culture, everyone will change their WeChat profile photos before noon tomorrow. I have sent them to you before. If you haven’t saved them, take a look and choose one that you like. Team building starts from the profile pictures, okay? [picture][picture][picture]]

The others were called out and they were obviously a bit confused. Last time when Lin Yan proposed changing the profile pictures, no one accepted under Jing Yuanzhou’s ‘kind’ smile. Now that it was mentioned again, there was indeed some hesitation. It was a pity that Lin Yan wasn’t prepared to give them too much consideration this time.

Lin Breeder: [Can’t you change it? [smile.jpg]]

The members of GH inexplicably felt cold. [Change!]

How could these two people even have the same emoji when threatening people?! Moments later, the SpongeBob family all appeared in the group and it was quite spectacular at first glance.

Lin Yan was satisfied.

Lin Breeder: [Yes, the family should be so neat and tidy like this~]

Jing Yuanzhou, “……”

This wave of retaliation was extremely simple and rough. Jing Yuanzhou moved his fingers and cooperated to send a thumbs-up in the group.

Lin Yan was completely comfortable after seeing this message. “That’s it! In any case, this set of a couple’s profile pictures doesn’t count. After the match, I will look for it properly and decide what profile picture to change to then.”

Just listening to this, he obviously wasn’t very satisfied with Jing Yuanzhou’s practice of secretly tricking him into changing his profile picture. Yet even he didn’t realize that his move of pulling the other players of the team to change profile pictures was just covering up the existence of these two profile pictures. The fact that he wasn’t willing to replace the picture itself had some obvious meaning.

Jing Yuanzhou saw there was nothing wrong and held back his laugh. “Yes, I’ll listen to you.”

Still, his expression made it clear he had seen through it.

Lin Yan cleared his throat, glanced at the time and stood up from the sofa. He stretched his muscles. “It’s late. I should grab Gloy for training.”

He wanted to leave without looking but as he passed by Jing Yuanzhou, he couldn’t hold back and rubbed the man’s hair. “You haven’t had much rest in the past few days. If you have nothing to do then go to sleep.”

This evening’s work was originally supposed to be done by Lin Yan, the head coach. It was Jing Yuanzhou who insisted on helping and had accompanied him until now.

11 o’clock in the evening wasn’t too late for an e-sports player but during this time, Jing Yuanzhou had been assisting him with tactical arrangements in addition to training. It could be regarded as one person taking on two workloads. On top of that, he still maintained his morning running habit.

Jing Yuanzhou had never said anything but Lin Yan knew that he shouldn’t let this person continue staying up late with him. Lin Yan saw that Jing Yuanzhou didn’t respond and emphasized it again. “The last two matches in the regular season are tough battles. You must make sure that you are in the best condition.”

It seemed rubbing this person’s hair felt good. Lin Yan’s fingers stuck in the hair moved twice more.

“I know.” Jing Yuanzhou became itchy from this action and grabbed the restless hand. “Don’t stay up too late.”



The next opponent was Luni and the LDF team so Gu Luo’s mid-laner position was naturally crucial. Lin Yan arrived at the training room and could see that the three of them were actively training.

He called Gu Luo out and they went to the meeting room. There was a separate computer in the meeting room so it was especially suitable for this type of occasion.

The format of the playoffs meant that the rankings in the regular season were very critical. Gu Luo knew the importance and his small face was more solemn than ever when walking into the meeting room. It could be seen that he felt a lot of pressure facing Luni.

Lin Yan combined all the previous LDF matches and summed up the key points in a very detailed manner to let Gu Luo become familiar with it. This process was inevitably a bit more tedious and cumbersome.

After understanding all the core content of the middle lane that he needed to pay attention to, an hour had unknowingly passed. The next step was an analysis of the next match’s configuration and this took another 30 minutes.

In Lin Yan’s current line, he had four or five alternate options that could be adjusted on the spot for each hero. It was only Gu Luo’s mid-laner that was basically locked onto two heroes. However, it was previously due to this small range that he needed to improve the proficiency of these two heroes as much as possible before the match.

The sky outside had long since completely darkened. Looking at the window, the lights in the distance were gradually extinguished as the night went on. Lin Yan stood behind Gu Luo, helping him dig out the details over and over again, completely unaware of the passing of time. This lasted until the door of the meeting room opened and Jing Yuanzhou appeared when he should’ve been asleep.

Lin Yan turned his head when he heard the sound and couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. “You didn’t go to sleep?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the computer screen in front of Gu Luo. “I was originally planning to go to sleep. Then Luni called me and we talked until now.”

“Luni?” Lin Yan frowned. “We are going to compete with LDF soon. At this time, you aren’t sleeping and talked to our competitor on the phone. What are you thinking?”

“Don’t worry, it wasn’t about the match.” Jing Yuanzhou didn’t go deeper into this topic and just leaned against the door. “It is almost 2 o’clock. Aren’t you going to rest?”

Gu Luo had just finished playing a game. He took off his headphones and heard such a sentence, so he exclaimed, “Captain, it doesn’t matter. I can still practice. I’m not tired!”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. “I asked the coach.”

Gu Luo, “……”

The expression on Jing Yuanzhou’s face was no different from usual but Lin Yan couldn’t help getting the feeling that this man was in a bad mood. Was it due to Luni’s call?

Lin Yan paused before stating, “It really is late. Let’s stop here for today.”

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Gu Luo: My parents only have each other in their eyes. What to do? Urgent, waiting online! QAQ

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