CAMP: Chapter 104

Roser was finally dragged out with the help of QOG players.

In the whole process, Lin Yan didn’t forget to face him with the mobile phone camera and show great enthusiasm, “Oh, don’t be in a rush. You haven’t said hello to these friends yet. Come, say ‘hi’ to the camera.”

Roser, who was being supported by his teammates, shuddered and almost fell to the ground again. Hi? Hi your sister!

At the end of the day, Roser was only in his early 20s. He had never experienced such a ‘big change’ and everything happened too suddenly. Now it felt like he was in the midst of multiple thunderbolts. His entire brain was confused and he didn’t know what to do for a while. He just wanted to go back to the club’s management for help as soon as possible.

The entire lounge was quiet as QOG fled. The GH members were clearly taken aback by the unthinkable development. Just before entering the door, they had seen Lin Yan playing around with his phone for a long time. However, no one except for Jing Yuanzhou knew exactly what he was doing. They just heard the coach saying they would come over and their hot-headed brains caused them to follow without thinking. They hadn’t expected him to have such a trick up his sleeve.

The barrage in the live broadcast room was basically going crazy. There were newcomers who entered the live broadcast room with a blank face.

[What is the situation? Didn’t Titans just finish the match? Why did he suddenly start broadcasting?]

[I really didn’t expect it. Fortunately, I suddenly wanted to take a look or I would’ve missed it!]

[Hmm? Where is this? Hasn’t GH gone back yet?]

[The people who just left were QOG? What’s going on? Was there a real life PK between the teams?]

Some people’s focus had deviated and they were praising the Parents Love.

[Ahhhh, am I the only one who thinks that the way Titans helped block the coach just now was simply A!]

[F*k, my husband is really an amazing boyfriend!]

[I’m sour, today’s Parents Love is still good.]

[So Titans’ live broadcast room was started by Coach Lin? Wait a minute, the coach has Titans’s account?]

[An exchange of accounts… thank you, I’m nibbling on this again.]

Many people were digesting the information they just learned.

[What happened? Listening to the conversation just now, did this crappy QOG actually throw the games?]

[What are the officials of Burning Hot doing? No one found out about the fake matches?]

[Although… QOG doesn’t seem to have directly admitted it?]

[Hah! Is there any difference between saying that BB doesn’t have evidence and admitting it?]

[Thus, GH did this because they couldn’t get evidence. It is very damaging.]

[F*k your damage. Still, does the official action need to be so convoluted?]

[No wonder why I always thought the grudge between BB and QOG is strange. Now the case is solved. It is because of fake matches!]

[Therefore, BB directly scolded them during the game because he found out about all of QOG’s bad things at that time? He is too miserable. He was scolded online for so long because of it.]

[It seems like it is true. The cause and effect is very complete. It is simply a history of blood and tears.]

[If this is true then it is even colder! How long has it been since that match? QOG is still playing until now?]

[BB calling them the ‘underworld’ team is correct. A team who plays fake matches doesn’t deserve to stand in the professional league!]

[I have already gone to Weibo @Burning Hot. Everyone, follow me!]

[It is outrageous… I don’t know how many new teams have been harmed by them.]

Lin Yan glanced at the barrage. He didn’t mention what happened just now and waved to the camera with a smile. “I’m sorry to make you look at a black screen for so long. This is the end of today’s live broadcast. We are now ready to go back to the base. See you next time if there is a chance.”

Then he spoke to those around him. “Come and say goodbye to the audience.”

The other members of GH were still stunned but they instinctively walked up to the camera at the words and soullessly started business. “Goodbye, everyone.”

Lin Yan turned the phone to Jing Yuanzhou in a satisfied manner. “Captain Jing, do you want to say a few words too?”

Jing Yuanzhou opened his mouth. “Yes, goodbye.”

He said this but from this point of view, he couldn’t help raising his gaze. His gaze passed over the top of the phone and landed on Lin Yan behind it. His eyes curved slightly and he showed a faint smile. Such excessively gentle eyes were shown in the camera and the barrage was instantly filled with ‘ahhhhh.’

Once the live broadcast was cut off, everyone returned to their lounge to pack their equipment and returned to the business car. The business car started driving. Bi Yaohua, who had been quiet the whole time, finally seemed to react and he poked his head over from the passenger seat. “No Coach, if you prepared this early then why didn’t you tell us in advance?”

The others were obviously puzzled and looked back.

Lin Yan was leaning back against the seat with his eyes closed. He heard these words and opened his right eye slightly. “If I told you in advance, would you show such true feelings? Didn’t you find that your captain almost laughed a few times in the process? Can you have more acting talent than him?”

Jing Yuanzhou felt Lin Yan gently elbow him and cooperated. “It’s true.”

The GH members, “……”

Bi Yaohua was speechless for a moment. Then he changed the topic. “Just now, I really vented my anger but what should we do next? Roser’s strength might not be good but he always has a lot of thoughts. Just now, he was hiding with his words and didn’t directly admit it. Even if the situation is exposed, there is no other evidence. Won’t it be very difficult for the league to deal with it?”

“If they can’t deal with it then they can’t deal with it. If the league was really efficient, could it make you suffer for so long?” Lin Yan gently tapped his fingers. “There are two methods behind disbanding a team. One is forced and the other is active. We can’t get evidence so we can’t make the league disband the team. So why not make QOG’s management disband it?”

Gu Luo was completely confused. “How could they be willing to disband themselves?”

“You don’t understand the business of a club. The merchandise, popularity and various business activities are indispensable. QOG used fake matches to earn a bit of extra money but this is just a small part of its business process. If a club’s strength and reputation drops to the bottom and all its operations turned into negative profits with more and more losses, do you think management will be willing to keep supporting them?”

Lin Yan smiled at his phone. “After all, no one does charity.”

Chen Yushen seemed to understand a bit. “Taking drastic measures to deal with a situation.”

“That is a brilliant summary. It is indeed taking drastic measures to deal with a situation.” Lin Yan closed his eyes again at the bumpy road. “In other words, don’t worry. I’ve entrusted the later things to my friends. He is good at topic marketing. Unless the boss of QOG comes out to fight with me, the comments on the Internet alone will be enough to crush them to death.”

Gu Luo seized on this premise. “What if QOG is really willing to go bankrupt to fight you?”

Lin Yan thought about it. “That is a bit of a problem. I can only… barely spend a bit more money.”

Such words spoken in a helpless tone made the car quiet for a moment. Then it was followed by a burst of laughter. “Coach is domineering!”


It was as Lin Yan expected. Less than half a day after the end of the live broadcast, the story of QOG throwing games had already spread thoroughly on the Internet.

The official Weibo of the Burning Hot League was almost going crazy with the @s. In particular, the newly released post making the two teams pay a fine for their bad comments during the live broadcast was completely bombarded by the righteous netizens. Everyone was shocked. Couldn’t the officials do something? They were already remiss in not finding out about QOG’s match-fixing. Now that it was so obvious, they still hadn’t taken any action?

The fans of other teams were mixed among the comments. Due to QOG, these teams had their promotion to the playoffs affected or directly fell to the relegation spot. Now that it was revealed that there was match-fixing, they naturally exploded. Due to all this, the officials of the Burning Hot League were also suffering.

Match-fixing was something that the league paid attention to every year. Naturally, they knew more about the seriousness of the problem than anyone else. However, as the officials of the professional league, they needed to find evidence before making a decision. It was as netizens said, ‘the attitude of the QOG members was subtle’, ‘obvious meanings were hidden in Roser’s words’ and ‘QOG obviously fled in a guilty manner after the live broadcasts.’These things really weren’t enough to reach the standard of making a judgment. They couldn’t just settle the case due to nothing!

Apart from increasing the inside investigation of the competition, they could only pretend to play dead in the midst of the scolding. At the same time, the two parties involved, GH and QOG were quiet. The GH’s retreat was very simple. Their attitude was clear from their last statement.

[@GH Club V:

Regarding the situation of our player GH.BB, our club has expressed great importance to it and we hope to get a fair answer. In the previous indicator, we’ve expressed everything we’ve needed to and we are very satisfied with this. It is just that the autumn competition isn’t over yet so in the next period of time, the team has decided to put all our energy into the remaining matches. Thank you for the support. I hope we can get a satisfactory answer this autumn……]

There was a Weibo attached to the post. It was a clip of the conversation where Roser made threats.

GH’s regular season schedule wasn’t over. They had locked onto one of the top 8 places in advance and would enter the subsequent playoffs. There might be many sunspots ridiculing them for ‘running after stirring up muddy water’ but they chose to deal with it using temporary silence. It was understandable from the perspective of fans and passersby.

In comparison, the QOG club not appearing for a long time to clarify the situation gave off a subtle feeling. In fact, it wasn’t that the QOG Club didn’t want to deal with it. It was just that since the rhythm of public opinion began, a large number of marketing accounts entered the water and made things a mess.

In addition to the intensive coverage, the major video websites uploaded a large number of videos on the major video websites overnight. They were all highlights of the team’s previous matches.

These video clips had discerning eyes and cut out all of QOG’s ‘errors’ one by one. In particular, the microscopic analysis of the game where BB scolded them showed there were more than 20 obvious mistakes, many of which wouldn’t be done by ordinary players with a bit of strength. It could be called the biggest rollover scene in the league.

The QOG Club wanted to find a public relations company to help whitewash them but the matter of match-fixing was really of great importance and the fans of the team affected were all a united front with GH, several PR companies were afraid to accept the job due to the pressure of public opinion. It meant that apart from the gossip reporters who surrounded the club, the other relevant neutral media started to avoid them.

The QOG Club had no other way and could only feebly explain with a few words on Weibo. They sent ‘those who are clean are clean’ before falling silent in the midst of the curses. Such an attitude was like a little white flower being bullied. Unfortunately, QOG really wasn’t suitable for this routine.

They had lost a large number of fans in recent years and the rest remaining had been angry. After the sudden explosion of such a big event, the passersby didn’t feel much. On the contrary, the old fans following them for many years became suspicious. After the in-depth investigation of the e-sports media, the group of senior QOG fans felt cheated and directly blackened. They started to jump out and reveal news one after another.

Perhaps this was the legendary ‘the deeper the love, the deeper the hate.’

It had to be said that the league never had such a huge match-fixing event. In order to take into account the image of the competition, the officials had to conduct a more in-depth investigation. At the same time, it inevitably shocked the professional players of the major teams.

The night after the incident, Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou’s phones kept vibrating due to the continuous bombardment of messages from the players.

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou had just hung up the condolence call from Ku Tianlu and was holding onto data. He looked back at Lin Yan who was also holding a stack of data. Both of them saw their amused expressions.

Their next opponent was Luni and the LDF team and the papers in their hands were all the key information that was just sorted out. As they announced to the public, the entire GH team was devoting themselves to preparing for the next match. Why did it feel like no one believed them?!

Proofreader: Nao

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6 months ago

damn i feel a little bad for them, is the management’s decision to fix the games something they can control or oppose? LY has already vindicated BB’s reputation

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