CAMP: Chapter 103

By the time the GH members rushed to the QOG lounge, the QOG players had packed up their equipment and were about to leave. They happened to encounter each other at the door. Bi Yaohua took the lead. He smiled as he took a few steps forward and blocked the QOG group. “Yo, are you in a hurry to go?”

The loss of this match made Roser angry. He had just lectured the players and after finally venting some of it, he became furious again due to the content of the interview. At this time, there was nowhere to vent the emotions that wanted to explode. Then he looked up and saw Bi Yaohua’s smile full of deep intentions and his expression became even gloomier. “Is there something?”

“I can’t just come and see you?” Bi Yaohua walked in and glanced around at the people in the lounge. “What a good day. It is really rare to have a chance to abuse the weak on the court. Now that the match is over, I want to take advantage of this beautiful day to find my old teammates and chat about the old matters that haven’t been settled yet.”

QOG’s jungler looked at Bi Yaohua and then the members of GH who obviously hadn’t come with good intentions before speaking coldly, “We have nothing to discuss with you!”

“You can’t say that.” Lin Yan leaned against the door. At this time, he softly knocked on the door with his knuckles, drawing everyone’s attention. “After all, our BB was still part of QOG. The time might not be long but there are still many stains that can’t be wiped off because of you guys. You know, professional players only have a few years for their careers. I don’t think it is too much to talk about wasted youth.”

The match had just ended and the staff members had gone to prepare for the next match. Currently, there was no one in the lounge except for the players of the two teams. Even so, Roser’s heart inevitably thumped when he heard Lin Yan’s words. It wasn’t said clearly but the message between the lines showed BB had completely revealed the truth about the fake matches.

Roser was really confident about the secrecy of these transactions but he didn’t expect Bi Yaohua would really meet someone worthy to share this secret with. Before continuing the conversation, he turned to the new shooter in the team. “Amy, the coach is waiting in the car in advance. Go find him and say we might be late. I remember there are many gifts from the fans in the car so just pack them up. We’ll come to you after dealing with the matter here.”

QOG’s shooter was a pure newcomer and had never seen such a big battle. He was almost scared silly at the moment. It took him a long time to understand Roser’s words before he hurriedly responded. Lin Yan knew that this young man had nothing to do with the mess so he naturally allowed the shooter to leave. Then he quietly closed the door of the lounge. It was just a closed door but it made the atmosphere in the lounge become more subtle.

Bi Yaohua looked at Roser with contempt. “Seriously Roser, your ID should be changed. How nice is it to be called Loser directly? It fits your image perfectly!”

“BB, you are also poor. At most, you dare to make some small reports behind my back.” Roser’s voice was cold. “Why? After complaining to your new teammates, you are eager to bring people here to look for trouble? It seems that the previous few months aren’t enough to teach you a lesson. Aren’t you afraid of being banned again?”

Bi Yaohua looked surprised. “No, I must be banned when looking for my old teammates? Which league rule is so overbearing?”

Roser knew very well about the virtues of this person and didn’t pay attention to his sly words., “Don’t talk nonsense. What do you want?”

Bi Yaohua pointed to the ground. “Come on, kneel down and kowtow to admit your mistakes to me. Perhaps I’ll let bygones be bygones when I’m happy.”

QOG’s jungler was furious. “You keep on circling back to this. You really aren’t finished, right?”

“I’m not finished? Do you think I don’t feel sick when I see you?” Bi Yaohua didn’t even bother to reward him with a glance. “If it wasn’t for the coach asking me to give you another chance to voluntarily turn yourself in, I wouldn’t be too f*king lazy to care about you!”

The ‘coach’ made Roser look at Lin Yan with surprise. If he remembered correctly, Coach Lin’s identity should be the behind-the-scenes boss of GH, right? For this type of businessman, shouldn’t it be most important for the club to avoid any disputes as much as possible? Yet listening to this idiot’s words, it turned out he took the lead in coming to find them?

Lin Yan had just found a chair to sit down on. He felt the gazes from the surroundings and waved his hand very calmly. “Oh, I am kind-hearted. After all, amiability makes you rich. This matter has been dragging out for so long and a good regular season match has turned into a bitter grudge match. Why bother, right?”

Roser felt that Lin Yan’s words had the meaning of mediation. He was indeed tired of Bi Yaohua chasing and biting him so he slightly restrained his expression. “We aren’t unreasonable people. As long as BB doesn’t go too far then we are also willing to take a step back.”

“Isn’t this better?” Lin Yan smiled. “BB, come. Let’s all shake hands with a smile.”

Bi Yaohua obviously didn’t understand Lin Yan’s intentions but seeing these smiling eyes, he shut his mouth and reluctantly walked over.

Roser had never seen Bi Yaohua so docile and he couldn’t help looking over curiously. He was a bit distracted when he heard Lin Yan slowly continue. “AS for QOG’s side…this is good. The team captain came out to be a representative. He will go to the league officials to confess the wrong things he did before. If the officials don’t pursue it then we naturally won’t say anything else about it.”

Roser stopped stretching out his hand, his voice tight. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Lin Yan looked at him incredulously. “Is there something I didn’t say clearly or were there too many important things that you have forgotten? I don’t want to say much about the recent regular season. You just need to give an account for those matches during the spring season. Is it difficult?”

If it wasn’t for Lin Yan’s identity then Roser would’ve blown up. He felt something surging in his chest and slowly took a breath. “Coach Lin, I think it is better not to listen to just one side for some things.”

“Is that so?” Lin Yan obviously found it even stranger. “However, I’ve already listened and I believe it very much. What do you have to say?”

Roser was choked up by these words and the false politeness on his face finally disappeared completely.

By this time, he finally understood that the people of GH really hadn’t come here today for a good reason.

Roser threw the equipment bag in his hand onto the table next to him, seemingly a bit amused by Lin Yan’s way of doing things. “You can say this but BB is currently a member of GH. I can understand you wanting to stay on his side. As for today’s match, we lost to you because we aren’t as good. I acknowledge this. However, isn’t it a bit unreasonable to come here like this? The moment you open your mouth, you started talking about previous matters. I have a clear conscience but so what if we have done something? In the final analysis, you are rushing for the championship trophy while we are fighting for the regular season competition. Everyone should mind their own business. If you keep meddling in other people’s business then be careful not to get into trouble sooner or later!”

He paused and looked around. “Of course, BB’s suspension is related to us but it can be seen very clearly in the online game videos that he was the one who started scolding us on the field. We were scolded so badly but we didn’t say anything. No matter how you look at it, we were loyal enough. His punishment was decided by the league officials. It is too inappropriate to force the blame on us, right?”

His remarks could be said to have really cleaned himself up.

Bi Yaohua wanted to laugh at Roser’s brazenness. “Do you still have the face to mention the official punishment of the leagues? Your special matches!”

LIn Yan patted Bi Yaohua’s shoulder, calming down the hackles that had just risen.

Just then, the silent Jing Yuanzhou suddenly chuckled. Lin Yan looked back. “What are you laughing at?”

Jing Yuanzhou replied indifferently, “This is the first time I’ve met a team who can justify themselves when throwing the game. I was a bit taught.”

Lin Yan agreed. “There are many ways to have thick skin. We should learn a bit more from them.”

From the beginning, both sides had been talking tacitly but never pulled up the contradiction. QOG obviously didn’t expect Jing Yuanzhou to be so direct and all of them were stunned. Although they knew that there was no one else present, they still had ghosts in their hearts and felt their blood solidify. They became even angrier due to their guilty consciences. “What throwing the game? You should pay attention to your words?!”

Lin Yan blinked and laughed. “Yo, it seems that you know this is a forbidden area. Since you know that playing fake matches and throwing the game isn’t allowed in the league, why touch this bottom line? You said that BB deserved to be banned for his scolding. Then isn’t throwing the games much more serious than scolding? In that case, how to deal with the entire team doing it? I’m afraid a ban isn’t enough? A full ban doesn’t seem right… or should the team just be directly disbanded?”

The QOG team members didn’t want to hear it. The more Lin Yan mentioned ‘throwing the games’, the more they wanted to vomit up blood.

Everyone was on the verge of madness when Roser suddenly calmed down. He let out a sigh and looked at Lin Yan. “This coach, or President Lin, you might not be very clear about things when you just entered the circle. This type of ‘framing someone by making false charges against them’ is taboo in the league. If you want to come out for BB then you need to show evidence. Otherwise, you are just being used as a knife for BB and the final punishment will fall on the club. If I remember correctly, GH’s goal this year is to win the league championship, right? The situation is very good right now. Don’t go looking for trouble and cut off your good future like BB did before.”

Lin Yan squinted. “Can I understand this as you threatening me?”

“I’m thinking about your club.”

Bi Yaohua couldn’t hold back when he heard this and slammed his palm heavily against the table. “Do you think you are so special that we can’t find evidence?”

Roser knew who his partner was and had absolute confidence in the secrecy of the fake matches. A smile flashed in his eyes when he saw Bi Yaohua jumping and he became even more certain. “If you could find it then would you only scream in front of me with your mouth?”

His expression was so confident that anyone who saw it would want to hit him a few times. However, now was a critical moment of the regular season. Bi Yaohua was worried he would drag the club down with him or he would probably rush over and PK directly.

Roser seemed to enjoy Bi Yaohua’s helpless look. The gloom of losing the match was completely swept away and he smiled more openly. This smile froze at Lin Yan’s next sentence. “What if I already have proof?”

Roser was completely stunned but soon forced himself to control his mind. “Impossible! If you really found evidence then how could you wait until now!”

“I admit that the team didn’t have too much patience to delay disbanding QOG but I’m not lying to you.” Lin Yan raised an eyebrow and his eyes were full of laughter. “It is true that there was no evidence previously but just now, Captain Roser, you personally delivered such a good thing to me.”

There was a moment of silence. The more certain Lin Yan’s expression was, the colder Roser felt. His expression changed and he finally came to his senses. “You… were you recording this?”

Roser saw Lin Yan’s smile grow wider and his tone cooled down. “I advise you not to do this. Any recording without permission is an illegal act. If you submit the conversation between us to the league officials as evidence then our club will have to submit litigation to the court. The GH team definitely won’t be able to continue participating in the playoffs!”

Lin Yan nodded. “You are right. We can indeed be held legally responsible for illegal recordings.”

Roser heard him say this and thought there was still a chance. Therefore, he continued speaking. “Coach Lin, you really don’t have to do such thankless things. Some matters aren’t as simple as you think. In fact, we have been hoping to reconcile with BB. After we go back this time, I will ask the team manager to contact you. I believe we can come to a reasonable compromise.”

“How to say it? I would like to believe in your sincerity but… who told you I was recording?” Lin Yan blinked innocently. “I am a good citizen. How can I do such things that I know violate the law?”

The several reversals made Roser’s tense emotions relaxed again. Under the excessive ups and downs, he felt a bit dizzy and had to support himself using the wall next to him. “T-There is no recording?

“No.’ Lin Yan slowly put his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone, showing them the screen. “I just started the live broadcast.”

It was a bolt from the blue and the other members of QOG felt their minds go blank for a moment. They instinctively rushed forward to try and grab the phone but a tall figure stood in front of Lin Yan.

Jing Yuanzhou quietly separated them and lowered his eyes slightly. “Keep your distance.”

The simple three words filled their ears with a cold tone and caused the footsteps of the QOG members to abruptly stop. Lin Yan leaned forward triumphantly from behind Jing Yuanzhou and shook his phone again. They looked over and the thing that entered their vision was the eye catching live broadcast room called [GH.Titans Live Broadcast Room.]

Before he could see the dense barrage content, Roser felt his eyes darkened. Before his teammates next to him could respond, he fell to the ground.

There was a dead silence in the area. This was clearly no longer a question of whether the conversation could constitute as evidence or not. The popularity of Jing Yuanzhou’s live broadcast room alone meant that once public opinion fermented, the consequences… Roser was completely afraid to think about it.

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Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Tbh i don’t rly think they can be sanctioned by the league. Like sure they’re gonna be dead in the court of public opinion but they didn’t say anything incriminating. It was mostly just Lin Yan and BB talking while Roser was like “if what you’re saying is true you’d need proof”. So it doesn’t really count as a confession.

If the league comes knocking though I’m sure one of them will break and confess so I’m pretty sure they’re screwed either way. Also I think live-streaming a convo without the other party being aware should count as illegally recording, right?

1 year ago
Reply to  Yoshi K

Lo de la grabación podría entrar pero no sería demasiado serio, ya que se puede explicar fácilmente como que lo estaba haciendo y cuando entro se olvidó de apagarla o algo así, lo máximo para lo que podrían hacerles sería una multa

11 months ago

this wasnt rly a gotcha moment noh? roser didnt rly say anything incriminating