CAMP: Chapter 102

This wave of destruction directly cut off QOG’s last hope. GH’s surviving players got the group buff on them and with the arrival of the soldiers, pushed all the way to the high grounds. The crystal shattered and victory was decided. Like this, QOG’s last match of the season came to an end. They were ninth on the overall rankings and it announced that their journey in the autumn competition would end ahead of schedule.

The entire venue was filled with people yelling and cheering about the five kills while some people’s senses couldn’t return due to the excessively thrilling process. In the live broadcast, the barrage blew up due to someone bringing up a past incident.

They still remembered on the day that the GH team started broadcasting, Bi Yaohua said he would personally send the QOG team home before the final eight. At the time, the barrage had been full of sarcastic remarks that laughed at his ranting. Now the GH team had locked a quota of the top 8 in advance and thoroughly cut off QOG’s path to the playoffs.

In any case, looking back at the events of that day, it could only be said that the arrangement of fate was wonderful. Everything seemed arranged to complete Bi Yaohua’s wish. It was as if they could see the deep, eye-catching slap marks on the faces of the sunspots hiding behind the screen.

[F*k f*k f*k, this wave from the Trash Talk King was awesome!]

[Of course, it is awesome! It is the first five kills of the autumn competition. This is special!]

[I have to say that although BB’s mouth stinks, there is nothing wrong with his operation.]

[Did you see it just now? The main thing is that the Trash Talk King entered the battle in a great position and the rest of the GH team members are willing to completely circle around him. What is so strange about five kills!]

[Five kills isn’t surprising? If it isn’t surprising then do you want to show me one?]

[My mouth has dropped open. It isn’t surprising? The other teams revolve around their shooter but they’ve never got such a harvest.]

[Even Wuhoo hasn’t gotten five kills this season, I hope you know.]

[In addition, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this wave of team battles getting into the top 10 of the autumn competition.]

[F*k, what is going on with my tears? So this fool has finally grown up? This is the rhythm of a great world!]

[Hahaha, it isn’t that good. However, I’m curious. The Trash Talk King has gone through the extreme evolutionary version so what is he called? The Trash Talk God?]

[I have to say that QOG is really miserable. Not only were they ridiculed by their former teammate but they were also sent home by the former teammate. They must have a psychological shadow.]

[I’m looking forward to the interview later. I believe that the Trash Talk King’s interview will be absolutely wonderful. I’ll bet a cart of cucumbers that he’ll have a mouthful to say.]

[No way, speaking live? Isn’t he afraid of fines?]

[Indeed, it is such a good chance that I’m sure he can’t help it.]

[Come and place your bets. Bet on how much this fool will be fined by the league this time.]

[Hahaha, is the person above the devil?]

The barrage was very lively and the entire venue was buzzing with noise. Only QOG’s fans maintained an absolute silence. It had to be seen that losing the match was really heartbreaking. Forget just talking about the future in this autumn competition, the video of the five kills was guaranteed to go viral on the Internet. In the process of being widely spread, the QOG team would definitely be pressed to the ground. Some QOG fans even chose to leave in advance, not wanting to see the later matches of other teams.

Once the statistics came out, the MVP was undoubtedly Bi Yaohua. Lin Yan stopped him before going to the interview. Bi Yaohua understood in an instant and spoke in a serious face, “Don’t worry Coach. I promise you I won’t do anything!”

The five kills against QOG was already cool enough. In addition, he wasn’t a person who didn’t know good or bad. For the sake of the club’s image, it was still possible for him to resist the impulse to speak.

Lin Yan told him, “No, I don’t want you to guarantee it.”

Bi Yaohua’s face was full of question marks. “Huh?”

“I’m telling you that if you say anything that receives a fine then take it to the club for reimbursement.” Lin Yan patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t think about it. Take it as a reward for the wonderful five kills just now!”

Bi Yaohua was originally wondering why a fine was required. Then he saw the smile that wasn’t a smile on Lin Yan’s face and instantly understood. The curve of his mouth became extremely brazen. “Thank you, Boss!”

In the interview session, there were only a few questions. The woman in charge of the interview seemed very worried that Bi Yaohua would mess around. Every time she raised a question, she was extremely cautious out of fear that he would say something that wasn’t suitable for a live broadcast.

She was somewhat surprised that in the course of this interview, Bi Yaohua’s responses were well-behaved. It was amazing. It was as if someone had arranged an interview draft for him in advance. The response was more official than before and no problems could be picked out.

Seeing that the interview was coming to an end, the female host finally relaxed a bit and was ready to officially end the segment. “So is there anything else you would like to say to the audience?”

Bi Yaohua seriously held the microphone in front of him. “I have something to say to the fans of QOG.”

“Yes, you really need to thank the fans of the team at this time…” The female host was going along with this only to suddenly realize that something was wrong. “??? The QOG fans?”

However, it was clear that her reaction was too late.

Bi Yaohua smiled at the camera, his colorful hair very eye-catching under the light. “To all the friends who patronize my live broadcast room, are you still here? Do you remember the content of my live broadcast that day? I’ve fulfilled my promise to send QOG home. Does your face hurt? However, you don’t need to feel too sad. After all, it isn’t your fault that you are blind enough to support a team like QOG. Just polish your eyes in the future and you can find a better team to support. I can understand you. In a word, I have done the thing I promised during the previous broadcast. I believe that the other thing won’t be too far away. Just wait and see!”

The female host, “……”

Was this going to be the last interview of her career? However, the netizens didn’t understand the bitterness of the host. Apart from the sunspots who were beaten in the face, the others were happily laughing on the barrage.

[Hahaha, I said this fool would trash talk during the official interview. I was waiting for this!]

[I just laughed until I fell out of bed. I knew the Trash Talk King couldn’t help himself.]

[Wait, this passerby didn’t pay attention to the previous entanglement. The first thing is about QOG being kept out of the top 8. Then what is the second thing?]

[I remember this fool said he wanted to downgrade QOG?]

[QOG’s current ranking isn’t enough to be downgraded, right?]

[Isn’t it pure nonsense to talk about downgrading? QOG might be weak but they are better than some teams. They aren’t stable but they can still gain a place in the league.]

[Why did I hear something different from you? Wasn’t it that GH wanted to disband QOG?]

[Look at me, I came out to teach you. At that time, the fool talked about relegating them to the secondary league. Then GH’s coach popped up and said it wasn’t difficult. If he wanted to do it then they should directly disband QOG.]

The barrage: [.]

Damn. he dared to say it!

In the GH team’s longue, Gu Luo was just taking a sip of mineral water when Bi Yaohua’s interview was broadcasted on the TV and he spat it out. The repeated coughing made Jing Yuanzhou, who was playing with his phone, look up and hand over a piece of tissue.

“Thank, cough, thank you Captain!” Gu Luo took it with a red face. He couldn’t help glancing at the TV. “I don’t know when I can have a mouth like Brother Trash Talk.”

Chen Yushen honestly said, “…Please don’t.”

Jing Yuanzhou was listening to the conversation between the two when he felt the light above his head dim. He didn’t know when it happened but Lin Yan was standing behind him. Lin Yan slightly leaned down from behind the sofa and handed his mobile phone to Jing Yuanzhou from the side. In the same posture, he breathed lightly against the side of Jing Yuanzhou’s face. “God Jing, do you mind lending me your account?”

Jing Yuanzhou saw the familiar login interface on the screen and didn’t ask anything. He directly reached over and entered his account password. Lin Yan couldn’t help tilting his head as he smiled. “So easily? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll check your posts or something?”

Jing Yuanzhou raised the phone and returned it to Lin Yan’s hand, telling him, “Check it.”

A smile flashed in Lin Yan’s eyes and he bent lower over the back of the sofa so he was closer. His falling hair left a slightly itchy touch on the side of Jing Yuanzhou’s face, stunning him for a moment.

Lin Yan’s posture was like he was biting Jing Yuanzhou’s ear and his breath touched the skin again and again, making Jing Yuanzhou feel hot. “I think it is almost time and I should solve some messy things… what do you think?”

No matter what angle, this posture was full of ambiguity. The others discovered the situation on this side and there was a moment of silence in the lounge. They couldn’t hear what Lin Yan was whispering but their faces turned slightly red as they looked away.

Lin Yan didn’t notice the subtlety of the atmosphere. He was just satisfied with his decision. After speaking, he stood up straight with a smile. He saw that Jing Yuanzhou had no response and asked again, “Captain Jing, what do you think?”

Jing Yuanzhou was a bit stunned by the action just now and only reacted when the heat around him dispersed. Something flickered in his eyes as he reassessed the information in his mind. Then he smiled. “Of course, you are the smartest.”

Lin Yan heard this comment and the emotion in his eyes became stronger. He wanted to say something when he heard the sound of the lounge door opening. It was Bi Yaohua who just returned from his interview.

Don’t look at how cheerful and arrogant he was on the stage just now. In fact, Bi Yaohua was already a bit flustered by his ‘big words’ the moment he stepped off the stage. He wasn’t afraid of scolding but he wasn’t sure what Lin Yan’s attitude was. After all, Lin Yan promised to pay the fine but didn’t tell him about the scale. Thus, the first reaction when entering the lounge was to look at the coach’s face. As a result, he looked up and saw Lin Yan walking toward him with large strides.

Bi Yaohua was already nervous so his first reaction was to turn and run, only to be caught before he could open the door again. Bi Yaohua cleared his throat. “Coach, I was actually very restrained in the interview just now. If you feel…”

Lin Yan interrupted him. “The interview is over. Why mention it now? It’s fine. Hurry up and put your equipment in your bag. The people will be gone if we don’t hurry!”

Bi Yaohua was stunned. “Where are we going?”

Lin Yan looked around the lounge. “Everyone, collect your phones and everything else. I remember that QOG’s lounge isn’t far away. Let’s go and find it!”

Jing Yuanzhou put his phone in his pocket and slowly stood up from the sofa. Gu Luo and Chen Yushen were a bit confused at first. Then they heard that they were looking for QOG and instinctively rolled up their sleeves. “Let’s go!”

Jian Ye looked around before picking up the chair next to him and weighing it. “Coach, do you want me to bring this to defend ourselves?”

Lin Yan was speechless. “…Put it down for me.”

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