CAMP: Chapter 101

Roser wasn’t the only one who had such a guess about the heroes practiced in the professional league.

After all, in the previous matches of the GH team, the heroes that Gu Luo and Chen Yushen used weren’t much different. There might be changes but the main core was the same: dare to fight, dare to rush, dare to tear open a gap in the opposing lineup and cut the opponent’s C position.

The stronger the personal style of a player, the easier it was to draw an equal line with them. Therefore, once the dark tree spirit Lira and the bloodthirsty axe warrior Amuda appeared, they were somewhat out of place with the team’s original style. Naturally, there was no problem with the lineup. The key point was whether they could play it effectively.

In the midst of the audience’s discussion, the match officially began.

Amuda was a jungler hero that was basically an experience baby before he upgraded to his ultimate skill so Chen Yushen changed his previous habit of going into the opponent’s jungle and chose to stay in his own area. At the same time, Jian Ye chose to follow him to protect them.

They originally thought that QOG’s jungler would take advantage of Amuda’s weak early stage to make trouble. Unexpectedly, Jian Ye waited vigilantly in the grass for a long time but he still didn’t see the enemy as Chen Yushen reached level two.

Jian Ye couldn’t believe it. “Even if Amuda didn’t rush to the other jungle, are the QOG players  actually acting so cowardly?”

The audience in the live broadcast room had a god’s perspective and they could clearly see the whole scene. The camera cut to them and the barrage was full of mocking.

[What is wrong with QOG? Didn’t they brag that their jungle is way above the professional standard? Why aren’t they daring to go?]

[Hahaha, don’t say it. Looking at QOG’s route, they are trying to block the opposite side from coming to their jungle area!]

[F*k, they are still playing professionally with this level of awareness? Amuda coming to their jungle area? Isn’t that just going to be a mob and giving them experience?]

[I suddenly feel that it makes sense for BB to look down on QOG… it really can’t be helped.

[It doesn’t matter if GH is training the lineup or not. QOG is really weak.]

[Didn’t you find that all of QOG is under the tower right now? A ninja team?]

[Haha, this is too real. It is okay to call them a ninja team.]

QOG was carefully gaining economy in his own jungle area only to find that the top, middle and bottom lanes were all pressed under the tower. He couldn’t help being stunned. “…Are you guys so miserable?”

In fact, Roser had initially tried to do something but Jing Yuanzhou’s halfling was too fierce. Jing Yuanzhou directly bought a short sword and his passive enhancement points went into pure output, causing Roser to lose most of his blood after just a few blows.

Currently, Roser was shrinking under the tower and having difficulties killing some soldiers. After hearing these words, the support said, “I know that the opposite jungler is Amuda. What have  you been doing? Have all three skills been upgraded? It is better to come to the top lane for support!”

QOG took a look at the map and hesitated. “Titans isn’t so easy to kill, right? It is better for me to go and gank in the middle lane.”

Rose gritted his teeth. “Come here!”

The jungler had no choice but to rush to the top lane. The audience in the live broadcast room saw QOG’s jungler and support moving but at the same time, there were two other figures not far behind them.

The GH fans were in a good mood. [The gifts are here!]

Half a minute later, the first head officially broke out.

[First Blood!]

[Double Kill!]

[Triple kill!]

A series of announcements in a female voice heard. QOG’s mid-laner and shooter, who were still clearing the lane, looked incredulously toward the top of the map. “What’s going on?”

Didn’t they go to catch someone? How could they be killed three times instead?

Roser was already lying on the ground with the bodies of his two teammates. His expression sank. “This is an insidious trick… it’s fine. Continue to stabilize it. Want for the tanks to upgrade and drag it on later.”

He saw the end of the death counter. At the moment of resurrection, he couldn’t help glancing in the direction Chen Yushen departed in and his fingers gripped the mouse a bit tighter.

It was this Amuda who had helped the halfling resist the fatal damage through a short-range displacement skill, allowing the healing support to bring the health back up. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for the ensuing massacre to happen at all! This jungler obviously really could play this hero!

The audience in the live broadcast could see the entire process very clearly. Once Chen Yushen and Jian Ye arrived, Jing Yuanzhou wasn’t in a good state but the several skills used after using high precision positioning were just too critical. The non-directional damage skills also weren’t wasted which completely brought the damage to the extreme.

He might’ve been in the top lane but they hadn’t seen Titans play this type of pure output hero for a long time. The entire live broadcast room was filled with ‘666’.

Jing Yuanzhou’s voice was heard in the GH team’s voice channel. “The top lane is ready.”

“Yes, I understand.” Chen Yushen responded. Once he returned to the city to restore his status, he headed straight to the jungle in the lower half of the map.

QOG suffered a loss from the first wave of ganks and clearly wasn’t ready to continue to trouble Jing Yuanzhou. However, this didn’t mean that Jing Yuanzhou was willing to leave them alone.

QOG soon discovered a miserable reality. Jing Yuanzhou was no longer content to keep Roser under the tower. Every time he cleaned up a line of soldiers, he even invaded the QOG’s jungle area in the top half of the map. The damage of the halfling was absolutely terrible in this period of time after he got his first big piece of equipment.

QOG’s side might have had tank type heroes but they were completely unable to take a beating until they had a full defensive suit. QOG’s mid-laner wanted to find someone to help but the support was tied down in the bottom lane with the shooter. Meanwhile, Gu Luo in the middle lane was always watching.

The dark tree spirit Lira had risen to level 6 and was almost a natural defensive barrier after joining the battle. He kept guard around the jungle and there was no chance of finding a counterattack. It was easy to see that this time that Gloy didn’t just stop playing an assassin, he even stopped playing a mage! Apart from his first equipment, he started to directly pile up defensive quickly and completely became a second support.

Meanwhile, the vacant output spot in the GH team was perfectly filled up by Jing Yuanzhou’s halfling. The QOG team finally realized how terrible the GH lineup was.

Three and two! This was a complete three protected two lineup! There was a healing support, a hero to split up the terrain and a front row tank so the two outputs of GH had almost no worries.

In addition to the halfling on the top lane, Bi Yaohua met Chen Yushen and the trio started to harvest back and forth in the jungle and the lanes. Add in the money from the heads they got during the gank and they were simply rich.

QOG was angry at GH’s overly strong rhythm but still couldn’t save the collapse of the entire line. Roser saw the economic statistics panel and could only repeat the same words over and over again. He spoke to the team members but it was more like he was speaking to himself. “Delay to the late stages! Don’t panic! Try to delay it! The coach said that as long as it is delayed to the later stages, we still have the possibility of overturning things!”

In some ways, it was indeed correct. Unfortunately, Lin Yan had already seen through their routine and came up with a response to it so he naturally wouldn’t leave OQG any opportunities. At 35 minutes, everyone in GH followed the coach’s instructions and started to go after the abyss king. Their intention to fight a team battle was very clear. It just depended on whether QOG dared to come and fight.

The shooter’s weak voice was heard on QOG’s voice channel. “Captain… should we go or not?”

Roser gripped the mouse tighter. His sense of reason told him that this team battle should never be played. If they didn’t fight, it didn’t matter if GH got the boss’ group buff. They might not be able to break through the high grounds with QOG’s absolute tank lineup. But… the moment he saw the character ID dangling in his field of view from time to time, an uncontrollable emotion would directly hit at his heart.

It no longer had the prefix of their team. Now it was GH.BB!

Roser always remembered the scene of Bi Yaohua scolding him and cursing before leaving the team, disgust and contempt on his face. As long as Roser recalled it, he felt like a knife had pierced his chest and he struggled to maintain the last of his torn face.

Who would want to play fake matches in the professional league? Once upon a time, he had just become a professional player and was full of dreams like the other young players. It was a pity that his dreams gradually sank to the bottom with disasters occurring year after year.

It could be predicted how difficult it was for a club without results to stay afloat, let alone the players who were signed for a meagre salary.

This cruel reality allowed Roser to gradually understand that not everyone could shine on the field and not everyone only needed to work hard to stand at the highest peak. Those who were born with the talent for gaming could easily trample on those who worked hard and use them as a humble stepping stone to success.

Those proud sons of the heavens would never know the days of mediocrity when there was no hope every day. They would never know the pain of a group of people who could only stay in a corner where no one could see them, never having glory no matter how hard they try.

No one liked the feeling of losing. Still, since they were destined to lose, why not make the loss more valuable? In the final analysis, it was just that different people made different choices. Why could Bi Yaohua put on this type of lofty look in front of him just because of innate talent? The lucky people blessed by God didn’t know anything!

Roser stared at the computer screen fiercely and finally came to an answer between his reason and his emotions. He squeezed out a low and hoarse sentence, “Hit them—!”

Once all the QOG members assembled, even the commentators couldn’t help sighing. “It seems that QOG isn’t willing to let go of this boss… although the group buff is really important at this time, I have to say that this choice is too impulsive.”

The entire scene was caught in a tense atmosphere. Only Lin Yan sitting under the stage couldn’t help showing a meaningful smile.

Since they voluntarily broke the bottom line, they should give up on their dignity completely. However, if they expected to maintain their false face after there was no bottom line then it would only make their original choice more ridiculous. As the saying went, it was better to be a true villain than a hypocrite. It could be seen that QOG’s defeat was only a matter of time.

The flames of war ignited near the abyss king. Gu Luo’s big move completely ignited the battlefield and the barrier he raised protected Bi Yaohua from the side and rear. Jian Ye was in the perfect position to precisely control the overall health volume.

The moment the opportunity arrived, Jing Yuanzhou broke QOG’s formation first. Chen Yushen was always standing in the front and the two giant axes in his hands made the entire situation chaotic to the extreme.

Prior to this, Bi Yaohua had sold his attack speed shoes for this group battle. The economy he got was used to obtain the last core equipment he was missing. At this time, he was fully equipped and attacking without scruples under the protection of his teammates.

The entire canyon was filled with gorgeous skills. System announcements popped up one after another and a female voice shocked the entire venue.

[GH.BB killed QOG.Roser!]

[Double Kill!]

[Triple kill!]

[Quadra kill!]

[Penta kill!]

[ACE (team extinction)!]

Everyone looked closely at the shooter who wiped out the field as if blood was still remaining on his gun. This was the first five kills in this autumn competition!

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