CAMP: Chapter 100

Before the match started, the barrage in the live broadcast room was already boiling over and it didn’t lose to the lively atmosphere of the venue.

After all, there was Bi Yaohua on the GH team. Combined with the overt and covert encounters with QOG in the past, all these farces were brought up again and today’s match had a slightly different color.

However, the black fans on the Internet had probably been slapped on the face too many times previously. This time, they had some brains left. Facing the QOG match, they didn’t rush out. On the contrary, they became extremely cautious.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to ridicule GH. The main reason was that the GH team was so skilled in slapping them on the face during the autumn competition. The black fans realized that this team wasn’t suitable for brainless taunts. In this way, they paid a bit more attention and found that there was indeed a slim chance of QOG winning with their performance. The black fans weren’t willing to bet on the risk of being beaten again.

[BB has previously been clamoring to play QOG. Can he seize this opportunity?]

[Putting aside personal strength for the time being, I really look down on this attitude toward his former teammates.]

[I didn’t understand this point. The Trash Talk King’s mouth is so stinky but he isn’t a narrow-minded person!]

[Hahaha, perhaps QOG’s strength is so weak that the period where he was a team with them left a psychological shadow?]

[That’s funny. QOG might be weak but they can still get into the top eight, okay! Why? This isn’t good enough for BB?]

[Today’s match isn’t too suspenseful. Judging from their performance this season, QOG has no hope of winning.]

[I suddenly remember that day on the live broadcast when BB said he would personally send QOG home.]

[I’m laughing to death. Should the Go Home fans be ready to play the war song?]

[Oh, GH fans can only jump up when it is against a weak team like QOG. After this, there are LDL and PAY. Let’s see how long you can still be arrogant.]

[+1. Waiting for the two consecutive defeats.]

[Get out of here. There is no need for you brainless black fans to worry about it!]

[I’m angry to death. Our GH is now third in the points. Our spot in the playoffs is secure hehehe.]

[Hey, why be angry? Wait until the regular season is over and see if your team is still in the top three!]

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the GH lounge was also very active.

Jian Ye thought of Roser’s expression just now and couldn’t help wanting to laugh. “Brother Trash Talk, you are too awesome, too awesome! Look at his face just now. It was about to become the color of pig liver.”

Chen Yushen added a sentence. “It is normal. They don’t dare to speak harsh words.”

Jian Ye smiled. “Indeed. They think they can’t beat us. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have endured it.”

“Okay, don’t be too arrogant. Let’s talk about tactics in this match. “ Lin Yan knocked the folder against the table. “If you don’t have any opinion, get ready to go with the lineup you trained in a few days ago. The coaching team of QOG has always been very weak. Let’s confuse them directly.”

The others responded in unison. “No problem!”

Lin Yan nodded with satisfaction and glanced at Jing Yuanzhou, reminding him, “The early development needs to be squeezed out as much as possible. The overall output depends on you and BB. There is a long way to go, Captain Jing.”

Jing Yuanzhou gestured ‘OK’ to him. “Received.”

Lin Yan’s gaze paused on Jing Yuanzhou’s face for a moment. Then he turned around and took out a bottle of water from his backpack, handing it out. “Your lips are a bit dry. Moisturize it a bit.”

A smile flashed in Jing Yuanzhou’s eyes. “Thank you.”

The others in GH choked and looked away.

Shortly after, a staff member knocked on the door of the lounge and reminded them, “You can get ready.”

Everyone carried their equipment bag and headed to the stage with dignity. GH might’ve been scolded severely on the Internet recently but the popularity they accumulated in this time hadn’t been in vain. The moment they appeared, neat and unified cheering filled the venue.

In comparison, the voices of the QOG side were obviously much weaker. The growing popularity of the GH team meant their cheers were lost in the ocean of ‘GH, jiayou.’

Bi Yaohua adjusted his headphones. “Don’t talk about anything else, the QOG team is quite miserable in this area. There is no support on stage. They are on the verge of elimination but they can’t hear the fans cheering. They must feel lonely and helpless. Now thinking about it, I don’t know how I survived in that team at the beginning. I guess it isn’t my fault that my popularity never rose. It’s all QOG’s fault.”

Gu Luo agreed. “Yes, Brother Trash Talk is the best!”

Chen Yushen’s voice was flat. “They deserve to have no popularity.”

Jian Ye agreed. “They really deserve this. I might have sympathy if it was another team but QOG doesn’t matter. No, the game hasn’t even started and I can’t help wanting to beat them up.”

Lin Yan unceremoniously dismantled him. “Be realistic. You’re a support. How can you beat up the other side?”

There was a burst of laughter on the voice channel. There was enough laughter and everyone controlled their thoughts.

Bi Yaohua paused before a deep smile appeared on his face. “In any case, I have to ask everyone to please pay more attention in today’s match!”

The preparation phase ended and they went straight to the BP part. Lin Yan raised an eyebrow at QOG’s three ban choices and drew a line in his notebook. “First, take the shaman elf and halfling knight.”

One of these two heroes was Jian Ye’s support and the other was Jing Yuanzhou’s hero. They weren’t unique choices but the moment they were locked, there was a burst of exclamations at the scene.

Everyone knew that the halfling knight Taroko was a common side-lane hero in the rankings because three out of his four skills were output skills. It was just that compared to other side-lane heroes, his survival ability on the field was obviously weak. It might be possible to select it in an ordinary passerby game but it wasn’t suitable for cooperation with various tactics in the professional league. It was definitely an unpopular hero who rarely appeared on stage.

The GH team’s choice stunned the opposite QOG team. This was different from what they had envisioned.

Roser was the side-laner of QOG and his mouth twitched fiercely. He didn’t know why. The game hadn’t started but the moment this hero was selected, he felt like he had foreseen his extremely bleak future in advance. Titans’ halfling… Roser could only try to survive.

It was once again QOG’s turn to make a choice.The mid-laner asked uncertainly, “Coach, what do we select now?”

QOG’s coach was obviously a bit confused and only came back to his senses after hearing these words. “Just do it as before! In any case, there is no problem with a tank lineup. You know that the GH team has always been accustomed to playing a high-output lineup. We have to try to drag them out to the late stages of the game. There is no other way!”

The team members responded and confidently took two tank-type heroes for the side-lane and support. Combined with the mid-laner’s choice of Fatan and QOG’s present line-up was simply the ultimate tank lineup.

The BP process had strange tricks on both sides and the commentators who saw it were very surprised. “It seems that QOG has indeed made a lot of preparations for this match! As we know, GH’s middle lane and jungle are dominated by assassin heroes. These heroes do have a miraculous effect when cutting into the back row but their frail bodies can easily put them into a crisis if they fail to kill the opponent. QOG has taken a tank lineup in consideration of this. It means it isn’t appropriate for GH to use an explosive lineup.”

“However, GH has already taken the halfling and their intention to attack is clear. Gloy and Abyss are newcomers and judging from the previous matches, they probably didn’t have time to practice more types of heroes so this isn’t a good idea.” Another commentator couldn’t help joking, “If they want to temporarily change the coping strategy, perhaps they can let the halfling go to the middle lane?”

“It isn’t impossible. Gloy has always been good at breakthrough heroes. He might’ve never used the halfling on the field but it should be possible. Now GH has only taken two positions. It isn’t too late to make appropriate tactical adjustments. It depends on how GH’s coach is prepared to respond.”

They had just finished speaking when GH locked onto two more heroes. As the commentators said, GH did make ‘adjustments.’ It was just that this adjustment method was a bit subtle.

The commentator wondered, “What’s going on today? Are both sides seeing who is more tanky than the other?”

The two new heroes were the tank mage dark tree spirit, Lira and the bloodthirsty axe warrior Amuda, who had strong health recovery skills. They were obviously for the mid-laner and jungle. Combined with the shaman elf as support, this was simply an iron-wall front row lineup. Compared to QOG, it was really hard to say who was more of a tank.

The mid-laner and jungler of GH who had been playing high explosive assassins actually changed their style at this time. In this game, they unexpectedly took more support tank-type heroes. In this way, the intention of using the halfling in the side-lane was obvious. The stronger the tank lineup, the more it needed a high output to make up for it. Therefore, GH wasn’t making adjustments to QOG. This was originally their tactic against QOG!

There was an uproar.

On QOG’s side, they were obviously taken aback by this unexpected lineup. They racked their brains thinking of a set of tactics specifically for the opposite side’s double assassin lineup, only to be told that the enemy wasn’t going to take the double assassins?

By the time their minds returned, the BP portion of the game was over.

Rose gritted his teeth when he saw the loading screen. He opened his mouth in the dead silence, “Don’t panic! GH’s mid-laner and jungler are new and haven’t used heroes other than assassins. So what if they avoided the restraint of our lineup? Taking out tactics that aren’t good at and playing heroes they haven’t even practiced in the professional league? This is really looking for death!”

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