CAMP: Chapter 10

Lin Yan guessed right. Gloy had indeed arrived at the GH base one step ahead of them. Luo Mo had sent him a WeChat message but he didn’t receive it because he was driving. Once Lin Yan and Jing Yuanzhou opened the door to the hall, they happened to see a teenager sitting on the sofa in a somewhat restrained manner.

He had a white and beautiful appearance. He wore ear studs in his ears and his curls were dyed a grandma grey colour in a rebellious manner that didn’t fit his demeanor.

Gloy’s gaze lingered on Lin Yan for a while and then once it fell on Jing Yuanzhou, it couldn’t move away. It took him a long time to stutter out. “Chief Lin, G-God Jing.”

He hadn’t seen Lin Yan before but Luo Mo had said the boss had gone to pick up Titans. It wasn’t hard to guess.

Lin Yan knew that Luo Mo must’ve gone to the league headquarters again so he greeted Gloy and took over the reception work. He led the two people to the dormitory building to choose their rooms.

Gloy had far more luggage than Jing Yuanzhou. There was a long line of large and small suitcases. Jing Yuanzhou lightly lifted his suitcase and was about to go upstairs. Then he looked back and asked, “Shall I help you lift one?”

Gloy was taken aback for a moment before hurriedly pulling the front suitcase behind him, blocking it tightly. “No need, I’ll do it myself!”

Jing Yuanzhou nodded. He wasn’t polite and headed upstairs. Lin Yan walked over slowly from behind. He glanced at the pile of suitcases and asked with interest, “Do you need help?’

Gloy’s eyes lit up and he replied without hesitation, “Okay, thank you Chief Lin!”

The kind smile in Lin Yan’s eyes froze slightly. “……” F*k?

Jing Yuanzhou put away his suitcase and just walked out into the corridor when he saw two people carrying up the suitcases. He noticed Lin Yan’s gloomy face and held back his smile as he went to help.

In the end, Jing Yuanzhou chose the room directly opposite Lin Yan’s room. Their doors were facing each other and were only separated by a corridor. After all, one was the captain and the other was the coach. It was convenient if they needed to communicate with each other in the future.

Gloy lingered between restraint and temptation for a long time. Finally, he couldn’t resist his idol’s charm and dragged all his suitcases into the room next to Jing Yuanzhou.

Lin Yan leaned against the wall of the corridor and waited for them to organize their rooms. He wasn’t in a rush and once they came out again, he raised his eyes. “It’s all done?”

Jing Yuanzhou told him, “Yes, there wasn’t much.”

Next to him, Gloy was silent. He had many things to unpack but this was his first time meeting Titans. He had to firmly keep up!

Lin Yan smiled as he looked at the teenager’s rather eye-catching grey hair. “Let’s go and sign the contract first.”

The group went to the conference room.

Lin Yan took out a thick contract from the documents bag and handed it to them. He said half-jokingly, “All the information related to the live broadcast of the platform is here. You must read it carefully before signing it, so as to not regret it. Don’t say that your black-hearted boss entrapped you in your precious youth.”

One of the two people had transferred and the other was a free agent. Their contracts needed to be signed separately. The specific terms of Jing Yuanzhou’s contract had been read before. At this time, he casually glanced over it before signing his name.

Then he looked back and saw Gloy looking at the thick contract with a dazed expression. A smile appeared on his face. “The terms of the contract given by Chief Lin are very friendly. Please feel free to sign it.”

Gloy heard Jing Yuanzhou’s words and didn’t hesitate to grab the pen and sign his name: Gu Luo.

Lin Yan was very satisfied with the cooperation of his two players. He took back the contracts and noticed that Gu Luo seemed a bit absent-minded. He casually wondered, “Why? Is there a question?”

Gu Luo looked around and finally expressed the question in his mind. “Chief Lin, why didn’t that financial backer little sister come?”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrow slightly. “You say it again. Who?

Jing Yuanzhou had been sitting beside him and looking at an e-sports magazine. He heard this and looked up.

Gu Luo didn’t notice the subtle atmosphere. He thought Lin Yan didn’t know who he was talking about and explained, “The young lady who gave me deep-water fish mines in my live broadcast room. She was really super gentle. It is thanks to her that I got to know God Jing. However, I didn’t see her in the base today. Did something happen?”

He seemed to feel a bit regretful. “When will I have the chance to meet her? I just want to thank her in person.”

He finished speaking and there was silence.

After a while, Lin Yan spoke with a numb expression. “Your heart has been received.”

Gu Luo blinked blankly. “Huh?”

Jing Yuanzhou couldn’t help laughing. “What are you doing? Your ‘little sister’ has already accepted your gratitude.”

Gu Luo instinctively looked around but didn’t see anyone else. Then his eyes moved back, skimming over Jing Yuanzhou before falling on Lin Yan cautiously and curiously. “Chief Lin, you…”

Lin Yan sneered. Gu Luo understood it and vaguely felt like something was broken. Yes, this was the sound of disillusionment.

Lin Yan smiled coldly at this expression. “What’s the matter? I don’t deserve to use that ID or am I not gentle enough?’

Gu Luo was obviously still in shock from the disintegration of the little sister image. Then this cold gaze fell on him and his cheeks became hot. He reached out to cover his face without thinking. “I… I didn’t mean that.”

Lin Yan picked up the documents bag and casually changed the topic. “Okay, sit down first. I have already received your words of thanks. Today is the first day you have come to GH and I have prepared a meeting gift. Come take a look.”

Gu Luo just wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide in. His face became even redder when he heard these words. “Thank you, Chief Lin.”

Lin Yan gently hit him on the head with the notebook in his hand and corrected him. “Call me Coach Lin from now on.”

Gu Luo was stunned for a moment. “Yes, Coach Lin.”

Lin Yan took out the multimedia remote control from the drawer beside him. He fiddled with it a few times before the familiar game screen was placed on the big screen. It was recognizable easily. This was the group battle map used in 5V5, the Abyss Canyon.

Gu Luo saw the game ID on top of the character’s head and was slightly taken aback. He hadn’t expected Lin Yan’s so-called meeting gift to be a video replay of his match.

Time passed and a lazy and familiar voice was heard from the speakers. “At 1 minute and 22 seconds, your walking position was half a body behind. This resulted in the skill range of two skills to be insufficient and one less armored soldier to be cleared. If there wasn’t a wave of mistakes, at 1 minute and 45 seconds, the opponent would be able to clear the field before the jungler came to the mid-lane to gank. This means the head of the mid-laner would be lost due to the insufficient cooldown time of one skill.”

Lin Yan had found a chair to sit on. At this time, he slowly added, “If this was Titans playing, there would never be such a low level mistake.”

Jing Yuanzhou looked over at him with a strange expression. The replay continued.

“At seven minutes, the team battle cut-in time was too early. This caused the enemy to retreat vigilantly and you failed to achieve a team destruction.”

Lin Yan added, “If this was Titans playing, there would never be such a low level mistake.”

“9 minutes and 2 seconds…”

“If this was Titans playing, there would never be such a low level mistake.”

“10 minutes and 23 seconds…”

“If this was Titans…”

Time passed minute by minute.

In fact, there were only five or six double matches that day. Yet even with various editing, the reply still lasted for two hours. It could be said that all the details of Gu Luo’s mistakes that afternoon were listed.

This was the result presented. It could be imagined how much time and energy Lin Yan had spent in the production process.

As the former captain of BK, Jing Yuanzhou certainly knew that professional teams often taught newcomers who had just entered the league a lesson. He just hadn’t expected Lin Yan to give such a big dose as soon as Gu Luo arrived.

He was also present at the doubles matches that afternoon. Gu Luo’s operations were remarkable throughout the game. There was a winning streak and he was also MVP. Many professional players might not be able to ensure such a stable performance in a passerby game.

However, Lin Yan found nearly a hundred operational gaps in all these matches. The average of approximately 20 mistakes per match was basically enough to criticize all the performances as worthless. Not to mention, after the analysis of each error point, he would stimulate Gu Luo with the Titans Gu Luo worshipped.

There was suspicion of revenge. In addition, such straightforward criticism was received in front of Jing Yuanzhou. If Gu Luo’s psychological endurance was weak then he might directly shut down.

The thing that made Jing Yuanzhou care more was that if Lin Yan hadn’t mentioned many of the details in this video, he might not have noticed them. This person’s vision was terrifying. If it was Titans playing, would such a low level mistake be made? Perhaps it really wouldn’t.

As the replay video continued, Gu Luo’s head became lower and lower. Meanwhile, Lin Yan sitting next to him seemed a bit sleepy and kept yawning. Finally, the video playback ended and the entire big screen darkened.

There was a long silence in the conference room.

Lin Yan stretched his body and got up from the chair. He pulled out the USB disk and handed it to Gu Luo with a calm expression. “I put a lot of thought into this meeting gift so remember to cherish it.”

Gu Luo’s fingers shook as he reached for it. “…Thank you, Coach.”

Lin Yan smiled with satisfaction. “I knew you would like it.”

He lightly patted Gu Luo’s shoulder as he spoke. His tone was extremely gentle and affectionate. “The official training hasn’t started but remember to watch it a few more times when you are free.”

Gu Luo’s back shook instantly and the top of his grey head seemed to have experienced the vicissitudes of life in an instant. “I… I will.”

Lin Yan watched the teenager leaving in a daze and his smile grew wider. He turned around and met the stare of the man sitting not far away.

He was taken aback. “What’s the matter?”

Jing Yuanzhou leaned back against the chair and looked at him, voice calm and indifferent. “If I remember correctly, today is the first day I officially came to GH, Coach Lin?”

Lin Yan, “……”

This man had the words ‘meeting gift’ directly written on his face.

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Akkki 0987
Akkki 0987
1 year ago

So shameful!you abused a little teenager 😂 Lol
Fighting luo!Your mommy lin is just taking care of you in his own way!!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Akkki 0987
1 month ago

I feel like Gu Luo wants to say: Such a meeting gift, there’s no need to give something like this again in the future
This lingo that’s like LoL but the game is not LoL really makes me laugh 😂 I read somewhere that this made up game was like LoL as well as other games. But I’ve never heard of the other games mentioned. I’ve only ever heard/read the LoL lingo. So idk if terms like mid-laner and jungler and ganking is something used in other games as well?
Wonder when the other team members will show up? LY mentioned to wait for the transfer window, and now the transfer window has been going on for several days but there’s still no mention of the other players 👀
I’m also really curious about the amount of players in each team and the names of their positions 👀 In LoL teams have five players: mid-laner, top-laner, ADC, jungler and support. But in the book so far they’ve mentioned six positions (I think?): Mid-lane, jungler, side-lane, marksman, shooter, and support 🤔