CAMP: Chapter 1

Hey, everyone. This is the new novel I’m translating that is from the same author as This Omega is Immune to All Abilities. I love it so much that I couldn’t wait to start translating it. It is a funny e-sports novel similar to Glory, although the humor is in different ways.

The game in the novel is made up by the author but it is similar to other MOBA games like King of Glory/Honor of Kings and LOL.

However, I also hope all the gaming stuff doesn’t put you off reading this. It is a mix of e-sports and the relationship between the MC and ML. Please give the first few chapters a try and see if you like it. Enjoy!

At night in Ningcheng, the bright lights were dazzling. The bar street area was extremely lively. Groups of people passed by one after another. In the midst of the fun and laughter, a tall and slender figure appeared particularly prominent.

Lin Yan’s steps were wobbly and a bit unstable. He held the wall and gasped slightly, his narrow eyes full of the confusion of alcohol. People passed by. Occasionally, someone couldn’t help taking a look at this face a few more times but no one went up to ask. In this neighborhood, there were countless young people like Lin Yan who were drunk every day. People had long been used to it.

At this time, Lin Yan felt heat surging in his head again and again. He felt very uncomfortable. He took a few breaths and swayed as he tried to get up. Just as he turned around, he happened to bump into the person coming out of the bar next door.

Under the influence of alcohol, Lin Yan’s temper had been magnified by several times. He abruptly raised his head and pointed his hand at the tip of the other person’s nose. “I say, you…”

His words stopped abruptly when he saw the other person’s face.

The man was dressed in black and the neon lights and shadows seemed to condense around him. Right now, his brow was slightly furrowed but it didn’t destroy the visual sense of the perfect facial proportions.

The person walking behind him had originally followed him out. Now they stopped and were looking between the two people with interest.

The man didn’t seem accustomed to being pointed at like this. His eyes slightly lowered as he asked, “Is there something?”

Even his voice had a unique texture. Lin Yan lost his voice after hearing the question. He stared at this dreamy face and suddenly reached out to grab the man’s sleeve. “Tell me, why did you reject me?”

It was the live questioning of a heartless man.

The man, “……”

The person behind him couldn’t help laughing. “What is this situation?”

If anyone in their circle saw it, they would probably all recognize this face. BK’s captain Jing Yuanzhou and a phenomenal player in the Burning Hot League, Titans.

He was a presence who just needed to show his face in front of the camera to make the fans scream.

In normal times, it was hard to imagine Jing Yuanzhou would appear in the bar street when he lived a moderate lifestyle. However, there were some unpleasant movements in the club recently. The vice-captain Ku Tianlu brought people out to reason with him and to relax. Unexpectedly, he encountered this drunk shrimp on the way home.

Ku Tianlu looked surprised. “Captain, since when did you have such a love debt?”

Jing Yuanzhou’s thin lips pressed together tightly. He was too lazy to explain but he quickly took two steps forward, wanting to keep a distance from the drunk stranger. However, Lin Yan’s eyes were always focused on Jing Yuanzhou’s body. The moment Jing Yuanzhou made a move, Lin Yan unknowingly took two steps forward. As a result, his feet were soft and he staggered directly forward.

There was a sudden impact and Jing Yuanzhou was abruptly pressed against the wall.

The other person’s breath was filled with the extremely light smell of alcohol and long and narrow eyes stared at Jing Yuanzhou. Lin Yan suddenly reached out his hand and gently squeezed Jing Yuanzhou’s chin, his tone like a cat. “Be obedient and come back with me.”

Before this, who would’ve thought there would be a day when the dignified God Jing would have liberties taken with him on the side of the road by a drunkard. Taking into account his own safety, Ku Tianlu covered his mouth tightly and didn’t laugh.

At this time, Jing Yuanzhou was still very polite. He lowered his eyes as he silently watched this person who ‘threw himself’ into Jing Yangzhou’s arms. Jing Yuanzhou had to say that this pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes were seductive. If it wasn’t for the drunk look, this bright and beautiful appearance would be his favourite type.

Jing Yuanzhou slowly leaned against the wall and asked, “Do you know me?”

Lin Yan nodded. “Of course I do.”

Sure enough, he mistook Jing Yuanzhou for a lost lover. Jing Yuanzhou thought this and suddenly felt a lack of interest for some reason. He was ready to get up when he heard Lin Yan say, “Aren’t you… Jing Yuanzhou?”

“Captain, he really knows you!” Ku Tianlu was shocked and couldn’t help asking Jing Yuanzhou again, “Are you sure this isn’t a [tn content=”rotten peach blossom”]love affair[/tn] you left behind?”
“No.” Jing Yuanzhou might be surprised but his answer was very firm. “I would never forget his face if I had seen it before.”

“Yes.” Ku Tianlu glanced at Lin Yan’s unforgettable appearance and deeply agreed. At the same time, he couldn’t help sighing. “I can only say that you are worthy of being the captain of our BK. You came out and actually met such a fanatical fan, tsk tsk.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t answer. He straightened and wanted to leave. However, he hadn’t even taken a step forward when his arm was hugged. Lin Yan hugged the arm and muttered, “Believe me, let’s talk. I will definitely make you change your mind…”

Ku Tianlu watched Jing Yuanzhou and suddenly felt some sympathy. “Captain, what do we do now?”

How was this a fanatic? This was clearly a boyfriend fan, an imaginative fan, a delusional fan!

Jing Yuanzhou was silent for a moment. Then he took out the car key with the hand that could still move and threw it at Ku Tianlu. “I will find him a hotel. You go back first.”

This was truly pampering a fan but…

Ku Tianlu seemed hesitant. “This… or should I go with you?”

Jing Yuanzhou glanced at him. “Why? Do you think I will eat him?”

Ku Tianlu, “……”

‘No, just look at this drunk shrimp that is like a wolf. I’m afraid that you will be eaten by him!’

However, Ku Tianlu knew that Jing Yuanzhou never liked to talk to people too much. He could only say, “Captain, you should pay attention to safety.”

Jing Yuanzhou didn’t say much. He grabbed Lin Yan who was holding onto his arm and walked to the near Qitian chain hotel. As he was registering the information, Jing Yuanzhou glanced at the ID card in the other person’s wallet.

Oh, his name was Lin Yan.

Perhaps it was because the arm he was holding had an inexplicable sense of security. Lin Yan didn’t say a word along the way and was very well-behaved. It wasn’t until the room was opened and Jing Yuanzhou threw him on the bed that he started again.”Don’t go. Trust me, I am definitely the one who knows you the best.”

Due to the bad things in the club, Jing Yuanzhou had indeed been in a bad mood these days. In normal times, he would have absolutely no interest in this type of lovelorn syndrome. However, now he sat down on the bed and asked with interest, “Oh? Then tell me, how do you understand me?”

Lin Yan was half sitting on the bed with his collar slightly open, revealing the sexy outline of his collarbone. The long and narrow phoenix eyes stared at Jing Yuanzhou in a straightforward manner, the gaze sticky and ambiguous. Obviously, he hadn’t drunk that much alcohol. He didn’t know how he became so drunk like this.

At this moment, he slightly moved forward so that the two people were closer together and his lips opened slightly. “It is like this. I have been paying attention to you…”

Perhaps it was due to the excessive atmosphere but under this gaze, Jing Yuanzhou felt an inexplicable burning in his body.

Then he heard Lin Yan gasp and finish the second half of the sentence, “…matches.”

Jing Yuanzhou who was ready to be confessed to, “?”

Lin Yan continued, “I watched this year’s WTG finals. BK’s internal coaching team had problems with the lineup configuration. This is why such a big coordination error occurred in the final game.”

Jing Yuanzhou was silent and the surrounding area became quiet in an instant.

During Lin Yan’s speech, his head hung down and his unfocused eyes were on the white bedding, but the content of his words seemed to have been deduced countless times previously. His mind might be dull under the influence of alcohol but he was still methodical and logical.

It ranged from small things like details of the specific cooperation to large things like the overall BP (ban and pick) decision-making error. The key point for every detail and case was mentioned.

The look on Jing Yuanzhou’s face couldn’t be read.

This year, the BK team lost in the WTG finals. How many people regretted it and how many people questioned his performance as the captain on the field? However, there were no more than three people in the league who could see the real problem and this included the coaching staff of the top, powerful teams.

Jing Yuanzhou had never been a person who liked to argue with people and he cared even less about the comments on the Internet. Now a person appeared in front of him and told him clearly: The loss wasn’t your fault.

During the one-man show that lasted for half an hour, only Lin Yan’s voice was heard in the room. He completed all the deductions about the finals without missing a word. It was like a replay without video feedback and even included many fatal problems that their BK coaching staff hadn’t discovered. It was terribly sharp.

Lin Yan finally sighed with relief once he finished talking. He raised his head in a daze, stared straight at the silent Jing Yuanzhou and smiled. “Look, don’t I know you very much?”

Jing Yuanzhou met this gaze and didn’t speak. He waited for this person to continue.

Lin Yan’s mouth curved up and he suddenly approached, his breath gently blowing on Jing Yuanzhou. “Since I know you so well, can you consider me…”

The drawn-out tone was full of an ambiguous atmosphere. It seemed that his emotions were in place. Lin Yan’s body slightly shook and he suddenly pulled at Jing Yuanzhou’s sleeve. “Can you consider me…—!”


Jing Yuanzhou, “!”

The originally ambiguous atmosphere in this room became filled with a more unique scent.


The next morning, Lin Yan sat on the soft bed with an indifferent expression. The aftermath of the hangover made his head feel a bit painful. In fact, he also knew that ‘his’ drinking capacity was poor but he hadn’t expected it to be so bad.

He thought back on last night’s scene and felt it was a bit too much. How much did he drink to become so drunk? It seemed to be… half a cup?

Lin Yan wanted to recall what happened last night but the fragmented images were completely broken after he stepped out of the bar door, no matter how much he tried to put them together.

His dream in his dazed state wasn’t bad. In his dream, he actually caught Jing Yuanzhou by the side of the road. He moved Jing Yuanzhou with emotion and reason so that he finally got this god-level player to sign the transfer contract after three cold and ruthless rejections.

Wonderful! It was a pity that it was just a dream.

The feeling of his body being so weak was really uncomfortable. Lin Yan rubbed his hair and was about to get out of bed. Then the moment he opened the quilt, his movements completely froze. He only just discovered that his upper body was naked. If it wasn’t for the pants that were still neatly worn, he would’ve thought he experienced spring.

Lin Yan, “……”

Wait. It wasn’t a dream! Yesterday, he seemed to have casually grabbed a man on the side of the road?!

Lin Yan’s gaze slowly moved and finally landed on the bedside table. The white note was particularly striking against the dark brown furniture and he could see the words on it: service fee. On top of the note was a coin with a value of 1 [tn content=”jiao”]1 jiao = one-tenth of a yuan[/tn]

It was full of mockery.

Lin Yan pressed hard against his knuckles until there was a cracking sound. He didn’t remember the man’s appearance at all but it was best for the man not to be caught by him in the future! Otherwise, Lin Yan would press the person on the bed and make it so that he couldn’t even cry!

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1 year ago

Here I go for a new adventure! Thanks for translating!

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Hahahaha 😂😂 I love this 😂😂

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I feel like you’re the one that’d be pushed down 😂

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I think there’s something wrong with the TN…

These are the exact text in this chapter:

“Are you sure this isn’t a [tn content=”rotten peach blossom”]love affair[/tn] you left behind?”

On top of the note was a coin with a value of 1 [tn content=”jiao”]1 jiao = one-tenth of a yuan[/tn]

Anyway, thank you for the chapter!

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I’ve just started reading after Glory left a hole in my heart, very excited!

Thanks for translating this novel!

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kdj fan
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