APP: Chapter 97

“What happened in that scene just now?”

“I feel like God Chi has many secrets…”

“I’m a bit curious about the item Son Chi just obtained.”

“It is a pros outweigh the cons item and is estimated to be average. Just wait and see…”

“Zhao Jinhua is actually quite pitiful. I heard that her husband couldn’t stand her and ran away with someone, leaving her and You Jing behind…”

“Then the reason they both entered…”

“Zhao Jinhua was too angry. Once her son became an adult, she made a wish to get revenge on her husband and entered. Then You Jing wanted to find his mother and came in…”

“Then I guess You Jing’s wish was to satisfy his mother…”

“In this way, I can understand why Zhao Jinhua didn’t leave. She wanted to wait for You Jing to complete his wish and go out together? After all, it doesn’t take a lot of points to get revenge on a husband, right?”

“That isn’t necessarily the case. There is no limit to desire. Once the initial wish is achieved, there will always be subsequent additional wishes. If it was me? I would first wish for a house of my own. Once this wish was fulfilled, I would wish for cars, luxury goods and beauties or simply wish to be the world’s richest man…”

“No, why leave? The real world isn’t necessarily better than this place, right?”

“I think this Xia Yao is interested in Xie Chi…”

“That’s right!”


The dark screen lit up again. This time, it was the definition of the horror movie quality. The audience instantly fell silent and stared at the big screen intently.

On the big screen, the lilac card ‘1552 Haunted House’ was deepening in color.

“Fu*k! So fast?!”

“Dark purple, dark purple.”

“It is just a bit worse. Crap—”

The audience held their breaths.

On the big screen, the purple-black card trembled a few times before finally turning around. Once it opened again, it had turned into a brilliant orange.

“Upgraded! 1,000 per watch! I earned back 500! 1,000 is enough to watch two pros outweigh the cons movies!”

“I had a hunch it would upgrade but actually seeing it…”

“It seems that in this entire year, only three or four purple cards became orange?”

“Look, it isn’t over yet!”

The purple card was upgraded to an orange card but it didn’t stop completely. As the movie flashed on the screen, the color was still deepening!

The audience waited with trepidation and excitement. They watched the light orange card turn a deeper orange and their breathing became stagnant. A minute ago, this card was still a light purple card. Now it had undergone a qualitative change and became a high-grade orange card.

“I said that it was right to follow God Xie!” A ghost excitedly told the ghost beside him. “I followed him since his zombie movie and it was also upgraded! Now it has been upgraded again. I really earned a lot of profit!”

“Is this true? It really isn’t his first upgrade?”

“I think Zhao Jinhua inadvertently contributed to Xie Chi and this movie. It would’ve been impossible to upgrade if it wasn’t for Zhao Jinhua and You Jing. In fact the actors only needed to know the existence of the younger sister’s camp and then mediate between sisters to see to their own welfare. You see, the older sister was afraid at the end and changed the camp’s reward. This shows there is a lot of room for negotiation…”

“in my opinion, I think it is okay if no one finds the animal camp. As long as the balance is maintained and the strength between sisters is similar, they will be busy dealing with each other and can’t deal with the actors. They asked the actors to find teeth and organs for them. Find an organ for the younger sister, give her the organ and then immediately give the older sister a tooth. This is absolutely fine. How many times can the animals kill? They just need to find the menu to avoid the animals. This is what a pros outweigh the cons should look like.”

“Ah, such a good opinion? Zhao Jinhua and You Jing really caused a lot of trouble!”

“Hey hey, giving advice in hindsight. The process is very interesting but how can Son Chi look so good playing out the perfect ending?”



There was a line of introduction under the orange card on the big screen: Orange card ‘1552 Haunted House’. The quality is wonderful.

Advantages: The star Xie Chi’s turnaround and comeback against the sky, the supporting roles’ sacrifice and tacit cooperation, the arduous and dangerous stimulus of the camp confrontation, many reversals and climaxes, a tight rhythm and tense atmosphere, novel themes and a successful ending.

Disadvantages: In some places, the plot seemed deliberately pushed and the duration is a bit long. The other shortcomings are of differing opinions and won’t be judged here.

According to statistics:

The movie’s praise rate is as high as 97% and the number of fans for the first male lead Xie Chi was 28,911/30,000. It accounted for more than 90%.

Due to these two data points, the movie has been successfully included in three movie lists: The Most Wonderful Ghost Movies of the Year, The Haunted House Movies of the Year and Stars We Are Crazy for This Year.

The movie upgrade rewards and movie listing rewards will be distributed to the actors’ mobile phones after the movie is completely over.

“The movie 1552 Haunted House is over. Thank you for watching the movie.”

The audience was satisfied and left the movie theater.


“Xie Chi!” Lu Wen had been waiting in Xie Chi’s office for a long time. Now that someone came, he smiled widely. “My mermaid lineage has been upgraded.”

Xie Chi froze before realizing. No wonder why Lu Wen didn’t get any items. It turned out the app rewarded him with something other than items. He patted Lu Wen on the shoulder and smiled. “Congratulations.”

Xie Chi looked at him. There was no arrogance and only gentleness. It was completely different from the ruthless Xie Chi in the movie.

“You really—” Lu Wen wanted to praise him but Xie Chi interrupted in a perfunctory manner. “It is boring to talk about those things.”

He abruptly blocked the conversation. Lu Wen understood.

Xie Chi poured two cups of water and handed the other person a cup. Then he sat down comfortably on his chair and asked, “What are your plans for the future? Will you still be with me?”

Lu Wen had obviously thought of this question as well and he replied honestly, “No, I’ve decided to go back to zombie movies.”

“That’s great.” Xie Chi wasn’t surprised because he thought this was the best choice for Lu Wen. He said seriously, “In fact, being with me is too wrong for you. You will be able to shine in zombie movies. If you follow me, you will encounter things that you are unfamiliar with and unsuitable for. This will restrict your own development…”

Lu Wen laughed. “I didn’t really think about those things. If you need me then I would go in with you without saying a word. I just recognize that a partner isn’t necessary for you. It is just icing on the cake. It doesn’t matter if you have one. Your future path will be much better and broader than mine. At this time, I should find my own place and live my own life.”

Xie Chi’s mood was complicated. “Lu Wen…”

He understood Lu Wen’s meaning. This person was afraid of dragging him down. Lu Wen remembered how Zhao Jinhua used him and Ren Ze to threaten Xie Chi. His smile was a bit bitter but he quickly controlled it. “Xie Chi, you are already much better than me.”

“I will be watching with Yan Jing in the future, excited and proud of your accomplishments.”

Xie Chi took a deeper look at Lu Wen and nodded slightly. “Thank you.”


Xie Chi sent a message to Yan Jing on his app and went home first. The calendar on the table showed it was late August. He had been bound to the app for almost two months.

He currently had 3,368 points and he needed 10,000 to achieve his wish. He had completed a third of it. The quality of the horror movies would improve and he would finish faster. Xie Chi smiled. If all went well, he could achieve his wish in less than half a year.

He was a bit curious now about Shen Yi who had been in the app for more than a year and almost two years. Shen Yi’s wish was estimated to start with at least 30,000 points.

The phone rang and Xie Chi threw away his messy thoughts to open the app.

[The rewards for the movie quality upgrade have been issued. Please check it.]

Xie Chi was startled before looking at the rewards with a smile.

For being selected on a movie list, one movie list rewarded him with 50 points. Three rewarded him with 150 points. As for the reward for upgrading the movie quality. Xie Chi had to pause.

[Your existence has directly led to the upgrade of the movie quality. In addition, there was the inconvenience brought to you by senior actor Zhao Jinhua so the app will issue rewards to make up for it.]

[Choose one of the two rewards.]

[Reward 1: Since 1552 Haunted House is a ghost movie, you will randomly get one ghost movie expendable item of pros outweigh the cons quality.

Reward 2: Since you are talented and have reached the awakening conditions, the app will exempt you of the 300 awakening points and wake you up in advance.

Rewards one and two are basically the same in value. Please make your choice.]

Talent? It was the first time Xie Chi heard this word. Xie Chi wanted to switch to the search page to find information related to talent when the app sent it over.

[Talent: Most people have inherent excellence and unique temperaments. Therefore, most people have talents. However, the triggering of the talent is a matter of low probability. It is because the aspect you like might not be where your talent lies. You will often use the aspect that is trained and this might deviate from your talent. The loss of talent isn’t uncommon, nor is it worth regretting. It is because talent is just the icing on the cake. Due to the harsh conditions, the probability of awakening a talent isn’t high.]

[Special talent: Do what your talent is and you will get twice the result with half the effort. For example, you are a painter. If you have an artistic talent and awaken the artistic talent then you will be able to paint more beautiful paintings. This talent isn’t exclusive and can be obtained by multiple people. According to incomplete statistics, around 40% of actors can awaken this type of talent.]

[Talent derived from unique temperament and personality: Most of these talents are unique and the probability of repetition is extremely small, almost negligible. This type of talent is born from the combined effect of nature and nurture. The more unique a person’s views and the more unconventional the personality, the greater the possibility of possessing this type of talent. The probability of this type of talent is much smaller than the special talent. According to incomplete statistics, around 3-8% of actors can awaken this type of talent.]

[Talents can be upgraded with use.]

[Please note that the talent has a chance of being useless. Before the awakening, only the type of talent can be determined. It is impossible to know the specific talent let alone analyze the effect of the talent. So please choose carefully.]

[Under normal circumstances, an actor can have only one talent.]

[Under normal circumstances, actors will have the possibility of awakening a talent after gaining 5,000 points.]

[Now please browse the talents.]

Xie Chi looked down and his eyes narrowed.

There were two locks in the mobile phone column. The top one was white and the bottom one was black. Both of them said ‘Awakening conditions have been reached. To be awakened’. They were both the second type of talent derived from temperament and personality.

[It is detected that you have two second type talents. The app will awaken one of them for you. Now please choose between reward one or reward two.]

“Brother,” Xie Chi called out eagerly.


“It says that an actor usually has only one, so is that black one yours?”

“I don’t know.”

Xie Chi started to sum it up. “The talent will wake up sooner or later. If I choose it, I will save 300 points and awaken it in advance. If the talent isn’t useless then it can help us in the app. We can wake it up early and enjoy it. The talent can be upgraded with use so of course, the sooner it is opened, the better…”

“The first reward is also very attractive. The quality of a pros outweigh the cons item isn’t low. The disadvantage is that the scope of use is a bit small and it is also expendable. It won’t be available once it is used up… Brother?”

“I’m listening.”

“So how do I choose?”

Xie Xinglan replied, “It is your choice.”

“…Brother, give me an idea.”

Xie Xinglan cut through the mess quickly. “Choose the item.”

“No, the talent…”

Xie Xinglan smiled. “Don’t you already have an answer?”

Xie Chi settled down. His heart was clear. He preferred the talent. Both Lu Wen and Ren Ze had things that could be upgraded. Lu Wen had his lineage and Ren Ze his healing ability. From encountering the app to the present, most of the things he obtained were consumable and would greatly improve his strength in the short term. For example, the eight trigrams hurt Zhao Jinhua but once it was used up, his strength fell sharply. The only weapon with a high applicability was destroyed. This wasn’t a long term solution at all.

“Then should I choose black or white…?” Xie Chi asked again.

Xie Xinglan didn’t hesitate. “White.” If it was Xiao Chi then it was definitely white.

“Okay, I’ll pick the black one.”

Xie Xinglan’s voice paused. “…What’s the matter with you?”

“I thought about it. The talent derived from my personality has a high probability of being useless, such as ‘the probability of scams succeeding is increased’ or something. Even if it isn’t useless, the range of use is probably small. Your personality is more obvious and the talent is most likely related to fighting. As for my talent, I can wait until I reach 5,000 points to awaken it. It’s not like I will miss out on it forever.”

Xie Chi didn’t say that he was really curious about his brother’s talent.

“…So why did you ask me?”

Xie Chi laughed before replying solemnly, “To tell you that you can participate in the discussion.”

“Little villain.” Xie Xinglan laughed helplessly.

Xie Chi pressed down the corners of his mouth. He held a gambler’s mentality and chose to unlock the black talent a bit nervously. The black talent lock in the column opened.

[Congratulations on awakening the talent: The weak wins against the strong.]

[An indisputable struggle is a deep struggle. The weak who overcomes the strong is the strongest.]

[Talent effect: When fighting against a strong opponent (human/ghost/monster, it doesn’t matter as long as they are stronger than you), you will get a basic 20% increase in strength (the increase can be upgraded with use). There is also a small probability of triggering Demonic Field. The effect is unknown.]

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Aw, I was actually really curious about what Xie Chi’s talent would be.

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Demonic field?? Sounds like a cool ability

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Ryōiki Tenkai, XX have this skill now, now not high

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Now thinking xie xialang is a deamon bc of the demonic field, sudden appearance,strength and calling mc a kid like he has experienced the wonders of hell