APP: Chapter 96

Xie Chi sighed the moment the evil spirit died. “Although it was impossible to let you live in my mind, we did have a happy cooperation after all. If you were willing to return to the blade then I would’ve definitely offered you a reward. it is a pity.”

“This hand was reserved specifically for you. If you see my brother then you will die without regrets.”

He seemed to want to express regret and cherishment of talent but his words were full of pride about what his brother did.

Xie Xinglan smiled. He was no longer distracted and concentrated on eating the soul of the evil spirit. Time passed minute by minute. Xie Xinglan’s soul gradually condensed. He deliberately controlled his aura but the trace that was leaked still made Xie Chi feel great pressure.

Xie Chi was surprised by the changes in Xie Xinglan. He had been worried that Xie Xinglan couldn’t digest the soul of the evil spirit and his calculations were only to expel the evil spirit. However, he reaped an unexpected harvest.

Xie Chi felt Xie Xinglan complete the digestion and immediately asked, “How is it?”

“There is a significant increase in mental strength, a small increase in vision and better perception.”

Xie Chi laughed. “It is a blessing in a disaster.”

Mental strength was very important in some horror movies. For example, in Zombie Lovers, the fox’s ability was bewitchment. People with a high mental strength weren’t easily bewitched. In ghost movies, it was extremely difficult for people with high mental strength to be sneak attacked. High mental strength could also resist mental attacks.

Next time they encountered the situation of an evil spirit invading the brain, the evil spirit could only become Xie Xinglan’s food.

Outside, Ren Ze was still shouting anxiously at him. Xie Chi said, “I’ll go out first.”


Ren Ze was frightened. Then he saw Xie Chi open his eyes and sighed with relief. “What happened?”

He stared at Xie Chi’s eyes for a while. These eyes were clearly the same as before but they seemed to be different. The gleam of light flashing and flowing in them made the eyes clear and quiet yet thrilling. Thanks to Xie Xinglan’s light, Xie Chi could clearly see the pores on Ren Ze’s face.

“You…” Ren Ze wanted to speak but stopped.

Xie Chi told him mildly, “Don’t worry.”

[He’s okay. I was scared to death!]

[What is the situation?]

The two people exchanged a few brief words before the app activated the privacy mode between actors. Ren Ze was right in front of him but Xie Chi couldn’t see him. A blur of light appeared in the air before his eyes.

The group of lights was milky white like a cloud, still moving and ever-changing. It was spherical one second and an oval the next. Then it stretched and stretched until it became a rod. Xie Chi intuitively felt this was the item he had obtained but he couldn’t see what it was and was puzzled. The app sent over the explanation. Xie Chi took out his phone and glanced at it. Then his expression froze.

[Item: Duplication

Item narrative: I never produce power. I just plagiarize, steal and deceive. Bluffing is my talent. Borrowing the power of others to reach the sky is my ability.

Output: This item is produced by the tooth ghost sisters (they cheat the actors and recover their strength using the actors, enjoying success).

Application: Applicable to all horror movies.

Details of the item: Actors with Duplication can copy the items that other actors have used in the horror movie.]

Copy? Xie Chi’s heart beat faster when he saw this and he immediately kept reading.

[Notes: 1. It must be the horror movie that the actor is currently in. The items that the actor has encountered in previous horror movies aren’t within the scope and can’t be extended.

2. The actor can only copy items that are lower than the quality of the current horror movie. For example, the actor is currently in a pros outweigh the cons movie. The actor can only copy items below this quality.

3. Duplication can only be used once in each horror movie. Once the duplication is confirmed, it can’t be redone or the copied item changed. Therefore, please carefully choose the item to be copied.

4. Duplication is a complete duplication. The actor inherits all the positive and negative effects of the item.

5. The number of times the item can be used in total: 3 times.

6. Every time the item is used, the actor must first deduct 20% of the points earned for first place in the current horror movie comprehensive ranking. For example, if the actor is in a no defects horror movie, the first in the comprehensive ranking will get 500 points. If the actor chooses to use Duplication, the app will deduct 100 points.]

Xie Chi was a bit calm. He knew that strong items were bound to have additional conditions to limit their ability.

The luck buff he obtained in the novice movie activated twice in the zombie movie which surprised him. He thought that the novice movie could actually drop the best reward. Then the horror variety show and this ghost movie made him realize that his first conjecture was correct. The items were based on quality.

The luck buff item never triggered in Horror Skewers or 1552 Haunted House. In fact, no matter how good it was, it was obtained in a rough quality horror movie. Perhaps it had a high probability of being triggered in a rough quality horror movie but going up, it would be difficult for it to play a role. The probability must be greatly reduced. Then why was the trigger for the luck buff so high in the zombie movie that was a pros outweigh the cons quality? Xie Chi roughly guessed that the luck buff fit in with zombies that paid attention to the cycle of cause and effect, the way of heaven, retribution and fortune.

However, the degree of compatibility between ghost movies and the luck buff was much lower.

There were many additional conditions for ‘Duplication’ which was enough to prove its strength. Of course, the conditions were really negative. The items that the actor had seen in previous movies weren’t counted and he could only copy the items of other actors in the current horror movie. This was already very troublesome. First, other actors had to use items. If they didn’t use them, he couldn’t copy them. Secondly, he had to figure out if the item was good or not. If he got insufficient information and copied it hastily then he might be affected by the unknown negative effects of the item. Therefore, he had to know his enemy. This fit with the sisters’ characteristics of figuring out the hearts of others. He had to find a way to spy on the effects of other people’s items.

Xie Chi didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. Was this… retribution?

The item already made it clear about the characteristics of plagiarism, stealing and deception. He seemed to have deceived a lot of people and it was quite a coincidence that such an item was dropped in this world.

Only items with a lower quality than the current horror movie could be copied. This further weakened the strength of Duplication and made the reward reasonable. After all, this was a reward for a pros outweigh the cons movie.

The item could be used three times which meant it was available in three horror movies. This was already a lot so there was an additional condition to deduct points.

20% didn’t seem like much but in reality, it was a lot. It was because Duplication was an item that could be strong or weak. In rough quality horror movies, it could only copy rough items. The higher quality the movie, the stronger the items it could copy. Moreover, it was copying other items so it was very flexible. In some good horror movies, he didn’t have to worry about not having the right item.

Duplication was flexible and could copy any time and anywhere without limiting him. This was the type of item he needed the most when choosing the all-rounder route. Of course, there were problems. Most actors would go back to previous quality movies to pursue items. The problem was… high quality movies would definitely have more powerful actors. It was still a very difficult matter to get first in the comprehensive evaluation.

Take a pros outweigh the cons movie for example. First place in the comprehensive evaluation gave 500 points, second place was 300 points and third place was only 100 points. This meant that in a pros outweigh the cons movie, if he wasn’t in the top three then he basically suffered a loss. However, if he was first then it was a precious item with small payment, great returns and great freedom.

Therefore, this thing was the icing on the cake or hitting a person when down. It was simply the same as the older sister’s personality. She was afraid of Zhao Jinhua so she provided help and rewards. For the other actors who had no sense of existence, she blatantly deceived them.

Still, Xie Chi didn’t deny that Duplication was an item that was good as long as it was used well. For him, it could be called a treasure. He didn’t think he would be second or third.

Xie Chi kept looking down.

[The item ‘Duplication’ comes with the skill: Bluff]

Xie Chi looked at the skill in detail and his expression stiffened again.

[The item Duplication comes with three ‘bluffing’ effects. The actor can copy any item he owns or has encountered in the current movie to scare other actors and protect themselves. However, please note that these copied items don’t have actual effects. They are just false illusions.]

Xie Chi, “……” This was an alternative intimidation skill.

Xie Chi sighed deeply and felt complicated for a while. It seemed that he was going down the path of deception.

[Please note that there is a binding requirement for the item ‘Duplication’. Due to the negative character of the item, the actor must have a relatively ‘negative’ side.]

[Would you like to try binding the item?]

Relatively negative? Xie Chi expressed understanding. It was like the Evil Spirit Blade with a heavy aura. Only Xie Xinglan with high adaptability could conquer it. Xie Chi didn’t hesitate. He pressed to confirm it and put his hand into the light group.

Xie Chi was a bit worried he wouldn’t meet the requirement of ‘relatively negative’. As a result, the moment the ball of light touched his hand, it entered his fingertips without any hesitation and melted into his limbs.

[Congratulations, the binding was successful.]

Xie Chi was a bit embarrassed for a moment. His worries were redundant.

The detailed explanation of the item was too long so by the time Xie Chi finished binding the item, Ren Ze had already completed it first. Xie Chi saw that Ren Ze’s face was dark and the pressure around him was terrible. He was confused and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Ren Ze met his gaze and gritted his teeth. “I got… I got…”

He looked ashamed and full of resentment.

“What is it?” Xie Chi’s curiosity was hooked.

“I got…” Ren Ze’s voice faded. “A healing item.”

Xie Chi was taken aback. He looked at Ren Ze’s handsome face and tall body and couldn’t help smiling. Ren Ze was eager to become a violent DPS yet he ended up a healer.

“Why are you smiling!” Ren Ze glared at him. “It is produced by the animal camp and has a recovery effect. The degree of treatment depends on the degree of injury. The treatment requires points and it can be upgraded.”

Xie Chi falsely comforted him. “At least it can be upgraded.”

Ren Ze snorted coldly but he actually felt deep gratitude in his heart. In fact, it didn’t really matter what he got. In such a difficult and dangerous situation, he thought he was going to die. His life was saved by Xie Chi.

Ren Ze’s previous dissatisfaction was put aside and he admired Xie Chi. He wasn’t someone who did things beyond his ability. Xie Chi was indeed better than him and it was worth learning from him.


Less than two minutes after the binding, the actors’ comprehensive assessment report came out.

[1552 Haunted House Actors List:

First male lead: Xie Chi, plot exploration degree of 89%, 600 points are rewarded (all points rewarded except the fan points will be increased by 1.2 times).

Overly strong enemy camp (increased difficulty due to actor problems): 120 points compensation.

Got the perfect ending: Rewarded with 360 points.

A total of 28,911 fans (a New and Sharp Budding Talent pros outweigh the cons quality, audience limit is 30,000), rounded up, 289 points are rewarded.

Total: 1,319 points.

Current total points: 3,368 points.

Second male lead: Ren Ze, plot exploration degree of 39%, 360 points are rewarded.

Overly strong enemy camp: 120 points compensation.

Helped reach the perfect ending: Rewarded with 120 points.

A total of 13,091 fans. Rounded up, 130 points are rewarded.

Total: 730 points.

Current total points: 2,466 points.

Third male lead: Lu Wen, plot exploration degree of 31%, 120 points are rewarded.

Overly strong enemy camp: 120 points compensation.

Helped reach the perfect ending: Rewarded with 120 points.

A total of 4,312 fans. Rounded up, 43 points are rewarded.

Total: 403 points.

Current total points: 1,457 points.

Fourth female lead: Xia Yao, plot exploration degree of 16%, 60 points are rewarded.

Helped reach the perfect ending: Rewarded with 120 points.

The overall strength of the camp was too strong. Difficulty compensation isn’t issued.

A total of 2,199 fans. Rounded up, 22 points are rewarded.

Total: 202 points.

Current total points: 1,688 points.

Dead actors: Zhao Jinhua, You Jing, Lu Ming, etc.]

[Thank you to the actors for their performance. The rewards will be distributed to the app immediately. Please be sure to check them.]


Outside the horror movie, the big screen lit up again and the overall rating was announced.

“Why do I remember that Xie Chi was sixth on the New and Sharp Budding Talent ranking and Ren Ze was second? It was by almost a thousand points. Now…”

“It is okay to be overtaken. At best, it is to feel some shame. Take a look at the first ranked You Jing. He is on the list of dead actors… cough cough.”


“He is a mechanical scoring machine. It is too scary. More than 3,000 points! What title is he? It is more than 3,000 so it seems… his title can be upgraded?”

“Awesome! Fu*k! This speed!”

“It is so fast that I’m panicked…”

“Can this movie be upgraded?”

Proofreader: Purichan


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2 years ago

Aw, Ren Ze the grumpy healer is a really cute image.

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago
Reply to  ctomes

He can still be a DPS healer, we believe in him!

2 years ago

Ren Ze is too adorable kek-

Congrats again Xie Chi, lol Xie Xinglan just chomped on the evil spirit bye bye sir

2 years ago

Xiaochi don’t worry about deceiving, you look the most handsome when doing so😘

1 year ago

I hate how much the app tries to force spending points😭 LAST RESORT, using points is a Last resort because that’s the thing that will get you your wish… It will ultimately be your loss if you lose points due to using bad items