APP: Chapter 95

The younger sister lied to Xie Chi. In the memories that the younger sister gave to Xie Chi, the two sisters were close, regardless of ‘you and me’. However, in the real events, the relationship between older sister and younger sister was like water and fire.

The older sister was withdrawn and indifferent by nature while the younger sister was gentle and lovely. Naturally, their parents preferred the younger sister and this exacerbated the jealousy of the older sister. The older sister hated her sister and pushed her sister around or blatantly cursed her. The younger sister was gentle and tolerant on the surface to gain the praise and preference of her parents, while she secretly played tricks on the older sister.

The two of them grew up disgusted with each other until the night their dog died. The older sister pushed her awake and went downstairs to the garage. The older sister walked to the dog’s corpse and bit straight down with a beastly look in her eyes.

The younger sister was shocked and screamed for her parents. Once their parents arrived, the younger sister was crying from fright. It was because she watched her older sister eat and couldn’t help drooling. Her saliva was secreted so vigorously that within a short time, saliva flowed to the corners of her mouth.

The younger sister was frightened by her strange reaction. Before their parents came, the younger sister secretly wiped her saliva and accused the older sister of a devil’s behavior in front of their parents. Their parents scolded the older sister and in this scene, the older sister’s resentful eyes were shocking.

“You and I are the same type of person.” The older sister spoke coldly. These words seemed to be a terrible prophecy. The younger sister was afraid and desperately said it was impossible.

Yet not long after this, the younger sister was defeated by instincts and joined her older sister. Unlike her sister, she avoided her parents every time she ate. There was her older sister and the younger sister knew how to express herself as a child to please her parents and fight for their favor.

Later, the sisters were both enemies and partners. They worked together to trick, kill and eat the bodies of the deceived.

One day, the parents finally discovered the evil of the older sister’s cannibalism. The younger sister successfully removed any suspicion because of her good and docile behavior. She became an innocent victim who was coerced.

The older sister exposed the younger sister’s evil deeds but the younger sister refused to admit it. She said that her older sister was slandering her. Their relationship had always been bad and there was no evidence to prove the younger sister also ate human flesh. How could their parents believe the older sister?

The terrified parents worked together privately, ready to perform an operation on the sisters so they could separate. Then they would send the older sister to prison and take the younger sister away. The operation was successfully completed. On the night they were discharged from hospital, a fight broke out. The older sister killed their parents and ate them.

The younger sister saw it all and ran away.

The older sister conducted various investigations and finally found her younger sister. She decided to kidnap and kill the younger sister who was pregnant at the time. Her younger sister had a pleasing personality and many admirers. She was accustomed to hiding and deceiving. No one knew her past and her terrifying hobby.

The younger sister’s abnormal eating habit wasn’t as severe as her older sister and she could basically control it. She got married and started again, but her older sister dragged her back into the abyss.

The older sister finally got revenge. She asked the chef to make delicacies from her younger sister’s organs and the baby in her belly. She happily enjoyed the meal. Then she feared the younger sister’s body would be found and hid the body in the wall.

Later, the older sister was killed by the younger sister who became a ghost out of resentment. Due to her evil thoughts and heavier grievances, the older sister turned into a ghost more powerful than her younger sister. Her younger sister was always overwhelmed by her.

At least until Xie Chi and his team arrived…


[This is so sinister and hard to guard against! Neither one of them are good!]

[I just have to say, they have the same genes and there is a high probability of having the same problem.]

[The younger sister is scarier than her older sister.]

[The previous version given by the younger sister had a lily flavor to it.] (Lily = girl’s love)

[The truth is simple and only the lies are vivid. No wonder why the previous version had rich and vivid details while being bloody and exciting. It turned out to be fake.]

[It might be untimely but… God Chi is awesome!]


The animals played with their ‘food ingredients’. The mice bit the sisters full of holes, the monkeys ate their brains, the sheep let them feel the taste of being roasted and the turtle let them experience the pain of boiling…

After the torture, the six animals gathered together and started to eat their delicious ‘ingredients’. In the darkness, there was the sisters’ screaming and the animals’ chewing. Those who tortured animals would be tortured and eaten by animals.

The dust settled and it was a mess.

[It is a happy ending.]

[The quality of this piece is sure to be upgraded, right? It is really worth it!]

[Fu*k, I still can’t believe that Zhao Jinhua is dead…]

[Person above… she isn’t dead yet.]


Xie Chi didn’t feel it was necessary to look down as he laughed. “Aren’t we forgetting a person?”

Ren Ze looked dazed. “Eh? Who?”

Lu Wen reminded him. “…Zhao Jinhua.”

Downstairs, the dying Zhao Jinhua crawled to hide. She could clearly hear up there that Xie Chi… succeeded.

Zhao Jinhua’s face was grey and her heart was as heavy as lead. The world was spinning around her and the face of You Jing flashed in front of her fuzzy eyes from time to time like a nightmare. She… lost to a new and sharp budding talent. Zhao Jinhua lost and also lost her son.

Suspicion filled her heart. Zhao Jinhua suppressed the pain in her heart at the fastest speed and tried to regroup. The shooting was coming to an end. If she hid then Xie Chi wouldn’t be able to find her so easily. As long as she dragged it out until the app sent her out of the movie, her injuries would be healed. In the future, there would be a chance to kill Xie Chi and it wouldn’t be impossible to resurrect You Jing. She would make Xie Chi pay!

“What if we can’t find her?” Upstairs, Ren Ze looked anxious.

Xie Chi glanced at him in a careless manner. “There are thousands of mice here to listen to my orders. Isn’t finding her easy?”

Xie Chi helped the animals and the animals unconditionally obeyed his orders.

Ren Ze thought, ‘I’m stupid.’

Xie Chi turned and went outside. He leaned on the railing of the second floor and gently raised his hand. Hundreds of well-fed baby mice gushed out of the room and scattered to find Zhao Jinhua.

The others were dumbfounded. Less than a minute later, a baby mouse ran back. It grabbed Xie Chi’s trouser leg with two small teeth and pulled him to show him the way.

“Let’s go,” Xie Chi spoke lazily.

Ren Ze who saw this strange scene, “……”


Zhao Jinhua hid in a closet. She heard the steady and leisurely footsteps in front of her and her heart suddenly rose to her throat. She was found?! Who was it? Zhao Jinhua held up the staff like a frightened bird, shaking with panic.

Two monkeys jumped up and opened the closet door for Xie Chi. Zhao Jinhua lost the chance for a sneak attack. She looked up in horror and met Xie Chi’s indifferent eyes. The well-dressed young man was a nightmare.

“Please don’t kill me…” The arrogant third-tier actress started to beg for mercy.

Xie Chi looked at Zhao Jinhua and smiled gently. “I don’t think you have the right to choose.”

These words were familiar. The stunned Ren Ze tried hard to recall it and realized that these words were threats from Zhao Jinhua and You Jing. They said it to Xie Chi and said it twice. Ren Ze shrank back and sighed secretly. This fellow called Xie Chi knew how to hold a grudge.

Xie Chi gave a look and the animals swarmed up to the dark closet. There was a bang as the closet doors closed and Zhao Jinhua’s screams came from the closet. “I will become a ghost and won’t let you go!”

Xie Chi shrugged and smiled. “I’m doing a good job and sending you to be with your son.”

The huge closet trembled violently before eventually calming down.

[This fu*king heart is so cruel. This vicious man is damn sweet…]

[A newcomer killing a third-tier? Isn’t this unprecedented?!]

[Rushing to follow!]

13 people had entered and only four survived. Xie Chi’s camp didn’t die while there was only Xia Yao, a spy, remaining in Zhao Jinhua’s camp.

The app rang.

[The animals have completely eaten the older sister and younger sister. The filming of 1552 Haunted House is over. Now time is still. Actors who haven’t received items will immediately be teleported away from the movie. Actors who have received items will stay for a while.]

[After this, there will be a comprehensive ranking of the actors. Please wait.]

Lu Wen and Xia Yao disappeared and only Xie Chi and Ren Ze remained in the big house. Joy flashed in Ren Ze’s eyes.

[Turning on the actor’s privacy mode.]

In the cinema, the audience waited.

“How many millions of fans do you think Xie Chi gained?”

“Isn’t the app very generous? It never treats capable actors badly. Xie Chi lost his knife and used a one-time item. The reward item he will receive now must be particularly good…”

“Ah, I’ve been nervous all night. Let me relax—” The ghost’s words became stuck.

The audience was dumbfounded. “Fu*k! What’s going on?”


In the horror movie, Xie Chi was waiting for the item to appear when there was a sudden pain from his head. He couldn’t help shaking and he almost couldn’t stand firmly.

The app announced the end of the filming and the binding of items was separate from a movie. The animals’ protection naturally didn’t exist anymore. The evil spirit who previously retreated due to the positive pressure from the animals was restless.

“Thank you for leaving me with such a nice body!” The evil spirit laughed gloomily.

He thought he was dead and unwillingly decided to cooperate with this human. He didn’t expect that this human could come back from the edge of desperation. The human might’ve been rewarded by the animal camp but he still couldn’t contend with the evil spirit. The evil spirit just had to swallow this soul and he could occupy this highly qualified body.

Stupid human being, daring to draw the evil spirit into his own mind. He had to pay for his stupidity.

The evil spirit thought of the app at this moment. The app’s horror movies were nightmares for others but paradise on earth for him. His favorite thing was killing! He could earn countless points, do whatever he wanted and gain a new life!

“I helped you so much, I deserve to enjoy this body! Don’t worry, I will let everyone in the app remember your name! I will be the movie emperor!”

“Xie Chi!” Ren Ze saw that Xie Chi was suddenly pale and wanted to help. However, he was restricted by the app’s rules and couldn’t move at all.

[What is this situation?? Isn’t it all over??!]

[Don’t scare me Xie Chi!]

The soul of the evil spirit raged in the mind, showing off and occupying most of the space. He wanted to harass and attack Xie Chi’s soul, only to find that Xie Chi’s soul was very calm and didn’t even bother to move.

“Why are you…” The evil spirit sensed that something was wrong.

Xie Chi sighed. “Brother, come out.”

The evil spirit was taken aback. “What brother?”

There was an ominous feeling in his heart.

In the endless abyss, a soul completely unfamiliar to the evil spirit suddenly burst out and bit onto the soul of the evil spirit. This soul was sharp and unstoppable. It was fiercer and more evil than the soul of the evil spirit.

Xie Chi’s soul stayed obediently in a corner, cheering on his brother while chatting with the evil spirit, “Aren’t you familiar with him?”

The evil spirit was quickly defeated in the struggle and his screams continued.

“He is your master. Have you forgotten?” The smile disappeared from Xie Chi’s face and his voice was cold and languid. “If he can subdue you the first time then he can naturally subdue you the second time.”

In an instant, Xie Xinglan had completely devoured the soul of the evil spirit.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Ok nvm, I take back what I said from the previous chapter about feeling sorry for the younger sister…

Also this arc made me want to go vegetarian/vegan or at least eat halal food more 😨

2 years ago
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I was so tempted to write “maybe you wont think the same at the end!” but i didn;t want to spoil

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Xie Chi is ruthless lol I like it though it did scare me

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