APP: Chapter 94

[Why? What is this IQ?]

[To be honest, I don’t understand. Things changed too fast.]

[Why did he want to crush the baby??!]

[I was so nervous. In any case, Son Chi is okay. You scared your mother to death.]

The moment the six extremely powerful animals appeared in the room, the two sisters trembled uncontrollably.

Ren Ze perceived the change and helped the weak Lu Wen up. Xia Yao also came down from the third floor. They stared at the scene in front of them and were shocked speechless. There were three types of animals on each side of Xie Chi. He was the center, thin and beautiful without a sense of discordance.

The two sisters knelt down under the great pressure coming from one person and six animals. Their faces were so similar. After all, they were identical twins. It was very unlikely for fraternal twins to be conjoined babies. It was because fraternal twins were two independent individuals from the fertilized egg and they had their own placenta.

Meanwhile, identical twins came from the same fertilized egg. During the process of splitting into two embryos, the fertilized egg might not divide completely. If some parts were glued together then conjoined twins would be born.

Previously, Xie Chi basically distinguished them by their teeth. The older sister’s teeth were sharp fangs while the younger sister’s teeth were delicately thin and white. Now… the group looked at the two sisters’ teeth and shuddered.

The rebirth of the animals broke through the disguise the younger sister used to deceive the actors. The younger sister had almost the same fangs as her older sister but they weren’t as exaggerated.

Ren Ze and Lu Wen knew the inside story and were instantly soaked in cold sweat. The teeth and the sisters kneeling in panic all hinted at the cruel and bloody truth. The two sisters were birds of a feather and the younger sister had also eaten the animals.

[What the fu*k!!!]

[A shocking reversal!]

Ren Ze suddenly remembered something. He took out his phone and eagerly looked through every message received from the horror movie shooting to the present. Then he finally found the one he was looking for. Ren Ze confirmed it and stared at the message, his face pale and his chest heaving violently.

He returned to his senses, rushed over and shook Xia Yao’s shoulder in an anxious manner.  “Let me take a look at your phone!”

Xia Yao held out her phone in a daze. Ren Ze looked through it, his hands trembling so much that he could barely hold the phone. Sure enough, it was really like this.

“You found it, right?” Xie Chi turned his head.

He had a light expression as always. His tone was clear and smooth, soothing people’s hearts. Ren Ze recognized that it wasn’t the evil spirit and was infected by the calmness. He casually calmed down.

They were animals symbolizing justice in the horror movie. The evil spirit was evil and couldn’t bear the righteous nature of the animals. He temporarily hid in Xie Chi’s mind and Xie Chi regained control of his body.

Ren Ze nodded hard.

Xie Chi gently raised his hands and manipulated the animals to get revenge on the sisters. He watched the scene quietly. In the midst of the screams of the sisters, he sighed sincerely. “We were too confident and too proud. We saw the older sister’s deceptive tricks but we didn’t know we were actually in the younger sister’s invisible web. The younger sister is actually the same.”

Lu Wen was supported to a chair by Ren Ze and looked at Xie Chi in a puzzled manner.

Xie Chi said, “The older sister wrote an empty check. She tricked the actors in her camp to help her find the teeth and satisfy her selfish desires, but she didn’t say the reward.”

He laughed. “Then what about the younger sister?”

“You have seen it too.” Xie Chi looked at Ren Ze and raised the phone in his hand. “The reward the younger sister always said was to help us defeat her sister. She didn’t say to let us go. She also opened… a bad check.”

Lu Wen was choked up.

“It is just that she was smarter and more capable of disguising herself. She wasn’t as bold and reckless as her strong sister who trampled on actors. She placed herself in a very low position and asked us for help while throwing out delicious bait. We bit the bait when we detected the older sister’s complacent deception. We tend to sympathize with the weak and were eager to defeat the older sister. This made us ignore one premise. If she doesn’t let us go then it doesn’t matter if she promises to help us kill the older sister. Without life, what does this reward mean to us?”

“It is another type of bad check but was just smarter.”


[This this this!]

Lu Wen and Ren Ze’s breathing became short. If they still remained in the dark and helped the sisters to the end then their ending…

Xia Yao watched Xie Chi with extremely complicated eyes. She didn’t know what Xie Chi was saying but she was still shocked.

“How did you think of that? I think the blurred reward alone isn’t enough to support your decision to crush the baby.” Ren Ze looked at the mass of flesh on the ground. “Moreover, you are so sure that the younger sister is evil based on this. After all, apart from the doubts about the rewards, the younger sister didn’t show any malice to us. It proved to be the case afterwards but you would never take such a risk. You must’ve thought of other things.”

In Ren Ze’s impression, Xie Chi was a very complicated person. He had a radical and arrogant side as well as a particularly conservative side. In making decisions, Xie Chi always thought twice before acting rather than relying on intuition. Therefore, he must’ve grasped other favorable information.

Xie Chi casually said, “It isn’t that complicated. It is mainly the subject theme.”

“The emergence of the animal camp made me almost certain that this is an animal protection movie.”

“However, think about the mission of the younger sister’s camp.”

“Find the actor’s organs!” Ren Ze woke up instantly and had an ugly face. “If we want organs then someone is bound to die. Even if we see the older sister killing the actors, we have to stand by and wait for the actor to be killed because we want the organs of a dead actor.”

Xie Chi said, “The reward given by the animal camp is an unconditional blessing. Compared to the rewards offered by the sisters’ camps, there isn’t a problem with the animal camp.”

“I was thinking during the time I was fighting with Zhao Jinhua. The app would definitely give us a way to survive. The more reliable one and the one with the highest priority must be the animal camp. There is no doubt about this.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen nodded. This was true.

“So why did we gradually lean toward the younger sister’s camp?” Xie Chi smiled. “Ordinary people can make mistakes. We saw the vested interest the younger sister brought us. She was visible to the naked eye and could become stronger. She helped us in a short period of time. It could be called a huge profit compared to the animal camp that was stagnant. I had collected five brands but didn’t obtain any positive outcome. The brands didn’t help me at all during the collection process but the younger sister was different. After she got the organs, she joined us like a teammate. The stronger she became, the more we invisibly became dependent on her.”

“It is like playing games. Some games are addictive and it pays off quickly and has quick results. If we invest in it then we can get something straight away. It is the same for investing in the younger sister.”

“In fact, people aren’t afraid of failure. They are most afraid of getting no result or feedback. Every time people do something, they hope to get results within a short period of time. Once they don’t get it, they will quickly lose interest. This is the case for playing games, learning and chasing girls. Collecting the brands belongs to the category of ‘likely to end without any results’. This makes people have a low desire to collect them and they subconsciously ignore it. It seems even more boring compared to the younger sister’s camp.”

Ren Ze was shocked. He hadn’t thought of this.

“Don’t talk about the younger sister.”

“I thought the animal camp could lead to survival but the baby soup never appeared. I guessed that it hadn’t been refreshed and would only be produced tomorrow or later. However, the situation had advanced to the present and was worse than before. I don’t think the app would wipe out all our lives. We can’t wait that long, the audience can’t wait and the plot completeness can’t wait. Therefore, it is likely that the baby soup was produced but we didn’t know it.”

“At that moment, I thought it wasn’t impossible for an actor to produce two dishes. The chicken represented the charcoal roasted suckling lamb. I remember that the actress ate all the meat stuffing in the chicken. Did this mean she actually ate the ‘baby’ in the baby soup dish? After all, the soup in the belly of the chicken can be understood as the soup in the baby soup and the meat as the baby. It doesn’t seem to be an exaggeration.”

“Applying it to a person, boiling the amniotic fluid can be understood as soup and the cooked baby is the baby in the baby soup. This is more suitable.”

“The baby should’ve appeared later. It doesn’t belong to the actress because the actress wasn’t pregnant. The child wasn’t hers so it wasn’t her organ. It was a derivative of the baby soup.”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen couldn’t help nodding.

“Back to the theme,” Xie Chi said. “My thinking was too shallow. I thought the theme was animal protection but don’t you think the grievances between sisters is too high? The proportion shouldn’t be so imbalanced. If I was the director and I was making an animal protection movie, I would keep filming actors who eat animals and are killed by animals. Why bother to focus on the hidden grievances between sisters?”

Ren Ze didn’t understand and his brow furrowed. “You think the theme isn’t animal protection?”

“No, I don’t mean that.” Xie Chi smiled. “Animal protection is part of it, implying that it is the real way to survive. However, the movie also has another theme and this is the key for us to break the fog.”


Xie Chi spoke lightly. “Talk nonsense.”

The people present were shocked.

[Fu*k, this is enlightening people with perfect wisdom!!!]

[This is what it is all about!]

“Can we believe a ghost’s words? Since the older sister’s words are not credible, are the younger sister’s words credible?”

“After all, Zhao Jinhua could receive false information from the other sister through her psychic ability. The information I received from the younger sister was just… her memories.”

The other two felt a chill in their hearts. It was horrible just thinking about it.

Xie Chi continued speaking. “I didn’t see it with my own eyes and there was no definitive evidence. The older sister and younger sister are the same. There is no difference between superior and inferior.”

“Oh yes, there is something else. If the younger sister gets all the organs then her strength is 30 times as high as the original. This number is really too big. The app clearly stated that if she received all the organs, the younger sister will definitely defeat the older sister. Then what about after defeating the older sister? What if she is an evil ghost? We can’t rely on our own subjective assumptions and the ghosts’ one-sided words. The true meaning of the different camps is simply a method of checks and balances. If one side is too strong then it will cause an overall collapse.”

The atmosphere was too depressing so Xie Chi laughed. “It is a gambler’s mentality when desperate. In life, you have to learn how to ride a donkey when looking for a horse, to cut off the grass and roots and to not be soft. Leave yourself a line in every method. The cunning rabbit still has three caves.”

“…..” Ren Ze felt that Xie Chi had the shrewdness of a businessman. He was young and cunning.

“We all have a tendency to sympathize with the weak but that isn’t a reason to be ignorant of the truth. We relied on the false words and our own subjective assumptions to help the ‘weak’.”

“In fact, there is only one truth.”

[Fu*k what an A ahhhhhh!]

[The words are so hard that I have paid attention.]

[Xie Chi marry me.]

[He survived… the future is a bit frightening.]

[He made it clear for me to understand.]

Xia Yao showed a stunned look.

This Xie Chi wasn’t very eye-catching at the beginning but was clearly different from the You Jing she was optimistic about. Xia Yao was extremely thankful that she didn’t stand on the opposite side of Xie Chi. All those who went against Xie Chi… died.

She was a bit grateful that she was impulsive and reached out to Xie Chi. Sooner or later, he would be a first-tier actor and his future was limitless if he could just climb up.

Once Xie Chi finished speaking, he opened the plot exploration points and the real events of the past appeared on the audience’s mobile phone screens.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

Death is always the ending for dogs who goes against Xie Chi.

loquentes ineptias
loquentes ineptias
2 years ago
Reply to  pauwashere

Yup, the mother-son was so hostile that they gave up everything to try and eliminate Xie Chi, which he responds to in kind. Meanwhile, the others were too stupid, and unvigilant.

2 years ago

the plot twist is earth shaking

2 years ago

Wait so.. did the younger sister go against the older sister because the older sister killed her baby? But in fact they both ate the animals so before the younger sister fell pregnant they were close and on the same side?

I also don’t understand when Xie Chi said the animals requirements were better than the older and younger sister. The animals required people to eat them in order to get the branding and they also killed those people. The older sister killed people after getting the tooth. The younger sister essentially needed the older sister to kill before getting the organs. All groups required people to die to complete the task.

Meow Hihi
Meow Hihi
2 years ago
Reply to  NeroLotus

But the thing is, you can still survive the attack of animals if you pull out the brand off ur body just like Lu wen and if you don’t eat them they will show by themselves just like the rats when Ma heng tried to kill the rats and it ran then Lu Wen catch a rat by chance and got the brand. If the animals didn’t show whether they ate it or not, as Xie said the plot will make the animals or the brands appear in whatever means

2 years ago

Can’t wait to learn the true history of this crazy house. Thanks for the translations!

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My brain is buffering… @_@

1 year ago

Holy shiiiiit I did not see this coming at ALL! Even after reading so many novels with overly smart characters this is actually the first time I end up this taken aback… Just for this point I have now decided to give a 5 stars review on Novelupdates no matter what.

Also, I must bow deep to the person who pointed out in the comments of a previous chapter the younger sister never promising them security. That was really sharp of them

Chicken Nugget?
Chicken Nugget?
1 year ago
Reply to  Leira

hehe thank you

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Bruh wtf is this brain. My head hurts. This is why I don’t try to figure out mystery novels even tho I love them

1 year ago

As I thought that the younger’s sister offer nothing more than killing her older sister

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As expected Xie Yao wants to be a leech

4 months ago

idk if this is how I see it but I’m kinda glad XC says that his thinking was too shallow cos then we know that he isn’t too damn arrogant and self absorbed, and that he is always thinking on the spot and continuously critically thinking and hypothesizing.