APP: Chapter 93

The last tooth must be offered by the follower in order to play its role. Now only Zhao Jinhua was left in the older sister’s camp and only Zhao Jinhua could do this. The older sister escorted it out of fear of a little mistake. This was her last hope of gathering six teeth. In the blink of an eye, the skeleton placed the last tooth in the hands of Zhao Jinhua who was dying from the spiritual power backlash.

The evil spirit had been thrown back and was already far away. He couldn’t make it even at the fastest speed. He watched this scene and his voice was violent and gloomy. “What to do?!”

Xie Chi told him, “Don’t go there. It’s too late! Listen to me and go upstairs!”

“This…?” The evil spirit hesitated.

“I won’t hurt you. Go!”

“Give me death! Let’s go to hell together!” Inside the barrier, Zhao Jinhua laughed madly as she stared at Xie Chi who was fleeing upstairs. She offered the last tooth to the eager looking older sister.

The older sister grabbed the tooth from Zhao Jinhua and quickly stuffed the only missing tooth in her mouth. The moment the tooth was returned, the strength of the older sister rose steadily and reached an unprecedented height in an instant. The powerful ghostly energy swept over everyone on the first floor.

The older sister’s strength was seven or eight times higher than before!

Lu Wen and Ren Ze’s faces were dark while Xia Yao upstairs was shaky. It was over. All of them were going to die here! No one could save them right now.

[Mad woman!]

[The group is going to be destroyed??]

[No, my Xie Chi!]

[It is really Zhao Jinhua who hurt everyone.]

[What’s the matter? Xie Chi doesn’t seem to be running away?]

The younger sister rushed over and tried to resist, but was thrown back by her older sister. Her body struck the ground and she couldn’t get up for a long time. Her older sister was so strong. The older sister’s eyes flashed. She was about to kill all the survivors on the first floor but then she saw the direction Xie Chi was leaving in and some uneasiness flashed in her heart for no reason. The biggest variable right now was Xie Chi. She just had to kill Xie Chi first and these people would be her food sooner or later.

Lu Wen had lost a kidney and couldn’t move. He was ready to be killed but the ghost in front of him disappeared.

“Xie Chi!” Lu Wen thought that the older sister was chasing Xie Chi and was so worried his entire heart was going to jump out.

Xie Chi had won some precious time due to his decisive choice to give up fighting for the last tooth. He arrived at the corridor where their rooms were.

“The third room on the right.” Xie Chi spoke calmly.

Surrounded by broken walls and falling wooden planks, the evil spirit moved with difficulty under Xie Chi’s instructions. He finally rushed into the room Xie Chi pointed to. Due to the previous fierce battle, the room was a mess. Through the eyes of the evil spirit, Xie Chi saw the familiar corpse on the bed.

Since it was the corpse of an actor killed by an animal, the older sister couldn’t steal and eat the organs. The corpse of the woman who died representing the charcoal roasted suckling lamb was still lying on the bed. Her face was pressed against the bed, her butt high and her raised belly hanging in the air.

[What is he doing here?]


[Wait! I seem to know!! Oh my god??]

“Cut open her belly,” Xie Chi ordered.

The evil spirit obviously didn’t understand Xie Chi’s intention but he couldn’t care so much now. They were tied together. If he acted according to the instructions of this smart young man then he might be able to survive.

The evil spirit avoided the obstacles on the ground and was about to near the bed. Suddenly, he slammed the brakes and retreated quickly, avoiding the blow of the older sister who appeared out of thin air to block the way.

Xie Chi let out a terrible cry, “Cut open the belly anyway!”

The evil spirit couldn’t hear it. He was fighting the older sister. The older sister had gained the last tooth and was something he couldn’t handle. After a few exchanges, the evil spirit was thrown by the older sister and smashed into the wall in a heavy manner.

The evil spirit vomited up blood and his body was so painful that he didn’t even have the strength to get down from the wall. The older sister rushed forward and bit the evil spirit’s neck. Her cold teeth pierced his skin and blood flowed.

Xie Chi felt the surging of Xie Xinglan in the endless darkness of his mind and exclaimed, “Don’t!”

Xie Xinglan couldn’t come out!

The surge disappeared.

The situation was critical and the evil spirit didn’t notice the strangeness in his mind at all.

“Hold it!” Xie Chi ordered.

The evil spirit resisted and tried to lock onto the sister’s neck to prevent her from killing him. Meanwhile, Xie Chi contacted the younger sister in his thoughts. Finally, the cold and soft limbs of the younger sister wrapped around her older sister like a snake and her long, black hair covered her older sister’s vision.

In the moment of crisis, the evil spirit’s strength exploded. He tried his best to emerge from the wall. He fell to the ground, quickly got up and rushed to the bed.

“Hold on!” This time, Xie Chi told the younger sister. “I found the baby!”

The sisters were fighting behind them. The younger sister wasn’t a match but she knew that no one could help her if the young man in front of her died. If she didn’t do her best now then she would be suppressed by her sister for all her life. After so many years, this was her only chance. The young man said that he found the baby. She could defeat her older sister and…

The younger sister worked very hard. She couldn’t fight but she relied on her soft limbs to wrap around her older sister, buying Xie Chi some time.

The Evil Spirit Blade was completely destroyed. The evil spirit had to smash the vase beside the bed and cut open the belly of the actress who ate the charcoal roasted suckling lamb with the sharp fragments.

The actress was ripe and her flesh was very soft. Her belly was easily cut open. Under the thin uterine membrane was… a seven or eight month old cooked baby.

The charcoal roasted suckling lamb was a sheep that contained a lamb about to be born. The actress was a variant of the charcoal roasted suckling lamb. The actress was a human so of course in the belly was… a baby.

This was the answer. The information required the ‘actor’s organs’. It didn’t matter if it was cooked or raw as long as it was a ‘baby’.

[What the fu*k?!!]


[How did he come up with this?!]

The moment the baby was exposed, the older sister’s eyes flashed with great fear. She went mad and screamed. She completely broke out her strength and threw her younger sister away at all costs.

The evil spirit was affected and his internal organs trembled. He kept coughing up blood.

The evil spirit tore off the soft and elastic uterine wall. The filthy amniotic fluid had an outlet and gushed out, wetting the sheets and the ground. The evil spirit was ecstatic as he rudely dug out the baby and held it in his hand.

The younger sister had originally fallen to the ground. She felt the baby appear and trembled with excitement. After several attempts, she got up miraculously and crawled in Xie Chi’s direction like a snake.

“My stomach is empty, my stomach is empty… the baby, the baby…. give me… give it to me…”

“I will help you kill her… kill her…”

“Give it to me and it is over…”

The younger sister’s voice was rough and hoarse while her eyes shone with a strange light. It shone in a scary manner in the darkness and her twisted and hideous face was full of excitement and ecstasy. She had been waiting too long for this day!

[Ahhhhhhh the younger sister is missing a baby. Give it to her!]

[He has been abused for so long!]

[Fu*k ahhhhhhhh!]

The older sister was completely panicked and threw Xie Chi to the ground. Then the younger sister’s long hair stretched out and wrapped around her older sister’s mouth to prevent her from biting Xie Chi. However, she could only resist for two or three seconds.

“Give it…”

“Give it to me…”

It was only when Xie Chi personally offered it that it would have an effect on the younger sister, helping her regain her strength.

[Fu*k, give it to her. I’m so anxious!]

“Wait—” Xie Chi’s voice stopped.

The evil spirit was inspired and gained a bit of physical strength. He kicked the older sister’s legs and rolled while carefully guarding the baby in his arms. Then he reached out to hand it to the younger sister.

Xie Chi suddenly roared, “No! Don’t give it to her!”

“What?” The evil spirit took back the baby but the younger sister grabbed his ankle and screamed, “What are you doing?!”

“Don’t give it to her! It is wrong, wrong!”

Behind him, the older sister completely grabbed onto him. Her pale hand was holding Xie Chi’s fragile neck and her sharp teeth were moving closer.

The younger sister murmured, “Give me… I will kill her for you… quick, quick! You are going to be killed by her…”

“I can kill her…”

There was the deadly temptation in front of him and the fear of death behind him. As long as he handed the baby in his arms to the younger sister in front of him, he could completely escape this predicament and torture the older sister to death. Just then, Xie Chi met the younger sister’s eager eyes and spoke extremely calmly. “Crush the baby.”

“What?” The evil spirit thought he heard incorrectly.

“I said to fu*king crush the baby!” In this crisis situation, he directly swore.

“Are you crazy?”

“Crush it if you don’t want to die! I said to crush it!” Xie Chi’s voice was almost cold.

Teeth once again pierced his skin. The evil spirit screamed but still hesitated. He even wanted to betray Xie Chi and hand the baby directly to the younger sister.

Xie Chi shouted, “I don’t want to go to hell with you! Crush it!”

Perhaps his voice was too cold, calm and strong. The evil spirit was finally persuaded by him. He felt absurd as he crushed the baby in his arms to a pulp. The older sister was ecstatic while the younger sister howled desperately.

[Crazy, crazy!!]

[He doesn’t want to live. He doesn’t even care about his teammate who gave the kidney. What trash!]

[No, don’t get excited. Something is wrong!]

[Fu*k, look!!!]


The evil spirit found a small brand in the pile of pulp and picked out the brand.

The brand said: baby soup.

Use the amniotic fluid as the soup and the baby as the ingredient. Boil the amniotic fluid and cook the baby. The baby that appeared in the actress’ belly could either be an organ for the younger sister or… the last dish of the animal camp, the baby soup. The last dish brand could only be obtained by ruthlessly smashing the hope of the younger sister camp to send the younger sister to hell.

The six brands were gathered and Xie Chi lit up with six lights. Time seemed to freeze. The house was twisted and restored. Then several strange sounds were heard in the empty house.

The sounds were heard one after another and became stronger and more excited. Finally, there was a burst of thunder and the cry of the newborn baby cut through the darkness. The cry was loud.

The room shook and the movement shocked everyone. The two sisters were frozen and unable to move, their faces full of fear.

Meanwhile, Xie Chi’s injuries recovered a bit at the cry and he slowly stood up.

In the west, God created the world in seven days. Therefore, six represented incompleteness, absence and the devil. The animals represented by the six dishes, plus him, were seven.

It was a complete success.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I was always wondering why they couldn’t use the actress who was ‘pregnant’ from the lamb suckling dish. But I was quite surprised at the end of the chapter 😮

1 year ago
Reply to  Moon

It was said before the organs from the actors killed by the animals cannot be used, though…

1 year ago
Reply to  Leira

It’s not an organ tho

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That poor dead actress can’t catch a break

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Have to back and reread a few time but still no explanation. I guess its on the next chapter

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I knew the younger sister was suspicious hur hur

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Right! only the animal camp provided a reward to protect, other two didn’t! I just went back to check, younger sister’s camp only said she will defeat older sister, then what? she can harm them next?

8 months ago

I did have a vague guess before that the pregnant lamb woman could be used for the baby organ ,but I completely forgot about the other brand😭 it makes sense it was in there because she was pregnant .the baby / the actual meal thing was in there so it was on it just like how the brand was on the rat. I would have straight up given the other sister the baby and got killed by her after she killed her sister cuz I forgot there were 3 6 in 666 and that … The two sisters were so bogus and I forgot the animal camp was the only one that really …was innocent because how can you completely trust the sisters ? When there are 3 camps ,the most innocent thing is the baby who never did anything wrong and had a clear line of the animals protecting you at all costs ,humans are animals I’m guessing… The sisters never promised any of that

2 months ago

right, the younger sis was sus when she started going crazy for the baby LOL.

BUT IT’S SO FKING COOL. seeing the evil spirit consider going against XC but then XC just showing his own dominance lol.

and ig it kinds of goes w the plot too? esp when it was mentioned that the animal camp would be like a hidden camp that most prob wouldn’t even have come across so the way I see it, it’s more trustworthy to side w the animal camp bcs it can’t hurt you.

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