APP: Chapter 92

Xie Xinglan ran to the stairs and was about to go downstairs when he heard a snake-like creeping sound in the darkness. On the stairs, a mass of black hair rustled and trembled. Xie Xinglan grasped the dagger and retreated. The hair trembled and separated, allowing Xie Xinglan to face a pair of protruding, turbid eyeballs!

It was the older sister! The older sister was out!

The female ghost on the stairs abruptly opened her mouth and bit at Xie Xinglan. The speed was so fast that Xie Xinglan only had time to block it with the knife. The female ghost bit Xie Xinglan’s dagger with great strength. Xie Xinglan’s entire hand became numb and through the faint light, he could see the older sister’s teeth clearly. The sister’s teeth were no longer exquisite and small like before. They were two or three times longer and the shape was like an awl. They fought for territory in the older sister’s mouth and filled the small mouth like barbs on a durian.

Xie Xinglan pulled at the knife but couldn’t get it out. The older sister gave him a weird smile and started chewing on the tip of the blade! The Evil Spirit Blade was chewed on by the older sister and a crack appeared! Her teeth could chew through steel!

The evil spirit inside the blade howled. The voice was gloomy. It shook people’s brains and made their ears ring. The evil spirit and the blade were one. The blade was the body of the evil spirit so the older sister devouring the Evil Spirit Blade meant she was devouring the evil spirit.

The older sister swallowed a bit along the tip of the blade and she was about to bite Xie Xinglan’s hand. Xie Xinglan was prepared to give up the Evil Spirit Blade when there was a flash of inspiration in Xie Chi’s mind. He regained control of his body and stared at the Evil Spirit Blade for a while. Then he shouted in his mind, “Cooperate?”

“Enter my body and fight her!” Xie Chi was absolutely decisive.

He was lacking time. If he had time then he could think of a way to survive. Even if he died, he had to die together with Zhao Jinhua and the female ghost.

The Evil Spirit Blade contained a murderer who killed countless people. It might have the power to fight against the ghost who was missing one tooth. There was also the younger sister holding the skeleton for a while. Once the skeleton summoning time limit had passed, the younger sister could come over to help with her older sister and the crisis would be resolved.

The premise was that he could hold back the older sister.

Xie Chi ran back while speaking calmly, “Brother, you hide.”

“Okay!” In his mind, Xie Xinglan disappeared and fell into an endless abyss. For the first time, Xie Chi couldn’t perceive Xie Xinglan’s existence but he wasn’t afraid. He had a cold expression as he completely opened his mind to the evil spirit.

The black energy that had been escaping crazily from the Evil Spirit Blade paused for a moment. The next second, the smoke rushed to the center of Xie Chi’s forehead. A steady stream of blood meandered down Xie Chi’s nose. It lingered on his eyelashes and wet half his face. Xie Chi’s face was pale as there was a faint energy making its way into his skin. Xie Chi almost fainted because of the invasion of the evil spirit in his mind. He gritted his teeth and stood up. His consciousness was squeezed into a corner and his body was completely occupied by the evil spirit!

“What should I do?” The evil spirit communicated with Xie Chi in his mind.

“Protect the tooth.” Xie Chi’s voice was weak. “You are in me and I don’t want to die. Therefore, I can’t lie to you.”

“I know. I’ll do what you say.” The voice of the evil spirit was hoarse. At this moment, their goals were exactly the same.

A second or two later, the older sister caught up with Xie Chi who was standing still. She wrapped her cold and gloomy limbs around Xie Chi’s body and reached out to grab the tooth in Xie Chi’s pocket. Simultaneously, she was about to bite down on Xie Chi’s slender neck. Then Xie Chi opened his eyes. His eyes were dull, lifeless, evil and ghastly.

A powerful force exploded from Xie Chi. The invisible ripples spread out in circles and the framed glass on the wall was shattered by force! There was a click as the railing in front of him was overwhelmed and broke.

‘Xie Chi’ moved and backhanded the sister’s chin. The older sister reacted and wanted to bite Xie Chi’s hand. However, Xie Chi inserted the broken blade of the dagger straight into her mouth. The sound of the older sister’s teeth hitting the blade made everyone’s scalp numb.

‘Xie Chi’ seized the opportunity and covered the older sister’s nostrils and eyes with his other hand. His left hand moved to the left and his right hand to the right as he tried his best to break her. Then there was the sound of the older sister’s jaw being dislocated.

The older sister screamed, her screams hurting the eardrums. The teeth were out of alignment and the lethality was small. Xie Chi took the opportunity to pinch the sister’s hand, kicked away her legs that were entwined with him and slammed her away completely.

The fleeing Ren Ze and Lu Wen noticed the change in the situation and both froze. Joy flashed across their faces. Xie Chi and the older sister were actually even!

Xia Yao was on the third floor and was shocked when she saw what was happening. Xie Chi killed You Jing and hit the third-tier Zhao Jinhua severely. Right now… the boss female ghost was retreating steadily. Zhao Jinhua was afraid of the female ghost while Xie Chi oppressed the female ghost. This…

Was Xie Chi better than Zhao Jinhua?

Xia Yao’s throat tightened and she had difficulty swallowing. She seemed to have spied on some terrible truth and gasped for breath. Zhao Jinhua was a third-tier actor she looked up to while Xie Chi… was just a newcomer like them. If he survived, his height in the future…

Xia Yao watched Xie Chi with a flushed face and shining eyes.

‘Xie Chi’ and the older sister were chasing each other on the spacious first floor. Inside the barrier, Zhao Jinhua watched the fierce battle between a person and a ghost. Her face was as white as paper and her body trembled uncontrollably. Her wide open eyes were filled with shock, horror and frustration.

No, this couldn’t be true! Something must be wrong! How was this possible? How could Xie Chi beat the female ghost? Waves rushed from her heart to her brain. Zhao Jinhua’s mind went blank and she staggered before managing to stand upright. A feeling of despair spread in her heart.

No, Zhao Jinhua suddenly became sober. Her eyes flashed with insight and the dark face became bright and vigorous. Xie Chi must’ve used a short-term item to improve his strength.

It was impossible for a newcomer to be physically strong to this extent. Even if he had a special ability, he could never be upgraded to this point. He must’ve used a one-time strength booster. She knew this type of item. The stronger the increase in strength, the heavier the backlash that would be encountered afterwards!

Xie Chi was dying! She just had to wait! In less than five minutes, Xie Chi was bound to die.

Lu Wen and Ren Ze knew Xie Chi relatively well and also thought this was the case. They both showed worried expressions out of fear that Xie Chi would abruptly become extremely weak and be killed by the older sister. They glanced at each other and were ready to sacrifice themselves. They went down to the first floor to hide, ready to snatch Xie Chi from the female ghost the moment he became weak.

However, the scene of their concern didn’t happen.

Three minutes, five minutes and then ten minutes passed. Xie Chi was only short of breath with sweat on his forehead. His strength wasn’t reduced at all. On the other hand, the female ghost started to be unable to fight.

It seemed the outcome was about to be determined.

[It isn’t an item…?]

[How is this happening? Is this his true strength? Has he been hiding his strength before?]

[10 minutes isn’t like an item… no, it definitely isn’t an item. He can’t have such a heaven-defying item at this stage.]

[??? Who will explain why?]

[Isn’t he a newcomer?]

[Ahhhhhhhhh handsome!!]

Zhao Jinhua had fallen to the ground five minute ago. At this time, she saw the battle situation and she seemed to age several years. Her originally black hair had turned white. It wasn’t an item. Why?!

Zhao Jinhua grabbed her hair in pain. She couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t want to believe it but something ridiculous was happening before her eyes.

During the skeleton attack, she couldn’t get out of the barrier at all. This was the protection effect of the staff but now it had become the biggest disadvantage. Otherwise, she would be able to join the female ghost to avenge her son instead of watching while unable to do anything. The skeleton was being completely blocked by the female ghost of unknown origin.

Then Zhao Jinhua suddenly sensed something. She trembled with panic and shouted at the staff. “No, not now!”

She squeezed the staff desperately like a dying person holding onto the last life-saving straw. The skeleton’s spiritual power was declining. It was over. The time limit was coming. Once the female ghost of unknown origin joined Xie Chi then the female ghost helping her was completely finished!

However, no matter how she yelled, the skeleton gradually weakened in her perception. The shiny black stars on the staff also showed signs of dimming as they became a grey black.

Zhao Jinhua froze. She cocked her head and glanced at the place where her son was last dragged away. Then the light returned to her face and she looked radiant. She still had a way to avenge her son.

In any case, Xie Chi must die! She would go to hell with Xie Chi!

Zhao Jinhua clearly knew that she was worn down to this point and was severely injured. Even if she dedicated her life to the staff, she might not be able to completely defeat Xie Chi. Despite this, she had a way to kill Xie Chi.

Zhao Jinhua took out her phone, opened the app and sent a message to the female ghost.

[I will sacrifice myself to the staff and let the skeleton help you grab the tooth. Then at the last moment before death, I will give the tooth to you. After you fully recover your strength, help me kill Xie Chi. I already know you’ve been lying to me from beginning to end so sign a contract with me this time. Otherwise, I will immediately commit suicide.]

The older sister in front of ‘Xie Chi’ paused in her actions. Xie Chi noticed this and said, “Be careful.”

“Okay,” the evil spirit replied.

The extra 10 minutes was enough for Xie Chi to sort through everything that had happened in the horror movie up to now. Xie Chi didn’t let go of any details. He stopped for a long time on one detail. Then his heart trembled as he suddenly had a thought…

Meanwhile, Zhao Jinhua received a reply.

[The female ghost has agreed to your request. Do you want to sign the contract? Note: the app is the arbitrator and the contract is valid. If either party breaches the contract then they will be punished. Please rest assured.]

Zhao Jinhua didn’t hesitate to agree as her eyes flashed in a crazy manner.


On the younger sister’s side, the skeleton who was slow and unable to fight abruptly showed an increase in strength. It forcibly threw the younger sister who was wrapped around him. Then it stepped forward and jumped.

“Go upstairs! Hurry!” Xie Chi finally knew the location of the baby the younger sister needed. His voice trembled and he tried to restrain himself as he signaled to the evil spirit. The moment the evil spirit looked up, he saw the skeleton jumping from upstairs.

The skeleton joined in and the situation was instantly reversed.

After all, the evil spirit wasn’t Xie Xinglan. He didn’t have Xie Xinglan’s skills or brains. He had just escaped from the seal on the dagger and had his spiritual force released. Now the older female ghost and the skeleton joined hands and it was easy to be restricted. There was great brute force and the evil spirit instantly fell into a decline as he steadily retreated.

Abruptly, the evil spirit was knocked into the air and fell heavily to the ground, spitting out a large mouthful of blood. Just as Xie Chi was about to urge the evil spirit to go upstairs again, his words were stuck in his throat.

“The tooth! Go pick it up!” Xie Chi’s voice was trembling.

During the time when the evil spirit flew through the air, the tooth in his pocket flew out and fell to a place more than 10 meters away from him.

The skeleton picked up the tooth. Escorted by the older sister, one ghost and one skeleton walked toward the dying Zhao Jinhua.

Proofreader: Purichan

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