APP: Chapter 91

Xie Xinglan was holding an eight trigrams disc. Lu Wen saw this eight trigrams disc and his eyes showed a strong shock before changing to joy.

The laws of the world. The five elements, eight trigrams, the art of borrowing! Xie Chi got this item in Zombie Lovers.

The bulges on the disc showed a huge suction force and blood poured into the grooves one after another. Four colours gathered in the blink of an eye.

The red light was overwhelming, the blue light was all-encompassing, the green light was vibrant and the white light was unstoppable. They conflicted for a moment before reluctantly blending into a ball. They exploded from the eight trigrams disc and the world changed temporarily, everything falling silent.

Zhao Jinhua was shocked. She raised her staff to block it but it was too late. She was too close!


In the white light, everyone saw Zhao Jinhua and You Jing fly away. At this moment, time seemed to stand still.

Xia Yao held her breath, eyes wide as she couldn’t believe what just happened. Xie Chi… knocked Zhao Jinhua away?

Ren Ze was as still as a wood carving.[What the fu*k!!!]

[Xie Chi was calculating against Zhao Jinhua!!]

You Jing’s broken limbs flew through the air in a perfect parabola. A large amount of blood splashed from the air and the people on the ground were covered in blood.

“Ah—!” You Jing’s scream rang through the house and his arms made a click as he fell to the ground. He moved around a few times like a dying fish’s last struggle.

Zhao Jinhua hit the railing on the second floor, spat out a mouthful of blood and fell heavily to the ground. She crawled on the ground and saw her dying son in the distance. Her expression froze for a second and then her heart felt a sharp pain as her breathing almost stopped. “You Jing!!!”

Zhao Jinhua let out a heart-piercing cry. She was fooled! Xie Chi lied to her to get her close so he could kill her and You Jing at once! It was her carelessness that harmed You Jing! Zhao Jinhua regretted it. She hurt You Jing!

In the midst of Zhao Jinhua’s screams, Xie Xinglan walked up to You Jing who was seriously injured and unconscious. He tilted his head as he watched Zhao Jinhua in a condescending manner.

Zhao Jinhua was covered in blood from head to toe but she was extremely resilient. Even the horrifying force of the five elements only hurt her skin and flesh. It didn’t deal any irreversible damage to her.

A third-tier actor was truly extraordinary. The art of borrowing could only be used once and he had to fight quickly. The backlash from borrowing the laws was already damaging his body. Xie Xinglan gritted his teeth to endure it. His Adam’s apple moved and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth. He wiped it off with the back of his hand.

Zhao Jinhua saw Xie Chi near You Jing and was afraid. She stood up with her staff and rushed over but it was too late. She could only shout in despair toward Xie Xinglan, “Don’t kill him!”

“I-I will promise you everything!”

She could still fight with Xie Chi and kill him. She had a killer move left but as long as Xie Chi moved, You Jing’s life was gone! She had to drag Xie Chi out first. Then find a chance to kill him and grab his tooth. As long as she grabbed the tooth and gave it to the female ghost, the instance would be over. It didn’t matter how badly You Jing was injured since he would recover after going out!

Xie Xinglan didn’t raise his gaze and there was a warm smile on his lips. He had no choice but to cut out the roots. In any case, Zhao Jinhua was going to kill him. If death was to both the left and right then he must not pull back. Even if he went to hell, he had to step on You Jing’s body. He wouldn’t let them feel good.

“Don’t forget that actors can’t kill actors!” Zhao Jinhua screamed and warned from behind Xie Xinglan, unable to chant a curse to save her son.

Xie Xinglan just scoffed and gently raised his hand. Suddenly, a pale ghost hand stretched out from the shadow behind You Jing. The ghost hand grabbed You Jing’s body and dragged his unconscious self into the endless dark abyss.

Everything was silent. Xia Yao forgot to breathe as she stared with wide eyes. She couldn’t believe what she just saw. Xie Chi used the rules… to kill You Jing? She realized that You Jing was inferior to Xie Chi but she never thought that Xie Chi could kill You Jing. He just… killed without hesitation? Wasn’t he afraid of Zhao Jinhua’s revenge?



“No!!!” The first one to break the silence was Zhao Jinhua. Zhao Jinhua saw the tragic death of her son in the hands of an evil ghost and was too distressed. Her son… was dead? No, how could her son die? This person was obviously just a humble newcomer. How could You Jing die? How could You Jing die?!

“It’s impossible!” Zhao Jinhua’s expression was almost crazy. “How dare you?!”

She stared at Xie Xinglan, her voice like a ghost seeking revenge from hell. “I want to kill you!”

The long spell was finally finished. A huge magic circle appeared and the entire house trembled slightly.

Xie Xinglan stared at the centre of the circle and his expression changed. A terrifying monster was going to be born. A huge barrier emerged from the ground and quickly protected Zhao Jinhua inside it. Zhao Jinhua closed her eyes tightly and chanted a curse, desperate resentment on her face.

The monster was coming out.

“Go!” He ordered the wide-eyed Ren Ze and Lu Wen behind him.

There was a barrier and Xie Xinglan couldn’t kill the summoner. In addition, Zhao Jinhua wasn’t someone he could kill in a short time. Xie Xinglan resolutely gave up and quickly retreated. The monster in the centre of the circle had already revealed its true face. It was an entire skeleton that was around two metres tall. It was made of white bones with hollow eye sockets and an evil light flickering in the eye sockets. The moment it fully appeared, the entire house became as cold as an ice cellar. Huge evil thoughts and grievances tangled behind the human head and lingered. Xie Xinglan’s movement speed was instantly affected and he slowed down. Every movement was much slower than before.

Xia Yao immediately fled to the top floor of the house. Zhao Jinhua was in a desperate mood. If this affected her then her life would definitely be gone.

The skeleton ignored Ren Ze and Lu Wen and ran after Xie Xinglan. Xie Xinglan was already seriously injured and his movement speed was slow from the skeleton’s grudge. The skeleton immediately caught up to him and grabbed him. Ren Ze was hiding behind a pillar and immediately dialed back the last three seconds.

There was a click as the watch turned to the end. Then the item ‘Twelve Seconds’ was completely scrapped!

Xie Xinglan escaped this blow but he was unable to dodge the next one. As the skeleton grabbed at him again, he avoided most of it with his keen senses but the skeleton’s hand still left three bone-deep marks on his back.

“Brother!” Xie Chi trembled. “This skeleton should definitely have a time limit! If we drag things out then Zhao Jinhua will definitely run out of mana and she will be half disabled!”


“Brother, buy me some more time.”

Xie Chi tried to restrain his emotions but Xie Xinglan still felt it. “Xiao Chi, I’m fine. It’s nothing, don’t be afraid.”

“…Brother.” Xie Chi suppressed all the unsuitable emotions and spoke calmly. “In fact, there is no other last resort.”

Xie Chi’s mood was heavy.

He still lacked a brand to get the animals’ blessing but there was no variant of the baby soup on the dinner table these past few nights. It was very likely that this dish hadn’t been refreshed and would appear in the next two nights.

However, how could they last until tomorrow night? It was a miracle if they could last an hour. The animal camp was almost hopeless so all that was left was… the younger sister’s camp.

“I know.” Xie Xinglan replied while hiding. “Now is the last resort.”

They both understood what the other person meant.

The younger sister’s camp had always asked for organs which they artificially defined as organs of dead actors. In fact, there was another way for the younger sister to regain her strength. It was to supplement the missing organ with one from a living actor.

If there was another kidney then the younger sister’s strength would be 10 times the original. This might not be enough to kill the skeleton and older sister but she could definitely resist them for a while.

They had no choice.

Xie Xinglan hid behind a wall. In the midst of the collapsing sounds, he took out the younger sister’s body from his mobile phone’s backpack. He gripped the Evil Spirit Blade tightly, raised his clothes and didn’t hesitate to attack himself. However, his arm was grabbed by an outstretched hand.

“Let me do it!” The seriously injured Lu Wen and Ren Ze finally caught up with Xie Xinglan and barely rolled in before the side wall collapsed.

“No need.” Xie Xinglan didn’t feel he would die from losing a kidney in the short term. His body had been transformed by the heavens and it was different from ordinary people. “Let go!”

“No.” Lu Wen insisted. “If you die then we are dead. If you are alive then we still have a chance.”

“In addition, I have mermaid blood. My blood flow rate is slow and my self-healing ability is strong. Trust me!”

Xie Xinglan glanced at him and let it go. At this time, there was no need to be hypocritical. He took out the kidney. The warm kidney filled the younger sister’s body and Lu Wen’s face was a frightening white.

In the dark, shaking house, gloominess started to rise.

The skeleton acted according to the summoner’s thoughts. The target was Xie Xinglan alone. It soon found Xie Xinglan again and was about to attack when its thin legs were grabbed by a pale ghost hand that stretched out of thin air.

The skeleton was mentally weak and was caught off guard. It fell to the ground due to the ghost hand. In the messy room, a female ghost crawled out of the shadows slowly. She was covered in blood and her black hair was messy. Her hands tightened on the skeleton like a snake catching prey.

The skeleton struggled. One skeleton and one ghost fought on the ground and it was difficult for them to separate for a while.

Xie Xinglan put the little sister’s body back in the backpack and the three of them rushed to escape. At the top of the stairs, Xie Xinglan spoke decisively. “You hide. Its target is me.”

The two of them nodded. Ren Ze supported Lu Wen and ran. He couldn’t help looking back at Xie Chi with a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Downstairs, Zhao Jinhua sensed that the skeleton was being dragged by the previously unknown female ghost and she fell into madness. She pulled at her hair like a lunatic. “No, this isn’t true!”

She was going to avenge her son. If You Jing was gone, what was the point of her being alive?! She was going to kill Xie Chi. Xie Chi had to die! However, according to this trend, the skeleton would be delayed. Once the time limit passed, she would no longer be able to kill Xie Chi! No, she wouldn’t allow that to happen.

Zhao Jinhua’s eyes fell on the black staff. She still had a way.

Zhao Jinhua slashed at her palm with the staff. The black stars on the staff sensed blood and started to tremble uncontrollably with excitement. The overflowing blood was instantly absorbed by the staff and Zhao Jinhua almost couldn’t hold on. Zhao Jinhua was about to give all the blood in her body to the evil staff in exchange for the skeleton becoming more powerful. Then her phone rang abruptly.

[Message from the older sister: I will act! I will kill them immediately! Please don’t commit suicide! I still need you to give me the last tooth! Please!]

Zhao Jinhua suddenly calmed down.

Her son was dead but if she completed the dungeon by herself and came out alive, she could make a wish to the app to resurrect her son. It didn’t matter how many points were required. At least she had the possibility of resurrecting her son. However, if she really died now then her son was dead.

The older sister who had been on the sidelines for so long was finally forced to act.

Zhao Jinhua replied: Okay.

She put down her staff with a face filled with resentment.

Proofreader: Purichan


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2 years ago

Wait I’m a bit confused.. XIe Xinglan killed You Jing by using the younger sister ghost? He just raised his arm and she came out of her pocket or something?

2 years ago

Why not use You Jing’s kidney? The younger sister’s ghost killed him so they should be allowed to take it (゚▽゚`*)?

Lia j
Lia j
6 days ago
Reply to  ctomes

Exactly. I feel like this wasn’t taken into an account for the author. Cause it would be too simple

2 years ago

Ahh!! Zhao Jinhua’s crazy desperation in this chapter to find Xie Chi and Xie Xinglan to avenge her son was so exciting!!! Like I don’t like her but damn she has a lot of power.

2 years ago

my only question is… where’s Xia Yao? this girl skillfully hugging thigh and do nothing much….

2 years ago

I feel pity towards their mother-son relationship but towards them as people? I don’t hold any feelings.

1 year ago

Well if Zhao Jinhua wasn’t hell bent on harming someone thsi wouldn’t have happened who asked her to be vengeful petty and hateful for no reason other that other people being better than her son . She reaps what’s she sows.