APP: Chapter 90 Part 2

Xia Yao stayed away and watched the fighting over there, regretting it in her heart. How could she choose to help Xie Chi for a while? If everything she did was revealed then Zhao Jinhua could easily kill her!

Zhao Jinhua wasn’t skilled but she had filmed many movies and her body had been strengthened to a certain extent. Ordinary attacks couldn’t harm her. Her jumping power and movement speed were comparable. Xie Xinglan knew he would surely die if he dragged things out.

Zhao Jinhua was surprised that this newcomer could resist for so long. She was ashamed and wanted to make it a quick fight. However, Xie Chi disappeared in the blink of an eye. Zhao Jinhua looked around but didn’t see any traces of Xie Chi.

Xie Chi went into hiding. The house was such a big place but the direction where Xie Chi could disappear in was fixed. Zhao Jinhua sneered and searched the four or five rooms there.

[This bi*ch Zhao Jinhua!!]

[Xie Chi is dead. It is only a matter of time. I don’t want to watch it.]

[They’re not on the same level.]

Zhao Jinhua deliberately lowered the sound of her footsteps and searched carefully one after another. She walked to the door of a room and saw the inconspicuous bloodstain on the side of the door.

Xie Chi was here. Zhao Jinhua held her breath and listened carefully. She could hear heavy breathing that was deliberately suppressed. She looked in the direction of the breathing. It was the closet in the room.

Was he hiding here?

Zhao Jinhua smiled triumphantly and stared at the closet. She carried the staff and walked straight there. Then without warning, a face suddenly appeared in the blind spot to her left! Zhao Jinhua was knocked to the ground and faced a ferocious and distorted female face. Her face instantly turned pale with fright.

The moment she was stunned, the female ghost on her body exposed her teeth and bit at her. Zhao Jinhua turned to avoid it but a piece of flesh on her body was still bitten off.

“Ah!” Zhao Jinhua screamed. She was fooled! Xie Chi lured her in deliberately so the female ghost could attack her! However, why would this ghost help Xie Chi?! Where did this ghost come from?!

Xie Xinglan came out of the closet and attacked Zhao Jinhua along with the female ghost. Zhao Jinhua was stabbed twice and bitten again before the spell she was chanting finally took effect.

A huge magic circle appeared under his feet with a mysterious light. Xie Xinglan sensed it wasn’t good and quickly retreated. A skeletal hand emerged from the centre of the circle, grabbed the female ghost’s foot and threw her away. The female ghost fell heavily to the ground and disappeared in a flash, hiding in the darkness and waiting for her next shot.

Zhao Jinhua escaped from danger but she was in a terrible state. Her face was red from anger and shame.

She turned her head to look at Xie Xinglan running away. Her eyes flashed with an extremely cold killing intent! She was calculated at by a newcomer! She must make Xie Chi suffer the punishment of a thousand cuts today! Actors couldn’t kill actors but the skeleton wasn’t an actor. She wanted the skeleton to kill Xie Chi!

“Brother, look for You Jing.” Zhao Jinhua was chasing after them but Xie Chi kept calm as he spoke.

“Okay.” Xie Xinglan said.

Xie Chi’s mind flashed as Xie Xinglan was searching.

He originally thought the younger sister could resist for a while but she was directly thrown out after Zhao Jinhua summoned the skeleton. Sure enough, 6.75 times was too weak. She couldn’t even beat Zhao Jinhua. If the older sister really got the last tooth then they would reach a dead end.

He had to guard the last one until the younger sister was strong enough to defeat the older sister or until he collected the last dish.

It was normal for the younger sister to contact them. She needed their help to stuff her organs into her body. They were completely at a disadvantage right now. If they all died then the younger sister had lost her chance to defeat the older sister.

As for why the older sister didn’t help Zhao Jinhua, the reason was very simple. They were weak and Zhao Jinhua was strong. If the older sister was there, Zhao Jinhua would definitely be able to kill them without doing much.

The older sister wanted to kill Zhao Jinhua after using her but she was very afraid of Zhao Jinhua’s strength.

That skeleton!

He was a human and the skeleton did relatively little damage to him. However, the ghost who was a spirit had collided with the skeleton and the same blow had dealt an injury that was several times worse.

This could be seen from the younger sister being thrown by the skeleton.

The younger sister was afraid of the skeleton and it was the same for the older sister. The older sister wanted to watch them fight and reap the benefits. When Zhao Jinhua successfully killed them, they would’ve also consumed Zhao Jinhua’s strength. Then once Zhao Jinhua gave her the tooth, she could easily kill Zhao Jinhua without any effort!

Therefore, they didn’t have to worry about the older sister taking action now. They just needed to avoid Zhao Jinhua’s attacks and find You Jing as quickly as possible.

Zhao Jinhua was endlessly chasing after him. Xie Xinglan was searching for You Jing when a skeletal hand appeared below his feet without warning. It grabbed his ankle and the pain was unbearable. Xie Xinglan fiercely inserted the Evil Spirit Blade and once the skeletal hand stopped, he pulled his leg away.

The white bone of his leg was visible and blood flowed from the wound that couldn’t be stopped. There was too much blood loss and Xie Xinglan’s face was as pale as paper. Even so, his eyes were calm. He gritted his teeth and stood up like he couldn’t feel any pain.

He finally found You Jing hiding at the door of the next room.

Xie Xinglan was covered in blood, his eyes were cold and the knife in his hand gave off an extremely evil air. You Jing saw this inhuman and ghostly evil god and his legs were a bit soft. He moved back a bit before turning to run away. However, he was easily caught by Xie Xinglan. The cold and blood-stained tip of the blade pressed against his fragile neck and You Jing felt like he had fallen into an ice cellar.

The fear of death struck. You Jing’s body became stiff to the extreme and his eyes rolled around anxiously. “D-Don’t kill me!” He was like a chick as he was easily lifted by Xie Xinglan.

[Fu*k!! A hostage!!]

[There’s drama, drama!!!]

“Mom! Help!” You Jing struggled and let out broken cries. It was only at that time that he realized the huge gap between himself and Xie Chi. He regarded Xie Chi as his opponent but Xie Chi had the ability to easily kill him.

“Can you teleport? Do you have any items?” Xie Xinglan carried the hostage and walked a bit. His tone was low and mocking. “What else can you do aside from calling for your mother? Are you weaned? Did you just come out of the womb?”

Xia Yao was hiding in the distance and stared at that side with disbelief. Xie Chi actually…

H-He actually…

Xia Yao’s eyes shone.

“Let go of my son!” Zhao Jinhua saw this scene the moment she arrived. She was so angry that her hairs were standing upright and she panicked to the extreme. She was afraid that Xie Xinglan would kill her son if she didn’t pay attention.

Xie Xinglan stared at her sarcastically.

“Do you really think I will be threatened by you?” Zhao Jinhua sneered, raised her staff and chanted a few spells. Suddenly, two screams came from upstairs. Xie Xinglan raised his head and saw Ren Ze and Lu Wen falling down, seriously injured.

“You let my son go and I’ll let them go. Can this deal be done?” Zhao Jinhua pointed at the two people with a stick. It was as if she would kill them the moment Xie Xinglan shook his head.

“Xie Chi, forget about me!” Lu Wen roared despite his damaged internal organs.

“Dammit, it is worth my life if you kill You Jing!” Ren Ze lay on the ground and struggled to squeeze out a proud smile.

Xie Xinglan retracted his gaze and looked at Zhao Jinhua with disbelief. “Are you stupid?”

Zhao Jinhua’s face stiffened.

“Their lives and deaths… what does it have to do with me?” Xie Xinglan’s dark pupils were indifferent and he wasn’t threatened at all. Rather, he turned the Evil Spirit Blade and gently stroked You Jing’s neck with it.

You Jing dodged but couldn’t move. The sharp blade pierced the skin of his neck and he shook uncontrollably. The evil energy of the dagger sensed the strong smell of blood and was trembling with excitement. The evil energy flowed along the hole in You Jing’s neck and wreaked havoc in You Jing’s body. You Jing’s face turned white and he screamed.

“You Jing, did you hear that? You are really cheap. You are only worth the lives of my two teammates.” Xie Xinglan looked at him condescendingly with a snake-like smile.

However, You Jing was in so much pain he couldn’t hear a word. He only knew that the person behind him would really kill him and he was terrified. “Mom, save me!”

“You dare to force me!” Zhao Jinhua was furious and panicked. Her hands were shaking and she was almost unable to hold onto her staff. “Don’t forget that actors can’t kill actors!”

Xie Xinglan sneered. “The rules are based on the living. If I’m going to die then who cares about the rules? You have to be clear. You are afraid of his death. It isn’t me who is afraid of my death.”

Xie Xinglan met Zhao Jinhua’s gaze and spoke calmly. “If I can’t live then he shouldn’t live either.”

Zhao Jinhua jumped forward, anxious and angry. “Do you really think I can’t kill you and save him?”

“No, I believe you can.” Unexpectedly, Xie Xinglan confirmed it. “However, you haven’t used it yet. This means the method is very costly for you and it isn’t something you can afford. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here talking nonsense with me.”

Zhao Jinhua was exposed and she almost broke her teeth from gritting them too hard. “What do you want?”

“Don’t give the sixth tooth to the female ghost and wait until I complete the task. This doesn’t seem to be a loss for you.”

Zhao Jinhua sneered. A humble newcomer dared to talk terms with her. Her eyes changed slightly. “Okay, I promise!”

The top priority right now was saving You Jing’s life. Once Xie Chi released You Jing, she would kill him to vent her anger!

[Fu*k, don’t do it. Xie Chi, why are you so stupid at this time? How can you negotiate terms with Zhao Jinhua? I’m so angry!!]

[If it was me, I would kill the kidnapper the moment I get my son back. Fu*k him to death!]

[Can you trust this b*tch?! Don’t do it! You can drag You Jing. You can last a while as long as Zhao Jinhua doesn’t make up her mind to fight desperately against you.]

“Xie Chi!” Ren Ze’s heart jumped wildly. Even smart people could inevitably become stupid under high pressure. Ren Ze endured the pain and shouted, “Don’t! Don’t promise her!”

Lu Wen froze before also reacting.

“Shut up! It isn’t up to you to make the decision!” Zhao Jinhua was afraid that Xie Chi would regret it. She waved her staff and the two of them vomited out a large mouthful of blood and lost the strength to speak.

Hiding in the darkness, Xia Yao was full of disappointment. She started to rack her brains while wondering how to survive next.

Xie Xinglan continued. “How can you prove it? After all, promises can be empty words. Who knows if you will go back on your word later?”

“What do you want from me?!” Zhao Jinhua was furious.

Xie Xinglan thought for a moment. “Then come over here and give me your staff. Then I will return your son to you.”

Zhao Jinhua secretly sneered. Indeed, generally speaking, losing her staff meant losing her medium. She couldn’t summon a spirit body which was equivalent to losing her ability. However, she was different. Her summoning was a very special spell that could be done without the staff. It was just that the summoning speed had dropped.


Still, the transaction had to be coaxed from her. Zhao Jinhua pretended to be angry. “Don’t go too far! If I give you the staff then I won’t be able to beat you at all if you go back on your words. Don’t think about it!”

Xie Xinglan pinched You Jing’s fragile neck. “I don’t think I’m too much. Do you want to think about it again?”

“Mom!” You Jing’s tears came out.

“Okay, okay! Don’t get excited. I’ll give it to you!” Zhao Jinhua seemed to have been completely defeated.

“Then you come here,” Xie Xinglan told her.

[Don’t be fooled! Damn, you can’t negotiate terms with someone stronger than you. They will always have other means…]

[I’m so angry. I feel resentment for him not meeting my expectations.]

Zhao Jinhua walked up to him and handed over the staff very sincerely while secretly chanting a spell. Xie Xinglan reached out to receive the staff while at the same time, he seemed to sincerely push You Jing forward. Zhao Jinhua’s eyes saw this success with great ridicule.

“Closer, I can’t reach it.”

Xie Xinglan was already at the end of his rope and his only item was a broken knife. Zhao Jinhua didn’t doubt it and couldn’t wait to get closer to You Jing. She was so close that the distance between her and Xie Chi was almost less than 10 centimeters.

Zhao Jinhua’s entire attention was on You Jing when she felt a terrifying energy coming from Xie Chi. Zhao Jinhua realized something and stared in horror.

“Did I tell you that I have more than one item?” Xie Xinglan’s voice seemed to come from hell.

Proofreader: Purichan

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Yoshi K
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