APP: Chapter 90 Part 1

The napping Ren Ze also woke up. He leaped up and looked at Lu Wen, as anxious as a grasshopper on a hot pan. “This is… the iron plate turtle?”

“Yes.” Xie Chi didn’t raise his head as he checked Lu Wen’s body.

At dinner, XIe Chi tasted every dish in order to let the turtle take the initiative to find him. Ren Ze and Lu Wen had followed him and did the same thing. Now seeing Lu Wen’s symptoms, the turtle had picked Lu Wen out of the three.

Lu Wen’s pained cries were stuck in his throat. His entire face was flushed with heat and he was suffocating. He rolled around on the bed and white steam leaked from his body, making Xie Chi’s hand red.

“What to do?” Ren Ze looked at Xie Chi anxiously.

Xie Chi instantly made a decision. “Take him to the bathroom.”

The two people carried him in and stuffed him into the bathtub. Ren Ze opened the tap and sprayed water on Lu Wen.

The ice-cold water sprayed on Lu Wen’s body and evaporated directly into water vapor. There was the faint hissing sound of the hot and cold combination around Lu Wen’s body, like the water in a pot drying up.

Lu Wen’s skin was as red as a soldering iron and the water in his body was evaporating by the high temperature. His skin was shriveling.

“Hot…” Lu Wen’s mouth was dry and cracked like dry earth. He felt like he was about to be cooked.

Xie Chi took out a large basin from under the sink and turned the tap to the maximum while pouring water on Lu Wen. They had no choice but to do this. The key to slow down the cooking of food was cold water. After seven or eight minutes, both of them were sweating profusely but Lu Wen didn’t get better.

Xie Chi’s face was gloomy. “Ren Ze, come and change with me. This method treats the symptoms but not the root cause. He can’t hold on.”


Xie Chi spoke in his heart, “Brother, check if there is anything foreign on him.”


Xie Chi asked Xie Xinglan to come out. Xie Xinglan walked over. He had excellent vision and carefully checked Lu Wen’s skin. The scales on Lu Wen’s skin were now soft and transparent. Xie Xinglan only needed to scan it once and he easily saw a small protrusion under a scale.

“Hold on,” Xie Xinglan told him.

Lu Wen gritted his teeth. “Yes.”

Xie Xinglan inserted the Evil Spirit Blade into the skin without hesitation. Lu Wen’s skin was very hard and great resistance was felt despite the sharpness of the Evil Spirit Blade. Lu Wen paled at this intense pain and almost fainted.

For the first time, he hated that he had such thick skin. Finally, Xie Xinglan found what he was looking for in Lu Wen’s flesh. He picked it up with the tip of the blade and pulled it out little by little. Lu Wen was already numb and couldn’t feel the pain anymore.

The thing that came out was a bloody rope. At the end of the rope was a turtle shaped brand with the words: iron plate turtle. The moment the brand came out, the high temperature of Lu Wen’s body abruptly disappeared and his face gradually returned to normal. It was this thing that created the ghost. He wasn’t in danger after it was gone.

Ren Ze was sitting by the bathtub and sweating. He was still afraid for a while. “Thankfully, Lu Wen’s skin is thick and resistant to cooking. If it was me then I would already be thoroughly cooked.”

After confirming that Lu Wen was okay, Ren Ze helped bandage his wound while Xie Xinglan returned control of the body to Xie Chi.

“I’m fine.” Lu Wen spoke with difficulty after receiving Xie Chi’s questioning gaze. “I will recover soon.”

“By the way.” Lu Wen instinctively lowered his voice. “The tooth fell out into the bathtub just now because my scales softened. They will soon harden up again and I will hide it once more.”

Xie Chi nodded and turned to business. “An incident has occurred and it meets the app’s rule. We can go out.”

He was still short of a brand while the younger sister was missing a kidney and a baby. The older sister’s camp was missing two teeth. Lu Ming had handed in one, You Jing handed in two and Zhao Jinhua snatched one from him so the sister should have four teeth. There were still two left.

Xie Chi and Ren Ze opened the door to go out while Lu Wen painfully followed. Xie Chi had just walked out the door when his face changed. His nose was full of the smell of blood.

Ren Ze reacted after a few seconds. “It’s bad!”

The three people followed the smell of blood and kicked open the room of the newcomer Ma Heng. The scene in the room choked up the three of them.

Ma Heng’s body was nailed to the wall, his arms spread out in a cross. His naked body was bloody, his chest cavity was empty and the corners of his mouth were bloody. From behind him, sticky blood flowed down his legs and the pool of blood at his feet was already huge. It seemed that Ma Heng had been dead for a while.

Lu Wen had a slightly white face. “Xie Chi, the organ we want is gone…”

This was the fifth person killed by the older sister. She had already obtained the fifth tooth and it could be called their last chance to snatch an organ. Yet it passed silently. The older sister got another tooth and she wouldn’t follow the rule that one tooth could only kill one person. They could almost say that it was impossible to gather the kidney…

The atmosphere was extremely depressed for a while.

The situation changed abruptly and his hunch was fulfilled. Xie Chi kept calm as he walked forward silently. He first confirmed that the required organs were gone and then inspected Ma Heng’s body.

A cross hung around Ma Heng’s neck. Ma Heng’s death was the same as when Jesus was tortured but the core was completely different. Jesus was a sacrifice while Ma Heng was stupid. The older sister was taunting Ma Heng, taunting them.

“How could this be… we just need one kidney!” Ren Ze tugged at his hair irritably.

Xie Chi wasn’t discouraged and sent him a calming look. “This matter is a foregone conclusion and there is nothing to regret. Since we have chosen to stand on the opposite side to her, we must be ready to face everything. Her purpose is to dispel our confidence. In fact, in the face of absolute strength, it won’t matter if one step becomes ten steps and there are all types of uncontrollable factors. High strength can break almost all conspiracies and tricks.”

He stood there like nothing could break him. Ren Ze was encouraged and gradually calmed down. He formed fists with firmness in his eyes. The three people’s phones suddenly rang.

[The younger sister has digested and adapted to the organs.

Younger sister’s camp progress update:

The younger sister has regained some strength but it still isn’t enough to beat her older sister. The younger sister will help her followers continue to search for the missing organs to gain strength.

Although the younger sister has gained the ability to move, only the believer can help her regain her strength by stuffing the organs into her body. The younger sister can’t obtain the organs by herself.

The followers are asked to continue their efforts to help the younger sister defeat her older sister.]

There was finally good news. However, before Lu Wen could sigh with relief, there was a sudden burning pain from the place where the tooth was hidden on his back. Lu Wen was defenseless and let out a gasp of pain.

“What’s the matter?” Ren Ze leaned closer. He thought the symptoms of the iron plate turtle were playing up again and immediately checked Lu Wen’s back. Lu Wen endured the sharp pain and blinked desperately at Xie Chi, suggesting there was abnormal movement from the tooth.

Ren Ze was about to check the tooth Lu Wen was hiding on his body when a fluorescence light appeared where the tooth was hidden on Lu Wen’s back. In the darkness, the fluorescence was particularly prominent.

Ren Ze witnessed the changes on Lu Wen’s back. His eyes widened and his heart jumped wildly. “Xie Chi!”

In just a few seconds, the fluorescence was bright enough to illuminate the entire dark room. Xie Chi’s face had an unprecedented gloom. He strode up to Lu Wen and extended his hand. “Give it to me.”

Lu Wen pulled out the bloody tooth and stuffed it into Xie Chi’s hand. The bloody tooth glowed hot in Xie Chi’s palm like a mini night pearl. Xie Chi’s hands couldn’t block the light of the tooth. Was it a hot spot? Xie Chi gripped the bloody tooth tightly.

The bloody tooth trembled and pulsed in his hand like it wanted to escape and meet with something strange and terrible. Something was sensing it and calling it.

Xie Chi glanced at the two people behind him. “Go.”

The two of them followed only for Xie Chi in front to suddenly stop. Lu Wen almost bumped into him. “What’s wrong…?”

“No need to go.” Xie Chi’s face showed a sarcastic smile. “They are here.”


Zhao Jinhua and You Jing came up the stairs. You Jing saw Xie Chi’s shining right hand and was stunned. His eyes flashed with ecstasy and animal-like greed. “Mom! The last tooth is with them!”

Ren Ze and Lu Wen’s hearts thumped and their blood became cold.

[It’s over. Enemies meet on a narrow road! I was afraid of this!]

[Son Chi will have to hand in the tooth. This time, it isn’t a joke!]

[Are you stupid?? Zhao Jinhua and You Jing will complete the task and leave after handing in the tooth. The other actors will immediately be killed by the older sister!]

[However, if he doesn’t hand it in then he is dead! Does Xie Chi have the right not to hand it over? They are so weak that they can’t protect the last tooth! If he doesn’t hand it over then he might be disabled by Zhao Jinhua. This is even worse!]

[Then are they bound to die? The younger sister can’t beat the older sister…]

Zhao Jinhua stopped the group of three and extended a hand to Xie Chi. “Hand it over.”

Xie Chi delayed time and talked with Xie Xinglan. “Brother, I can’t hand it over.”

“I know.” Xie Xinglan’s voice was extremely calm.

“Hand it over!” Zhao Jinhua was very impatient the second time.

“I advise you to be obedient like the first time.”

Xie Chi murmured, “Brother…”

He was too sorry. The situation had changed abruptly but in the end, he could only act like a deserter and let his brother face such a powerful opponent.

Xie Xinglan chucked lightly and spoke in a deep and sweet voice. “Xiao Chi, I unconditionally believe you are right even if there is no basis. Therefore, please believe in me unconditionally. I will be able to defeat her.”

Xie Xinglan didn’t have the words ‘lose’ or ‘shrink back’ in his dictionary. Xie Chi’s mouth slowly curved up. He also didn’t have these words in his dictionary.

“I won’t hand it over.” Xie Chi looked up to meet Zhao Jinhua’s gaze. His face was cold and the smile just now seemed to be a flash in the pan.

Zhao Jinhua froze for a moment before sneering. “Do you think you have the right to choose?”

“Resisting so stubbornly in a useless situation. You don’t know how to appreciate kindness.” Zhao Jinhua was obviously extremely upset. She could pinch Xie Chi to death as easily as killing an ant but the ant couldn’t recognize her identity, wasting her time.

Zhao Jinhua stopped talking nonsense and gave You Jing a look. You Jing understood and immediately used the teleport item. He quickly became an afterimage as he moved to Xie Chi’s location, only to find that he missed Xie Chi.

Xie Xinglan gently dodged it. He stood there and his entire body was as sharp as a knife. Zhao Jinhua saw the desire to kill in his eyes and laughed strangely. “You still want to kill me? What is the use of hate? Hate is just the sad venting method of the incompetent.”

“You don’t know what the world is like!” Zhao Jinhua’s face was completely cold. Just as she was going to tell You Jing to retreat, she saw Xie Xinglan stabbing toward You Jing without hesitation. Her heart jumped and she immediately took out an item to block Xie Xinglan’s attack.

It was a staff around one metre long. The entire body was pitch black like a burnt tree branch. There were countless dark stars falling from the top and mysterious lines drawn on the staff. A strange black light entwined around the handle of the staff.

The Evil Spirit Blade touched the staff and the evil spirit inside the blade let out a scream.

Xie Xinglan was shocked and took several steps back. His fingers were cut open and blood flowed down his fingers onto the dagger’s blade. Xie Chi was actually aiming for her son!

Zhao Jinhua was furious and turned around to shout at her son. “Hide!”

Then she attacked Xie Xinglan directly. You Jing was frightened and immediately ran in the opposite direction, avoiding the battle between Zhao Jinhua and Xie Chi.

In less than five seconds, Xie Xinglan had a few deep and scary bloody marks on his body. The flesh was open and his white clothes were instantly wet, revealing a tight chest.

Lu Wen was startled and his eyes turned red. He rushed up to help Xie Chi block Zhao Jinhua’s attack but was directly knocked away by Zhao Jinhua’s blow. Only then did he know how strong Zhao Jinhua really was.

“Xie Chi!” Lu Wen spat out a mouthful of blood, his eyes filled with despair.

The corridor was too narrow and the long staff had the advantage. Xie Xinglan’s agility couldn’t be used. He wasn’t affected by the pain and increasingly fierce offensive. He made a decisive decision to hide and retreat. Finally, he flipped over the railing with one hand and jumped downstairs.

Zhao Jinhua caught up, leaning over the railing to hit the back of his head with a long staff. Ren Ze’s eyes widened at the sight. “Xie Chi!”

Xie Xinglan felt the danger behind him and moved sideways to dodge. However, he was still affected by the aftershocks and spat out a mouthful of blood. Ren Ze dialed the watch backwards. Zhao Jinhua’s figure paused for a moment and Xie Xinglan landed smoothly on the first floor.

Zhao Jinhua sneered and also jumped down.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

A dark take but…It said you couldn’t kill other players for the organs…But can you not harm the for the kidney without killing them? After all, the one kidney ain’t vital for the human body.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mememe

I agree!

2 years ago
Reply to  Mememe

Oh wow, I wonder if it will come to that 0_0

2 years ago
Reply to  Mememe

also thought this but instead use their own kidney. will cause many blood loss and must be at last second so they can directly go out…

2 years ago
Reply to  Accellia

Exactly what I thought, but they can’t do it in the last second before they go out because the younger sister has to defeat the older sister and they can’t go out before that happens I think?

1 year ago
Reply to  Mememe

yes !! you’re exactly right but i’m not sure whose kidney are we going to sacrifice….

11 months ago
Reply to  Mememe

Exactly what I was thinking take the organs, I would have immediately ripped someone’s organ out cuz it was the first thing I thought of…as long as they arnt dead,

2 years ago

Um I suddenly remembered the girl that was roasted to resemble the lamb suckling food thing, she resembled a pregnant woman afterwards right? What if the baby is in her belly? I’m not sure though just a random thought