APP: Chapter 9

Was it due to the Gu?

Xie Chi’s eyes narrowed.

A qualified pet 1.0 wouldn’t cause any trouble to the owner who raised it by getting sick. This was something that was written into his genetic sequence at birth so there was no possibility that there was a problem with his body.

Then it could only be the ghost in the horror movie. For a plot reason, he got a nosebleed.

Yan Jing stated, “It isn’t a big deal. You’re probably just hot. After all, this is a horror movie and you will naturally overdo it. It is easy to get sick.

[This type of flag will be broken at first glance. it is estimated that he is really sick and should go to the hospital for a check-up.]

[The little blind man has thick nerves. He can ignore any small abnormalities during filming.]

[Is it due to the poisonous creature? I think he has been staring at his index finger for a while.]

[Don’t guess. Maybe it is just a nosebleed.]

Xie Chi thought for a few seconds before deciding to put this matter aside. It wasn’t the point right now. He had to seize this time to check what happened 18 years ago. Xie Chi folded the paper with the female ghost drawn on it and stuffed it into his shirt pocket. He stood up and said, “I will ask passersby in this area about the situation of the company.”

Xie Chi had used a computer to look up this company last night.

Although remote, it was indeed a listed company with a strong capital. The company had been booming in recent years and had developed at an astonishing speed. In addition to starting this company, the female boss had invested in many other industries and earned a lot of money.

The baby ghost said he had been dead for 18 years and this company was built 19 years ago. The company building shouldn’t have been completed when the baby ghost died. There was no other information.

The two people left the company building. Someone happened to be running by in the morning and Xie Chi stopped them.

After a short negotiation, the old man in the t-shirt started the conversation. “You said that the young boss looks like a third? She came from a foreign country and no one here knows her. So… I remember that around 20 years ago, her and her husband suddenly ran here to buy land to construct a building. At that time, we said that she must have a brain failure if she wanted to run here to start a company. As a result, guess what?”

Xie Chi slightly frowned.

The female boss had been married to her husband 20 years ago but she was clearly in her early 30s. How could she get married at 11 or 12 years old?

The old man wanted to continue speaking but Xie Chi interjected, “Uncle, how old was she when she first came here 20 years ago?”

“She must’ve been around 20 years old! That’s what I was going to say. The boss is… what is that word? reverse growth! I remember that when she first came, she was dark and fat. Then in a year, she became young and educated, more beautiful than many female stars on TV!”

Yan Jing finally realized something and gulped hard. “Uncle, based on your meaning, the female boss came here when she was 20 years old and stayed here for 20 years. She should be more than 40 years old…”

“It is possible that she is 50! That’s why I told my wife that it is quite amazing the boss can still be pregnant when she is so old!”

50 years old…

Yan Jing was speechless at the truth.

The uncle scratched his head. “Where did I speak up to?”

Xie Chi thoughtfully reminded him, “You were talking about her company.”

“Oh yes! I just remembered that her luck is good. She started the company and had no money at first. Then she casually bought a lottery ticket and won the jackpot. My god.”

Yan Jing couldn’t help being ‘wtf’. “Isn’t this going against the sky? What is this probability?”

Beauty? Opportunity knocking? Was this the role of the Gu?

Xie Chi was thoughtful. The conversation was over and Xie Chi was about to leave when the uncle grabbed him by the arm and spoke enthusiastically, “You are so handsome and good-natured. Are you married? Let me introduce you to someone. My second aunt’s little girl…”

“……” A vein bulged on Xie Chi’s forehead before he said with a smile, “No need.”

The old man was a bit disappointed but he really liked Xie Chi and continued to work hard. “Don’t be so quick to refuse, young man. You should think about it again. My second aunt’s daughter has a good figure, a pretty face, is petite and exquisite and has a lively personality. She will definitely get along well with you…”

“It really isn’t necessary.” Xie Chi chuckled. “I like someone taller than me with a straight posture. Their personality is cold and they have strong and fierce facial features.”

The uncle froze. Xie Chi slightly bowed to express his gratitude and left with Yan Jing. Yan Jing’s expression was a bit difficult. “Brother Xie, your ideal type…”

The uncle couldn’t help muttering behind them, “Isn’t this a man?”

Xie Chi’s footsteps paused slightly and he turned to smile at the uncle. The uncle looked blank. Yan Jing followed Xie Chi into the building. “Brother Xie, what should we do now. It seems we can’t ask others about the secret of 18 years ago…”

Xie Chi lit a cigarette, sucked it and replied casually, “If we can’t ask anyone else then ask… the person.”

Yan Jing’s eyes widened. “The person? Do you mean the female boss?”

Xie Chi hadn’t said anything when Yan Jing shook his head. “N-No! The app says that we can’t attack the female boss who is pregnant!”

Xie Chi was speechless. “…Who says I’m going to attack her?”

Yan Jing was confused. “If you don’t attack her then how will you get her to talk? After all, it is a matter of murder. How can she admit it? If I killed someone then I would never admit it unless you tie me up and threaten me. However, the app said to not attack the female boss…”

Xie Chi helplessly touched Yan Jing’s head. “I didn’t say to ask the female boss.”

Yan Jing was completely dumbfounded and felt that his brain wasn’t enough. “brother Xie, if you don’t ask the female boss then who else can you ask?”

“In a homicide, there is the murderer and naturally there is…” Xie Chi laughed. “The victim.”

“The murderer hides behind ambiguity to avoid misfortune. If we can’t use special means against the murderer then we can’t get key information. This means the victim is waiting for you to listen to her and help her.”

Xie Chi laughed. “If the boss really killed the ghost and the baby ghost, the female ghost will welcome our help. She will tell us what happened back then.”

His back as he walked into the building was extremely chic.

Yan Jing was stunned for two seconds. “My god! Brother Xie, are you actually going to ask the ghost??!”

From the moment he understood Xie Chi’s meaning, he felt his three views shaking.

Xie Chi sat on a chair and Yan Jing hurriedly stepped forward. “Brother Xie, don’t do this. It is a ghost! How can you guarantee that she won’t kill you when you ask for the truth?”

“And—” Yan Jing kept talking. “Why do I feel like you prefer being closer to ghosts than people? They are ghosts? Ghosts who kill without blinking! Asking the female boss might be harder than asking the ghost but it is safer…”

Xie Chi felt helpless. “I’m not stupid enough to run to the elevator to ask.”

Yan Jing acted like he was thirsty for knowledge. “That…”

Xie Chi was too lazy to explain. “You’ll know at night.”

In the afternoon, the female boss came to do a check up. Xie Chi asked her to borrow his salary in advance and paid off all the debt he incurred the day before.

Halfway through, Xie Chi went to buy 26 dice and a candle. At 10 in the evening, all the actors started the next day’s work. They had the lesson of Zhang Lan and went to their own floors to get their work done early.

At this time, the fifth floor. Yan Jing sat on the sofa and asked in a confused manner, “Brother Xie, why are you pulling the curtains shut?”

Xie Chi said nothing. After closing the curtains of the last window on the fifth floor, he turned off all the lights on the fifth floor. The fifth floor instantly fell into a lifeless darkness. Xie Chi took out the lighter, lit the candle he bought in the day and came over in the flickering candlelight to sit on the sofa opposite Yan Jing.

[What is he going to do?]

[Weird and cute.]

“Brother Xie?” Yan Jing realized that the atmosphere wasn’t right and cried out tentatively.

“Don’t talk for a while.” Xie Chi said as he pulled out the dice he had engraved with letters. There was a total of 26 dice, each with a letter carved on it. It was from A to Z with no repetitions.

Xie Chi held all the dice in his palm and gently spoke in the candlelight, “Are you here?’

He asked this question before closing his eyes and throwing the dice in his hand onto the table. Once he opened them again, Xie Chi’s pupils shrank. The other dice were scattered to the side of the table. Only three dice were left close to him and the letters on top combined to form… ‘YES.’

She was here. It was really possible. Xie Chi smiled slightly and collected all the dice.

“Are you the female ghost in the elevator?”

Xie Chi asked calmly and threw all the dice again. The reply this time was still ‘YES.’

“We would like to help you. Would you like to communicate with me?” —YES.

Xie Chi cut to the point. “Did the female boss kill you?” —YES.

“Is the baby ghost your child?” —YES.

All his conjectures were confirmed in an instant. The female ghost was killed by the female boss and the child in her stomach cut out, becoming the baby ghost wandering the building. Xie Chi was silent for a few seconds before slowly wondering, “Your body… where is it?”

The moment he asked, he had an answer in his heart.

‘LIFT’. Lift, the elevator.

Sure enough. Xie Chi stared at the word for a moment and smiled. The female ghost’s body was at the bottom of the elevator so she was trapped in the elevator and could only kill people in the elevator.

Yan Jing couldn’t see it and could only hear Xie Chi talking to himself. Finally, he couldn’t bear his curiosity and opened his yin yang eyes. His expression stiffened in an instant and he almost screamed.

The familiar female ghost hand was playing with the dice, putting out the appropriate letters and showing Xie Chi the information he needed.

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2 years ago

um…i actually find both the ghost mom and baby cute ><

2 years ago

And that is the moment I would CLOSE my eyes 😖

2 years ago

I never heard of this dice method, so much more fun than a ouija board.

10 months ago

This is like many horror movie combined

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