APP: Chapter 89

In the room, Ren Ze sat at the table watching Xie Chi reapply the medicine and asked, “Which dish on the table do you think is the variant of the iron plate grilled turtle?”

Ren Ze realized Xie Chi’s intention behind eating all the dishes and was a bit curious. Lu Wen also looked over. Xie Chi didn’t raise his eyes. “Boiled crabs.”

“You’re so sure?” Ren was surprised.

“The cooking behind the iron plate turtle is to put the cleaned live turtle into the water and boil it. The water temperature will gradually rise and the turtle will struggle to drink the soup because of the heat. The soup with the seasoning will naturally enter its stomach. Finally, there is soup inside and outside the body and the meat is very delicious.”

“Fu*k.” Ren Ze stared. “I thought the iron plate turtle was cooked on an iron plate. Now that you said this, I understand why it must be the boiled crab.”

It was because dead crabs were poisonous so they were alive when they were cooked.

The boiled crabs dish involved putting cleaned live crabs into the water to boil. The crabs didn’t respond at first. Then as the water temperature rose, the crabs started to struggle. At this time, they had to cover the pot tightly to prevent the crab claws from opening the lid.

During the cooking process, people on the side could clearly hear the crab claws scratching frantically against the edge of the pot. The scratching noise became smaller and smaller until it finally died down. This meant the crabs were cooked and they had turned an alluring red colour.

Iron plate turtle and boiled crab had the same effect.

Lu Wen spoke sincerely. “I hadn’t realized it when eating it before but now I feel it is too cruel. Why didn’t I react at all before?”

“It is normal.” Xie Chi finished bandaging himself and there was no extra expression on his face. “A human’s life is based on the death of lower creatures. Your living means that countless chickens, ducks and fish have sacrificed their lives for you. To a certain extent, all of us are unclean. We are all predators and having mercy is useless because survival itself is cruel.”

Lu Wen suggested, “Then I will become a vegetarian…”

Xie Chi smiled at him. “Are fruits and vegetables not life?”

Lu Wen suddenly realized it and felt complicated.

“Human evolution so far has stripped away most of the harmful compassion. At most, we will see the light at a certain moment. For example, if you see a butcher killing a pig in a slaughterhouse then you are shocked and sad, but that’s it. You will forget it later. We won’t give up eating pork because of a moment’s pity. We are all self-deceiving creatures.”

Ren Ze looked at Xie Chi in shock, thinking that a beast-like heart lay under this person’s skin. “You mean, you don’t spurn those who eat human meat and game…”

His heart was cold and he had the impulse to stay away from Xie Chi.

Xie Chi was stunned before laughing blankly. “That’s wrong. You shouldn’t confuse things. There is a bottom line that can’t be touched. I’m talking about those who eat beasts, not humans. That matter naturally has to be discussed separately. I’m just referring to general things like chicken, duck, geese and fish. Showing respect to ingredients is the most basic, decent thing. Your life is based on their death. Of course, you must cook them in a decent way. It isn’t shameful to kill the weak to live but it is shameful to abuse or humiliate the weak in order to live.”

“This movie is telling us that if you abuse or humiliate the weak, you will be retaliated against by the weak. People who eat the prey will eventually become prey.”

Ren Ze sighed with relief. He had really been frightened by Xie Chi.

“However, I actually don’t like human beings. People can do everything when forced. The old books show that it exists when someone is forced to the end of hunger.” Xie Chi looked at Ren Ze, the corners of his mouth slowly curling up. “Maybe you really will become the food on my plate. I don’t know.”

He shrugged with malicious eyes.

Ren Ze instinctively shivered before reacting in an annoyed manner. He was always confused and creeped out by this gentle-looking person.

A monster.


[So this is a haunted house movie on the surface but it is actually an educational movie?]

[God Xie missed Ma Heng. He is the most inconspicuous but evil one.]

[Alas, it wouldn’t be bad if Ma Heng was an uninspiring grey name. If he is stronger then he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing. Unfortunately, he is the last of the newcomers. He isn’t strong enough and has his own ideas…]

[The quality gap of this year’s new and sharp budding talents is so big… the strong are strong enough to doubt life while the weak are weak enough to complain.]

[In fact, the quality is still very good… Xie Chi, Lu Wen, Ren Ze, Xia Yao and You Jing are okay. They each have their own characteristics. Your requirements are too high. They are just newcomers, not movie emperors. If Son Chi can survive then sooner or later, he will be a god. If you compare others to him then they will naturally be inferior.]

[It makes sense…]


Meanwhile, You Jing was chatting with Zhao Jinhua.

“Mom, I don’t think it is right. The female ghost… seems to have a problem.” You Jing hesitated for the whole day and finally chose to speak.

Zhao Jinhua was unhappy. “I am a ghost movie specialist. Can I still make mistakes?”


“So what if she is wrong?” Zhao Jinhua became impatient and sneered when she heard Xia Yao taking a shower in the bathroom. “The boss ghost in the house might not be able to beat my skeleton. What are you afraid of?”

You Jing thought about it. In the face of absolute strength, it seemed he had nothing to fear. His mother’s strength was enough to crush this instance. Even if she couldn’t, she could rely on items to clear the instance. He couldn’t understand his mother from the perspective of a newcomer and was actually questioning her. He was still too small-minded.

“Tell me what you think is wrong?” Zhao Jinhua had a bit of interest.

“The main thing is that finding the teeth relies too much on probability and it doesn’t have the appearance of a logical instance. Everything is too smooth and monotonous while the ghost has never found us. Secondly.” You Jing’s voice gradually lowered. “Secondly, I think Xie Chi’s group is acting strange like they have mastered something. I don’t know what they are plotting but I always feel a bit uneasy…”

Zhao Jinhua thought about it for the first time and frowned. There was some approval in her heart but she didn’t show it in her answer as she mocked him. “What waves can a newcomer do? I have filmed 10 times more movies.”

“In addition, if that female ghost dares to play tricks on me? I really want to fight for life and death and she might not be able to take advantage.”

You Jing was a bit relieved and couldn’t wait to ask, “So when are we going to deal with Xie Chi?”

Zhao Jinhua was about to answer when the screen of the two people’s mobile phones lit up.

[Teeth collection progress: 5/6. The last tooth is still missing before the collection can be completely finished.]

Zhao Jinhua’s voice rose. “The last tooth? Xie Chi handed in one, you found two. We clearly found three teeth…”

You Jing was also choked up.

Zhao Jinhua reacted angrily. “It must be those actors who handed two teeth into the female ghost behind our backs!”

You Jing calmed down and frowned. “It didn’t report the collection progress previously. Why remind us now?”

Their screens lit up again.

[The female ghost has updated its camp requirements and rewards:

Update reason: The last tooth is different from other teeth. The female ghost can’t obtain the last tooth on her own. It must be completed by her followers personally. Since all the remaining teeth are found, the other teeth can sense the location of the last tooth. After the female ghost digests and adapts to the fifth tooth, the last tooth will appear.

New requirements: The female ghost camp’s followers must seize the last tooth and give it to the female ghost.

Reward: The female ghost promises not to kill you (after the plot is over, it is determined that the filming is finished and you will leave the movie.]

Zhao Jinhua looked at it and sneered. “She won’t kill us. It seems that the female ghost has concealed something but now she is very sincere. I have seen it. There are no word games. The reward is real.”

You Jing relaxed and smiled. “Isn’t it because of you? She also thinks clearly and is afraid that there will be variables. Thus, she is sincerely asking for your help. After all, she really needs us.”

Zhao Jinhua snorted with satisfaction.

You Jing thought of something and his expression sank. “If this is the case, there is a hidden part that we are completely unclear about. Won’t our plot exploration degree be very low? It must be worse than Xie Chi and the others…”

Zhao Jinhua looked at him with incredulous eyes. “If they are all dead then who will be better than you in terms of plot exploration? Why do you always pay attention to the small and meaningless things?”

You Jing was taken aback before smiling. He really was guilty of this. If everyone except for him and his mother was dead then they would be first and second. Who would care about plot exploration at that time? The competition was based on the premise that there was an opponent. What if the opponent didn’t exist anymore? He was mostly worried that the low plot exploration degree meant fewer points.

“Wait for the main point—” Zhao Jinhua saw Xia Yao coming out of the bathroom and fell silent.

Xia Yao didn’t know anything. She walked up to You Jing, showed him her phone and asked cautiously, “Is this task update true? Can you help me see if it is okay? Did you also receive it?”

You Jing was impatient. He was just about to refuse when he saw Xia Yao’s phone screen and his eyes narrowed. The reasons for the update and the new requirements were exactly the same. It was just that after the new requirements… there was nothing.

The female ghost didn’t mention the reward to Xia Yao at all. Nothing was said. How cunning. The female ghost reached an agreement with them but still deceived Xia Yao to kill her. You Jing sneered. This was just right. If it wasn’t for the hindrance of the viewers, he could’ve already driven Xia Yao out. The female ghost’s ability to figure out people’s hearts was first-class.

You Jing spoke to Xia Yao in a rare gentle tone. “We have received the same task as you. Don’t worry, it will be over soon.”

Xia Yao’s heart that was in her throat sank again. She regretted that she had provided information to Xie Chi. After the movie was over, You Jing and Zhao Jinhua would see the finished movie and find out about her betrayal. Then she would’ve completely torn all pretenses with them and would have to avoid them in the future.

It was a great loss to her.

Xia Yao was chagrined. Up to now, she had been helping Xie Chi but this group of people had done nothing for her. Was it really right to betray You Jing temporarily? Could she still survive if she was alone in the future? However, she couldn’t turn herself into You Jing now and betray Xie Chi’s group. That would only make her situation worse.

Stepping on two boats obviously had no good results. Xia Yao knew this truth well. Even if the boat wasn’t so reliable, she had already boarded it. She must not go down. Otherwise, she wouldn’t please both sides and both sides would hate her. She had no power. As a support, she could only rely on others.

She couldn’t help it. What could she do?

Xia Yao rubbed her hair with regret.


“H-Hot, it is hot…”

Xie Chi had fallen asleep for a few seconds when he heard Lu Wen cry out.

He abruptly opened his eyes and rushed over to find that Lu Wen’s back was red. The blue-green fish scales on his back had become transparent due to the high temperature.

Lu Wen’s entire body was like a boiled fish.

Proofreader: Purichan

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2 years ago

I honestly feel bad for Xia Yao. Even if it is partly her fault she is in this position. I don’t think she’s a bad person, just someone trying to survive a very scary game.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Dead crabs were poisonous??? I kill crabs before I cook them tho? Is it book logic or have I been eating dead crab poison all this while,,.

2 years ago
Reply to  Saltyduccs

I googled it and apparently no, it isn’t poisonous, just that the texture and flavor will suffer if you don’t cook them asap after dying. While it is true that bacteria flourish fast in dead crabs, it just makes the meat mushy and flavorless, not make it toxic. So it’s best to cook them live or within 10-15mins after dying. In our house we always cook them live but I never knew the reason so when I read this chapter I just accepted dead crabs=poisonous as a fact. The more you know!

Yoshi K
Yoshi K
1 year ago

Nooo, don’t cook my Lu Wen!

4 months ago

you jing wouldve fared better without his mother lmao.

but he’s still the same level of disgusting for how he treats others, esp his ‘girlfriend’ cos like wth is she rly ur girlfriend if u don’t take care of her??? HELLO???